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$BioFi Everything you wanna node 🧵

Biometric ecosystem leveraging blockchain technology to safeguard personal data. It's a utility token that binds together a secure set of solutions developed by @Finnovant, Inc., and key providers. #BioFi #Blockchain #Biometrics Image
$BioFi addresses concerns about personal data protection and fraud. The $BioFi utility token is available through an online ecosystem that contains secure products, easy to download, activate, and purchase with the $BioFi token. #DataSecurity #Crypto
BioFi has real-life utility functions already launched in the market: Say-Tec API and developer portal, Krptic cryptocurrency wallet, Phēnix X1 Secure Android node mining smartphone, and UniSafeBox password manager. #DeFi #CryptoWallet Image
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"🔒✨ Revoke Token Approval with Trust Wallet! Protect your assets and regain control over your tokens. Learn how to revoke token approvals step-by-step with our comprehensive guide. Don't leave your tokens vulnerable. Stay secure! #TrustWallet #TokenSecurity #RevokingTokens 🔐 Image
@TrustWallet Step 1: 🚀 Launch Trust Wallet
Open the Trust Wallet application on your mobile device. Make sure you have the latest version of Trust Wallet installed. If not, update the app from the respective app store. #TrustWallet #CryptoWallet Image
Step 2: 🔍 Tap on the "Browser" tab located at the bottom of the Trust Wallet interface. This will open the DApps browser within the Trust Wallet app. #DApps #Browser
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📱 Introducing SONAR: The Mobile Wallet by @TeamKujira 📱

SONAR is a phenomenal product for the Kujira ecosystem, designed to provide a seamless and secure mobile wallet experience. 🌊📲

🧵 Unroll the thread below to explore SONAR's features! 👇

#SONAR #CryptoWallet #DeFi
2/ 🎉 Fun Features of SONAR 🎉

1. Native support for biometric access using Apple's security features 🍏🔒
2. Option to always require biometrics or a PIN 🔐
3. Customize profile icon with your own image or NFT avatar 🖼️😎
4. View featured tokens & balances in the wallet 🪙 Image
3/ 🎉 Fun Features of SONAR (cont.) 🎉

1. Native swapping with any pairs on FIN 🔄💱
2. Access Kujira apps under the Launch tab 🚀📱
3. Stake $KUJI to your favorite validators & monitor your stake 🌐🔥
4. Connect SONAR wallet to websites using the SONAR icon 🌐🔗 Image
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1/ 🚀 Exciting news for #Uniswap and Apple users!

Uniswap's iOS mobile wallet is now live on the Apple App Store after previously being delayed due to Apple's approval process.
A thread🧵👇

#DeFi #cryptocurrency #wallet #iOS Image
2/ 📱 Uniswap's iOS Wallet: Initially unveiled in early March, the app faced delays as Apple held up its approval.

Despite being 100% compliant with Apple's specifications, Uniswap struggled to get the green light for the full launch. 🚦 #UniswapWallet #AppleAppStore
3/ 🌐 Official Listing: Now, the Uniswap mobile wallet is officially available in most countries, with more to come as Apple approves its release in other regions. 🗺️

#cryptowallet #UniswapRelease
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#VLRM look to get final confirmation of the #GSX deal, morphing from basically a Spac into one of the world's first fully regulated exchanges crossing the digital divide, between #fiat & #crypto!
So for under 12 Million MCAP what's currently not priced in & what can we expect...
🔥The #GSX is a regulated exchange market (Tier 1 exchange) which also holds an Multi-Lateral Trading Facility ("MTF") licence for the listing of specific forms of security under MiFID.
#markets #StocksToBuy #stockstoinvest #Aquis #aim
🔥#Juno - 3 areas of licensed operations cover the formation & management of trusts & similar entities, the administration of funds, a broad range of activities, like fiat & crypto currencies & the formation & management of companies in #Gibraltar / jurisdictions worldwide.
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1/ Introducing Verite, an open-source framework for decentralized identity. 🧵👇
2/ The Problem

Participating in #DeFi is a challenge for institutions and other entities who need to ensure they’re transacting with counterparties they can trust.
3/ The Solution

Verite is a set of composable identity standards that enables #Web3 developers to create portable, privacy-preserving credentials for KYC, credit scoring, accreditation and more.
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Se me caen los dineros.

¿De qué va esto de las Crypto Wallets?

Algunas notas de lo que me cuentan de #cryptowallet

(A ver esas carteras llenas!)
Por lo que se ve una crypto wallet es un software o un hardware.

Un programita o un pincho usb que te permite guardar tus cryptos y hacer movimientos con ellas.

Vaya, hasta aquí parecido a una cuenta bancaria. (guardo mi dinerito y hago transferencias...) pero con cryptos.

¿Cómo funciona la historia?

Una crypto cartera tiene dos keys 🔑🔑

· Llave pública: la dirección que te permite recibir y enviar (como el IBAN de tu banco)

· Llave privada: esta llave prueba que lo que hay en la llave pública (la cuenta que sea) es tuyo y de nadie más

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1/ @harmonyprotocol approves 21 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @epnsproject @AnChainAI @perpprotocol @freyalacrypto

💳Payments: @Allbridge_io @MIM_Spell @klever_io @Trustee_Wallet

🎭NFT: @TheDeFimons @KangaFinance @StoreyTheApp @NiftyRow

And more ⬇️
2/ @finance_unite is the first algorithmic #stablecoin on the @harmonyprotocol ecosystem. Users can #stake their UNITE tokens and earn daily rewards💰


#DeFi #HarmonyONE #Blockchain
3/ The Ethereum Push Notification Service (@epnsproject) is a decentralized communication & notification protocol for Web3. With it, any smart contract, dApp or backend can send on-chain or off-chain #notifications tied to wallet addresses 🤩

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Pensar en cómo gestionar conceptos intangibles como las criptomonedas, puede ser a veces un poco difícil. 😕

Por lo que, visualicemos a las criptomonedas como frutas 🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌[Abro hilo]
Las frutas son variadas: hay naranjas, limones, manzanas, piñas...

A veces cambio unas por otras.
A veces las cojo del árbol.
A veces las compro en el mercado.
A veces me las regalan.
A veces me las llevo de un almacén a otro.
A veces las consumo… a veces se me estropean.
Otras me las roban… bueno, te haces la idea. 😄
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@harmonyprotocol approves 12 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @CryptoFamily3 @AegisCustody @MutualKnowledge @0xMagicland

💳Payments: @grindery_io @HarmonyPayOne @HundredFinance @QiDaoProtocol

🎭NFT: @thecosmicguild @ShowMeNFT @Marketplace_1 Story Line Image
1/ Cosmic Universe @thecosmicguild is a play-to-earn fantasy #CryptoGaming #Metaverse MMORPG on the Harmony blockchain where players explore realms, build advanced settlements, and engage in PVP competitions 🎯


#NFT #Gaming #CryptoGaming Image
2/ Crypto Family Bridge @CryptoFamily3 is a decentralized and permissionless inter-blockchain bridge that allows instant and cheap transfer of assets such as tokens and #NFTs across multiple #blockchains 💯


#DeFi #DeFiChain #Blockchain
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