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2022 official statistics update from @OHID

#Dental health of 5 year old children in England

One third of 5 yr olds have tooth decay (29.3%)

Those in the most deprived areas of England are 2.5 times more likely to have decay than in the least deprived (35.1% Vs 13.5%)

From 2008 to 2017 there was a clear trend of significant improvement in the prevalence of tooth decay in 5 year olds in England (from 30.9% to 23.3%)

**There have been no further significant improvements in oral health since 2017**

#dentistry #Health #oralhealth

#Oralhealth inequalities have previously been highlighted as a #publichealth problem

There is a positive association between decay experience and deprivation, as deprivation increases so does decay experience

#inequality #dentistry

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The annual @CareQualityComm #StateOfCare report’s out today, just in time to focus minds as decisions are made about future health and care funding. Here’s my thread, picking out some of the nuggets that have got me thinking. 🧵 1/10… Cover of CQC report: The state of health care and adult soci
2/10 Overall #StateOfCare message: gridlocked care, growing risks of harm and a need to tackle inequalities. Summarised here in the foreword. Stresses need for workforce investment at system level. Rightly says need to understand people’s experiences overall not in isolation. Text of first page of report foreword.Text of second page of report foreword.
3/10 Good to see this reminder in #StateOfCare that ICSs need to use insights from local people to drive and track improvement. Key role for #Healthwatch and #VCSFE organisations there, I’d say. Very relevant to the need for shared learning described in section on collaboration. The aim of ICSs is to deliver joined-up care that better meeAlthough services were under great pressure, we have raised
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Also, fangen wir mal hinten an, Ich werde jetzt nach und nach #Literatur zu den #Luftreinigern twittern, um die Diskussion zu substantivieren.

I'll do that mainly in English, at times in German.

Let's start. (AC-1) Nature News, October 2021.
1 Image
Of course, this is only a #News article in @Nature. The paper, at that time only a preprint, now appeared here:

AC-2 =
2 Image
In this work, authos state "Here we present
the first data providing evidence for the removal of SARS-CoV-2 and microbial bioaerosols from the air using portable air filters with UV sterilization on a COVID-19 ward."

I think this is true, in the paper actually particles...
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Trust has long been recognised as a key part of an effective doctor–patient relationship

There has been little research into the perceived trustworthiness of #dentists

We set out to adapt and test a Dentist Trust Scale…

While it has been acknowledged that patient trust is important in #dentistry there has been no psychometrically valid way to measure this concept

This has hampered [quantitative] investigation to date

Adapting and testing a measure of #trust provides an important first step
We adapted the General Trust in Physicians Scale originally developed for the medical profession and used it to collect data from a random national sample of Australians aged 18 years or older (N=596).

We examined the extent of trust in #dentists 👇
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The standard tactic among anti groups is to pummel city councils and water boards with email and calls demanding an end to fluoridation. It's incredibly harmful yet unsurprising given it has worked for many, many years. #publichealth #prevention #dentistry #teeth
Let me explain further.
1) A group of anti fluoride researchers, including some foreigners, seek to end community water fluoridation in the United States.
2) They have brought litigation against the Environmental Protection Agency in the US District Court for the Northern District of California.…
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No, no it doesn't. The #prevention of dental disease is in the patients hands, thank goodness. Now if only #Dentistry would get behind #prevention, that would be swell.
Heckuva job, #Doctor.
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Are there no retractions in #Dentistry? Ever? -|-…
Innocence is presumed...
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This is what an ineffective (worthless) #prevention regimen will get you. Instead of decreasing the need for clinical intervention, let's get another set of hands in the patients mouth!
Treatment wins, prevention loses. Yet again...…
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Notice the order of who gets the benefit. -|- "This environment has enabled many state legislatures to focus on improving their dental Medicaid programs for dentists ..."
" ... and patients."
"The ADA believes that ensuring states provide comprehensive dental services to all Medicaid beneficiaries is an important issue for dentists, the dental profession ..."
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Well, obviously, we start with the first three words.
"Though largely preventable"
Another paragraph, another first sentence. -|- "With the exception of toothbrushing frequency..."
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Heartening to know that today there are gobs & scads of young #Dentist's who want to learn more about who precisely WAS "C.C. Bass, M.D", and what did he have to say about #PreventiveDentistry?
For the last few decades or so, just about any young #Dentist, when they first learn the real story of who "C. C. Bass, M.D." is, and what he actually did, are puzzled.
A couple of channels results from their #DentalSkool teaching, and thus their thinking.
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Let us do a #WaybackWednesday for this week. The Roger Adams Collection at the #UCSF #IndustryDocuments library. Image
That collection is where this was found.
Big Sugar 💝 Big Dentistry.
#SealantsAndFluoride. You know, #SugarScience.…
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Professor Phoebus Madianos, chair of Europerio10, is not concerned with #prevention at all. In fact, he is looking forward to more disease!
"I am not sure how periodontal practice will look exactly in 10-20 years from now. But I am convinced ..."
" ... that the need for treating periodontally compromised teeth will increase, as well as the need of treating biological complications of implants." -\- #PityThePatients…
Almost eighty four years ago now, Dr Bass published his first paper. Four generations of #Dentistry have gone by. In all that time, two, maybe three, out of a hundred #Dentist's see the value in preventing #dentaldisease.
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Is #NHS #dentistry beyond crisis? Like rest of #primarycare, .@NHSEngland in its dominant position as market regulator has failed to manage the market. #NHS manages contracts, funding, nhs regulations, clinical policy, nhs #tech +entry & exit of workforce .@guardian 1/19
There will be those out there that’ll say but number of registrants has increased. That’ll suit nhs policy makers. Doesn’t account for people leaving NHS, working less hours for NHS, taking a career break or going into private practice or people taking up other careers 2/19
Certainly my experience in London is that many dentists don’t want stress of high needs #nhs practice. Are less likely to work full time & don’t want to work on abysmal NHS rates on offer in places like London. Many won’t be able to pay their rent /indemnity/ travel costs 3/19
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When we met with @NHSEastEngland on Monday to voice serious concerns over the inability to access NHS dental treatment in Suffolk, the Commissioners told us that they had invited interested parties to bid for 8 new NHS dental contracts (or 8 ‘Lots’). #SuffolkTeeth

Note that

(i) the bid is titled ‘General Dental Services (10 Lots) for the East of England Region’

Note that

(ii) the Contract Start Date is 1 July 2022
(iii) the Contract Start Date in 31 March 2030

Also note that

(iv) there is no Lot 8 - we were told there were 8 Lots
(vi) the notice advertises 10 Lots (see (i)) - there is no Lot 9 or 10


(vii) only two of the Lots are in Suffolk - Leiston and Lowestoft


(viii) “the maximum UDC rate for each lot is £32.”

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The problem lies there. -|- "Research suggests dental professionals may prioritize clinical experience, personal values and preferences over evidence when delivering such interventions."…
"The average percentage of correctly answered questions was: for the dentists 53%, for the dental hygienists 58% and for the dental assistants 37%."…
Understatement. -|- "With some reservations the conclusion can be stated that an obvious necessity exists for post-academic courses in preventive dentistry in the groups concerned."
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Sorry state of affairs. -|- "Like so many of England’s children today, most if not all will need extracting because of extensive decay. The prospect for the second teeth is not good."
Mustn't be so hard on themselves, 'disgrace' is bit much. After all, this is representative of the facts, such as they are. -|- "This is in spite of the fact that dental decay, or caries, is virtually entirely preventable. It makes the situation a disgrace to our modern society."
Even though the solution is known, the fact it is not being strongly advocated is bothersome. Neglectful even. -|- "The state of dentition there shocked me, especially the state of children’s dentition. It was not the deprivation that caused this; ..."
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Removing teeth isn't always the solution to dental challenges. One of the many alternative solutions to excruciating tooth pain is root canal therapy. In this thread we share all you need to know about this procedure....
When you hear the term root canal therapy, your mind is probably plagued by ideas of its complexity. However, the procedure is easy and not as painful as your mind may have convinced you. It is aimed at removing the infected pulp and cleaning out the canal.
The pulp is the innermost part of the tooth and contains the nerves and blood vessels which nourish the tooth. The canal from which the treatment gets its nomenclature is what holds the pulp. When the pulp gets infected, the infection can spread to the extradental tissues and...
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What's that gang? You say it is #FluorideFriday? Why yes, yes it is! -|- "#Fluoride is highly effective at preventing caries and its use over the last 50 years has transformed dental health.”…
Ireland again. -|- "In 2002, a ‘north-south’ survey showed a substantial decline from 1984 in dental caries in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities in the Republic of Ireland, and in the non-fluoridated population of Northern Ireland."
"Reducing the underlying cause of disease through the restoration of normality, rather than adding a protective factor, is a more radical approach, and does not come with the risk of unwanted effects such as dental fluorosis.”
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Statement Submitted on Behalf of the American Medical Association by Dr George F Lull, Secretary and General Manager to the House Select Committee to Investigate Use of Chemicals With Special Reference to #Fluoridation of Drinking Water February 27 1952
Another difference between now and then. Concern with using supplements of #fluorine, in addition to #fluoridation, is today no longer a concern, or talked about much. And it is #ThrowBackThursday, #fumblethumbs
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From the NTP monograph. #FluorideFriday facts. Judge Chen wouldn't let the folks who want to add bioavailable #fluorine to our diet talk about the "benefits" of #fluoridation. Because there are no facts to support such. The NTP knew that.
The biggest problem the #StannoudFoilHats have, is that since organized #Dentistry has been avoiding talking about the research of C. C. Bass, MD, the loud ones must not know that Dr Bass published his first paper on preventing the loss of teeth in 1943.
That paper traveled around the world many times and was adopted by the new field of #PreventiveDentistry everywhere it was read. The formal practice of personal oral hygiene started a couple of years before Grand Rapids decided to add #fluorine to the diet of their citizens.
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Big #Dentistry wants to know! Sounds topical. Survey from 1944. #ThrowbackThursday!…
CORRECTION: 1945, the same year they added bioavailable #fluorine to the diet of people in Michigan, to prevent #toothdecay. Sample question: "What do you believe is the principal cause of #dental caries?"
And, "Can caries be prevented in a practical manner? If yes, how?"
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Serving up some hot cognitive dissonance here. -|- "Although dentistry has long been identified as being far more preventive-oriented than most other areas of medicine, the emphasis on disease treatment is still the predominant activity of most dentists."
The problem with #Dentistry and #Prevention in a nutshell. -|- "In contrast, if the dentist is accomplishing the preventive procedures, the overhead is enormous, and the practice may not have adequate revenue."
Ditto. Treatment ≠ Prevention, no matter how you phrase it. -|- "What preventive orientation can the dentist have? The following procedures can provide preventive characteristics to your restorative treatment."
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Lots of chatter about #sexism in #dentistry on here at the moment.

Here’s an unsolicited thread about my thoughts as a (white, de facto middle class) unashamedly liberal male.

It’s become quite clear that there’s an undercurrent (sometimes blatant) of sexism through dentistry, and affiliated professions. For dentists that’s clearly coming from a group of (mainly older) men…
Arguments against this mainly seem to to focus on the idea that the lived experiences of women who have experienced sexism don’t count because it’s not science. Beware of discounting lived experiences. It might be your lived experiences that are ignored next.
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