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Turkey's leaders are taking a break from enabling #Russia against #NATO and ethnic cleansing Syria’s #Kurds to launch absurd claims and empty threats against Greek islands. We take a look at the painful history of Turkish rule on one of them: a thread on #Chios from #theHELC 1/10
The history of the Greeks in Chios goes back more than 3,000 years reaching to #Minoan and #Mycenaean times. Chios is the most likely birthplace of #Homer and had its own coins and democratic parliament by 600 BC. Its famous wine was exported from the Black Sea to #Egypt 2/10
The islanders sided with Athens and then #Alexander the Great against Persia and continued to prosper under first the #Roman and then the Eastern Roman (#Byzantine) Empire. The famous #mosaics of Nea Moni monastery are considered a masterpiece of Byzantine art 3/10
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#Putin est l'ennemie de l'Europe.

L'insurrection de Varsovie : Staline et Machiavel
Le 1er août 1944, alors que l'Armée rouge est entrée en Pologne depuis le début de l'année,

#russia #urss #wwii #Poland #katyn #Stalin #massacre #war #invasion #treaty #Nazi
l'Armia Krajowa, l'Armée polonaise de l'intérieur, se soulève dans le but de libérer Varsovie.
Plusieurs raisons à cela.
D'une part, le contexte est plus favorable qu'il ne l'a jamais été depuis le début de la guerre : l'Allemagne est acculée sur tous les fronts.
En effet, à l'Est, depuis les victoires de Stalingrad et de Koursk, l'Armée rouge a ravi l'initiative à la Wehrmacht qu'elle refoule vers l'Ouest à grands coups boutoirs.
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#MALI : Les mercenaires de #Wagner et les #FAMAS massacrent des civils à #Hombori dans un raid punitif

Les #mercenaires #russes de la société militaire privée Wagner et les FAMAS #maliens ont lancé mardi dernier un "raid" à Hombori
faisant 18 morts du "côté ennemi", ainsi que 15 blessés et 611 détenus, selon la version officielle.

Des témoins des événements consultés par #Efe ont toutefois indiqué que les personnes tuées aux mains de ces #soldats, parmi
lesquels il y avait une majorité de #Russes, n'étaient pas des terroristes mais des #civils rassemblés au #marché hebdomadaire local.

Ce #massacre est intervenu en représailles quelques heures après que les #troupes russes au #Mali,
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Há 26 anos aconteceu uma das páginas mais tristes da história do Brasil, mas como somos um país sem memória, pouco se fala da data.

Naquele dia, o primeiro a morrer foi um senhor surdo q não correu pq não ouviu o barulho dos tiros. Ele foi atingido no pé e depois na cabeça.

Um dos últimos a morrer foi uma jovem liderança, Oziel Pereira, de 17 anos. Ele se refugiou em uma casa, mas foi encontrado, algemado e arrastado pelos cabelos até o ônibus da PM. Seu corpo apareceu no IML, assassinado com um tiro na testa, à queima roupa.

Esses 2 juntamente com outros 19 camponeses foram assassinatos esse dia. Segundo o legista Nelson Massini, que fez a perícia dos corpos, pelo menos dez vítimas foram executadas à queima-roupa. Sete lavradores foram mortos por instrumentos cortantes como foices e facões.

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@ir_rkp Hienoa, täytyykin viestittää @ZelenskyyUaaa'lle että kieltää Suomen vale oppositiopuolueet, siionistien @persut ja Kremlin @kokoomus laittomina.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus Voi kysyä lupaa myrkyttää Suomessakin, epämiellyttäviä kansanryhmiä.
- Esim. Candida albicans on tuottoisin 'sairaus' 100 vuoteen. #BigPharma sanoo sitä 'syöväksi'.
#Candidiasis ei parane 'syöpä'hoidoilla, vaan potilaat menehtyvät tuskallisesti n. 5 vssa.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus #Nuremberg 2.0, #sotarikos ei vanhene.
#VAERS Summary for #COVID19 'Vaccines' through 3/4/2022 | Mar 12, 2022
- Covid -sotarikokset jatkuvat Suomessakin, haavoittuvassa asemassa olevien teurastaminen #BigPharma'n voitelemana.…
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1/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine

May 2012: then foreign minister @bobjcarr expelled Syrian diplomats after the US blamed Syrian govt for 'the Houla #massacre'.
#auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
2/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
An investigation into the #Houla #massacre pointed the finger at anti-govt extremists. But there was no debate by #auspol.
#ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners…
3/ Searching for the Truth. #Syria #Ukraine
Few questioned MSM narrative on Syria: govt bad; US supported 'rebels' good.
But @TurnbullMalcolm raised questions.

Ref: ……

@bobjcarr #auspol #ADF #RNBreakfast #RNDrive #LNL #abc730 #4corners
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This video shared by #Ukrainian sources. Civilians wearing a white arm band, russian identification sign since the start of the conflict.
These men were interrogated by Ukrainian SBU accused of being with the #Russian & executed by #Ukraine force.
2/ Civilians wearing white band was a sign of them allegedly being with #Russia, used by #Ukraine Force. #Bucha Massacre is done by #Ukrainian Nazi. Theyve been holding civilians as hostages since starting of mission. It's been confirmed by other nations evacuated students too ImageImageImage
3/ People wearing and tied with white clothes were a sign of them being with #Russian. This #bucha Massacre is a false flag by #Ukrainian #Nazi.

#FalseFlag #fake #News #Ukraine #Russian Image
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1-) Greeks massacred the Turks, Scottish Historian George Finlay noted that a Greek priest, named Phrantzes, was an eyewitness to the massacres. Based on the descriptions provided by Phrantzes, he wrote:

Source: History of the Greek Revolution.… Image
Finlay: Greeks seized infants from their mother's breasts and dashed them against rocks. Children, three and four years old, were hurled living into the sea and left to drown. When the massacre was ended, the dead bodies washed ashore or piled on the beach… Image
Finlay: Turk Women, wounded with musket balls and saber-cuts,rushed to the sea, seeking to escape, and were deliberately shot by Greeks.

Source:George Finlay, History of the Greek Revolution, Volume 1. William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1861. p. 263 Image
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@UNGeneva is reliving the tragic end of #LeagueOfNations. About 90 years ago, #Ethiopia was unforgettably betrayed by the #West when invaded by #Italy.
Now, #UN is sponsoring disintegration of 🇪🇹 by helping a #terrorist with its malicious agencies alongside #US

And @WhiteHouse is calling upon its ultimate hand @UNGeneva's #SecurityCouncil to intimidate #Ethiopia.
Well, the world especially #Africa is watching. No country in #Africa misses that the same would happen when they stand for their people.
@UNGeneva is being tested & failing.
@WFP_Ethiopia, @UNICEFEthiopia & @USAIDEthiopia did all the despicable vicious conspiracies to help #TPLFTerroristGroup kill, commit #massacre, render millions into #IDPs and mainly dismantle #Ethiopia. All of these is happening under #UN's watch.
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An example of how China itself is passing on what it has done to Japan.
The Illustrated Book of the Nanjing Massacre, 2005, a photo book published in Japanese by a Chinese publisher. Edited by the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum.
It's as if it was …
as if it was the work of the Japanese military.
Recently, it has been replaced by "Nanking" and spread around the world. In reality, it is the same as the image on the right, damage caused by the Chinese military.
The description of the photo album linked above is full of lies.
※The Chinese army was responsible for the indiscriminate killing in the China Incident.
※It is now often used as the "Nanjing Massacre.
※Many cases are now used as "Nanjing Massacre".
※Most of the photos of mass civilian deaths that appear to be "#massacres" are from the…
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Do you remember #Janabi? Abir Al Janabi. A 14-year-old #Iraqi girl. In 2006, Janabi's father stopped sending Janabi to school in fear of the #US Army's focus on his daughter. The Army who was establihing "#democracy" and "#human rights" in Iraq. 1/32
Janabi used to stay at home, spending her days of adolescence playing with her younger siblings.
The U.S. military's security checkpoint was located just 200 meters from Janabi's house. One day, a #USsoldier notices Janabi. And Janabi and her family were doomed right then. 2/32
For a few days at first, the #soldiers repeatedly came to Janabi's house in the name of search and made ugly gestures towards her. One day the four #armies decided that today they would be the day to enjoy Jamabai and kill some #Muslims. 3/32
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Você sabe no que consiste a barreira de segurança israelense?

O muro foi construído por causa da campanha de violência de grupos terroristas racistas contra israelenses que começou em 2000. Pessoas inocentes de todas as religiões e etnias foram atacadas em escolas, ônibus,
restaurantes e danceterias. Israel teve que agir para protegê-las.
A barreira reduziu as fatalidades decorrentes do terrorismo em quase 100%, e os principais terroristas palestinos admitiram que ela obstruiu operações de atentado suicida. Ela corta a Cisjordânia apenas para
proteger as comunidades israelenses, não para anexar territórios.
Quando trechos estão localizados em terras de propriedade privada de palestinos, os proprietários recebem uma compensação e podem entrar com ações judiciais para redirecioná-las, como muitos fizeram com sucesso.
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Today, the entire world remembers the bloody massacre of more than 10,000 student protestors by the Chinese Communist Government. The CCP has erased this event and its images from public view inside China but we won’t let them forget. @AmbCuiTiankai @globaltimesnews @ChinaDaily ImageImageImage
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After a peaceful pro-#independence demonstration in #Paris on #17October1961,up to 300 #Algerians were murdered by police. Historians described this #massacre as “the bloodiest act of state repression of street protest in western Europe in modern history”.…
The most memorable – and vicious – #atrocities saw #policemen herding panicking crowds on to #Paris's bridges, where many were tossed into the #Seine. The river became a watery morgue for scores of victims, whose lifeless bodies were washing up for weeks. #17Octobre1961 #Algeria
Others died in #police stations, or in nearby woods, where their #mutilated bodies testified to truncheon and rifle-butt injuries. The officers had been incensed by an illegal protest by 30,000 men, women and children organised by the National #Liberation Front (FLN) of #Algeria.
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Ontem completou 57 anos do #MassacredeIpatinga, quando no dia 7 de outubro de 1963, a Polícia Militar abriu fogo contra trabalhadores que protestavam por melhores condições de trabalho na #Usiminas. #Fio
Ipatinga é um município com apenas 56 anos de emancipação, mas carrega em sua história um massacre impronunciável. Não é o maior massacre do país (Carandiru teve 111 mortos) entretanto, significa uma incógnita pra as e os nascidos e residentes do ex distrito de Coronel Fabriciano
Oficialmente há registro de 8 mortes, mas as distintas histórias e investigações atualizadas chegam a falar de 40 a 100 corpos. O jornalista Marcelo Freitas publicou o livro "Não foi por acaso", com o relato de um ex funcionário q afirma ter testemunhado a compra de 200 caixões +
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