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On #bbcqt, Robert Jenrick INSISTED that #Rwanda was "a safe country". Bullshit. The truth is, Rwanda is one of the most autocratic, authoritarian, & repressive regimes ON EARTH, ranked 150th out of 179 countries on the Index of Liberal Democracy.

The 2021 US State Dept of 'Democracy, Human Rights & Labour' report on Human Rights Practices in #Rwanda makes it clear that #Rwanda is anything but "a safe country".

Significant human rights issues included:

-harsh & life-threatening conditions in some detention facilities;
-unlawful & arbitrary killings by the government

-forced disappearance by the government

-torture by the government

-arbitrary detention

-political prisoners or detainees

-politically motivated reprisal against individuals located outside the country

Does this sound "safe"?
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Master of 'wedge issues', Lynton Crosby, has been attending Boris Johnson’s meetings in No 10.

The political strategist, whose advisory firm has represented tobacco as well as oil & gas interests, is at the heart of Johnson's political strategy.…
Like many senior Tories, Crosby is a master of 'Divide & Rule', & an expert in the 'Dark Arts' of voter manipulation, infamous for his 'dead cat' strategy & the promotion of toxic & deliberately divisive 'wedge issues' - evidence of which is everywhere in Britain at the moment.
A 'wedge issue' - a key component of the classic 'divide & rule' political strategy - is described as a political or social issue, often of a controversial or divisive nature, which splits apart a demographic or population group.

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The evidence is crystal clear: the happiest countries are the most equal ones. People in countries like Britain, where there are high levels of #inequality, are easily manipulated by political & media elites, who fuel division by identifying & demonising scapegoats.🇬🇧
The "general recipe for creating highly satisfied citizens: ensure that state institutions are of high quality, non-corrupt, able to deliver what they promise, & generous in taking care of citizens in various adversities".

The opposite of Britain then.🇬🇧

The UK's political & media elite conceal from Brexit supporters & "patriots" the truth about their hero Winston Churchill's role in both the European Convention on, & Court of, Human Rights - designed to protect people from Govts like ours. 🇬🇧
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“Who says what in which channel to whom with what effect?" Harold Lasswell, 1948.

“The study of transitivity is concerned with how actions are represented; what kind of actions appear in a text, who does them, & to whom they are done - who does what to whom?” - Sara Mills, 1995.
Transitivity shows the relationship between the participants (people, objects, organisations etc) & their role in a process/event. In newspaper headlines, the choices made by editors represent reality in particular ways, even when they talk about the same event eg the #RwandaPlan
Any process/event involves: participants; the process itself; & the circumstances. In headlines, the 'agent' is sometimes emphasised, & sometimes deleted, creating a passive or an active process, thus framing the focus & fault/cause/blame in specific ways.

Who does what to whom?
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🔴 Yesterday, the Court of Appeal refused to block the Home Office’s deportation of asylum seekers to #Rwanda.

The first flight is scheduled to leave tonight, at 9:30pm, as human rights lawyers battle to stop the removals.
It was also reported that two last-ditch attempts to halt the flight had been rejected, with the Home Office admitting that there is a risk the flight could be cancelled anyway, after legal challenges meant that fewer than 10 people are expected to board…
A source told Playbook that, due to individual case challenges brought against the government, “just seven” people were due to board, and that an ongoing “legal merry go-round” could well mean the “removal of every single last person” from the flight.…
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Deportation flights to #Rwanda are another example of 'appalling and inhumane" policies the Uk government is implementing.

You can make a difference.

Donate to our #BillWatch

Foreign Secretary #LizTruss considers deportations to Rwanda 'completely moral".

How would you reply?
The opposition is fighting the #Rwanda policy.

Labour Mp #YvetteCooper has called it "completely unworkable, deeply unethical, extortionately expensive, profoundly un-British".

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Listen up folks ‘cos we need to talk about Priti Patel’s ‘ugly’ Rwanda plan and what this means.🧵
Most people are kind and compassionate, right?
Yet our Government’s plan to forcibly send people to a country thousands of miles away, simply for seeking refuge in the UK, is cruel and morally bankrupt.
Under these racist and abhorrent plans, people who only ‘hoped for safety’ and ‘a show of humanity’ instead face ‘further trauma, further danger’.…
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Last night we disrupted @pritipatel because her #Rwandaplan is cruel, morally bankrupt & it will cost lives.

We demand the Government drops this widely condemned policy & provides support for people seeking safety.

No matter where we come from, we all deserve dignity & respect
We’re sickened to see the Gov ramping up its hostile policies rather than helping those fleeing from war, poverty & extreme weather.

As climate change displaces entire communities, leaving people vulnerable to exploitation & violence, we MUST act with compassion.
And as a country with a long history of exploiting people and resources, the UK must recognise its responsibility.

We call on the Government to provide an accessible & decent system for people seeking refuge, to drastically cut emissions and to pay its dues! #GreenNewDeal
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