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⚙️ MLRS and the UK
The Future Artillery Conference this week released new information on the UK's rocket artillery programmes as well as provided more information we can intuit from.

An M270, HIMARS and PULS thread 🧵
#artillery #M270 #PrSM #LPS Image
⚙️ As well as 155mm and 105mm artillery replacement programmes, both considered Close Support Fires, the UK has three funded Deep Fires programmes originating in work for Deep Fires Rocket System, Land Precision Strike and the Weapons Sector Research Framework. Image
⚙️ The first area delivering is re-engineering existing UK M270B1 chassis in three ways to "zero-hour" the fleet life and enable integration of future munitions.

🔴 Overhaul of all automotives
🔵 Entirely new, larger cab
🟢 Overhaul of launch system with new FCS Image
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lots of position statements on modern methods of construction #MMC as @NFCC_Chair highlights the dangers (thread)

Excellent points from @emmadentcoad on modern methods of construction #MMC

Wed do well to listen to the Ex MP who championed post #grenfell response & legislative overhauls.
Contrasting view on modern methods of construction #MMC from @Ivan_McKee
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Up until now we have only been seeing moderate gains for #PRISM and its liquid staking token #xPRISM.

A quick 🧵 on why #PRISM will be the next #terraluna #altcoin to break out soon and fly towards the🌕! #Moonshot #LUNAtics
1/ @prism_protocol's innovative approach of allowing users to split ("refract") their #LUNA tokens into #pLUNA and #yLUNA lies at the core of the protocol.

For this service, a portion of yield derived through the protocol goes towards #PRISM stakers, i.e. #xPRISM #hodlers.
2/ While all of the juicy details can be found @, the gist of it is as follows:

By holding #PRISM and staking it for the auto-compunding #xPRISM token, you effectively become a shareholder of @prism_protocol's income stream.
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What's the secret to max #LPs in a venture fund?

Open parallel funds!

• 250 LPs if venture fund <$10m—§3(c)(1)(C)
• 2,000 LPs if all Qualified Purchasers—§3(c)(7)
• ∞ foreign LPs—Reg S.

A legal framework for forming parallel funds.

1/x 🧵
2/ But why are there even limits to raising a fund?

• Three laws makeup 80%+ of venture fund law:
—Securities Act
—Investment Company Act ("ICA")
—Investment Advisers Act

The ICA is one of the three backbones of venture law and the reason a fund has limits.

• 100, 250, or 2k Investment Company Act has ...
3/ The REAL limit is not the # of LPs but raising from a pool of qualified purchasers (QPs).

• QPs are ultra high net worth individuals ($5m investments), family offices ($5m) & institutionals ($25m)

Good luck finding 2,000 of those folks to invest in your fund!

Another way?
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It’s September - time for the annual run to raise/close out #VC funds before the end of the year. For many #GPs - this means reaching out to an LP who passed on a previous fund.
This thread deep dives into what to keep in mind as you circle back and reach out to #LPs that passed in the past (which I *do* recommend doing btw)👇

(Note: Drawing inspiration from this wonderful thread by @dunkhippo33 on a similar dynamic when entrepreneurs are turned down by #VCs:)
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#Microbiota #Intestinal

🔺Qué es, su relación con patologías crónicas como la #Obesidad, #RiesgoCardiovascular, y enfermedades neurodegenerativas.

#Prebióticos #Probióticos
#Inmunonutrición #Infectoobesidad.

🔺Se define microbiota a un grupo de microorganismos confinados en un nicho particular. En este caso, cuando hablamos de #Microbiota #Intestinal nos referimos a todos los microorganismos que habitan en nuestro intestino: bacterias-en su gran mayoría, hongos, protozoos.
🔺¿Cómo se constituye la microbiota intestinal?

-Desde el primer contacto entre el individuo y el medio ambiente: a través del canal de parto, se inicia la colonización.
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Glad to see #ME/CFS mentioned as a disease potentially connected to immunometabolic reprogramming of host cells. But #pathogen activity in ME/CFS is severely understudied. For example, no team has yet searched for organisms in patient cerebrospinal fluid
2/ Further, numerous outbreaks of the disease have occurred that were directly linked to #enterovirus/coxsackie #viruses + autopsy studies of patients w/ ME/CFS have identified enteroviruses in patient brain tissue + stomach biospy samples:
3/ Moreover early studies on #microbiome activity in ME/CFS indicate dysbiosis of #bacterial communities in patients w/ the #disease, w/ one study noting an increase in bacterial phyla in patient blood after a symptom-provocation challenge:
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I'm grading finals for my Contemporary American Indian Law and Politics class. 2 essay questions, but we started with a short answer for 0 points. I asked them to list the people in the class who contributed in ways that facilitated their learning 1/
not the people who talked the most, necessarily, or were always 'right' - but the people who said things that made them think, or asked good questions, or always had page numbers ready. Reading these responses ALWAYS brings me joy. Students are so generous, and so accurate - 2/
in a class of 28 students, 20 were named or described - 20 discrete individuals who moved our conversation forward. 2 students simply wrote "everyone." The best parts where the sentences where students explained their list. They wrote gorgeous things, like 3/
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[événement de #science] Voici un thread complet sur le @CNRS à #Pint19 #Toulouse pour que vous puissiez prendre vos places avant qu'il ne soit trop tard !
Les rdv ont lieu du 20 au 22 mai mais il ne faut pas trainer
La page complète pour les impatient·es
#Pint19 #Toulouse Au Blastodice
20/05 Plant of thrones @Inra_Tlse et @LRSV_Toulouse
21/05 Changement climatique #SETE et @Inra_Tlse
22/05 Fourmis #CRCA
cc @INEE_CNRS @INSB_CNRS @UT3PaulSabatier
#Pint19 #Toulouse Au Salmanazar
20/05 entendre et écouter #CLLE et @mshstoulouse
21/05 silence qui en disent beaucoup @CHUdeToulouse et @UTJeanJaures
22/05 pédagogie et numérique #CLLE
cc @INSHS_CNRS @INSB_CNRS @UT3PaulSabatier
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[THREAD] In chapter 4, we discuss how to solve for #HumanCapital challenges in #VC. So if we haven’t found a strong argument why we shouldn't try & build a fund from scratch as there appears no structural barrier to entry that cannot be overcome — how do we therefore do this?
1.) Where to look first?

The churn in top tier performance is drastically increasing as the VC market matures & #Alpha is dispersed due to the inherent inefficiencies. Only the best funds plan for succession.
2.) Ultimately, VCs firms are small partnerships. Behavioural challenges in #InvestmentPartnerships include:

•Economic Allocation
•Shared Decision Making
•Diffused Responsibility
•Personal Risk Minimisation
•Go-along-to-get-along Interaction
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[THREAD] As a systematic public market investor, #VentureCapital was an asset class that felt opaque to me based on only my limited exposure of #AngelInvesting & my friends in the industry. In this article, I set the context for Unpacking Alpha in Venture Capital.
1.) It is a challenging asset class to digest & I am sure a majority of large institutional pools of capital would struggle to list more than a handful of brand name VC firms or investors.
2.) That said, top decile returns in VC are extremely impressive so I decided to take a deeper look with a view to create an ecology map & building an institutional footprint from first principles.
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