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I am a nurse, a critical care RN who in her 28 years has done it all. ER, ICU, PICU, NICU and PACU. I have loved being a nurse until today. Today has shoved me over the edge and I don’t think there is any coming back.
When the pandemic started, I was scared like everyone else but I knew my community needed me. I knew patients would need me. I had faith in God and my institution to keep me safe. So, like every other healthcare provider in the country, I did what we always do.
I stepped up and stepped forward and joined the countless others in healthcare.

We worked hard, worked longer and slept less. We isolated from our love ones. We suffered from depression, fatigue and burn out. Some of us got sick. Some of us died.
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Don't miss the launch Monday of a new accredited tweetorial on optimizing duration of antiplatelet therapy after #ACS/#PCI, with expert author @mirvatalasnag leading us through the data. #ACCWIC @DrMarthaGulati @ShelleyZieroth @TYWangMD @Drroxmehran @aayshacader #cardiotwitter Image
Watch here tomorrow a new accredited, serialized tweetorial on optimizing duration of antiplatelet therapy after ACS/PCI. Earn 0.5 CE/#CME credits: #physicians, #nurses, #pharmacists! Expert faculty @mirvatalasnag. #medtwitter @academiccme #cardiotwitter #FOAMed @CardioNerds
1) Welcome to a tweetorial on optimizing duration of antiplatelet tx after #ACS/#PCI! Accredited for 0.50 credits by @academiccme! I am @mirvatalasnag . Be sure to see prior tweetorials on this topic and still earn credit at… Image
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Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in the last few days significant number of pending verification applications have been cleared by Council.

While efforts are on to clear all the remaining pending applications, we have observed that a substantial number of applicants
particularly those who initiated online application for verification did not complete the application as expected.

Many failed to attach all the required document particularly other qualifications registered with Council or uploaded illegible document and licence.

In fact..
some have not even applied to NMC -UK yet they went ahead to apply for verification from NMCN while others applied with expired licences.

We noticed that most of the applicants that used smart phone to complete their applications have their document distorted/corrupted.
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A Thread About My Sister's Suicide in #Tennessee #Chattanooga. I will unroll once I figure out how. @TNHouseReps

My 25 year old sister shot herself and died this week in a small #Georgia town outside of #Chattanooga #tennessee where she worked at a local dentist practice. 1/
She suffered from anxiety and depression, both conditions of which the Dentist was allegedly aware. @TNHouseReps #Tennessee
She was dismissed from the job, possibly(?) after allegations of an affair surfaced between my sister and the 50+ year old Dentist, who is married with children. @TNHouseReps #Tennessee
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#CMGsays: Join here tomorrow for the launch of a new accredited tweetorial on optimal management of diabetic and other high-risk patients with stable CAD, particularly those with previous PCI, to reduce the risk of MI or stroke. Expert faculty is the incomparable @CMichaelGibson
And you’ll learn how these data should impact your practice: Image
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I posted this yesterday with parents permission. I wanted to expand on this video a bit.

1st, a big part of me feels very uncomfortable with posting. Just like a big part of me felt uncomfortable about posting about my kids experience (w permission). It feels exploitive. 1/
Yet, when I share experiences of #caregivers & or #patients (who had given me permission to share) those experiences were/are often questioned or I’ve been excused of exaggerating. Or like many others called a #shill for #Pharmaceutical companies. I am a mother, who 2/
witnessed first hand the harms of pain ignored, not treated, under treated or labeled as #psychosomatic. I remember very vividly how my kids would arch their backs in pain & scream. How helpless I felt. I have seen the repercussions of this #harm & am absolutely obsessed 3/
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#longcovid #longcovidchildren #longcovidkids #longcovidparent #healthcareprofessionals #doctors #nurses #covid19 #ProtectTheChildren!

original video, great talk about long covid:
#longcovid #longcovidchildren #longcovidkids #longcovidparent #healthcareprofessionals #doctors #nurses #covid19 #ProtectTheChildren!

original video, great talk about long covid:
#longcovid #longcovidchildren #longcovidkids #longcovidparent #healthcareprofessionals #doctors #nurses #covid19 #ProtectTheChildren!

original video, great talk about long covid:
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As I embark on #PGY30 , I’m reflecting upon my transition to #Intern year and thinking of the new #Residents starting this week…a short thread 1/

#TipsForNewInterns Image
Don’t listen to the #intern jokes.

You are a doctor now and fully a part of the #HealthcareTeam …a VERY important part! 2/

#TipsForNewInterns Image
Take the opportunity to learn from everyone…especially your #nurses.

Also take note of the ppl who treat other staff and patients rudely.

You’re not too young in the game to gently correct them…as you’ve been part of the #HumanRace for a long time. 3/

#TipsForNewDocs Image
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Join here tomorrow for the launch of a new accredited tweetorial on DAPT in patients with stable CAD+diabetes who have not (yet!) had an MI or stroke! Earn 0.5 CE/CME credits: physicians, nurses, pharmacists! Expert faculty @gabrielsteg. #medtwitter @academiccme #CardioTwitter
1) Welcome to a #tweetorial on #DAPT in patients with stable CAD+#diabetes who have not had an MI or stroke. Accredited for 0.5h by @academiccme: #physicians, #nurses, #pharmacists! I am @gabrielsteg . . .
. . . This educational activity is intended for healthcare providers and is supported by grants from Abbott, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Chiesi, and NovoNordisk.
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1/ 🧵Wisdom in Medicine
What’s going on here? And why it’s key in #COVID19
It’s quite simple: we finally had the #wisdom to ask Mr. D the right question! He and his wife encouraged us to use this picture to teach what we learned.
#PalliativeCare #MedTwitter #NurseTwitter
2/ What we learned was to switch the preposition!
Mr. D was a pre-#COVID patient. On this day, he was taken off the vent after a MONTH. The incessant mantra had been, “What’s the matter WITH Mr. D?” He was surprised when we asked, “What matters TO you, Mr. D?”
3/ He has a tracheostomy, as you can see. We insert this airway through the neck to improve #comfort when someone is on a vent well beyond 10 days. He’s more comfortable because he no longer has a tube in his mouth. We used a program called the #A2Fbundle to reduce his #delirium.
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1/🧵 Imagine 2 people, madly in love & married 28 years, in an impossible situation, both lives on the line & separated by different hospitals. Then imagine 2 sets of #nurses & #doctors separately determined to overcome ⛰ of obstacles…
(shared w perm)

#MedTwitter #NurseTwitter
2/ Last night this is what happened…

NOTE: the family wants to share their story to offer a glimpse of love ❤️ on all levels

For 3 years, Mark took care of Sharon, his #bride, as she battled breast #cancer. It relentlessly spread to her bones. He never stopped giving.
3/ She could tell he was spent and getting sick himself. “Mark, let’s get you to the doctor!” “Not until you are well, Sharon.” He remained laser focused on her every need. As she became weaker, he took her to get admitted yesterday.

#marriage #life #caregivers
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Join here tomorrow for the launch of a new accredited tweetorial on the expanding role of #SGLT2i in CV disease! Earn 0.5 CE/CME credits: physicians, nurses, pharmacists! Expert faculty @mvaduganathan. #medtwitter @academiccme #diabetesmanagement @endocrinenetwrk
1) Welcome to a Tweetorial on #SGLT2i & CV health. “Flozinators of the world, unite!” Accredited for 0.50h by @academiccme: #physicians, #nurses, #pharmacists. I am @mvaduganathan . . . Image
. . . and this educational activity, which is intended for healthcare providers, is supported by grants from Abbott, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Chiesi, and NovoNordisk.
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1/🧵#COVID19 Compassion

Our patient wants to live 3 days to see his grandson graduate. He has #COVID19 pneumonia & is extremely short of breath. He’s chosen NOT to go on a ventilator & is on 100% O2 HiFlow Canula. He’s afraid of tight-fitting a bipap mask.

2/ The intern said, “I never saw a patient whose respiratory rate was twice his oxygen saturation!” Yep, last night his O2 sats dropped to 30% and he was breathing 60 times a minute! By morning he was 85% sat and RR was 28. Better but tenuous.

#TipsForNewDocs #MedStudentTwitter
3/ All of this raises some complicated ethical + treatment questions that I’d like to cover. We addressed this on rounds several times this week & at times it got a bit heated. His #nurse said she noticed herself flushed, mad, and heart rate >130…why?
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On #InternationalNursesDay, 25-yr-old @Dulichandyadav1, a nursing officer at #AIIMS, shared this poem with me. Posting with permission:)

"Naa rukenge naa thakenge, khud se yeh vaada hai/chaahe saans ke iss yudh mein ho daav par saanse humaari"

Thank you for your service :) Image
A thank you is not enough. Last yr, I reported on the plight of nurses in #Delhi hospitals -- bad quality #PPE, extreme working hours, less pay, and many fell sick. Sharing some stories here:…
Anursing officer at a private hospital, said, “Health workers have been put in the line of fire without adequate gear”.

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#PatientCentric care, #PtExperience #Tokenism, #HoldingSpace #WeAreBetterTogether ⚠️ long thread.
Recently I attended a meeting of an organization whose focus is in improving #healthcare. This is a highly respected organization. One ☝🏼 of their founding principles is the 1/
engagement of various #stakeholders including #patients and #caregivers. This was not the 1st meeting of this org. I have attended. I walked away from this particular meeting sad, frustrated & a bit angry. The topic was on #patientcentric care. A topic that is near & dear 2/
to me. The caliber of individuals involved was spectacular; academics, researchers, consultants. As I scrolled through participants as well as listened to the conversation and watched the comments come across the screen I was enthralled with the dialogue however 3/
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3 years ago, I was being put to sleep before surgery & while I knew everyone in the OR, I was frightened. I was fighting back tears on the table.

Today, a patient gushed to my attending that a fellow held her hand before falling asleep

A thread 🧵1/
The patient said that she normally doesn't get scared. She works in healthcare. She's seen it all. But something about being alone, naked, while people mill about you without seeing YOU was scary.

I know, I felt it too. I felt childish asking someone to hold my hand.
I asked her where she'd be going during her "anesthesia holiday", to which she replied a beach🏖️. No friends. No family. A few books📚. Teeny, tiny bikini👙. Mai tai's.

My attending smiled & said, "you realize the fellow who held your hand is Dr Muldoon"
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If #HealthCare positions itself as public priority number one during a #pandemic, then it goes without saying #nurses in fact perform a critical and central role in delivering said #health care. #NursesWeek2021 #NursesWeek #NursesDay #NursesMonth #Nursing #NurseTwitter #Nurse
By not only advocating for #HealthPromotion in general, but by also educating #patients directly and the public at large of the preventive measures necessary to avoid illness and injury, it's not an exaggeration to call #nurses out as #noble..
...or, at the very least their selfless #professional #nursing pursuits can be considered as such. Conjoined with providing actual #MedicalCare AND assisting with #rehabilitation AND providing emotional & psychological #support AND...
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#InternationalWorkersDay honors the immigrant organizers unfairly convicted of conspiracy for participating in a wave of worker protests known as the Great Upheaval throughout the 1800s.

But #MayDay's history reaches back farther, and its demands are yet to be fully met.

1/13 Red and green graphic with a photo of a May Poll next to a p
Agricultural workers throughout Europe (pagan peasants) have celebrated #MayDay as a day too holy to work since at least the 4th century; which is when #Beltane, as some called it, was first mentioned in Irish literature.

2/13 Red, black, and green graphic reads: It was always a celebra
#MayDay was a time workers put away their tools & gathered flowers, danced, feasted, held ceremony, built fires, shared libations, and celebrated community.🌻💃🔥

Because workers weren't grinding away making profits for a boss, many May Day celebrations were criminalized.

3/13 Red, black, and green graphic reads: In 1550 an Act of Parli
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Back to reporting after ~4 weeks of battling the virus, being a caregiver to 3 in family, finding hospital beds, labs, struggling to seek info about hospitalised parents. All this in a small town. Was lucky though to have eventually found resources & recover. Many are not #Thread
The chaos, health infra in JSR, my hometown & a fairly developed city, has given a 1st hand experience of healthcare in small towns. Doesn't end at lack of infra. Sheer negligence & under-preparedness both by govt & ppl is beyond belief. Story same across tier 2&3 towns in India
#Covidcrisis has fiercely moved from big cities to small towns - those having limited experience of 1st wave, were complacent & poorly educated about the outbreak. Health infra broken, unable to take the load, processes are slowing. 2020 was just taken as a one-off historic event
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“How Trauma Impacts the Brain & Body 🧠👩🏽‍💼👨🏾‍💼👩‍💼” with @LcswNidhi, @OwenMuirMD, @CarleneMac, @iSocialFanz, Sara Siavoshi, @docdanmd, @_MohitArora, @digitald0ctor, and Mental Health Matters. Today, Apr 10 at 6:00 PM EDT on @joinclubhouse!
Kudos to the speakers, incredible content and overview to help us understand our experiences, old memory networks and physiological response, and brain shifts.
3/ @docdanmd speaking now about the global pandemic r/t #COVID19 and how we are experiencing a sense of global trauma. So many losses like those of life, jobs, connection, experiences and it’s a shared experience regardless of geography as a shared exp.
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1/ Do data support pt trial off sedation for “SAT” when pt is comfortable on current dose? Yes
Shared w permission:
“Dr. Ely, yesterday our ICU #nurses went over #A2Fbundle in Epic for implementation. Do you recommend SAT at RASS Goal of RASS -1 to +1?
#medtwitter #criticalcare
2/ Excellent #Nurse added:

“We are currently not doing SAT (Spontaneous Awakening Trial) but keeping pt’s RASS -1 to +1.  Just want to make sure we are interpreting #A2Fbundle correctly.”
#medstudenttwitter #COVID19 #pandemic
3/ my Answers:

Great questions. I don’t think +1 (anxiety) is ever a good goal but 0 to -1 is a 👍 default target RASS if we acknowledge there are times when sedation target should acceptably be set as deep as -3/-4 in bad #ARDS or -5 transiently when pt requires paralytics.
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The avg ST4 doctor earns £29/hour & makes critical decisions about investigation, treatment & patients’ lives. They have spent at least 5 yrs as a student & 6 yrs as a doctor to get to this point. I just paid £240 to a plumber for an hour’s work. £240 PER HOUR. Let that sink in.
I need to be clear I am not trying to be dismissive of plumbers’ work and am well averse to overheads. Equally recognise that this is not an average salary but a same day callout service (not out of hours). More showing how undervalued doctors are.
Being accurate: how undervalued ALL healthcare staff. Our nurses, radiographers, physios, OTs, admin staff, porters etc. They are all gold and go pitifully unrecognised when it comes to finances.
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1/ Tinkling of Ice: #Alcohol & Me
Personal Share: As a 1st year #MedStudent 35 years ago (#MardiGras 1986), I was a cyclic, binge-drinker. It threatened my future as a physician & my personal safety. I draw on these experiences with pts.
#medtwitter #tipsfornewdocs #nurses
2/ For me, #recovery meant detaching from harmful zones of behavior. Years of ups & downs. I often share my story w patients when it comes up. I find this builds a powerful connection between us and helps us both. #healing
#medstudenttwitter #academictwitter #nursetwitter
3/ I needed to give up, fess up, make amends, and keep up. I stumbled along the way & am thankful to those who supported me & did not judge me.
#HOPE = Hang On, Peace Exists
#healing #workinprogress #addiction @ASAMorg @AlAnon_WSO @RyanForRecovery
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