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1/8 @klaytn_official recently published the Klaytn Foundation CEO @seo_sangmin’s letter called "Real-World Asset (RWA) Tokenization for Blockchain Mass Adoption" concerning Klaytn’s future. So, what is it all about? 🧵
@klaytn_official @seo_sangmin 2/8 The #Klaytn ecosystem’s development is steering towards an intriguing direction, which is the tokenization of real-world assets. It's not just about investment assets, but also their connection to social mobility, housing, environment, and more. Image
@klaytn_official @seo_sangmin 3/8 Tokenizing #RWAs like money, commodities, stocks, real estate, or art could create an new global trading market. RWAs have intrinsic value and relatively low price volatility, but they come with challenges such as off-chain trust issues and regulatory uncertainties.
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#Ethereum's #revenue sees fourth consecutive monthly increase, reaching $208m, but underperforms compared to #Bitcoin as global #crypto market faces #bearish trends. 🧵👇

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1/10: #Ethereum's monthly #revenue has improved for the fourth consecutive month to $208m, but is still low. When monthly revenue began ramping up in 2021 and eclipsed >200m for the first time, #ETH was trading around $1,300. Image
2/10: #Bitcoin (#BTC) price is $28,048, above the 50d MA of $27,963, which is #bullish. #Ethereum (#ETH) price is $1,828, below the 50d MA $1,854, which is #bearish, with the price #WoW decreasing by -1.9%.
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The #SuiNetwork mainnet is nearing its launch.

Though the ecosystem is growing remarkably quickly, being in its early stages, TVL may be slow to catch up.

Here’s how SYNTHR is accelerating this 🧵🔽
The network uses Move - a revolutionary open-source programming language for developing smart contracts initially created by @Meta to power the Diem blockchain.

Several other blockchains, including @0LNetwork , @Aptos_Network , and @StarcoinSTC are building upon it.
In particular though, @SuiNetwork is designed to keep #Gas prices much more consistent (and low).

Its object-centric design also allows for independent transactions to be processed in any order, in effect making it highly scalable.
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@MinswapDEX Dominance A Thread 🧵

In MY HUMBLE OPINION #MINSWAP has ESTABLISHED itself as the NO. 1 #DEX for #DEFI In the #CARDANO Ecosystem. Not Only Has $MIN had a beyond impressive performance against #BITCOIN & #CARDANO as stated below as per @CoinMarketCap with $MIN up Image
33.05% in the last 30 days as opposed to #BTC which is up 13.05% in the last 30 days & #CARDANO down 8.86% in the last 30 days (In other words if you want more #ADA & #BTC VALUE in your portfolio, HOLD $MIN) NFA. @MinswapDEX has also continued to maintain approximately 40%
Dominance in #TVL amongst all #DEFI protocols on #CARDANO as per @DefiLlama. As a result of this continued growth and Out performance of other #DEXES & #DAPPS, I strongly believe @MinswapDEX will continue to keep the lead into the the bull market and if anyone knows anything
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#CARDANO #Blockchain & it’s decisive growth through the bear market. A thread 🧵🪡

Many in the cardano community appreciated my post yesterday on the potential in price target for #ADA heading into the next bull market but some naysayers couldn’t resist. I got quit a few
comments On how #cardano doesn’t have any partnerships with web 2 companies like polygon and a lack of such partnerships will ensure a slow death for #cardano. Cardano is a truly decentralized blockchain that doesn’t indulge in paying for partnerships and name dropping to get
ahead, #Cardano is purely ORGANIC, has always been, much like #BITCOIN mostly community driven and anyone can come here and build and they have been. As stated above smart contract deployment is up 300% since the beginning of the year & we recently broke the all time high for
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#CARDANO #ADA historical price action, a thread 🧵 🪡

I keep looking at this CHART. This is #CARDANO’S price action since inception, spanning from 2018 till date. Approximately 5 years of trading. I look at it and I’m still seeing a Cup & Handle pattern with a $14.38 target.

in the #Cardano community have never witnessed #CARDANO in a bull market with a thriving ECOSYSTEM complete with #DEFI, #stablecoins & #METERVERSE as we have now in this bear market. Anyone here now is early and we are about to witness history in the making. Despite the
impressive gains #CARDANO has always enjoyed in the last two bull markets, #CARDANO has never experienced having a HUGE percentage of #ADA locked up in NUMEROUS #DEFI protocols which takes a ton of its liquidity out of circulation frozen in smart contracts as #TVL, we are about
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🔍 @traderjoe_xyz - Project Deep Dive 🔍

#DeFi is the MUST in any ecosystem. Yet, Decentralized Exchanges (#DEXs) are the fundamentals of DeFi. Trader Joe is the largest DEX on @avalancheavax but it is so much more than just a DEX.
Let's find out why 🧵
@traderjoe_xyz @avalancheavax 🔦 Project's Limelights 🔦

⛓️ #AVAX, #Arbitrum, & #BNB (Multichain focus)
🔥 #TVL $4.5 billion (Once at its peak)
💸 5 million funding
👏 350k+ community members

@traderjoe_xyz @avalancheavax All-In-One Stop plaform for #DeFi

🏠 From Trade, Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, Staking, Lending, & Borrowing. You name it, they have it 🤩

💡Liquidity Book with fungible liquidity bins & surge pricing to enhance AMM mechanism.

🖼️ NFT Marketplace: on both #AVAX & #BNB.
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#NFT 交易之后,盘点 #NFT借贷 细分领域的潜在变化。
2⃣️#BAYC 及其直系NFT开启挖矿( $APE )功能;

当前NFT以 #PFP 类为主,缺乏借NFT的需求,导致NFT借贷行为只发生在单边,即抵押 #NFT 借 $ETH 等币种,没有抵押ETH等币种借NFT的。

NFT借贷分为 #点对点#点对池 两种模式,两种模式的代表项目及其优缺点如下
#BendDAO #ParaSpace #NFTfi #X2Y2 #JPEG'd Image
其中点对池模式的效率要高于点对点模式,从币币借贷龙头 #AAVE 发展也可以看出,其借贷模式从早期的(ETHLend)点对点转变为现在的点对池模式。

因NFT具有的唯一性,似乎点对点模式更适合,但从当前各方面(#借贷规模#用户#TVL)数据来看,点对池模式逐渐占优。 ImageImageImage
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Get ready for another #Bitcoin rally!🚀

Get all the deets in our 🧵⏬

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#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #investing Image
1/10: Our Greed & Fear index dropped to mid-level last week, setting the market up for another #rally. With #Bitcoin still driven by #US #trading hours and a US public holiday on Monday, we expect US institutions to lift prices above 25,000 from Tuesday night onwards. Image
2/10: #Bitcoin and #Ethereum prices are both above their 50-day moving averages, which is a #bullish sign. The global #crypto market cap increased by 10.9% WoW to $1.17 trillion, with Bitcoin dominance at 40.4% for the week. Overall, the trend is up and the market is #bullish.
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Let's take a deep dive to know what's going on.

♦️There are few things that are certain in #Crypto : prices going up and #FUD against #Binance .

♦️Since the #FTX collapse, Binance has been targeted by regulators, media companies, and individuals.
♦️This has led people to wonder whether regulators will crush Binance.

♦️ Let’s see what the FUD is around Binance and its impact on the market and your portfolio 👇
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🔥💰 Things are heating up! From bullish #Bitcoin & #Ethereum to underperforming #stablecoins & declining active addresses. Catch on these #alphatrades right here 🧵

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1/10 💡 The "Greed & Fear" indicator just dropped from 100 to 50. This indicator is based on the technical momentum of #crypto prices and shows a shift in sentiment.
2/10 🚀 #Bitcoin is currently 21,781 above the 50d MA of 20,308, and #Ethereum is 1,514 above the 50d MA of 1,465, both with a price change of -6.7% & -9.2% WoW respectively. The overall trend remains #bullish.
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#Cardano $ADA has seen an impressive 30% increase in price over the past week - here are 4 possible reasons for this rally #CardanoCommunity

🧵A thread by @esatoshiclub Image
1. Cardano's #TVL has skyrocketed by 40% since the start of 2023! At the moment, it stands at around $67.29 million and @MinswapDEX holds the majority of it. Image
2. #DeFi trading volume is skyrocketing! In the past 7 days alone, total transactional volume on #Cardano-based #DeFi protocols increased by 57%, with #Minswap alone seeing a 76% increase.
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We should consider looking back at the #UST collapse. I watched it go down first hand and have a list of 3 wallets that were buying and immediately selling at a loss perpetually to intentionally run charts down. Would love to have proof of what I witnessed.

A thread 🧵...
The primary contributors came from just 3 wallets:

Wallet 1: terra1yl8l5dzz4jhnzzh6jxq6pdezd2z4qgmgrdt82k (0x8d47f08ebc5554504742f547eb721a43d4947d0a)
Wallet 2:

terra195wtjmpjxhp336mclqfsyk2plvs8mw3lhsc5nc (0x4b5e60cb1cd6c5e67af5e6cf63229d1614bb781c)
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The active addresses market cap on #BNBChain has been steadily increasing over the past 90 days, hitting 61% as of Nov 7th.


#TVL market share also reached 9.39%, up from 8.17% since August.

A quick thread on what is driving this traction

[1/11] 🧵 ImageImage
These metrics appear to be driven in particular by increased traction (not exhaustive) in the following verticals:

#DeFi: Liquid Staking, Wombat Ecosystem
#GameFi and #SocialFi: Hooked, GameTa

BNB Chain’s recent Active Address market share has seen a spike to the following:

Increased traction in the #GameFi and #NFT sector, with new #dApps like @Gameta_Official, @HookedProtocol, @tinyworldgamefi, @P12, enjoying huge popularity among users.

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#Binance est propulsé sur le devant de la scène depuis plusieurs semaines 🎤

Comment son fondateur, CZ, a fondé l’exchange #crypto le plus profitable sur terre gérant plus de $100 Milliards par jours ? 🤯

Un thread court pour tout comprendre (et en apprendre!)🧵👇 Image
[0 - 15] Si vous êtes plus blog, retrouvez cet article en version longue sur mon Medium !…

Le même contenu suit ci-dessous 👇
[1 - 15] Une Main de Maître 🤝

Changpeng Zhao est né en Chine 🇨🇳 et a ensuite déménagé au Canada 🇨🇦. Il vit aujourd'hui à Singapour 🇸🇬

Au 1er Mai 2022, sa fortune est estimée à 65 Milliard de dollars, ce qui le rend plus grand #milliardaire #crypto 🤑 Image
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What in the damn world is this conglomerate that is happening called @HydroWhalesClub? #Hydrowhales is constantly adding more and more #value with real #nftutility. Let's cover some things real quick so you can #DYOR and see why this #opportunity is like none other.
Begin 🧵
1/ @HydroWhalesClub has #minted out and has built one of the strongest #NFTCommunities I've seen in #web3. They don't get involved with the #drama in this #space and always stay #professional. Hop into #Hydrowhales #discord and see how much of a #family this #community is.
2/ While the #NFTcommunity is one of the most important things to me, #Hydrowhales #nftutility is quite astonishing. #HWMC started with 305 #BTC #miners to provide steady #cashflow to this #NFTProject. Of course these #asicminers are held at a hydroelectric power plant.
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They always say to "#DYOR"... But how exactly? 😕

Here are 9 must-have #crypto analysis tools to bring your trading game to the next level 👇
1/ @DefiLlama
• A multi-chain dashboard that tracks the most popular protocols by total value locked (TVL).
#TVL is one of the most critical metrics for assessing the popularity of a protocol. Image
2/ @DuneAnalytics
• A community-driven data powerhouse that allows users to query the blockchain using SQL.
• You can search for specific crypto projects, or browse trending projects.
• How to use it: Image
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0/ when analyzing a DEX, it's essential to look at efficiency metrics that provide an indication on how efficiently a DEX is able to generate volume & revenues on its TVL 📊🔍

feat. $UNI, $SUSHI, $JOE, $BOO, $QUICK

🧵 investor's guide on #DEX capital efficiency (0/30)⚖️👇 Image
1/ often people use the TVL (total value locked) metric in order to measure success of decentralized exchanges. However, this metric alone can be very misleading
2/ the goal of a #DEX is to generate volume and subsequently earn trading fees

a better DEX metric than TVL is hence capital efficiency or in different words, how well a DEX is able to maximize utilization of the available liquidity (get volume) & generate revenue on the pools
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#DeFi is a constantly moving space.✨💸

And so, it's important to be on top of all things at all times.👑

Here are 10 #tools you NEED for bettering your DeFi journey:🧵👇
1. @DefiLlama: #DeFiLlama maintains all the #TVL data on #DeFi protocols.💸💎

DeFiLlama is a comprehensive tool where you can look at all the data on a #protocol and its #growth.🚀✨

2. @etherscan: Etherscan is a simple tool with lots of utilities.📈💰

#Etherscan is a tool that shows all the #transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem💲

Why @ethereum, though? Well, tons of protocols like @Uniswap are made on #Ethereum.💎

Knowing #ETH helps know #DeFi better.👑
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1/11 how much does it cost to farm on @0xconcentrator, to receive their new token $CTR ? What is the minimum amount of your deposit to get your ROI at the end of their IFO ? When could the IFO end ? All the answers in this 🧵here 👇
2/11 So as today, 233k $CTR has been raised out of the targeted 2,5millions of tokens. So, a projection shows an end of their IFO in about 3,5months, so around mid-November at same TVL. Image
3/11 @0xconcentrator can now be tracked on defillama and succeeded one big milestone, reaching the 100m$ + of TVL and entering the top list on #Ethereum! Congrat's!!
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#TVL ["Le Journal" of 2022-07-18]

("la situation en #Ukraine. Le président a décidé de limoger plusieurs hauts responsables tout en réclamant
>toujours plus de sanctions contre la Russie à Bruxelles. La situation devient de plus en plus hors de contrôle.

Nous évoquerons ensuite l’arrivée du texte de loi sur le pouvoir d’achat à l’Assemblée nationale, un nouveau test pour la majorité mais aussi pour les oppositions.
Et puis nous reviendrons sur les violents incendies qui ravagent le sud-ouest de la #France."
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在 DeFi 生态中,经常出现一个重要指标 #TVL,那么什么是 TVL?为什么 TVL 很重要?都有哪些查看 TVL 的工具呢?👇

什么是 TVL?

TVL(Total Value Locked) 总锁定价值,指 DeFi 项目中用户所存储或抵押的数字资产总价值。通常视情况以美元或其他法币计价。

为什么 TVL 很重要?

DeFi 的重要运转方式主要围绕用户质押借贷或注入流动性展开,这要求用户将资金质押或存入在 DeFi 项目方的智能合约当中。所以 TVL 表明了资本对 DeFi 交易者和投资者的利润和可用性影响。

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1/22. Deep dive to @zksync
2. #zkSync Overview
3. Features
4-6. #zkSNARKs
7. #zkPorter
8. zkSync 1.0
9. #zkEVM
10. Zinc
11-13. zkSync2⃣.0⃣
14-15. #Ecosystem
16. Skininthegame
17. TVL
18. Roadmap
19. Wen token
20. Backers
21. Audit
22. Comparison Image
2/22. zkSync Overview
@zksync is a zkRollup Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum developed by @the_matter_labs. It offers low gas and fast transactions, without compromising on security. Image
3/22. Features
- Ultra-low tx fees
- 2k TPS (20k TPS w/ zkPorter)
- Based on Eth security
- Users control of their funds
- No requirement for operational activity to keep the funds safe
- Withdrawals to mainnet in ~10 minutes
- Multisig support
- Permissionless smart contracts Image
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Not many know this: DeFi Option Vaults (DOVs) have gained tremendous popularity over the past few quarters. The potential for DOVs to revolutionize DeFi in the coming years is HUGE.

Learn more 🧵👇

#WebTr3e 🌳 #DeFi #DOVs #Options Image
What are DOVs? 👀

DOVs are automated vaults that use options as their underlying product to generate returns. At its peak, DOVs accounted for >$500M of the total #TVL in #DeFi options.

2 reasons why DOVs are a force to be reckoned with:
1️⃣ DOVs democratize complex options strategies to the masses
2️⃣ DOVs bring high organic yield to DeFi

We believe that DOVs will shape the #DeFi space moving forward. 🚀

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