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Day 166 of #Russia's war of choice. Yep, the monster in the Kremlin chose to start a needless, full-scale invasion of #Ukraine. Welcome to the daily thread for all the news

Sunday was quiet until an explosive evening - if you missed it, click here:

The "underhand" tactics of #Russia exposed today by British Intelligence

#StopRussiaNOW #StandWithUkraine Image
Let's look at the daily figures from #Ukraine, estimating #Russia's total losses in #PutinsWar.

Relatively high numbers across in many categories.

#StopRussiaNOW #StandWithUkraine Image
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Day 165 of #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine - welcome to my daily thread on events surrounding the conflict.

Of all the war crimes committed, the biggest was when #Putin decided to invade. Without this stupid, needless aggression, there would not have been one other war crime.
In case you missed anything last night, you can scroll back through the previous day's thread. I've been asked to include a link, so here it is.

Y'day evening we saw proof of Russia bombing #Donetsk, which it controls and the confirmed death of a traitor

It seems to have been a little quieter overnight than in previous days, but of course the regular hotspots on, or near, the front line have been hit including #Kharkiv and #Mykolaiv, more on that shortly in the thread.
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In military operations, we often speak about ‘seizing the initiative’. It is a term used in doctrinal publications, and heavily emphasised in leadership & operations. Today, an examination of whether there may be a pending shift in the initiative in #Ukraine. 1/25 🧵
2/ The essence of seizing the initiative is gaining a position of advantage relative to an enemy & denying the enemy their objectives. Military leaders seek to disrupt enemy decision making, make their plans irrelevant, generate surprise & get the enemy on the back foot.
3/ Since the beginning of the war, the Russians have largely held the tactical & operational initiative. Despite the extraordinary courage of Ukraine’s defenders, Russian Army forces have retained the ability to conduct offensive thrusts at a time and place of their choosing.
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⚡️💥🎞️ #Video - Destruction of #HIMARS MLRS⚡️
camouflaged in a wooded area near the village of Stepnoye, #Nikolaev region.
After shelling the #AntonovskiyBridge they took cover in the foliage, waiting for the delivery of ammu. /@sashakots/
⚡️📐 Analysis of the HIMARS destruction video⚡️
Our team analyzed the video of the alleged destruction of HIMARS.
Coordinates: 47.78053506964904, 35.30434490662296

The case was near Stepnoye village of #Zaporozhye region, HIMARS was standing
1/4...🔻 Image
along the highway just 2 kilometers from the territory of the military unit and the Bliznetsy training ground. This once again confirms the thesis that the AFU is not very concerned and uses regular military infrastructure facilities both as transshipment bases
2/4...🔻 Image
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Wednesday 3 August. Day 161 of #Russia's full scale invasion of peaceful #Ukraine

Welcome to my daily thread, with all the news from, and affecting the war. DMs open for tips (anonymous if preferred)

Thx to those who already supported me.
Still big problems for #Russia in the occupied south of #Ukraine. British Intel today highlighting the transport links which will hinder their attempts to fend off a Ukraine assault in #Kherson or counter attack here towards #Mykolaiv.
The #Ukraine land assault in #Kherson will come, but #Russia adding 1000s of extra (untrained) conscripts + Wagner mercenaries to the warzone, complicates matters

The invaders now threaten #Zaporizhzhia having failed to take all of #Donetsk

So for now 🇺🇦continues to hit 🇷🇺bases
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You've found the start of the daily thread covering #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine

We've reached day 160 of #PutinsWar.

All the news in real time in one place. Scroll on!⬇️
First, the death toll from last night's awful attack on a minibus of evacuees, has grown to three.

In case you missed it, details here:

#Dovhove #Kherson #Ukraine #RussiaIsATerroristState

I've not published #Ukraine's estimate of #Russia's war losses for a few days.

Yesterday troop deaths passed 41,000

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Welcome to August. Welcome to Daily thread number 159 documenting #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

Good news already to report today - Ukrainian grain has finally been allowed to leave #Odesa.

All the news, all day, every day, right here. Read on⬇️
So a Sierra Leone flagged ship, named Razoni has left #Odesa this morning.

#Turkiye/#Turkey made the announcement and has said the ship will be in #Istanbul tomorrow. After inspection it will head to #Lebanon.

#StandWithUkraine Image
Here is video of the ship, loaded with #Ukraine's grain, leaving #Odesa/#Odessa.

Many other ships are lined up to follow.

But let's not forget this is NOT happening due to Russia's goodwill. It's because The Kremlin is allowed to export goods and Kaliningrad was unblocked.
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Back in May, I examined Ukraine’s military strategy in a thread that I informally called ‘The Ukrainians are Masters of 21st Century War”. Today, an update on the Ukrainian approach - the "strategy of corrosion". 1/25 🧵
2/ It is important we study the Ukrainian military #strategy and how they fight. It offers important insights for the modernisation of western military forces, many of whom remain mired in an intellectual quicksand of Cold War and COIN doctrines.
3/ During their invasion, Russia’s military has been forced by the Ukrainians to continually re-assess its strategic objectives. Russia has downgraded their political goals for #Ukraine, and the strategy for achieving them. The Ukrainians have fought & subverted Russian strategy.
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Appears #Germany is now coming to the obvious realisation that #nordstream2 is now an option they must consider.

Assuming #Russia is prepared to pump any gas along it. 50% capacity is already allocated elsewhere.
by The Sirius Report
Appears #China has closed the airspace over the #Taiwan Strait clearly due to the anticipation of the arrival of Pelosi in Taipei. The closure of airspace was initiated via a military exercise in #Fujian province involving live-fire.

by The Sirius Report
So #Pelosi’s office has put out a press release of her Asia trip and itinerary. She is visiting, #Singapore, #Japan, Malaysia and South Korea.

There is no mention of visiting #Taiwan.

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Welcome to the weekend.
Day 157 of #Russia's illegal full-scale war on #Ukraine, but it's 8 and a half years since the start of the invasion when Putin's troops appeared on #Crimea and then later east 🇺🇦

Ukrainians fight on for freedom.
Here's the daily🧵
All the news in 1 place
The condemnation of both the castration/murder videos & bombing of #Ukraine POWs in Russian held territory, continue at high levels.

The UN says it is "shocked by the recent videos" in a statement about the torture and shooting in the head of a prisoner…
The #EU Vice-President @JosepBorrellF, commenting on the killing of around 50 #Ukraine POWs in #Donetsk is "appalled"

#Russia's Wagner mercenaries are accused of bombing the prison camp in #Olenivka, trying to make it look like a Ukraine strike.

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SASC proposes a >$350 Million increases over the FY-23 US Army request for both the #GMLRS & #HIMARS - $250 Million ⬆️ in procurement of GMLRS rounds (+32% over Army request), & $100 MM (+65%) ⬆️ in HIMARS procurement. Another $10 MM goes towards ⬆️ HIMARS production rate. Image
SASC also proposes $100 Million towards #ATACMS modifications which bring back to service older missiles after a life extension and upgrades. The Army had not requested any funding to modify any additional ATACMS AURs in FY-23. This would add to the Army's ATACMS inventory. Image
SASC is also adding another $200 Million for Javelin production increase - 120+% increase over what the US Army had requested in Fiscal Year 2023. Image
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1/ Operational update regarding the #russian_invasion at 1800 on July 29, 2022.
No major changes on the entire front line. Ru were not able to gain any new land today. #UAarmy is resisting. Some areas with Ukr progress remains unclear.
#UkraineMap #UkraineRussianWar #CarteUkraine
2/ the really sad/bad news of the day, explained by Gen Staff and intel service (i feared something uggly like that might happen to cover crimes like death by torture, but this is even "worse" in some aspect) just old murder for money.. :
3/ "We will take revenge for every dead or maimed warrior" - #Zaluzhny
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Video making rounds on #Russian media of #HIMARS missile parts at location where #Ukrainian POWs from #Mariupol were held.

Both sides have blamed the other for the hit on the POW camp today.

Keep in mind that by now Russians should have plenty of missile parts collected.
Here @rianru uses photo of the same set of #HIMARS debris to report on a strike on a railroad in #Zaporizhzhia region:
I would not be surprised if Russians are driving these around for media opportunities.

At minimum Russian media is using the same video/photo to report different events.

If they had swung the camera around to show surroundings, we could verify their claims.
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🧵Some thoughts on the murder of #UkrainianPOWs by #russians which they try to pin on #Ukraine. Obviously it's related to the surfaced video of orcs torturing #UAF #POWs. It shows the pattern in 🇷🇺crisis mgmt & chaos in 🇷🇺structures - one hand isn't aware of what other's doing->
ON 1 HAND #russians carry out a terror campaign against #Ukraine, w/ tortures, mutilations, beheadings, executions of #UkrainianPOWs, actually spreading these videos to boost #russian morale and demoralize #Ukrainians, ON THE OTHER 🇷🇺 propaganda is busy whitewashing russians->
Obviously #Ukrainian #pow castration videos spread by "col. Kurtz"-minded #russian military f#cks things up for #russian psyops. Likely what happened was the psyops "cleaning out the mess" and covering the tortures/executions of #Ukraine #POW by russians->
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The case with tortures & mutilation of #UkrainianPOWs #russians spread recently isn't a separate incident but a part of #russia terror policy.
40 #UAF #POWs got executed by 🇷🇺 in #Olenivka
In typical #narcissist way🇷🇺tries to pin execution on #Ukraine #russiaisateroriststate->
Having mass executed 40 #Ukrainian #POWs #russians staged a "HIMARS strike" on the concentration camp the #POWs were held at, which is quite insane given both the high precision of HIMARS and effective usage by #UAF against crucial #russia military objects in the recent weeks->
Obviously #russian narcissist chauvinists are pursuing several goals: shifting focus from the recent #russianWarCrimes pinning a bigger one on #Ukraine, terrorizing #Ukrainians, hoping to to prevent more #HIMARS that really punish russians from arriving->
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A structural engineer’s view (yes, I was one) of the Antonovski bridge damage and why it has put it out of commission for the rest of the war (1/x)
From the images I can see, this section consists of box girders, concrete elements designed to mimic steel girders over long distances. The holes you can see on the surface are bad enough… those distribute loads to vertical elements (2/x)
The concrete deck on top is primarily in a state of compression, which theoretically allows it to be repaired by professionals (i.e, not those repairing the bridge holes at Nova Kakhovka) (3/x)
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Welcome to Wednesday's coverage of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

All the news that matters throughout the day in one handy thread.

This is Day 154 of #PutinsWar
The big news came at midnight #Ukraine time, when rockets started landing in #Kherson region and again on the Antonivskyi Bridge.

Several people uploaded videos to social networks:

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
The first news from #Kherson is not overly good for #Ukraine. Although the Antonivskyi bridge was hit, the structure still stands and is still passable.

#Russia's state new agency TASS says there is "no damage" which is highly unlikely.

This is the moment of impact
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An interesting snippet giving an insight into what it's like to be hit by a #HIMARS strike:

(R2): We came, we now live here with scouts, two days ago they had an arrival in their building. Some shit that you cannot hear arriving. It just whistles for two seconds, then bam-bam!/1
(R1): Maybe this silent Polish shit?

(R2): No, no, it’s some MLRS like Grad or Uragan, but it’s silent.

(R1): Maybe the fucking Hummers or Hammers?

(R2): Not Hummers, what are they called…

(translation by @mdmitri91)
(Parenthetical note: HIMARS rockets hit at a speed of about Mach 2.5. The first thing likely to be audible from a HIMARS impact will be the explosion, as they're travelling far faster than sound - much like the old German V2s.)
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Thread: 25 July 2022: Day 152 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Latest @DefenceHQ update: Ongoing "inconclusive fighting" in Donbas and Kherson: #Russia's "dilemma": devote resources to offensive in the east or defences against a #Ukraine counter-offensive in the west? Russia still struggling for manpower and extracting damaged equipment.
Eurovision 2023 to be held in UK on behalf of Ukraine - and search for host city has begun…
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We have entered the sixth month of #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

Welcome again to the daily thread.

Day 152 and the senseless killing continues, all because of one little man.

All the main news and analysis updated throughout the day!

At times updates today may be delayed as I'm on the move, but I will catch up with everything in bursts of activity when I have internet and a seat!

DMs open for tip offs. I try to answer all questions @ me too.
First the #Ukraine estimate of #Russia's losses.

Whether or not the figures are accurate (they're likely inflated at least a little), there are a lot of RU soldiers being killed the last few days.

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
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A bit of a landmark day as #PutinsWar reaches Day 150.
That's 146 days behind schedule (and counting) for the capture of #Kyiv 😂😂😂

This is the start of my daily thread with all the news about #Ukraine's defence and #Russia's aggression.

DMs open for tip-offs (100% anonymity)

Quite a lot of Russian rocket attacks to report in #Ukraine already

Starting in #Kharkiv where war crimes investigators are on the scene after purely civilian infrastructure was hit this morning.
Apartments & a university in the centre of the city were struck.


One injury reported so far in #Kharkiv after this morning's attack by #Russia which saw many rockets fly into the city centre.

#Ukraine insists these were only civilian buildings - recently #Russia has claimed Ukraine's army has been using universities for military purposes
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NEW: #Ukraine unleashing "very precise, very accurate" targeting of #Russia , per senior defense official

"They're paying a high price" official says of #Russia, saying its forces suffering "low morale"
On the new $170 million drawdown/aid package -"The capabilities in this package are going to be useful on the battlefield immediately" per senior US defense official

That include the #Himars, more artillery ammo
580 #PhoenixGhost drones that will be procured - "steady deliveries" will begin in August, per senior US defense official
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BREAKING: US announces new, $270 million security package for #Ukraine, per @WHNSC's John Kirby

Includes 4 more #HIMARS "which the #Ukrainians have been using very effectively", 36k rounds of artillery ammo, some anti-armor systems

Also includes 580 #PhoenixGhost drones
"We'll have more packages of aid [for #Ukraine] to announce in the weeks and months to come" per @WHNSC's John Kirby
White House praises grain deal signed Friday but cautions "success of course is going to depend on #Russia's compliance w/the agreement" per @WHNSC's John Kirby
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🇺🇦🧵🗣New update from Kenneth Gregg #UkraineRussianWar (1/12) : "The Russians haven't exactly rested on their laurels, but they are still losing ground in the #Luhansk area. Even their attacks on #Sloviansk have been standing and treading water now for a whole week.---
2:"Their morale and equipment are starting to wear off, it's hot and many of the Russian tourists are still in winter clothes. Now our artillery, with western pieces, has also started to cause panic due to accuracy. ---
3:"According to intercepted conversations between Russian soldiers and their relatives, the infantry soldiers complain about the incompetence of their artillery, many of whom have only had 1 week of training before being sent to the front. ---
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