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They always say to "#DYOR"... But how exactly? 😕

Here are 9 must-have #crypto analysis tools to bring your trading game to the next level 👇
1/ @DefiLlama
• A multi-chain dashboard that tracks the most popular protocols by total value locked (TVL).
#TVL is one of the most critical metrics for assessing the popularity of a protocol. Image
2/ @DuneAnalytics
• A community-driven data powerhouse that allows users to query the blockchain using SQL.
• You can search for specific crypto projects, or browse trending projects.
• How to use it: Image
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0/ when analyzing a DEX, it's essential to look at efficiency metrics that provide an indication on how efficiently a DEX is able to generate volume & revenues on its TVL 📊🔍

feat. $UNI, $SUSHI, $JOE, $BOO, $QUICK

🧵 investor's guide on #DEX capital efficiency (0/30)⚖️👇 Image
1/ often people use the TVL (total value locked) metric in order to measure success of decentralized exchanges. However, this metric alone can be very misleading
2/ the goal of a #DEX is to generate volume and subsequently earn trading fees

a better DEX metric than TVL is hence capital efficiency or in different words, how well a DEX is able to maximize utilization of the available liquidity (get volume) & generate revenue on the pools
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#DeFi is a constantly moving space.✨💸

And so, it's important to be on top of all things at all times.👑

Here are 10 #tools you NEED for bettering your DeFi journey:🧵👇
1. @DefiLlama: #DeFiLlama maintains all the #TVL data on #DeFi protocols.💸💎

DeFiLlama is a comprehensive tool where you can look at all the data on a #protocol and its #growth.🚀✨

2. @etherscan: Etherscan is a simple tool with lots of utilities.📈💰

#Etherscan is a tool that shows all the #transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem💲

Why @ethereum, though? Well, tons of protocols like @Uniswap are made on #Ethereum.💎

Knowing #ETH helps know #DeFi better.👑
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1/11 how much does it cost to farm on @0xconcentrator, to receive their new token $CTR ? What is the minimum amount of your deposit to get your ROI at the end of their IFO ? When could the IFO end ? All the answers in this 🧵here 👇
2/11 So as today, 233k $CTR has been raised out of the targeted 2,5millions of tokens. So, a projection shows an end of their IFO in about 3,5months, so around mid-November at same TVL. Image
3/11 @0xconcentrator can now be tracked on defillama and succeeded one big milestone, reaching the 100m$ + of TVL and entering the top list on #Ethereum! Congrat's!!
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#TVL ["Le Journal" of 2022-07-18]

("la situation en #Ukraine. Le président a décidé de limoger plusieurs hauts responsables tout en réclamant
>toujours plus de sanctions contre la Russie à Bruxelles. La situation devient de plus en plus hors de contrôle.

Nous évoquerons ensuite l’arrivée du texte de loi sur le pouvoir d’achat à l’Assemblée nationale, un nouveau test pour la majorité mais aussi pour les oppositions.
Et puis nous reviendrons sur les violents incendies qui ravagent le sud-ouest de la #France."
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在 DeFi 生态中,经常出现一个重要指标 #TVL,那么什么是 TVL?为什么 TVL 很重要?都有哪些查看 TVL 的工具呢?👇

什么是 TVL?

TVL(Total Value Locked) 总锁定价值,指 DeFi 项目中用户所存储或抵押的数字资产总价值。通常视情况以美元或其他法币计价。

为什么 TVL 很重要?

DeFi 的重要运转方式主要围绕用户质押借贷或注入流动性展开,这要求用户将资金质押或存入在 DeFi 项目方的智能合约当中。所以 TVL 表明了资本对 DeFi 交易者和投资者的利润和可用性影响。

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1/22. Deep dive to @zksync
2. #zkSync Overview
3. Features
4-6. #zkSNARKs
7. #zkPorter
8. zkSync 1.0
9. #zkEVM
10. Zinc
11-13. zkSync2⃣.0⃣
14-15. #Ecosystem
16. Skininthegame
17. TVL
18. Roadmap
19. Wen token
20. Backers
21. Audit
22. Comparison Image
2/22. zkSync Overview
@zksync is a zkRollup Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum developed by @the_matter_labs. It offers low gas and fast transactions, without compromising on security. Image
3/22. Features
- Ultra-low tx fees
- 2k TPS (20k TPS w/ zkPorter)
- Based on Eth security
- Users control of their funds
- No requirement for operational activity to keep the funds safe
- Withdrawals to mainnet in ~10 minutes
- Multisig support
- Permissionless smart contracts Image
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Not many know this: DeFi Option Vaults (DOVs) have gained tremendous popularity over the past few quarters. The potential for DOVs to revolutionize DeFi in the coming years is HUGE.

Learn more 🧵👇

#WebTr3e 🌳 #DeFi #DOVs #Options Image
What are DOVs? 👀

DOVs are automated vaults that use options as their underlying product to generate returns. At its peak, DOVs accounted for >$500M of the total #TVL in #DeFi options.

2 reasons why DOVs are a force to be reckoned with:
1️⃣ DOVs democratize complex options strategies to the masses
2️⃣ DOVs bring high organic yield to DeFi

We believe that DOVs will shape the #DeFi space moving forward. 🚀

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1/10 Tonight question was about #TVL on #DEFI, and i just asked myself is there any TVL leakage from DEFI since the turmoil we are all facing the past 6 months? Let's dig into some data here as parf of my 2nd 🧵and see where the #smartmoney has been going ?👇
2/10 TVL on @Defilama is now sitting below 100b, decreasing by almost 28% in a week and divided by 3 since $BTC #ath. Image
3/10 On the other hand, #crypto total market cap is sitting at 898b, and as the DEFI TVL, "just" decreased also by 26% in a week and divided by 3 since $BTC #ATH. Image
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How Cardano could realistically reach $200 per ADA (Yes, really!)

A Thread....

#Cardano #ADA $ADA $GOKEY Image
2/ Intro

At the moment, as we’re sitting with ADA comfortably below $0.70, it might seem like an absurd notion to even consider ADA potentially reaching $100, let alone $200.

But today we will be exploring realistic and sustainable ways that this can happen.

#realfi #proptech Image
3/ Setting the Scene

Crypto today is a $1.25 trillion industry. But compared to other industries it remains tiny.

For instance, research by @zillow suggests the aggregate residential real estate market in the US is $43.4 trillion

To equal this, #crypto would need to nearly 40x Image
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I said last Saturday that #Bitcoin would rise within one week, it on the rise since Monday. 📈🚀

In fact, I also said that the crypto would rise on December 17, 2021 (from $48K), except the target was set too high and that prediction has drawn a lot of criticism. Lesson learnt, so I set a smaller target this time: $34K - $36K pressure line.
Breaking news: 65 new COVID-19 cases were reported on May 29 and Shanghai will end its lockdown on June 1.
A large wave of supplies can be exported to the US from Shanghai and reduce inflation. The Federal Reserve may pause increasing interest in Sept, and the party continues.
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$USN everything you should know

✅ or ❌ ?
$USN is a soft-pegged #stablecoin on @NEARProtocol

The main purpose to have stablecoin on protocol is to help grow #TVL and increasee #liquidity.
@NEARProtocol How to get $USN ❓

👉 swap $USN for $NEAR on:

👉 wrap $NEAR to $wNEAR on:

👉 swap $wNEAR for $USDC on:
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1. People always tell you to do your own research, but you don't know where to start? This is a thread on how I conduct #DYOR on #cryptocurrency projects; hope it can serve as inspiration for you to dive deeper into #Blockchain.
2. First thing's first, I use excel to keep track of all of my findings. The main benefits:
-I don't waste time looking up something I've already looked up before
-I can easily compare metrics across projects
-I can conduct calculations and quantitative analysis
3. The first place I go is the website of the project. Here I look for the following:
-Project overview: does it solve a real problem / offer a unique solution
-Team: are they doxxed & do they have prior experience
-Roadmap: is there a clear timeline & has the team met milestones
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A great day to enter the #crypto market, everything is on sale!

What will you be buying today?

Here's my list.


My 🐻 strategy.

1. Revisit your investment theses
2. Find conviction in strong picks
3. Sell if fundamentals change
4. Portfolio consolidation (≤ 10)
5. Rotate #altcoins into #bluechips
6. Dollar cost average on red days
7. Market ⬇️ = Accumulation ⬆️
8. Enjoy the discounts

My 🐻 picks.

1. $LUNA
2. $UST
3. $ETH
4. $RUNE
5. $NEAR
6. $AVAX
7. $GLP
8. $FTM
9. $SOL
10. $BTC
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1) A short 🧵 on why I remain very bullish on $HBAR. 🧐

Let’s recap just some of #Hedera network growth from 2021-22.

Do yourself a favor & watch @JeffBezos words of wisdom👇…

#crypto #cryptocurrency 🧠 Image
2) Infrastructure growth
✅ Smart Contracts 2.0
✅ Atomic swaps
@Swirlds explorer
✅ Partnered w/ @IntWorkAll @GBBCouncil @TexasBlockchain
✅ Multiple HTS projects
✅ New HIPs like HIP-410 👀👇
3) Network #decentralization
#Hedera open source
✅ Now 26 GC members
✅ Staking w/ #TVL increasing
✅ Various #HBAR wallets
✅ More HBAR circulating (necessary)
✅ Increasing mainnet accounts ImageImageImageImage
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If you intend to hold AVAX for the long term and believe in the completion of the existing ecosystem as well as the need for subnets to thrive in the future, you've probably had to decide where to stake your AVAX.

You should read this thread!

#AvaxholicInsights #CSSADT #AVAXDT
1/ What will be covered in this thread:

1⃣ Why do we need @BenqiFinance's Liquid Staking?
2⃣ What is BenQI's Liquid Staking?
3⃣ How does it work?
4⃣ BenQI plays an integral role in the Subnet Economy.
5⃣ veQI - Curve Wars on BenQI
6⃣ Potential of BenQI
2/ As we all know, for a Proof-of-Stake #Blockchain like @avalancheavax, consensus is achieved by validators running hardware and locking up $AVAX collateral to secure the network.
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Here's why I have been accumulating $ASTRO and you should too!

A war is coming to @terra_money and $ASTRO is the key to winning this fight on @astroport_fi.

📜🔍👀 Image

Before we dive in, let's find out more about @astroport_fi.

@astroport_fi is the #1 decentralized exchange on @terra_money.

With over $1.6 billion in #TVL and a daily trading volume of $600 million, you can imagine how much revenue @astroport_fi generates on a daily basis. Image

What is $ASTRO?

$ASTRO is the native token of @astroport_fi.

Its utility is derived from staking, which will then allow $ASTRO to accrue value through $xASTRO and $vxASTRO.

Staking $ASTRO gives you $xASTRO, which can then be locked (≤ 2 years) for $vxASTRO .
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Alright Here's An Alpha Thread On Research Methodology Strategy. @SamuelXeus
Pt. 1

What I Put Into Consideration As An AA-RATED Fundamental Analyst 📚🖊

Remember It's a 99% Research, 1% Aping Strategy.
♻️Seed Sale/Private Sale Price

♻️Token Unlocks and Token Unlock Size

♻️Tokenomics (Token Distribution, Supply and Demand)

♻️Liquidity & TVL of Project

♻️Significance In Roadmap



♻️Incoming Catalysts

♻️Greed Factor
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Are you trying to understand #THORChain? ⛓️

Here's what I learned about THORChain and the best resources I've found to read more about it. 🚀

A thread 🧵👇
@THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to trade spot Tokens across blockchains.

It allows users to trade in the native asset, not a synthetic wrapped version like #wBTC.
Trading over centralized exchanges presents risk through:

⚈ counterparty risk
⚈ the time that it takes to send assets to #CEX and withdraw again
⚈ forced seizure of assets through regulators or governments
⚈ hacks
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🧵How to value #NFTs:

There is no right way of valuing NFTs, but hopefully this can act as a guide for people who are looking to enter the NFT space, for both for Fun & Profit, as NFT are generally less straightforward as #DeFi, where #cashflow & #TVL can be a good proxy.
Rule of thumb:
Similar to how you value a #DeFi token based on Future #cashflow, one can gauge the Value of the #NFT via the utility & future potential #airdrop/cashflow it can bring.
It's a better gauge than simply "Oh the Art is good."
Ofc, the Art itself, can be a proxy to the team's attention to detail. Usually, effort put in by the Team, is inversely proportionate to #rug risk

(Not to mention, the Art itself can also be something of value)@takashipom
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#DeFi Daily 10/03/22

$BTC saw a breakout yesterday during Asian trading hours. Price cleanly broke above the $39.5k resistance line, while the hourly RSI moved into overbought levels, revealing a renewed short term #bullish momentum.

Read more: 🧵👇 BTCUSD Graph
$ETH had a similar move yesterday as it broke out of its inverted head and shoulders pattern. Looking at the daily time frame, ETH is forming a wedge pattern where the level to break above would be around the $2.85k level.

/1 ETHUSD Graph
#DeFiTVL rose about 10bn overnight to 204.5bn currently. This was again led by @terra_money and @wavesprotocol, with TVLs sitting at 26.4bn and 2.4bn respectively. #Terra’s #TVL has grown by 12.2% over the past 7 days while #Waves has grown by 48.5%.

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#Avalanche hiper hızda büyüyecek, geleneksel finans’ın ölçek sorununu #Avalanche ile çözecek ve dahası #Avalanche için #DeFi ‘deki TVL’i müthiş hızda artıracak bir sistem #Avalanche üzerinde inşa ediliyor işte o proje!👇
1. Günümüz sorunlarından bir tanesi hali hazırda zaten geleneksel finans ürünlerine erişememek, örneğin bir teminatsız mikro kredi için tonlarca evrak veya bir banka gerekir ya da bir sigorta için erişim sorunu var, dahası bunlar sağlayıcı için maliyetlidir.
2. #DeFi için ise gerçek sorunlardan bir tanesi #TVL akışını sağlamak için veya yeni nesil finansal fırsatlara erişim için yeteri kadar kolay bir benimseme methodunun olmaması, örneğin bir #USDC verim fırsatına erişmek isteyen sıradan bir insan için 👇
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🔥 #Fantom Highlight Numbers in the Last 7 Days

All On-Chain Metrics are so impressive with @FantomFDN 🚀Although the market is going crazy, #Fantom Projects keep developing day by day🔥
Have a look at the metrics last week in threads below🎉

#FTM @Tweak896 @michelle_crypto 🎉 Image
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La clé est enfin publiée #modernagate!
#CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG nous amène la preuve que cette séquence de clivage-qui m'intriguait depuis le début dès avril 2020 #ThanaTV #Nexus #TVL...- sans jamais avoir pu l'exprimer dans les mainstream était brevetée…
La probabilité que cette séquence de 19 lettres résulte du hasard #CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG?
Moins d'1 chance sur 1 milliard car cette séquence n'existe dans un AUCUN autre coronavirus!
Une séquence optimisée pour être lue chez l'homme (analogie de la clé)
Satisfaction intellectuelle!
Idem pour celle de ThanaTV
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