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Just wondering why so-called opposition in Trumpistan are filling social media with his talking points right before their election when they could be talking about the horrific rise of global fascism and hurtling towards global destruction.

Oh right, USian solipsism. #BlueWave
Another day, another Trump scent the so-called #BlueWave are all baying after. It's not like there is anything more urgent to talk about.… #Midterms2018
Canada, why is Chrystia Freeland not your PM? 😍#cdnpoli #Brazilelections
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He's promised to murder indigenous people, strip them of their land rights and destroy the Amazon, so Canada is pretty happy. @CBCAlerts #JairBolsonaro #brazilelection #cdnpoli
The true Canada: #OpCanary. Environment caregivers had better show solidarity with Brazil's indigenous like never before.
Nazi cheerleaders everywhere. BBC calls torture and indigenous genocide refreshing. CBC gushes over fresh opportunities for planetary destruction.. Buzzfeed says the pig Bolsonaro is 'borderline' fascist, like he hasn't quite hit their bar.
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Nordeste is trending as sane people in Brazil hope the northeast will save them from the fascists in the rest of the country. Bolsonaro looks set to win.

“It’s as if the gates of hell have been opened.”
“The extreme right has conquered Brazil.”…
The pig Bolsonaro has won. 56% of Brazilians voted for him, 44% for Haddad.

No one can say Brazilians are ignorant of the consequences of this vote. Their last dictatorship ended in 1985 and there was a National Truth Commission. Sadly, too many of those guilty retained power.
From Brazil's National Truth Commission, released in 2014. Brazil has refused to prosecute those responsible. South American dictatorships are never eradicated, they all lay dormant, waiting, like the first nazis who hid in Argentina and Brazil.…
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#Brazil: A group of farmers and gunmen attacked an #indigenous Bororo village in Mato Grosso do Sul. Two Indians with gunshot wound. The attackers destroyed the whole village.… via @janetelimelo
Bolsonaro would abolish Brazil’s environment ministry, exposing world’s largest rainforest and its indigenous owners to criminal gangs of loggers and miners.…
"Bolsonaro warns he’s going to rip up the Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous land. Local ranchers bitterly opposed the creation of this reserve & they killed many indigenous ppl. Bolsonaro wants to give those ranchers guns" MT @Survival…
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#Brazil: A 19-year-old woman wearing a #NotHim, or #EleNão, T-shirt has been attacked by a group of men claiming to support far-right-wing presidential candidate #JairBolsonaro in #PortoAlegre… #nonazis #Antifa
Neo-Fascism rises in Brazil!
"The police chief told Radio Guaíba that the symbol on the girl's belly is Buddhist religion and not the Nazi swastika."
Today, several reports of fascist attacks by groups of men claiming to support the far-right presidential candidate #JairBolsonaro. Even two sisters holding hands in the street were cursed as lesbians and threatened with death.
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