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1/ Point du jour - Rapport mi-journée - 26 Juin 2022
#UkraineMap #UkraineRussianWar #CarteUkraine
Situation has not changed Globally but several important moves from Russian near #Lysychansk where they try to keep their momentum in order to surround it
Gen Staff report
Part 1 -
2/ "the enemy's main efforts were focused on advancing in the directions of the settlements #Dovgenke (area) and #Mazanivka ... #Kurulka "
3/ Gen staff report part 2 -
Nothing special there except the classical use of arty as much as they can to try to suppress all ZSU #UAarmy defenses and try to block them from moving more materials or blocking troops (pin down) in certain areas.
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The southern sector of the #Lysychansk - #Severodonetsk salient, that is the Hirske - Zolote sector, is surrounded by #Russian forces and quickly being reduced. We were right on the mark, as this is now confirmed by many additional sources. The question is what is next?
Firstly we must note how the western media, as a mouthpiece for #Ukrainian announcements had not even acknowledged the capture of #Vrubivka, key to the closing of the cauldron, when the entire cauldron in fact was closed. Here we knew what had occurred.

With Vrubivka now well in the rear, we have some footage released showing the village is well within Russian lines. The encirclement completed the questions are how long UA forces within it can hold out, if they can break out and if they can be relieved or resupplied?
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Für die Ausbildung der Rekruten haben die ukrainischen Streitkräfte Grafiken bzgl. der Verwundbarkeit von Fahrzeugen erstellt.
Kreis: 7,62x39/54R Hartkern
Quadrat: 12,7x108 Hartkern
Raute: Panzerabwehrhandwaffen
#UkraineKrieg #UkraineRussianWar
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1/3 🇷🇺 propagandist Vladimir Solovyov has just claimed that the number of Ukrainians forcefully deported to 🇷🇺 is 1.9 million, which includes 307 000 children. The UN data is 1230800. In any case, the numbers are striking. #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk
And he’s calling this “evacuation”. What a maniac. It’s as if someone break into your house, set it on fire, kill you, and then takes your children to his place “for safety”. This must be stopped. #ArmUkraineNow
UN High Commissioner for Refugees should immediately request the lists of deported Ukrainians, organize the inspection of the conditions in which they live and help to create the possibility for them to come back to 🇺🇦 or go to the country that doesn’t support 🇷🇺 regime.
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Chi vuole seguire in diretta la visita a #Kyiv di #Draghi, #Macron e #Scholz può farlo seguendo questo thread. Lo aggiornerò prontamente durante la giornata. Buon viaggio a tutti i lettori.
Notizia importante: alle 14 ora italiana è prevista una conferenza congiunta di #Draghi, #Macron e #Scholz con il presidente ucraino #Zelensky.
Video abbastanza impressionante. L'arrivo della delegazione guidata da Mario #Draghi in hotel a #Kyiv. Guardate il dispiegamento di soldati, imbracciano i fucili, si guardano intorno nervosamente.
Non è una passerella, è una visita in un teatro di guerra.

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Forte popolo di un Paese indistruttibile!

Oggi è il 110° giorno della nostra difesa. E quando si dice questo - il 110° giorno - ci si rende conto del grande cammino che abbiamo percorso. Il nemico è stato cacciato dalle regioni di Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Chernihiv e Sumy.
Gran parte della regione di Kharkiv è stata liberata. In totale, sono stati liberati più di mille villaggi.
L'invasione degli occupanti nel sud dell'Ucraina è stata fermata.
Sì, vogliono ancora distruggere Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia e le città della regione di Dnipropetrovsk.
Hanno ancora abbastanza forza per sparare dall'artiglieria a Zelenodolsk e Hulyaipole. #Odesa rimane un obiettivo per la flotta russa...Ma decine di tentativi di attacco dell'esercito russo sono già stati sventati proprio lì nel sud. E grazie alla controffensiva, alcune
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1/ Ukrainian TVD, Day 98-107. The first week & a half of June has seen the Russo-Ukrainian War escalate into a deadly attritional phase dominated by artillery duels and positional battles with little major change in the forward edge of the battle area. #UkraineRussianWar Image
2/ Weather Outlook. Forecast for the next ten-days will see an initial 4-day period of thunderstorms in the Donbas that may slow operations in non-urban terrain. Temps will range from 31-14 C with higher humidity. Cloud cover & wind speed will make toss bombing problematic. Image
3/ Kharkiv OD. This remains a critical front and has become an unstable region over the past week. The RAF needs to expand its northern enclave to maintain pressure on Kharkiv & pin down UAF units still defending here. #Kharkiv Image
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BBC documents by name 3,502 killed #Russian military, National Guard, police, FSB, etc members during #UkraineRussianWar in #Ukraine. DNR ombudsman reveals 2,061 killed & 8,509 wounded members of all DNR separatist formations. Some 1,000 are killed in LNR.…
This puts minimal combined #Russian & #Donbas separatist losses in #RussiaUkraineWar close to 7,000 killed, or about 65 per day since start of #Russian invasion of #Ukraine on Feb, 24. Casualties exclude missing in action, and they are the minimal number.…
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#Zelenskyy presidential office adviser states that #Ukrainian military casualties are now 100-200 killed per day. It equals 3,000-6,200 killed per month. Typical wounded ratio suggests that 500-1,000 are wounded per day that equals 15,000-30,000 per month.…
Officially admitted #Ukrainian military losses of 100-200 killed per day in #UkraineRussiaWar exclude missing in action & apparently SBU, police & other non-military personnel. Armchair warriors, who push to continue the war to the last Ukrainian, need to go & fight themselves.
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1/4 "This year's food crisis is about lack of access. Next year's could be about lack of food" - @antonioguterres. As the war in #Ukraine progresses, so does the scale of the looming food catastrophe. Some countries are beginning to prepare for it.
2/4 The government of Egypt is asking the World bank for $500 million to finance the Emergency Food Security and Resilience Support Program. It is aimed to manage Egypt's needs for imported wheat as grain supplies from Ukraine cannot be made.
3/4 33-39% of calorie consumption in Egypt come from grain. 60% of grain in Egypt is imported, and the vast majority of that grain is usually from Ukraine and russia. The country is facing severe problems now.
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American volunteer that has been fighting in Ukraine against the russians tells his story.

James Vasquez
Twitter: jmvasquez1974

Video in 3 parts 👇🧵

#Ukraine #AmericanVolunteer #JamesVasquez #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Україна #Украина Image
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"United Nations officials warned Friday that the ongoing war in Ukraine was threatening to create a hunger crisis not only in the war-torn country, but around the world."
#UkraineWar #RussiaUkraineWar #Russia #UkraineRussianWar…
"When a country like Ukraine, which provides food for 400 million people, is out of the market, it creates market volatility..., with 36 countries importing more than 50 per cent of their grain from that region." #UkraineRussianWar #Ukraine️war #Russia…
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"Bambini, respirate profondamente: questa è l'aria di libertà che viene dall'altro lato".
Kaja #Kallas, oggi primo ministro estone, aveva 11 anni quando suo padre portò lei e il fratellino a pochi passi dalla Porta di Brandeburgo, per dare un'occhiata al Muro di Berlino.👇
Poche settimane fa, parlando proprio in Germania, ha ammesso che la bambina di allora non aveva pienamente afferrato il senso di quelle parole. E del resto come avrebbe potuto? Cresciuta nell'Estonia occupata dall'Unione Sovietica, la libertà non sapeva neanche cosa fosse.
Se la storia personale di ognuno ha un peso sulle sue scelte future, allora non sorprende che Kallas sia considerata un falco nei confronti della Russia. Il suo bisnonno combattè contro l'Armata Rossa. Sua madre fu deportata da neonata in Siberia, su un carro di bestiame.
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Det kan virke som om norske myndigheter fortsatt befinner seg i en fordums tid med utdaterte utenrikspolitiske hensyn som tas overfor Russland.
Det må endres. Russland må stoppes. De fortjener ikke vår respekt.
… en 🇺🇦🇷🇺TRÅD
Norge har siden krigen startet misbrukt nær sagt alle muligheter til å si tydelig fra at vi kommer til å bruke våre muskler til å sørge for at Ukraina vinner og Russland taper. /2
I stedet har vi tatt alle anledninger som har kommet til å hinte til Russland at vi «forstår» dem og vært forsiktige slik at vi ikke «sårer». Sist, absurd nok, ville vi ikke hjelpe sårede ukrainske soldater av den grunn. /3
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1/4 Sanctions for microchips and other high-tech things have created bottlenecks for russian companies. russia's advanced technology sector consumes less than 1% of the world's semiconductors. However, the effects are already felt, especially in some sectors of russian economy.
2/4 🇷🇺 laws mandate companies store data within the country - difficult to comply with for lack of new servers and cloud computing services. Biggest telecom groups will be unable to access 5G equipment and will probably need to resort to buying second-hand 4G equipment.
3/4 russia is known for using "grey market" schemes to buy what it needs but global shortage of chips and other crucial IT hardware will make it unlikely. Domestic production of microchips is reportedly of very low quality so they cannot fully substitute imported ones.
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The NY Times, which has been thundering against Putin, sagely advises its readers that Biden's planned trip to Saudi Arabia "represents the triumph of realpolitik over moral outrage, according to foreign policy experts." No doubt. 1/ #UkraineRussianWar
But there may be a deeply moral purpose behind the trip. Biden will, if time allows, take the opportunity to ask Sultan Mohammed bin Salman where his killers disposed of the dismembered corpse of poor Washington Post columnist #JamalKhashoggi. 2/
Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia exposes the hypocrisy of the imperialist war against Russia. On March 12, the blood-drenched Saudi regime executed 81 civilian dissidents. 3/
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#Russia unleashed terror to suppress the resistance of local residents in the temporarily occupied south #Ukraine.

@TextyOrgUA finds out who, how & why is persecuting the Ukrainians & what to do to avoid being detained by the "regime guard dogs"🧵

Informants & traitors make up the backbone of "punitive bodies" in #Russia-occupied areas of #Ukraine: local councillors from pro-Russian parties, law enforcement officials of various ranks & #Kherson residents who have been opposing de-Sovietization in pre-war times.

Traitors have been long engaged in collecting information about the situation on the ground, leaking details of pro-Ukrainian activists & military. After #RussianOccupation their work became "legal".

Still, Russian collaborators remain scarce in numbers.


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I couldn't agree more with this editorial by @thetimes :…
Please see some quotes from it in the thread:
«Ukraine has shown it can strike military targets inside Russia, notably railway lines, airfields and weapons sites. It has done so responsibly and with precision...Military strikes, unlike Russia’s barbarous assault on Ukraine, have scrupulously avoided targeting civilian areas»
"They are designed to damage Russia’s capacity to wage war. If Ukraine maintains the ability to continue these counterforce strikes, the war is likely to end sooner than it otherwise would. The crucial step is to convince Mr Putin that he cannot prevail and must sue for peace."
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1/3 #India is taking advantage of the situation with imports of russian crude oil soaring since russia attacked #Ukraine - they are now 17% of Indian imports vs less than 1% before the war. Some of this refined oil then ends up in EU, indirectly financing #russian war machine.
2/3 #China is also discussing the purchase of russian crude oil to fill up its strategic reserves. Its price has decreased rapidly as a lot buyers refused to continue cooperation due to sanctions imposed against russia for its invasion to #Ukraine.
3/3 This is a chance for China to replenish its strategic reserves for a low price, using sanctions against russia for its own game. It has done the same earlier, accepting oil cargoes from sanctioned Iran and Venezuela.
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"L'invasione che Vladimir #Putin pensava sarebbe durata giorni è ora al quarto mese".

Inizia così uno dei più importanti interventi di Joe #Biden dall'inizio della guerra in #Ucraina.

Un editoriale sul New York Times: è questo lo strumento che #Biden utilizza per rivolgersi a più interlocutori: da #Putin al popolo USA, da #Zelensky alla Cina.
Lo fa con efficacia e saggezza, dosando le parole, le virgole, di un intervento che contiene la "dottrina Biden".
Biden inserisce una novità e una curiosità.
1) Annuncia la decisione di fornire "agli 🇺🇦 sistemi missilistici e munizioni più avanzati che consentiranno loro di colpire con maggiore precisione gli obiettivi chiave sul campo di battaglia in Ucraina". In Ucraina, attenzione.
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1/ Ukrainian TVD, Day 89-97. Intense combat has continued in the Donbas over the past 9 days. Russian forces continue to expand on their breakthrough around Popasna & have captured large parts of Severodonetsk. Ukraine counterattacks in Kherson. #UkraineWar #UkraineRussianWar
2/ Weather Outlook. Forecast for the next ten-days will see periods of thunderstorms and temps between 25-32 C. Russian & Ukrainian forces will likely fight through these periods of poor weather to maintain operational momentum in their favor.
3/ Kharkiv OD. Ukrainian offensive activity in this area has been focused on liberating Ternova while resuming its advance in the direction of Vovchansk via assaults to retake Starytsya & Rubizhne. Activity from Kozacha Lopan to Vesele has been limited to exchanges of artillery.
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Absolutely no doubt that reason #Mariupol looks like it does, is because the #Nazis hid in civilian houses, took civilians hostages and then scorched earth

Why did they think hiding behind civilians would work?
Aren't Russia pure evil?
#Ukraine #NaziUkraine
More #HumanShieldsForNazis
#Ukraine #UkraineWar #UkraineRussianWar #Mariupol
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“The US and UK governments show no efforts or desire to achieve peaceful settlement of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” says Ivan Katchanovski, a Ukrainian professor of political studies at the University of Ottawa" #Ukraine #Ukraine️war 1/…
“Such a peace settlement was better for Ukraine than the continuation of the war, which results in significant civilian and military casualties, destruction, and negative economic impact,” says Katchanovski." 2/ #Ukraine️ #UkraineRussianWar #Russia #UkraineWar #RussiaUkraineWar
"“The media often falsely equated proposals of a settlement with policies of appeasement of Nazi Germany,” says Katchanovski. “This made peace in Ukraine toxic, even though even a ‘bad’ peace is better than a ‘good’ war.”" 3/ #Ukraine️ #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #Russia
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Mario #Draghi è a #Bruxelles per il Consiglio Europeo Straordinario in programma oggi e domani.

A partire da ora e fino alla sua conclusione, aggiornerò questo thread con tutte le notizie più importanti provenienti dal summit.👇
Il premier a colloquio, prima di iniziare i lavori, con la prima ministra estone Kaja Kallas, la prima ministra finlandese Sanna Marin e il primo ministro bulgaro Kiril Petkov.
L'arrivo di #Orban: tutti (o quasi) gli occhi saranno puntati su di lui.
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