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When will #Ukraine fall and what will trigger it?
Some thoughts about strategy:
Many people often discussing why Ukraine is holding on some undefendable places in #Donbass and by doing this, sacrificing a huge quantity of people and material.
The best current example is
the battle for #Severodonestk and #Lyssytschansk.
Well, of course I do not have inside information, but here are my assumptions.
The #Donbass (and some neighboring oblasts as well) is the industrial center of #Ukraine. From my point of view all Western, and Ukrainian
intelligence and government institutions know very well, that #Ukraine will fall to #Russia. Therefore the question arose how to make it sustainably as painful as possible for the Russians, and thereby for Ukrainians, which will fall back into the Russian sphere.
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🇺🇦🧵🗣Kenneth Gregg here: (1/6) "Midsummer Eve update. On the Eastern Front, we have gone into new positions and despite retreat orders from #Sieverodonetsk, the fighting continues. It is probably to keep the Russians at bay as it takes time to organize the retreat because-->
2:"...we have civilians to take with us. Probably we will now tonight experience a massive Ukrainian artillery fire and in protection of it the retreat itself takes place. It's a classic tactic.
South of Izuim we have small Ukrainian advances but no noticeable changes. -->
3:"On the #Kharkiv front, the Ukrainian positions are under constant artillery fire, but no significant Ukrainian losses.
So to #Kherson, that I am not allowed to report much about. Five artillery shelling on the Russian positions during the day. -->
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Day 121 📌 Today marks exactly four months since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Four months of struggle by the people of Ukraine. Four months of unprecedented solidarity. Read more about the current situation in Ukraine in the update ⬇️…
EU government leaders holding a 2-day summit in Brussels approved a recommendation from the @EU_Commission to grant candidate status to Ukraine & Moldova 😍 The landmark decision immediately delivered a tremendous morale boost in both countries and was cheered widely there.
Ukrainians took to the streets twice, in 2004 & 2014, to force the government to root out corruption & come closer to the EU. 8 years ago, 🇺🇦 calling for closer relations with the EU during the Revolution of Dignity were shot & killed by police from the pro-Moscow administration
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🇺🇦🧵🗣️Report from Kenneth Gregg from yesterday (1/8): "Some info from #Kherson that I am allowed to publish: there has been a whole series of explosions in Kherson today [yesterday]. No information if it is our guerilla squads or our artillery that have been at it.-->
2:" I have 4 fellow soldiers who are active on this front and they have not been active on their phone apps since yesterday afternoon. This means that the info lock is tight.
In #Kharkiv no frontal changes, nor any major changes on the eastern front. -->
4:"The airfield near #Sieverodonetsk is still held by us. The #Bakhmut line is holding and the Russian attacks today have been repulsed. I have informed you that HIMARS have arrived and so have other weapons. -->
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Day 120 📌 ‘It is the only country where people got shot because they wrapped themselves in a European flag. 🇺🇦 has gone through hell and high water for one simple reason: and that’s their desire to join the EU,’ – @vonderleyen said. More in our brief ⬇️…
@vonderleyen EU leaders will decide today whether to grant Ukraine candidate status, following a positive recommendation from the European Commission last Friday 🙏 Ukraine’s president, @ZelenskyyUa, said he had spoken to 11 EU leaders on Wednesday about Ukraine’s candidacy.
@vonderleyen After the Russian army invaded Ukraine, the #Czech government decided to suspend the issuance of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation and later to Belarus, except for humanitarian causes, till March 2023 🤷‍♀️
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Day 119 📌 Russian occupational authorities proposed introducing the death penalty, the mayor of occupied Melitopol said. BTW, he was abducted at the beginning of the war but later exchanged. More on the situation in Ukraine is in today's brief:… Image
As a result of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 592 🇺🇦 children have been injured, the Prosecutor General’s Office said on June 22. The figures are expected to be higher since they do not include casualties in areas where hostilities are ongoing 😔
Decisive battles are taking place on the territory of the #Sievierodonetsk and #Lysychansk agglomerations, and the 🇷🇺 leadership demands that its troops reach the administrative borders of the #Luhansk region by June 26, – says Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar.
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1/ 18 Juin 2022 - rapport mi journée.
No major changes. 6th day in a row.
(note: comme dit depuis 3 semaines, une partie de la zone Kozacha Lopan est libre contrairement aux indications de nb cartes)
2/ la fameuse "poche" qui soit disant été en place le long de la rivière et qui devait encercler #Severodonetsk , selon tous ceux qui ne se nourrissent que des infos russ, n'est plus. comme dans toutes les localités qui font l'arc de protection.
3/ rapport Gaidai
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#Russia'ns claim captured a former #US soldiers & member of #Ukraine"s "Foreign Legion" in rural #Kharkiv
Russia's spin doctors next move with these US prisoners: Image
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"Russian court extends detention for WNBA star Brittney Griner"…
"Russian armour destroyed by the Ukrainian 93rd Mechanized Brigade in Izyum axis, Kharkiv Oblast." -- via
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1/ Hey @NikaMelkozerova, making you a whole 🧵 about why I hate everything russian as a russian speaker born and raised in Eastern Ukraine, why Ukrainians have the right to hate and why no one has the right to lecture us about how we should feel. I hope you find it helpful.
2/ It's probably good to start from quoting a teacher from #Kharkiv
"I taught russian language and literature. ...I instilled love for the 🇷🇺 language and literature. I’d love for those liberators to see what they liberated us from. From now on we will have nothing russian."
3/ People who have the nerve to be telling Ukrainians how we shouldn't be so angry and "hateful" - please work on your emotional intelligence, empathy and humility. In the meantime - please shut the fuck up.
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1/ MAJ #UkraineMap Rapport mi journée 13 Juin 2022 - General Staff
La situation au Nord de #Kharkiv continue à fluctuer fortement mais tres localement, du fait de la proximité du territoire Ru (ils ont l'avantage d'avoir du matériel et des troupes inaccessibles aux forces UA) ImageImage
2/"enemy units focused their efforts on storming the settlements of Dolyna and Bohorodychne, but were unsuccessful. The enemy, as part of the logistics of troops, replaced more than 100 units of damaged armored vehicles."
les Ru vont avoir bcp de mal ds le coin/ terrain/rivière Image
3/ Russians preparing to attack small settlements that they must control before reaching #Sloviansk
Also reports one more time, UA army has been pushed back from the center of #Severodonetsk. now Ru are controlling most of the area. Image
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Oggi focus su un tema pratico circa l'invasione dell'#Ucraina da parte della #Russia e il modo in cui viene raccontata.
qualcuno sta vincendo?
la risposta è no.
le guerre purtroppo non rispettano i tempi televisivi e i ritmi dei social
quindi che succede?
vediamolo insieme
Nelle ultime settimane l'argomento principe di quei media che non sono putiniani, ma che ripetono quello che #Putin vorrebbe che gli occidentali pensassero, è che gli aiuti all'#Ucraina non servono a nulla, sono anzi dannosi e comunque la #Russia sta vincendo.
E' assolutamente vero che l'#Ucraina è in difficoltà, è vero che per sua stessa ammissione sta subendo drammatiche perdite in battaglia.
E' altrettanto vero che sia a corto di armi e munizioni, per 3 motivi fondamentali di natura molto pratica…
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1/ Situation upddate 11 Juin 2022 #UkraineMap
petit point du jour. j'ai pas trop le temps aujourd'hui... sorry
so.. first thing first let's "Gadaï" this :
0830 stated that :
"Gorki hit Vrubivka with a heavy flamethrower system. The information is checked
At night the rashists
2/ tried to break through our defenses in Toshkivka, the fighting continues, the most difficult situation is there
Ціяthe situation in #Severodonetsk is not changing yet, there are street fights, orcs control most of the city.Yesterday, the number of Ru in Severo decreased.
3/ "the rashists who were in the Chemists' PC will no longer harm the Luhansk region
Information later
There is no threat to the encirclement of our troops in Luhansk region
orcs do not control the Lysychansk-Bakhmut route, but fire. We do not use this road" etc etc.
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1/ Ukrainian TVD, Day 98-107. The first week & a half of June has seen the Russo-Ukrainian War escalate into a deadly attritional phase dominated by artillery duels and positional battles with little major change in the forward edge of the battle area. #UkraineRussianWar Image
2/ Weather Outlook. Forecast for the next ten-days will see an initial 4-day period of thunderstorms in the Donbas that may slow operations in non-urban terrain. Temps will range from 31-14 C with higher humidity. Cloud cover & wind speed will make toss bombing problematic. Image
3/ Kharkiv OD. This remains a critical front and has become an unstable region over the past week. The RAF needs to expand its northern enclave to maintain pressure on Kharkiv & pin down UAF units still defending here. #Kharkiv Image
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NEW | #Ukrainian officials are increasing the urgency of their requests for Western weapons systems due to #Russia’s artillery superiority. Read today’s update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:…
#Russian forces are continuing ground assaults within #Severodonetsk but have yet to secure full control of the city as of June 10.
#Russian forces continued to prepare for offensive operations from the southeast of #Izyum and west of #Lyman toward #Slovyansk and likely made marginal gains north of Slovyansk on June 10.
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NEW | #Russian officials are increasingly taking over governmental positions in occupied #Ukrainian territory. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar:… Image
#Russian forces continued efforts to advance on #Slovyansk from the southeast of #Izyum and made marginal territorial gains north of Slovyansk on June 9. Image
#Russian forces continued to fight for the #Azot industrial zone in #Severodonetsk under the cover of heavy artillery fire. Image
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More evidence that #Russia plans to annex #Donbas: New prime minister of separatist DNR is ex-head of department of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. Two other #Russian ex-officials are his deputies. Recently killed Russian general was commander of DNR military. #Ukraine
Member of #Ukraine parliament from #Zelenskyy party, who choose to stay in #Russian-occupied #Kherson, said that first deputy head of presidential administration of #Russia stated at their meeting there "that Russia is here seriously and for a long time."…
Various evidence shows that #Russia also plans to annex #Kherson Region, parts of #Zaporizhzhia & #Kharkiv regions & other parts of Eastern & Southern #Ukraine that it would manage to occupy. Russia appointed there administrations led by local pro-Russian politicians & officials.
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The president's office has finally begun to deal with those who were obliged by duty to be ready for war, but we're not. After Vladimir Zelensky's trip to #Kharkiv, the head of the regional defense, Roman #Dudin, was fired. In #Chernivtsi, #SBU counterintelligence detained the
assistant chief of #Kherson #SBU, the head of the Anti-Terrorist Center, Igor #Sadokhin, on suspicion of treason. He was suspected of passing information about the evacuation of security forces to #Russian Special Services. Sadokhin's arrest was not accidental.
All the personnel of the #Kherson #SBU moved to #Chernivtsi with the help of one Vladimir #Kompanichenko, head of the #SBU in #Chernivtsi region. It is known that until 2021 he held the position of deputy head of #SBU of #Kherson region.
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Valutazione aggiornata dell’Institute for the Study of War sulla situazione nel Donbass. ⤵️…
- L'esercito russo probabilmente mantiene il controllo della maggior parte di #Severodonetsk a partire dal 6 giugno, sebbene la situazione esatta nella città rimanga poco chiara. È probabile che il controllo dell'area cambi di mano frequentemente.
- L'esercito russo nella regione di #Izyum non ha ottenuto successi confermati, mentre le truppe che avanzavano a ovest da #Lyman hanno fatto pochi progressi.
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NEW | #Ukrainian counterattacks in #Severodonetsk recaptured large parts of the city and forced #Russian troops out of the southern suburbs of the city. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar.…
#Russian forces continued efforts to converge on #Slovyansk from the southeast of #Izyum and west of #Lyman but remain unlikely to make notable advances around #Slovyansk due to their continued prioritization of #Severodonetsk.
#Ukrainian troops reportedly conducted limited and localized counterattacks north of #Kharkiv City.
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#Kharkiv Axis - Pro-#Russian source Rybar published a map on telegram this morning showing #Ukraine in control of two villages east of the Donets and controlling territory NE of Kharkiv city all the way to the international border, confirming recent #UAF gains.
Rybar claims that #Ukrainian troops are counterattacking Ternova from the E & Rubizhne from the S with armor, artillery and MLRS and advancing. In addition, #UAF are reinforcing the eastern bank of the Donets River in order to maintain a foothold for future counterattacks.
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1/ Update infos for general informations about both #Ukraine -nians losses and #Russian ones, of the day (image below) and week (Excel tab in following tweets)
- Pertes Russes estimées et tableaux recap de la semaine. (mini thread)
2/ on notera que j'ai mis à jour les tab aussi pour les "assertions" russes... qui sont de l'ordre du grand délire, mais bon... je fais ça "bien". (NB les prisonniers Russes ne sont pas à jour et ceux prétendus UKr sont non confirmés par @UNHCR ou @CroixRouge )
3/ tableau perso recap. (for the new comers but i've explained a lot about this specific "mind game" here - tableau d'attrition & potential limits) i'll put a link of a short explanation if needed - this is only on the current situation/nb troops involved not all Ru potential).
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🛑🛑🛑 #Ukraine railways head says that this morning the #putin regime terrorists had struck the Darnyts’kyi train car repair plant , wounding 1 civilian
🛑🛑🛑Video from social media showing 1 of the #putin regime terrorists strikes in #Kyiv this morning on the Darnyts’kyi train car repair plant , where train cars that are used to transport grain were repaired
#Ukraine #russia
🛑🛑🛑Video from #Ukraine army of #putin regime terrorists ammo depot detonating after getting hit
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