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Master of 'wedge issues', Lynton Crosby, has been attending Boris Johnson’s meetings in No 10.

The political strategist, whose advisory firm has represented tobacco as well as oil & gas interests, is at the heart of Johnson's political strategy.…
Like many senior Tories, Crosby is a master of 'Divide & Rule', & an expert in the 'Dark Arts' of voter manipulation, infamous for his 'dead cat' strategy & the promotion of toxic & deliberately divisive 'wedge issues' - evidence of which is everywhere in Britain at the moment.
A 'wedge issue' - a key component of the classic 'divide & rule' political strategy - is described as a political or social issue, often of a controversial or divisive nature, which splits apart a demographic or population group.

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"Alexa, which British political @Twitter accounts have a much higher proportion of Fake Followers than other similarly sized accounts measured by followers?"
Elon Musk - who wants to buy @Twitter & who already has the highest Fake Follower score I've ever seen - should write a book called 'How To Buy Friends & Influence People'.
And let's #NeverForget that according to The Tory-supporting Telegraph, the @Conservatives 'hired an army of tweeters to take on Jeremy Corbyn's supporters on social media'.

In the UK & USA the biggest spenders nearly always win general elections.

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X : Have you seen #factcheckUK ?
Me : I'm aware of accusations that the Conservative party changed the display name of its social media account to this. Such actions go far beyond propaganda and into disinformation and deception. It questions the values of organisation ...
i.e. it would not be a simple case of spinning news anymore or being economical with the truth. Such an action crosses a line into deliberate deception. No political party should ever cross that line, it's more what you would expect from organised crime.
Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. The real threat is whether such actions were taken deliberately to cause #outrage. In which case, we're now talking about psychological manipulation and these are crafts of war, not suited to political discourse ...
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Ex-Tory chairman, Brandon Lewis, currently dying on his arse on @BBCNews attempting to defend the #FactCheckuk/Tory debacle.

"Good morning Mr Lewis, let's start with the top story of the day...."

"I don't agree this should be the top story...."
@BBCNews The Brandon Lewis diaries, a thread....

20/11/2019: 'A bastard of a day'

"This shouldn't be the top story.... the fact we were calling out the facts, highlights the fact that the facts are out there. Nobody has a monopoly on the facts. "



The Brandon Lewis diaries....

20/11/2019: 'A bastard of a day'

2. The Russians.

Erm, I'll just say something about purdah... we can't publish it because of, erm, purdah..... Nobody knows what purdah is. I think.

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If you are angered by #FactCheckUK the real villain in the piece is the Conservative *government* which has not implemented the Electoral Commission's June 2018 recommendation to make it a legal requirement to make it clear who is behind an online campaign…
That is the reason @Conservatives can get away with the misleading "Fact check" reskin - there is no law against it. If had been printed material, there would have been a legal requirement for it to say it was from Conservatives. On social, it is possible to mislead - lawfully
This demonstrates clearly that lessons haven't been learned from the Referendum campaign where there was widespread use of bots and misleading ads. No surprise that this particular government has no interest in changing the rules, which are ridiculously out of date
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Live on @Newsnight Tory party co-chairman, James ‘not so’ Cleverly, has cleared up the ‘Cons - FactCheck’ scandal.... he tells @maitlis it was his responsibility.

Watch and suffer... #FactCheckuk #ToryLiars #GE2019

We'll just leave this here...
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