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Tuberculous Meningitis in this child w/ fevers and lethargy

💡 COMMUNICATING HYDROCEPHALUS with DEEP INFARCTION is highly suggestive of granulomatous meningitis
#neurology #MedTwitter #neurotwitter @TheASNR #MedEd #futureradres ImageImageImageImage
▶️In children, primary TB infection is commonly associated w/ meningitis

▶️Exudative meningitis of the basal cisterns can obstruct the normal CSF flow resulting in hydrocephalus
▶️Infectious vasculitis or spasm can result in infarction (particularly of the basal ganglia)

▶️Cranial nerve palsy can also be seen due to infectious neuritis
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Case of diffuse CSF seeding of tumor in this patient w/ WHO grade 4 diffuse hemispheric glioma

#NeuroTwitter #neurosurgery #Neurology #peds #futureradres @The_ASPNR #MedEd ImageImageImageImage
▶️Prospectively this mass was thought to be an embryonal tumor w/ multilayered rosettes given the marked diffusion restriction, hemorrhage, and lack of surrounding edema 🧠

▶️T2 shows a heterogenous slightly hyperintense mass w/ areas of hypointensity

▶️No surrounding edema/infiltrating tumor is seen on T2/FLAIR

▶️Fluid-fluid level is seen suggestive of hemorrhage (arrow) Image
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Interesting case of complicated acute bacterial rhinosinusitis in this child with no PMH presenting w/ HA, fever & L sided weakness

#NeuroTwitter #ent #radres #neurosurgery @TheASNR @ASHNRSociety @PhilipRChapman1 #radres #futureradres ImageImageImageImage
CT shows opacification of the frontal and anterior ethmoid sinuses without evidence of cortical dehiscence

💡 In peds, infection can spread through vascular channels w/o destroying the bone ImageImage
MR shows abnormal signal filling the sinuses with associated restricted diffusion 2/2 purulent material

Post contrast we see areas of relative hypoenhancement in comparison to the normal mucosa on the contralateral side ImageImageImage
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80 yo M. Known cardiovascular disease and anemia. Acute abdominal pain and vomit.

Diagnosis? Only ONE answer is correct 😉

#radres #futureradres #FOAMrad #FOAMed #GITwitter #Endoscopy #GIpath

1. Ischemic colitis
2. IBD
3. Tumor
4. None of the above
Correct answer: None of the above. Why?

This is a case of ischemic colitis AND colon cancer⬇️

Were you able to pick up both? Can you see the difference?
Learning points
🌟Satisfaction of search bias (CAREFUL!)

🌟There is a known ASSOCIATION between is ischemic colitis and tumor. Different patterns can be seen.

Old but useful paper to check out if you would like to learn more 🤓
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Preoperative approach to sellar region masses, what the surgeon needs to know (at least what I think they need to know)

Additional reporting tips from surgeons are welcomed and encouraged! #Neurosurgery @TheASNR #radres #MedEd #MedTwitter #futureradres #endocrine #Neurology
1️⃣Where is the mass located?

Is it sellar based? suprasellar (S)? clival? Planum sphenoidale (PS)? Tuberculum sellae (arrow)?

▶️Location can change operative approach including but not limited to subfrontal vs transsphenoidal
2️⃣Where is the normal pituitary gland?

▶️this can be tough when the mass is large but the normal tissue often enhances more avidly than tumor so look for a strip of relatively avid enhancement along the periphery of the mass. Surgeons do not want to remove normal pit tissue
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45F presents with painless progressive left eye vision loss. MR shows homogenous enhancement encasing the left optic nerve with an associated lesion at the entrance of the optic canal (yellow arrow)
#radres #futureradres #NeuroRad #MedTwitter @AlbanyMedRadRes ImageImageImage
Differential Diagnosis:

Optic Neuritis
Optic nerve sheath meningioma
Optic nerve glioma
Orbital sarcoidosis
Orbital lymphoma
Orbital pseudotumor

#Ophthalmology #radtwitter
Diagnosis: Optic nerve sheath meningioma

Remember the optic nerve is an extension of the CNS and therefore, is surrounded by meninges and arachnoid cap cells from which meningiomas arise. Look for the “tram-track” sign of enhancement surrounding the optic nerve
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23 yr old with headache. MR shows a “bubbly” mass in the right lateral ventricle near the foramen of Monro. The mass abuts the septum pellucidum and displays mild contrast enhancement.

#neurotwitter #radtwitter #RadEd #MedTwitter #radres @TheASNR @ESNRad @ASHNRSociety ImageImageImageImage
Differential diagnosis:
Choroid plexus neoplasm
Central neurocytoma
Intraventricular meningioma
Answer: confirmed central neurocytoma

Classically, look for the “bubbly” mass abutting/attached to the septum pellucidum near the foramen of monro with enhancement.

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Child presents with weakness. MR shows enhancement of the pial surface of the conus and ventral cauda equina nerve roots.

#radtwitter #MedTwitter #radres #futureradres #Pediatrics #Neurology @TheASNR @The_ASPNR @AlbanyMedRadRes ImageImageImage
Differential diagnosis:

Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis
Arachnoiditis (all causes)
Diagnosis: Guillain-Barré syndrome

These are the typical imaging features for GBS. Contrast is absolutely necessary.

There was no history to suggest systemic sarcoidosis, malignancy, or recent procedure (risk factor for spinal meningitis/arachnoiditis)
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Patient with history of melanoma on ipilimumab. MR shows homogenously enhancing bulbous enlargement of the pituitary gland with thickened stalk.
#radres #neurorad #futureradres #Neurology @TheASNR @ESNRad @ARRS_Radiology ImageImageImage
Differential Diagnosis:
Pituitary macroadenoma
Lymphocytic hypophysitis
Granulomatous disease
Craniopharyngioma (papillary type)
Diagnosis: Lymphocytic Hypophysitis

Clinical history is key here as there is an association with ipilimumab. Helpful clues on imaging include a thickened non tapered pituitary stalk with bulbous enlargement of the gland though usually no significant widening of the sella
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Patient presents with altered mental status. Unenhanced CT shows discrete hypodense foci in the bilateral paramedian thalami
#radres #futureradres #radtwitter @ACRRFS @RSNA Image
Differential diagnosis includes:
Top of the basilar artery syndrome
Artery of Percheron infarct
Bilateral internal cerebral vein thrombosis
Answer: Artery of Percheron infarct

The artery of Percheron is a rare anatomic variant where a single artery supplies both medial thalami, typically arising from the P1 segment of the PCA. Image
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A classic radiographic diagnosis. Challenge yourselves #radres and #futureradres? You can bet if I'm asking, it has something to do with the 🫀 or the flow of🩸!! Image
Here's a coronal reformat from an MRA from the same patient, which provides some insight. Image
And now the physiology that explains the anatomy. Does this help clarify the disease process and the findings on radiograph #radres #futureradres? What do you see? @NASCISociety @thoracicrad @RSNA @SMRAngio @SCMRorg @UCSDHealth @UCSDCardFellows @ACHD_SanDiego
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🧵 Part 14 of my #Tweetorial Series for #Match2022: Rank Order List 🧵

Let's talk about what to consider when making your ROL!

@FuturePedsRes @Inside_TheMatch @InternalMed_Res @FutureGenSurg @futureradres @NMatch2022 @IMG_Advocate @FutureAnesRes @futureENTres @FamilyMed_app

In this thread, I’ll be sharing what I feel are the Top 15 most important things to consider when formulating your rank order list (ROL) of residency programs.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

In no particular order:

Resident Vibe

Virtual meet-and-greets are different than in-person socials, but you should have been able to get a general sense of the vibe of the residents from each program. What are the kind of people you want to be around? How did the residents make you feel?

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How to answer one of the most common interview openers: “tell me about yourself” @Inside_TheMatch @futureradres #futureradres #MedStudentTwitter #MedTwitter - a thread 1/
1. Start wherever you want that resonates with you. Want to start with your upbringing? Your medical career? Where you were born? Whatever will help you tell YOUR story. There is no right or wrong as long as everything you say has a purpose. 2/
2. Make sure you tie in your passions. Tell us how you started becoming interested them along the way. Where did you pick up x,y,x skills or projects? Make sure you discuss the things that are exemplified on your app. 3/
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How can Ultrasound Elastography be used to diagnose liver fibrosis? 👉

A #TWEETORIAL based on the first-ever @radiology_rsna Research In Practice article -- all images presented are from…!

#meded #RadInTraining #radres #futureradres #incomingradres

Dr. @AileenO_Shea and Dr. Theodore Pierce from @MGHImaging present a case of a patient with known liver steatosis and bridging fibrosis lost to follow-up. Eventually, this patient was diagnosed with cirrhosis after noninvasive investigation with ultrasound elastography.

2/ Image
Which of the following are clinical manifestations of chronic liver disease?

1️⃣ weight loss and jaundice
2️⃣ scleral icterus and rash
3️⃣ transaminitis and thrombocytosis
4️⃣ 1 & 2
5️⃣ all of the above

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During an interview, a PD asked me for advice on how to recruit more women to his program. I realized many programs are trying to recruit women but face obstacles in doing so. See comments for my thoughts on what makes a program more female friendly! @theAPDR @AAWR #futureradres
1. Recruit female faculty! We want mentors who we can look up to, learn from, and grow because of. I’ve had wonderfully supportive M mentors who have been invaluable to my career, however, having strong F mentorship is something that cannot be replaced
2. Those female faculty you recruit would ideally be represented in every subspecialty area. I’d like to see that no matter which subspecialty I’m interested in, I will have F mentors along the way
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