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1/ Hey there, frens! 👋

Are you tired of missing out on opportunities in the crypto space?🥺

Well, not anymore!🤝

In this thread, I'll introduce you to @staderlabs ( $SD ) , the rising star of the LSDFi world, and offer you the opportunity to join in! 💪🚀💰 Image
2/ If you're not familiar with LSDFi, don't worry, I got you! 💪

Check out this thread that explains LSD-LST topics and then come back here to discover @staderlabs' details! 🧐

3/ In this thread, we'll cover following topics :

@staderlabs introduction,
✅LST opportunities on @staderlabs

Stay tuned! 🔥
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Liquidity Book Rewards: Epoch 6

Markets on #BNB, #Avalanche and #Arbitrum + $WOO rewards

Supply Liquidity 🌊 Accrue Fees 📘 Earn Rewards 💫 all powered by Liquidity Book, the most efficient AMM in #DeFi Image
🌊 Epoch 6: #BNBChain

$BNB - USDT: 40k JOE
$BTC.B - ETH: 20k JOE
$LVL - USDT: 10k JOE
$RDNT - BNB: 10k JOE
$TWT - BNB: 10k JOE
$FIL - BNB: 10k JOE
$XRP - BNB: 10k JOE Image
🌊 Epoch 6: #Arbitrum

$ARB - ETH: 25k JOE
$USDC - USDC.e: 10k JOE
$ETH - USDC: 20k JOE
$RDNT - ETH: 10k JOE
$GMX - ETH: 10k JOE Image
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Trader Joe is building a Liquidity Hub for an omnichain future, starting with #Avalanche, #Arbitrum and #BNB.

It all begins with omnichain fungible tokens (OFTs), a new standard developed by @LayerZero_Labs. OFTs solve 3 main issues associated with cross-chain token transfers... Image
🌊 Liquidity

Liquidity is the lifeblood of ecosystems. Thanks to OFTs, protocols to easily establish liquidity on new chains while being able to effortlessly handle even large transfers.

OFTs make it easy to move from one chain to another, even for inexperienced users. In the future OFTs could even allow for seamless omni-chain dapps...Intrigue.
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Liquidity Book Rewards: Epoch 5

Time to bring $JOE rewards to #BNBChain. Supply your liquidity, accrue fees and unlock $JOE rewards to boost your yield 🌊📘

Reward scoring starts tonight: 00:00 GMT

Intrigued? 👇 Image
🌊 Epoch 5 Details: #BNBChain

• $STG - USDT - 15k JOE
• $BNB - USDT - 45k JOE
• $BUSD - USDT - 10k JOE
• $ETH - BNB - 20k JOE (5bp)
• $BTC.B - BNB - 20k JOE (25bp)
• $JOE - BNB - 10k JOE Image
🌊 Epoch 5 Details: #Arbitrum

• $ARB - ETH - 30k JOE
• $LEVEL - USDT - 15k JOE
• $JOE - ETH - 15k JOE
• $MAGIC - ETH - 25k JOE
• $GMX - ETH - 10k JOE Image
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$BTC.b the omnichain fungible token (OFT) powered by @LayerZero_Labs is now live on #BNBChain exclusively on the Trader Joe DEX. Image
What is $BTC.b

$BTC.b is an ERC20-compatible version of Bitcoin that was bridged through the LayerZero-Bitcoin bridge.

The bridge is powered by the Intel SGX technology, meaning it can securely execute transactions without any single party being able to gain access to its keys.
Backed & Trusted

Every $BTC.b token is backed by $BTC 1:1, which is verifiable on-chain. All users can trustlessly burn BTC.b to receive the underlying BTC and vice versa.
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🧙‍♂️ 𝗥𝗲𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗔𝗶𝗿𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽 𝗦𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗴𝘆 - #𝟬𝟭 🪂

A new series for regular #DeFi degens for any retroactive airdrop!

- Speculation For Retrodrop
- Simple & Easy Strategies

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A🧵Like, RT & Comment for others

Lets deep dive in 👇 Image
🚨𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐫: This is only for 𝐄𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐥 𝐏𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐞s!

🔹Tweets aren't financial advice (𝐍𝐅𝐀)!
🔹Always 𝐃𝐘𝐎𝐑 before interacting with smart contracts.
🔹Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto!

🧵1/17 Image
🧪Table Of Contents:

🔹Potential Projects for RAS-#01
🔹Will there be Airdrop or Not?
🔹Supported Chains
🔹Retroactive Airdrop Strategies
🔹Real example of this strategy

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Full Send SZN2 🌶

@joepegsnft is coming in hot with a new calendar of free mints, collectibles, riddles, events and rewards.

Starting this Friday on #BNBChain

Intrigued? Check this out...🦩 Image
As part of the Full Send SZN2 campaign, Joepegs will stealth-launch a selection of micro free mints in a range featuring a classic range of memes, formats and Gary.

📍 Here's your roadmap: Image
Pool Party 💦

To celebrate the launch of Auto-Pools, get ready for the Pool Party event.

Early adopters will have the chance to unlock unique NFTs, enjoy special community perks, and win JOE token prizes 💎 Image
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1/10 🧵 In the expanding world of #DeFi, a robust liquidity layer is critical for the health and growth of the ecosystem. Here's why $THENA plays a crucial role on @BNBCHAIN
2/10 Liquidity is the lifeblood of DeFi. It's what allows for efficient trading and price stability. Without ample liquidity, slippage can be high, and transactions can have a significant impact on prices

No liquidity, no trades
3/10 #THENA facilitates liquidity in the #BNBChain ecosystem by incentivizing stakeholders such as veTHE holders, LPs, users, and protocols, ensuring a healthier, more sustainable ecosystem
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🪂 @BNBTurbo Airdrop Campaign

🏆Prize pool: 6.9 billions #TURBOAI ~ 50.000 USD
🐸Winners: Top 5000 rankings


Snapshot: May 26, 12 PM UTC
Distribution: May 28, 12 PM UTC

#BNBChain #BNBTurbo #Turbo #TurboAI #Giveaway $TURBO #Airdrop #PinkSale Image
Token Airdrop allocation on Tiers:
🥇 Rank 1-500 (30%)
🥈 Rank 501-1500 (35%)
🥉 Rank 1501-3000 (25%)
🥜 Rank 3001-5000 (10%)

#Memecoins #MemeCoinSeason #MemeSeason #BNBTurbo #Turbo #TurboAI $TURBO #Airdrop #PinkSale #Giveaway
Whitelist Campaign for:
🐸Complete Zealy quests to get 500 WL spots and join @BNBTurbo Launchpad on Pinksale (KYC📃+Audit 🛡)

⚡️How to qualify? Be in Top 500 ranked on:… Image
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This guidelines inspired me a lot.🔥

But we do not need crowdfunding to our wallet but we will embracing community power by Launching our @BNBTurbo project on Pinksale.

#BNB #BNBChain #BNBTurbo #BNBTurboAI #Turbo #TurboAI #TurboTuesday $TURBO
📊 No Vote - we choose the token name as #TURBOAI

🪙 Token supply: 69 billions 🐸🌏

- Distributed to crowdfunders: 55 billions
- Airdrop: 14 billions
- Team: No token

🔄 The fund & token distribution will be conducted on Pinksale.

#BNB #BNBChain #BNBTurbo #BNBTurboAI
🤝 The project's future lies with the community! Start your own pools, Discord, Telegram - it's all up to you. I'll join as a member, but GPT-4 & I will no longer lead the project. Let's Go! 🐸
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Vì gần hết tháng, nên hôm nay lại là chuyên mục: "BW với những câu chuyện luyên thuyên về @Level__Finance trên Twitter" bắt đầu.

Cập nhật hiện tại, $LVL đang có giá $9 với Mcap là $51.4m, giá đã giảm khá nhiều vì market xấu và proposal gần đây của dự án. Image
1/ So sánh các thông số trong 7 ngày qua:

- Fees: GMX $3.6m, GNS $540k , LVL $2m
- Revenue: GMX $1m, GNS $340k, LVL $1m

Còn trong 30 ngày qua:

- Fees: GMX $17.8, GNS $2.5m , LVL $8.5m
- Revenue: GMX $5.3m, GNS $1.7m, LVL $4.2m Image
2/ Nếu xét trong 30 ngày vừa qua, Fees thu được từ tính năng perps của các Perps DEX trên thì $LVL hơn $GNS 3.4 lần, và gần bằng 50% nếu so với $GMX.

Trong khi Revenue của $LVL gấp 2.5 lần so với $GNS, và chỉ thua $GMX 20%.
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🎉Summary of the best #Dapps on #BNBChain

🚀The best #decentralized apps are tools that make everyday life more convenient, accessible, and in some cases, improve your quality of life

🔥See more below and tell me which is your favorite Dapp

#BSC #BNB $BNB Summary of the best #Dapps ...
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Quoll Finance - Nền tảng Yield Farming hàng đầu trên HST #WombatExchange

Thread bao gồm:
1⃣ Tổng quan về @QuollFinance
2⃣ Sự khác biệt của Quoll Finance
3⃣ Partner & Investor
4⃣ Tokenomics
5⃣ Roadmap
6⃣ Dự phóng cá nhân

Retweet để ủng hộ @HakResearch nhen!

1⃣ Tổng quan về Quoll Finance

Quoll Finance là một dự án Yield Farming được xây dựng dựa trên Wombat Exchange - nền tảng StableSwap hàng đầu trên hệ sinh thái #BNBChain. Quoll Finance được định hướng cùng phát triển và nâng tầm cùng Wombat Exchange.

Thời gian gần đây khi Wombat Exchange phát triển multichain sang hệ sinh thái #Arbitrum thì Quoll Finance cũng ngay lập tức có mặt tại hệ sinh thái đầy sôi động này.

Cơ chế hoạt động của Quoll Finance tương đối đơn giản, khi mà
chủ sở hữu $WOM có thể
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Liquidity Book V2.1 will usher in a new era of #DeFi yield farming on #Avalanche, #Arbitrum and #BNBChain

The feature release of ‘Auto-Pools’ will automate liquidity positions on Liquidity Book.

◼️ Strategies can be dynamically updated and tailored for the right conditions.
Auto-Pools combine the efficiency of Liquidity Book, with the simple and accessible user experience that Joe-V1 delivers.

🧑‍🌾 One-click deposit yield farming.
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Trader Joe recently deployed to @BNBCHAIN alongside @joepegsnft to offer a trusted and safe decentralised exchange for the BNB ecosystem.

Time to explore @BNBCHAIN with another series of #TraderJoeBlockchainBasics 💫
Blockchain scaling is one of the biggest problems that crypto is facing right now. Everyone should have cheap and fast access to web3.

This is why @BNBCHAIN focuses so much on user experience and accessibility.
The BSC, which is a part of a broader BNB Chain ecosystem, was launched in 2020 and since then has grown to become one of the largest in the space, helping onboard millions of new users into the #Crypto space.

#BNBChain Ecosystem of Blockchains:
Read 11 tweets is live on @BNBCHAIN!

Why BNB?

Because the ecosystem is growing at a staggering pace and will onboard the next 100M+ users into Web3.

Let's take a deeper look...
The #BNBCHAIN data is mind-blowing:

Consistently sitting at #1 in Daily Active Users (by far) and an impressive 78% YoY growth according to @DefiLlama.

Last quarter, BNB Chain placed second behind Ethereum with $7.1B TVL. 🤯 Image
Combined with:
- Huge upgrades in decentralization
- Faster transactions
- Extra capacity
- Sidechain development
- ZK-rollup technology
- Bridgable $RDNT via @LayerZero_Labs OFT interoperability

The DAO is thrilled to be a steward of DeFi on the 2nd largest blockchain in crypto Image
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Attention to details and proper sequencing are paramount for long-term success & top security/safety.

A few reflections on @MultiversX Bridge #xBridge launch.

Adding #BNBChain is absolutely the next best step. But why only stablecoins?
This is where those close partnerships and planning come into play. The right ecosystem utility is warranted before randomly bridging tokens as ESDTs.

As @ash_swap brought new utility, we saw adjustments to the bridge. Similarly, as DeFi expands, we will see new additions.
There is no point to rush $ETH, #BNB, or #BTC if the right utility on @xExchangeApp, @ash_swap, or @HatomProtocol are not ready, yet.
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The principles of #DeFi have never felt stronger, Trader Joe is ready to embrace the future of finance.

$JOE is amongst the first to adopt LayerZero's OFT format, unlocking seamless connectivity for JOE. Perfect for the multichain world ⛓️

Lets explore the benefits of OFT 👇 Image
🌉 Cheap bridging

$JOE can move across chains in the most efficient manner possible. Users are only required to pay the gas for their transfer and a 2bps fee to @StargateFinance for facilitating the transactions.
⚗️ No liquidity fragmentation

There is only one canonical representation of $JOE and no need for wrapped tokens or liquidity pools on each chain.

$JOE can roam free 🌄
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Just a few months ago, the narrative the media was peddling was that #Binance was "insolvent". 🧵

Meanwhile, two US banks just collapsed in a week in what is regarded as the second largest bank failure in U.S. history.

How is Binance faring? The numbers will surprise you!
1. Binance Reserves

Contrary to the extreme FUD at the time, #Binance survived one of the biggest "stress tests" any financial institution has ever faced, relatively speaking -- processing over $10 billion in withdrawals in mere days.

More importantly, data shows that #Binance's reserves have since grown by a massive $9.59 billion.

At the time, there was $55.72 billion in the Binance reserves. Now, there is $65.31 billion in Binance reserves.

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sJOE Staking

• sJOE deposit fee has been removed
• All current sJOE stakers will receive a 1% rebate
• sJOE will open on #BNBChain in the coming days
• sJOE will open for #Arbitrum and #Avalanche with V2.1 rollout
Deposit Fee

sJOE is the much loved 'utility' for $JOE.

To truly embrace an omnichain future and to fully realize $JOE OFT utility, the deposit fee for sJOE will be removed. $JOE can be traversed across chain and access sJOE on any chain, with total ease.

@LayerZero_Labs Image
sJOE Stakers Rebate (1/2)

Everyone that currently holds JOE in sJOE will receive a 1% JOE rebate.

$JOE tokens are rebated back directly via sJOE and can be claimed by pressing ‘Claim Rewards’ on the sJOE page.
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Trader Joe is now live on BNB Chain

Access the power of Liquidity Book, the most efficient AMM in #DeFi built on a platform that has been trusted by millions

#TraderJoeXYZ 🤝 #BNBChain
Introducing: Liquidity Book

Liquidity Book offers cheap swaps, zero slippage trade execution and enhanced yield generation thanks to its groundbreaking design.

Unleash the full potential of DeFi on one of the most popular and trusted exchanges, Trader Joe.

Customizable. Flexible. Versatile

Providing Liquidity on Liquidity Book offers unparalleled levels of flexibility and customisation.

Maximise your yield with #LiquidityBook 🌊📘
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Raised 12.6m but only took 200k and returned it back to investors ?
Potentially the first dominate solidly fork on @Polygon?

Meet @SatinExchange

📍In this thread
1️⃣ What is Satin?
2️⃣Satin follow on Sale
3️⃣Lambro’s Summary, thinking & speculation
Unrolled for u here! subscribe me while u are there…
1️⃣What is Satin

🔹Key highlight of Satin exchange
🔹Satin yield distribution & fee model
🔹Traction so far
🔹Tweets from friends
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You won't believe why @adamscochran added $RDNT to the S-Class

0/25 Thread 🧵

1/ Adam made his yearly shopping list with a lot of controversial bets.

But the most questioned choice was $RDNT in second place just behind $ETH.

Or probably he knew something?

2/ First, what is Radiant?

• It is a money market similar to @AaveAave or @compoundfinance but Radiant is omnichain.
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Let's take a deep dive to know what's going on.

♦️There are few things that are certain in #Crypto : prices going up and #FUD against #Binance .

♦️Since the #FTX collapse, Binance has been targeted by regulators, media companies, and individuals.
♦️This has led people to wonder whether regulators will crush Binance.

♦️ Let’s see what the FUD is around Binance and its impact on the market and your portfolio 👇
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