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Abortion activists are sharing photos of what appear to be blobs of tissue that they say are six-to-eight week #embryos. I have my doubts, as information on the internet indicates an #embryo is fairly developed by eight weeks.…
true, an embryo is quite tiny, but even at 7 weeks, a lot can already be seen
Eight-week fetus from an ectopic pregnancy. (At the eight-week stage of development, an embryo is now medically considered to be a fetus).
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"The promise & peril of the Bio Revolution"

"...the world cheered [] that 3 #gene-based COVID19 #vaccines – 1 developed by German #biotech co. BioNTech in collab. w/ Pfizer, another by [] biotech firm Moderna, & a 3rd by [] AstraZeneca – had proved effective in clinical trials."
"But in October, researchers revealed that off-target effects of the #CRISPR-Cas9 #gene-editing tool used to repair a blindness-causing gene in the early stages of human #embryo development often eliminated an entire #chromosome or a large part of it."

"Our deepening knowledge of #biology#genes, #microbiomes, & neural signals – is making it increasingly possible to "engineer life."... #gene drives applied to infectious-disease vectors [] could save many lives, but we may not be able to control them."

#4IR #Biotech
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296. #SophieJones (2021) A raw and resonant coming of age story about dealing with grief and overcome pain,it feels very personal. The cinematography is gorgeous and visually stunning with excellent performances by the cast especially the lead who is great.Really good. ⭐⭐⭐1/2 ImageImageImageImage
296. #Moxie (2021) A fun and entertaining coming of age movie that might be a bit flawed, but the performances by the cast is good and it is a bit long however it deals with a lot of important issues and it have a really powerful scene at the end, the direction is strong. ⭐⭐⭐ ImageImageImageImage
297. #TheHitchHiker (1953) A swift thrilling noir film that is visually pleasing with great direction, it is very tense,suspensful and fast paced (yeah it's only 70 min)anchored by a trio of great performances by the cast. The story might not fully fleshed but still fun. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ImageImageImageImage
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Excited to announce my first first-author publication (ever!) from my PhD is now online!!!! Co-first author with the amazing @Rafiqi51. Directed by @ehab_abouheif The Great @AbouheifLab. @BioMcGill @mcgillu @EvoDevoPanAm Want to know more? [A THREAD]… 1/n
Developmental biology textbooks were of no use when the #segmentationhierarchy was #shook with #hoxgenes unleashed and the #fusion of highly conserved gene regulatory networks! #2germlines and an #embryo that gives humpty dumpty a run for his money. #CamponotusFloridanus 3/n
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We’re excited to share our newest publication @nature. With #scRNAseq we investigated 10 key #epigenetic regulators in #embryogenesis. Interesting early task for #Polycomb! Meissner lab @MPI_MolGen & @HSCRB /w @helenekretzmer & Zachary D. Smith (1/13)…
What is normal in #devbio? First, we generated a single-cell reference of WT mouse #gastrulation and early organogenesis to which we later compared mutant phenotypes. We identified 42 embryonic and extraembryonic cell states and placed them in a lineage tree. (2/13) Image
Our WT reference is time-resolved covering #embryo stages E6.5-8.5. Variation is information: We pooled multiple embryos with unique SNP profiles per single-cell experiment; cell-to-embryo assignment is possible from scRNA data. (3/13) Image
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We’re proud to present our #preprint, where we induce embryo-like morphogenesis in #gastruloids, resulting in the generation of trunk-like-structures (#TLS) with #somites flanking the #neuraltube @MPI_MolGen w/ @adrianobolondi . A short summary (1/12)…
#Gastruloids are a fantastic culture system, but lack proper morphogenesis, e.g. neural cells do not form a neural tube and presomitic mesoderm does not condense into somites. Can we induce proper embryo-like morphology by mechano-chemical manipulation? Yes, we can! (2/12)
Embedding 96h #gastruloids in 5% #matrigel resulted in trunk-like-structures, with somites flanking the neural tube. Activation of WNT signaling, either alone or in combination with BMP inhibition lead to hyper-epithelialized somites arranged as a bunch of grapes (3/12)
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In response to @AOC’s #idiotic assertion that #US operated #detention facilities are #concentrationcamps, @Liz_Wheller posted a comment that @PPFA abortion businesses are the #concentration #camps we have to worry about.
@EmmaBella212 took exception to her observation. I replied, observing that #blastocysts, #embryos, and #fetuses are #human #beings.
@EricBrown1982 takes exception to my assertion that #science defines the offspring of #human #parents as #human and/or my assertion that #science confirms that the #blastocyst, the #embryo, and the #fetus are all #living #beings.
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