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If this bill passes, "any trans person performing" in Texas means no minors can enter the room when we are:
▫️on a panel at a con
▫️in a cosplay contest
▫️performing karaoke/lip sync
▫️basically doing ANYTHING on stage in public

This is FUCKED. UP.
#TransRightsAreHumanRights 🏳️‍⚧️
And this is my #TransAwarenessWeek post for today.

Please RT, share, and help me fuck back against these shitty algorithms.
The people saying THIS WILL ONLY APPLY TO NIGHT CLUBS really have absolutely ZERO fucking idea how systematic genocide starts, do they?

For the love of gods, please open your mind for five minutes and realize this is designed to be BROADLY INTERPRETED as widely as possible.
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Posada Doublet Tutorial
Hello all, so I have been asked to show how I am currently making Jaskier's posada doublet. I will try to keep it as simple as possible but please feel free to ask questions.

The fabric I use it a medium weight cotton canvas 1/?
Some steps, I had to search for resources for you to use as some things I just know how to do from experience/making other doublets. I have tried to keep it as easy as possible. 2/?

These are the pictures I am using as reference : Image
I picked my fabric with a slight yellowish tone because netflix uses a yellow filter on many of the scenes (I also preferred that color personally) so you will notice my fabric doesn't match the reference pictures for that reason. Here's the color with the yellow filter 3/? Image
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☕️ Good morning on this the 210th day of 2022 and the 29th of July


For reading what I write, without readership those who commission things written won't be asking me to do the writing, so I am deeply appreciative of your reading the words I string together.❣️🙏
July was a 1/2 vacation and 1/2 work month with 8 articles published for @ClearanceJobs @CSOonline and @securityblvd

They follow ⤵️
U.S. and UK warn local governments, businesses of China’s influence operations – Security Boulevard – 07 July 2022…
#china #US #UK #influenceops #natsec
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Le programme du jour : RDV dès 11h30

#PAF2022 @PlayAzur @Asso_Conscience
@PlayAzur @Asso_Conscience De nouveau en🔴🅻🅸🆅🅴 depuis le Play Azur Festival #PAF2022
Go pour un dimanche à Nice, mais chez vous 😎
Petite introduction en douceur pour gentiment ouvrir les yeux et prendre un dernier café avec @robin_isnard, @TheoRooot et @spasdelou.

On refait le monde d'hier et ce matin chez @Arcadium_TV et annonce la suite du programme du jour.

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Sigue el ciclo temático #DiscosConArte para #TwitterCultural, con portadas de discos de #música creadas por grandes artistas.

El #manga y la estética del #anime son clave del estilo de Takashi #Murakami, en 2007 hizo esta portada para el cantante Kanye West.

La verdad es que ambos, #Murakami y #West, son artistas muy distintos, pero parece que cuando el cantante estuvo en #Tokio coincidieron y surgió la magia, así que Murakami quedó encargado del arte y la portada del disco "Graduation" (2007).

Sigue⬇️ Image
Aquí la contraportada:

Sigue⬇️ Image
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1/13. Poursuivons la généalogie prouvant que le RED et l'alvarium sont bien une seule et même milice fasciste !

En effet, ces jours le RED sert de prête-nom aux activités de l'alvarium qui a posé un recours au conseil d'état pour contester sa dissolution.

2. Cette fois pour comprendre à qui nous avons affaire identifions une partie des fascistes venu.e.s célébrer le 6 février. Ces images sont disponibles grâce au grand narcissisme des interessé.e.s.

Voici une sélection très partielles de profils afin d'étayer la démonstration.⬇️ ImageImage
3. Au #cosplay du pire des années 30, #JeanEudesGannat est un as. Le fondateur-chef du RED et de l'alvarium, a gardé la main sur le 📢 et la cérémonie mais les casseroles s'accumulent : multiples plaintes, #Comunotec et peut-être désormais "reconstitution de ligue dissoute" ?
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I've decided to stream making some cosplays soon!

I've been wanting to make some for years now, but never had the time to do it because I want to get the details right. I got the latex for a Lara Croft outfit 2+ years ago! I also had ideas for some Overwatch ones, and others.
I've been thinking about it a lot because I was making a Black Cat cosplay today (pics below of the process).
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My next books will be late.

I am devoting time to designing & fabricating new PPE & #3Dprinting medical devices.

If you can do #cosplay, #props, etc., please make masks, PPE gowns, face shields & esp. PAPR.

PAPR can be fabbed w/PC fans, phone rechargers & shower caps.
Look up "homemade papr" & there are many videos. Also check .stl sites for masks.

Please focus reusability & comfort. Bad PPE can mangle a caregiver's face, making them open to infections.

Just as valuable, make QoL things for them, too. Get kids to make them thank-you notes.
Nextly, as the hertasi say, "Style Always Counts." The saying is b/c if something is designed & made well, it can be inherently pleasing.

Add bits of trim that say "I Care" or "I'm Here To Help." If you want #gamers to wear your masks, make'm nerdy.
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My name is Cienan Muir, I am a proud Yorta Yorta and Ngarrindjeri man living on the lands of the Kulin Nations. I pay my respect to my Elders, lands and community and I pay respect to the Elders, Lands and community of the Kulin Nations for allowing me to take my journey here.
Last year, I organised and hosted the first ever Indigenous Comic Con (@IndigiconA) to come to Australia. At the same time developing my own small platform, INDIGINERD, to help myself deliver this event.
I’ve been apart of, and hosted, a few panels around Indigenous representation in media, particularly the pop culture realms.
I’m a comicbook reader. I’m a D&D player. I’m a Gamer. I’m a cosplayer. I’M AN INDIGINERD.
Over the next week I will be exploring all things popculture.
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Tips & tricks for cosplayers - a thread

- for beginner and advanced
- update randomly
- if you have questions, dm me or comment, I'll answer :)
- reposts allowed as long as you link my original tweets

German version coming soon

#cosplay #cosplaytricks #cosplaytips
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Today, April 7, marks an epoch-making moment in pop cultural history: the debut of Mobile Suit Gundam. It wasn’t the first anime to find an older audience, but it was the first anime to trigger a full-fledged societal phenomenon. (1/9)
Gundam didn’t do well at first. In fact it was a ratings disaster. Written for teens, it was marketed towards kids, as nearly all anime was at the time. The sponsor, a toy company named Clover, pulled the plug as piles of its silly-looking merchandise sat on shelves. BUT! (2/9)
Older fans, teens and young adults, weren’t ready to give up. They poured out their souls in impassioned missives to what was then the best method of connecting to other fans: the pages of anime magazines like Animec, The Anime, and OUT. (3/9)
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Edit Challenge #5 -Triss Merigold. Original photograph by @LenMotion. Model & costume #Ailyta. Join @allpodayo Facebook page for more challenges ! #cosplay #thewitcher3 #3D #CG ImageImage
It's @Allpo_Dayo not @allpodayo. FB page here ->
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Long live the Queen. And the #CoolestAuntieAward goes to... #Mothra #Godzilla Image
Trick or treating with Godzilla (aka my 9 yo nephew):

Me: Oh no! That T-Rex fell down.
Godzilla: Awww! My Dino buds are going down.
Trick or treating with Godzilla (aka my 9 yo nephew):

Me: Don’t get hit by a car now.

Godzilla: That’s how all the dinosaurs died.
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Okay, #cosplay peeps. I gotta tell you about a bunch of messages I’ve gotten over the last few days on my Facebook. It involves wigs. So this guy saw a picture of my Hermione cosplay, & he told me he was going to go through the Studio tour in Leavesden & wanted a wig temporarily.
So, me being polite, suggested looking into maybe renting a wig or purchasing a cheap one near there. He proceeds to tell me that if cosplayers invested in good, quality wigs they could make a good living by loaning out their wigs to people.
I explain that no #cosplayer is going to just loan out their wigs to just anyone. And he says in response: “I don’t see why not, their wigs are not exactly quality.” 😬
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