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What can patients with #NASH expect from clinical trials?

Recent negative results from $GILD and now $GNFT in Phase 3 highlight the uncertainties entering trials that patients face

Is there a minimum potential benefit a patient should accept when entering a trial?

In Phase 3, participants with #NASH entering a trial there is no certainty that the drug being tested will work and they are taking a risk with a new treatment

Is there a minimum threshold for benefit in a trial that participants might expect?

Earlier today, I asked #livertwitter what the minimally important difference would be for histologic improvement in phase 3 trials in NASH

The majority thought that at least a 25% absolute improvement in either NASH or fibrosis was the minimum

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On enchaine sur un LT Partage d’expérience dans la prise en charge des patients malades du foie en situation de pandémie avec Marc Bourlière (Marseille), Jean-Pierre Bronowicki (Nancy),
Nathalie Ganne-Carrié (Paris), Georges-Philippe Pageaux (Montpellier)…
La conférence commence par un tour de table concernant l'organisation des soins en milieu hospitalier puis par une présentation de la maladie #COVIDー19
Jean-Pierre Bronowicki (Nancy) : on va partir de vignettes cliniques. La 1ère est celle d'un patient usager de drogue, ayant une consommation excessive d'alcool mais prêt à débuter les #AAD antiviraux directs.
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@AGA_Gastro highlights #NASH #NAFLD first up @VidalPuig Where do the fatty acids go?…
#NAFLD #NASH How much does the clock matter for pathophysiology or therapeutics #circadian…
“Lost in Translation” or Utility at Last? NASH biomarkers #genetics and risk prediction beyond PNPLA3…
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1). Made list of most interesting private co's at #JPM20

Always insight to be gleaned on how these co's will trade post-IPO

Helpful to learn stories BEFORE S-1's hit

Requesting that BioTwitter attendees record audio & share. (Phone got vid of $MDXG breakout in '18)

2). Here's the source of the private companies attending #JPM20

There will likely be more added over time. Assuming that the most important ones were booked first

Will annotate companies by indication/modality below
3). Tools, MDx & "Organism Eng. Platform" co's at #JPM20

@GenapSys | $ILMN $PACB @nanopore competitor | Investor: @ForesiteCapital

@berkeley_lights | single-cell manipulation & microfluidics combo for antibody discovery & cell line dev, used by @Ginkgo | Investor: @sequoia
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1/4: GRAPH OF THE WEEK! Abnormal liver function, fatty liver #NAFLD #NASH now affects 20% of the developed world BUT WHY? For years I thought it was drugs or alcohol, so did the Three gastroenterologists who saw this lady between 1996 and 2009 Look rapid improvement on low carb
2/4 Who knew but we make liver fat not from dietary fats but sugar and starchy carbs Its called De novo lipogenesis. Guess what insulin and glucose is involved, look… The liver fat produced is called triglyceride and is more important than I used to think
3/4 So its like insulin pushes blood glucose into liver cells which turn it into triglyceride. Over time the liver fills with this fat hence #fattyliver #NAFLD also inflammation may set in #NASH My free @rcgp podcast is here only 18 mins @MartinRCGP…
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Primer ensayo clínico fase 3 con resultados positivos en pacientes con esteatohepatitis no alcohólica (#NASH) en @TheLancet. El ácido #obeticólico reduce el grado de fibrosis hepática en pacientes con NASH y fibrosis avanzada. ¿Es lo que esperábamos?
@TheLancet 2/
Para empezar ¿qué esperas de un tratamiento para la esteatohepatitis no alcohólica?
@TheLancet 3/
Hay que valorar los resultados con cautela, se trata de un análisis interino a los 18 meses de tratamiento en pacientes con #NASH y fibrosis F2-F3. Incluye "solo" 931 pacientes con 2 biopsias de los 1968 aleatorizados. Los objetivos coprimarios son histológicos, y no clínicos
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Imagina por un momento (sólo un ratito, lo prometo) que eres un ladrón. Un “amigo” y tú, ocultos tras unas inquietantes máscaras de Dalí, habéis atracado un banco y habéis conseguido un apetitoso botín que ya está a buen recaudo. Todo bajo control.
Sin embargo, un oficial de policía que os andaba pisando los talones desde hacía tiempo aparece por sorpresa y os detiene. Maldita sea. Suerte que nadie podrá acusaros de haber cometido el delito si el botín no aparece…
Os ha llevado a comisaría, os ha separado en celdas independientes y estáis completamente incomunicados. Un par de horas después, el policía reaparece en tu celda para proponerte algo que te deja loco, muy loco.
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[1] "After serving as a partner at the Boston law firm of Hill and Barlow, #RobertMueller [] in 1989, he served in the US Department of Justice as an assistant to Attorney General Dick #Thornburgh and as acting Deputy Attorney General." See #Wikipedia
[2] What was AG Dick #Thornburgh responsible for 1989 ?

"Criminal Investigation Is Begun at Arms Plant" -

That plant was #RockyFlats in Colorado
* Bush 41 appointed AG Dick Thornburgh (1989)
* Mueller joins DOJ as assistant to Thornburgh (1989)
* FBI Raids Rocky Flats - Largest criminal investigation of nuclear environmental damage in US history
* Rocky Flats 5 under #LPGise (grandad of Jeff Bezos) until 1965
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