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[2/20] In the early days of the #crypto market, when trading was yet to be strictly regulated, many investors were able to avoid paying taxes on their trades. But times have changed. The #IRS is cracking down on crypto taxation, and a growing number of
traders are facing audits
[3/20] The good news is, #crypto taxes don’t have to be as complicated as they sound. This guide walks you through the nitty-gritty on how to report crypto on your next round of taxes. We’ll cover everything from which crypto events are taxable, to how crypto is taxed.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/11/2022…
'Bot holiday': Covid disinformation down as social media pivot to Ukraine | Social media | The Guardian…
#COVID19, #DisinformationVolume, #RussiaUkraine, #MediaAttention
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#BREAKING:So working families already struggling under high inflation, with no monthly CTC payments to help them, are now being told not to expect their tax refund lifeline any time soon, because IRS is in "CRISIS MODE". SAD

@POTUS needs to fix this

And get this, "CRISIS MODE" IRS will not even get on the phone when you call bit*@ing about your delayed refunds. They answer only about 11 percent, you heard that right, 11 PERCENT of phone calls🤦‍♀️
Here's an interesting twist. The SAME @Sen_JoeManchin who killed monthly child tax credit payments, is now sitting on the Build Back Better bill, which has the funding to fix "CRISIS MODE" IRS.

Sure he's not waiting on a refund. SICK!!
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/11/2022…
Misinformation Is Everywhere, Especially About Past Information - Bloomberg…
#misinformation, #history
Why Smuggled Fossils Are Hurting Paleontology | Science | Smithsonian Magazine…
#SmuggledFossils, #paleontology, #ParachuteScience, #HeritageLaws
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🎊Welcome to EMS's regular Friday briefing. Today we're discussing what you all need to know for the upcoming 2022 #taxseason. You can also follow the conversation via FaceBook live @IRSnews
And for help filing and preparing tax returns on, visit the official IRS website.
There will be more help coming beyond what we discuss today, says #IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig. "It is our intent that filings are as smooth and seamless as possible."
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CROONICLE: Essential Tips to Create a Successful Online Local...… #listingsite
CROONICLE: Effective Ways to Stop Your Sugar Cravings… #sugarcravings #sweettooth
CROONICLE: Step-by-Step Guide When Looking for a Wedding Phot...… #weddingphotography
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This looks like a church to me. If it is an active church and non-profit, then it's probably violating federal law. Then where is it? What is the address of the place?
Not @bing, @google nor @TinEye have any matches for it. These #theocrats get off with ridicule alone because the location was not added to photo, @cindylocke47.
Were the shoe on the other foot, I'd bet that these #theocrats and their allies would be howling for #IRS enforcement to shut the place down.

Ridicule is not enough to stop them.
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Donations are tax deductible as provided by law. At Shriners Hospitals for Children, stewardship is one of our core values. Approximately 80 percent of all funds spent by Shriners Hospitals for Children each year is dedicated to patient care, research and education.
Board Leadership
Chairman CEO
John mccabe
Executive Vice President…
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I, fortunately, am not privy how @RailaOdinga & @WilliamsRuto will help beat insecurity if we can't have proper estate addresses & house number. We also need to have citizens' addresses registered 2 ease tracing of criminals. This is happening in other countries why not Kenya?1/n
@RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto 2/n History will judge us harshly if we don't correct mistakes done by the Lost Generation leaders like Jomo Kenyatta upto Gen X like @kipmurkomen. It is unfortunate that Gen Y like @NdindiNyoro, Babu Owino et al are already copy pasting the same mistakes. #1Kenya4ALL
@RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @kipmurkomen @NdindiNyoro 3/n Today I will address Pres. UK @StateHouseKenya. The only way to open up the economy is to ensure that Kenyans can get access to #COVIDVaccines. So far we are doing badly. Why are not interested in #Sinovac & @sputnikvaccine? A good vaccine is one that is in one's arm.
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Check out @CenteronBudget’s new (short!) piece on why the tax system needs to be improved. Incomes for the very wealthy have grown substantially but the share of income they pay in taxes has shrunk.

The Biden admin has modest proposals that would help:…
The highest-income 0.01% of tax filers (the top 1 in 10,000) saw their incomes rise on average by 601% in inflation-adjusted terms between 1979 & 2017. Yet from the mid-90’s through 2017, the average share of the income that the top 0.01% paid in federal taxes fell by almost 20%.
Yet from the mid-90’s through 2017, the average share of the income that the top 0.01% paid in federal taxes fell by almost 20%.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/17/2021…
Battlestar Galactica Lessons from Ransomware to the Pandemic…

#ransomware #PandemicResponse #LessonsLearned
Female northern elephant seals spend 18 hours a day foraging in deep sea…

#FemaleSeals #foraging #BehaviorTracking
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I want to offer HELP to folks having problems with their 2020 tax return.

I had to file my 2019 return on paper; Just as the USA & IRS shut down for #Covid19. My return is in limbo, still. Only recently, was the #IRS able to confirm that they HAD received it in April 2020.

Now, I am E-Filing my 2020 Tax Return. To confirm my identity, the #IRS asks for my 2019 AGI. Done. But my 2020 Return is REJECTED. I called the IRS for help, & got none. Their rep could only suggest that I print & MAIL my 2020 return, too.
I actually said, "Uh, HELL NO."

While I pondered, TurboTax reached out to me, online. They noticed my rejected return, in their system, and were offering help!!! I validated my phone number and I spoke with a nice lady that knew what to DO.

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Thread on the Pastor David McNeely’s hate crimes, harmful rhetorics, inciting violence, fueling racism, islamaphobia, anti democracy, comforting terrorists that attack America, lies, intentional disinformations, biggotry & hypocrisy.
Islamaphobic Racism is first.
Using adult behaviours to analyze this Domestic Terrorist Pastor David McNeely.
1) A religious idea is not Satan, but instead that is your belief.
2) If you had belief’s in God then you would be more concerned about your fate than Islam & actually meet the definition of a Pastor
3) Ilhan & Rashida were elected to do a job for constituents & they have had to meet unachievably high standards nobody else has to achieve because of their heritage.
We also see this Pastor comfort Domestic Terrorists that infiltrated & killed Americans which he supported!
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It's time for the #IRS to investigate Falun Gong for violating its 501(c)(3) status

501(c)(3) organizations "are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office"

However, the Falun Gong has used religious donations - both monetary and in-kind - to aggressively fund a media empire

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Thread zur Einordnung des neuesten #NYTimes Artikel zu #Trump|s Steuertricks aus deutscher Sicht und für Nicht-Steuerrechtler nach erster Durchsicht. 👇🏻 1/X
Die #NYTimes hatte in dem Erstartikel bereits Folgeartikel angekündigt. Eines wird achon jetzt klar:

Eine gründliche Berriebsprüfung durch die Steuerbehörde (#IRS) wäre - wie es ohnehin zu vermuten war - für Trump finanziell und strafrechtlich extrem kritisch. 2/X
Lange Story der #NyTimes mit bemerkenswert gut recherchierten Zusammenhängen. Was im Wesentlichen GEMÄSS DEM ARTIKEL passiert ist, ist folgendes:

Trump und sein langjähriger Buddy Mr. Ruffin haben zusammen ein Hotel in Las Vegas

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#KarenTrump is shady with her taxes just like Donald!!

#TrumpCrimeFamily #IRS

Karen Trump = @itsJohnWalsh
I love how she looks so panicked! 😂
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So many thoughts 😵

B4 I dive in, I have worked full-time in tandem with #USPS for 4 yrs, so borderline expert status (assuming 10,000hrs req'd)

Topics on which I wish to speak
1) Job Opportunity
2) why no elec voting
3) personal elaboration…
1A) if the #USPS is worried about a surge of mail-in ballots and they have dismantled their commingler machines (that's the technical name for the 'sorting machines' that the rpter was ref-ing) then why not pay out-of-work ppl a piece rate to act as commingler?
1B) weigh a bundle of LTRs as the #USPS drops the bundle off at the person's door, as not to count each separate LTR, so that the weight can be used to verify no LTRs went missing during person's sorting method
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Did you All know, #parents on #SSI with #dependent #children who filled out the non filer #IRS #form/ #portal and promised $500 per qualifying #dependent, has not recieved this #pandemic dependent #check? Filled out on time, and intructed by the IRS, SS and numerous others?
And nothing? Some of the lowest income and disabled parents - are being forgotten. IRS tells parents who call That non filers must file next yr to get this?! Some say end of July, yet so far nothing. $500 means the world to these families with a disabled parent.
If the dependent checks do come, and a BIG IF! These parents will be the latest to be given pandemic relief checks? Did you know most parents on SSI are raising kids on $780 a month?! And these families have not revieved any dependent relief aid?!
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🚨Breaking News🚨

The #IRS has just released Notice 2020-50 which provides new guidance for Coronavirus-Related Distributions and CARES Act-created Enhanced Plan Loans.

Will be tweeting while reading...

Full document:…

Quick note that both items addressed in this Notice related to relief provided to retirement savers under Section 2202 of the CARES Act (Full text:…)

OK, now let's get to the Notice. I quickly glanced and see it answers at least SEVERAL open Qs...

First big news from the Notice is an expansion of how an individual can qualify to be eligible for a Coronavirus-Related Distribution.

CARES Act explicitly defined a variety of ways an individual can become eligible for such a distribution... (see…)
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Chin**se espionage in #USA thread 1.
Noshir Gowadia worked with Northrop Grumman Corporation from 1968 to 1986, during which time he contributed to the development of the unique propulsion system & low observable capabilities of the #B2 bomber. Image
Gowadia continued to work on classified matters as a contractor with the #US government until 1997, when his security clearance was terminated.
He visited #PRC 6 times between July 03-June 05 to provide #defense services in the form of design, test support & test data analysis of tech for the purpose of assisting the PRC with its #cruise missile system by developing a stealthy exhaust nozzle & was paid at least $110,000
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1) On Friday @IRSnews issued NEW #FAQs resolving whether an employer that receives a #PPP #Loan may defer Employer portion of #socialSecurityTaxes under #CARESAct…
2) Employers receiving #PPPloans may not defer the deposit&payment of the Employer share of #SocialSecurity tax "otherwise due AFTER the employer receives a decision from the lender that the loan was forgiven." #IRSFAQ #1
3) The deferral applies to deposits&payments of an Employer's share of #SocialSecurity #tax that would otherwise be required to be made during the "Payroll Tax Deferral Period" (March 27 through December 31, 2020). #CARES #Section2302 @IRSnews #FAQ 2
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A small bit of good news: We @themarkup have been waiting to hear from the IRS about whether we had been granted 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We applied in early January and it can take anywhere from 90 days to many months to get a response. /1
But we forgot that the #IRS likes to communicate by mail. And we shut down our office on March 11. This weekend, @varlogsimon bicycled to the office to pick up a laptop that he needed and he noticed some mail from the IRS. /2 Image
Since he lives nearby, @varlogsimon dropped by my house and left it on the stoop. I came out and opened it while he stood six feet away on the sidewalk. And that’s when we learned we had obtained our 501(c)(3) status!

(he took this photo of me opening the letter)/3 Image
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THREAD: Looks like WH & Congress are properly considering #COVID19 impact on small businesses. They have 2 major costs: staffing & real estate. W/ consumers needing to stay home & little or no revenue coming in, paying employees & property bills quickly becomes unsustainable.
2. Employers need to continue paying their people even if they aren’t able to work due to #coronavirus. Here are a few relatively low-cost, high-impact things we can do to help small businesses & their employees be in the best position to recover...
3. Landlords should waive rent for small businesses that depend on consumers & be allowed to take 3 months of the loss on their 2019 tax returns. #CoronavirusOutbreak
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