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@ajboekestijn @g900ap Robert van der Noordaa..zelfbenoemde #trollenvanger en #factchecker bij @volkskrant #activisten kliek die..zie ik nu..geen factgecheckte #feiten van een wel deskundige ter zake verdraagt met zijn blijkbaar (te) grote ego en gevoelige tenen..

Je moet het maar kunnen..🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
@ajboekestijn @g900ap @volkskrant >Geen idee waar Robert de deskundigheid, kennis en inzicht vandaan haalt om dit zo stellig te beoordelen als dat de wel objectieve en verifieerbare feiten zijn oordeel alleen al ontkrachten. Hoezo #factchecker? Hij #trolt nu zijn #complottheorie zelf als een volleerd #wappie.>
@ajboekestijn @g900ap @volkskrant >Wie wie heeft #vergiftigd en waarom is nog helemaal niet glashelder noch in enig rechtszaak vastgesteld. Weer volstrekt #wappie reactie en duiding van #RobertvanderNoordaa. Als ook feitelijk onjuiste conclusie wat Rusland van plan was of is. Dat is #propaganda, #complottheorie.>
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Deep dive into world of ROLEX …

1/ Rolex is a luxury watch company that operates on a vertically integrated business model, controlling every aspect of the production and distribution of its products. #Rolex #BusinessModel #LuxuryWatch
2/ Rolex produces its own components, including movements, cases, and dials, in-house at its own manufacturing facilities. This allows the company to maintain strict control over the quality and craftsmanship of its watches. #Manufacturing #Quality #Craftsmanship
3/ Rolex also operates its own retail stores and distribution networks, allowing it to directly reach and sell to consumers. The company has a strong focus on customer service and the overall customer experience at its stores. #Retail #Distribution #CustomerService #ethos
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La #política tiene sus raíces etimológicas en la palabra griega polis (ciudad), es decir, la política debe ser entendida como el quehacer de la polis, aquel mecanismo a través del cual se persigue el bienestar común.
Sin embargo, toda polis debe tener un #ethos. En consecuencia, la política entendida como aquello que ordena los asuntos de la ciudad, debe desarrollarse a través de una #ética.
Por eso, no tenía sentido hablar de una política desvinculada de la ética, porque toda política, debe ser ética en su desarrollo.
Los griegos tenían razón, pero paradójicamente, no podemos estar más alejados de este concepto. Vivimos una fractura entre la Política y la Ética.
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Ethos Ltd. is India’s largest luxury and premium watch retail player?
The co. has 13% share in the total retail sales in premium and luxury segment and a share of 20% when seen in exclusively luxury segment in FY20.
#ethos #ipo
1)It has 50 stores are spread across 17 cities. Ethos has also opened Boutiques in partnership with prominent market leading brands like Rolex.
2)On the co.'s website, visitors can research about the latest watch launches, reviews and choose from over 7,000 premium, bridge to luxury, luxury & high luxury watches across 50 brands and as of Dec 31, 2021, their website had 21,844,216 number of visitor sessions.
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Of the increasing number of initiatives setting out in recent years to challenge heteronormativity in education, the 2006-2009 No Outsiders project has arguably been one of the #MostInfluential
Conducted across 15 primary schools in England, #No Outsiders
Conducted across 15 primary schools in England, No Outsiders was an action research project that sought to disrupt heteronormativity through critical pedagogy, gaining widespread academic and media attention in the process
In spite of its prominence, though, there has been a lack of research exploring the ways in which #children have incorporated this work into their everyday understandings and doings of #gender and #sexuality.

Made worldwide news…practitioners & policy makers across UK
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1/ I want to start off by saying the leadership & communication of @beniaminmincu & TEAM is truly extraordinary. It doesn’t surprise any of us who have been super close to the @ElrondNetwork $eGLD project. They care deeply about everyone. It shows in their actions & words #Crypto
2/ I am sure it surprises many Y I spend so much time, energy & effort educating & sharing w/ community for FREE. I deeply care too. The 🌎 is not set up in a way to help #ThePeople Yes, I could charge a lot of money & hide behind a paywall but I choose consciously not too
3/ Money is not good nor bad it’s a powerful force for creation or destruction. It helps us direct what we want to see more in🌎 I allow donations to let others direct if they see fit but not charge to avoid conflict of interest & promote inclusiveness for those who can’t afford
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1/Before I ever settled on @ElrondNetwork $EGLD I studied the entire space of smart contract Blockchains. Read all white papers multiple times. Trying to understand the trade offs. This was long after I read 100’s of hours on the #ETHOS of Blockchains, the trilemma, & DAO’s $SOL
2/ Organizational structure, leveraging my extensive background in self studied human psychology & behavioral economics along with my more traditional academic background & teaching banking. I knew that because it was a paradigm shift & until I could understand most
3/ projects & technologies, strategies both successful & unsuccessful more importantly recognizing that today’s success was not representative of long term success or survival due to the technological cycle #CrossingTheChasm ie #BinanceSmartChain $BSC Who was building for the now
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(1\31) Why @ElrondNetwork is positioned to be the backbone for #DeFi 2.0 & will lift all tides? 🌊 Many have claimed they would do this, problems or limitations with all proposed or current implemented solutions. Let me explain further.. $EGLD $CEL $ETH $MATIC $AVAX $BSC $SOL
(2\31) It has always been evident the limitations of $ETH in its original form. It can’t scale, so when volume (i.e. traffic) substantially increases it becomes unusable for small users due to high fee’s promoting inequitable
(3\31) opportunity, which is against the #ETHOS of #DeFi & #BlockChain limiting Inclusiveness. $ETH also screeched to a halt due to technological limitations, making it unusable at times (i.e. Crypto Kitties). Both of these center around scalability. Introduce a commit
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Judith Heumann a lifelong #advocate for rights of disabled people — one of the most influential voices in the disability rights movement said — "Independent living is not doing things by yourself. It is being in #charge of how things are done."
#UserLed #PeerLeaders #HomeAgain
This quote describes the #essence behind Home Again as an approach.
During the course of time the innovation and its #ethos has been shaped, directed and scaled-up by marginalised folks with psychosocial disabilities allowing many others like them to frame their #unique pathways and aspirations to well-being with #agency and #autonomy.
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@NomadWarMachine More #ethos rather than #stuff or step by step journey. Begins with principled community: guided by norms: towards shared goal of owning data, better connections and controlling your……
#IndieWeb philosophy works for education because believe every learner deserves tright to tell their story. It isn't just #cs4all, the way we read, write and participated as shifted at a rate exponentially greater than any time in history. (
Matter of equity and protecting democracy. Can never know how truth is shaped online until you begin to shape your own. Believe in hyper local web where we root infrastructure in libraries and local press, way we have always done it ...since ever (
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I hold the view (held by some individuals for various reasons) that the #TeamPatriot hashtag is connected to a psychological operation. At present, I don't know by whom/for what. Argumentation will follow. #Twitter #PsyOp #PsyOps #MAGA #TCOT #QAnon #WWG1WGA #Resist #TheResistance
Over time, if my view changes along these lines (#TeamPatriot hashtag not connected to a psychological operation), I will make that clear. For the time being, I will write in this thread (and in replies) with respect to my current viewpoint.
Using "psychological operation" as a term calls to mind conspiracy theories, intelligence activities, etc., which are legitimate considerations of course. However, since we are dealing human communication, the ancient art of rhetoric is always on the table of analysis.
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