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😎Ops: #CovingtonMAGAhat & #BelarusianRedSparrow IGNORE

👉🏼Convergence Is Worse Than Collusion

👉🏼Trump/Putin share many goals:

📌They Inject chaos into the US political system;

📌Support an assault on US foreign-policy elites;

📌Encourage fringe & radical groups;


Envision a US divorced from allies;

They are willing to use informal & semi-legal (illegal?) means to achieve their goals.

📌Trump consistently parrots RU talking points & is stubbornly unwilling to acknowledge the RU attack on the 2016 election.

Len Blavatnik, An Oligarch, Has Received “Millions” In US Gov’t Agency Contracts

During the transition “The Apprentice,” Mark Burnett, contacted Trump pal Thomas Barrack, to see if he would sit down w/ a banker Robert Foresman, who has long held ties to Russia.
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Car bomb kills 8 people in Syria’s Afrin: monitor…
And this as well: Turkey says Trump working on extraditing wanted cleric Gulen…
Inducing protests (Under Econ-Related Guise) + Synthetic Terrorism in #Kurdish Section Of #Syria + #Gulen Terror Head Extradition Talks ... Is #Turkey Being Targeted Again? If so, Who & Why?
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I don’t see #Gülen doing enough to help the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. He doesn’t seem to support #EastTurkestan Independence, so I don’t see what use he is for the #UnitedStates#HumanRights agenda. I’m beginning to think it’d be best if we hand him over to @TurkishEmbassy.
… then again, I question whether #Turkey’s sincere in their efforts to help the #Uyghurs of #EastTurkistan. Recent misguided efforts by the Turks to seize control of the ET Gov’t-in-Exile make me wonder whether they have ulterior motives (like using #Uighurs to fight the Kurds).
… the fact of the matter is that #Turkey is sitting on a powder keg of an economy. Skyrocketing debt, out-of-control inflation, significant potential for #HumanRights sanctions over the treatment of journalists. And that dang S-400 system from #Russia. I worry about #Ankara.
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Important- Please Share: This #Flynn #Gulen #Turkey & #Mueller Operation Coverage From Over A Year Ago: Concocting the Flynn Scandal: Clinton-CIA-FBI Conspire & Collude in A Co... via @YouTube
#Mueller & I Go Back ... 18 Years. We covered #Flynn-#Mueller “Real Story” via Newsbud: Breaking: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Counsel Mueller's Conflict o... via @YouTube
From #Khashoggi PsyOp to #Flynn-#Mueller & #Gulen Exposes #Newsbud Has Always Been The Fact-Based Independent News Source With Integrity. Please Do Your Share & Support Newsbud:
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#Türkiye #Soros Tekmelenip Türkiye’den Atıldıktan Sonra, #ABD Medya Yavrularını Türkiye Aleyhine Promosyonlar için Devreye Soktu. İlk Adım #DemocracyNow Radyo-TV’den (Nede olsa Senede $1.5 Milyon #Soros Bahşişi Alıyor;-)!
O #Gülen maskelerini yeni maskelerle değiştiren #Türkiye’deki yobaz sahte medyalara bakın. Hiç birisi bunları yazmaz. Onlar #Türkiye’nin imajını bozup rezil etmekle meşgul- #Türkleri içeride birbirine saldırtıp ülke birliğini bozmak ile meşgul (Divide & Conquer!)!!
Ben bunlara (#Gülen ağı) #ABD’de 16 senedir savaş yaparken bunlar kalkmış burada, #Türkiyede bana savaş açıyor. Bana kalkmış İslam dinini saptıran Sahte Şaria vaazları verip neden “Harem” içine girip 4-karılı yaşam tarzı promosyonu yapmıyormuşum! Esas İslam & Türk Düşmanı Bunlar.
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#Khashoggi #BREAKING BIG!The Former Director Of #Turkey Intelligence Just Announced the Case as : Concoction & Operation Carried Out By #MI6-#CIA. He Also Confirmed The Shady Fiancé as Fake-Operative (Honey Trap)!Please Share & Save the Clip!!Reporting from #Turkey @sibeledmonds
Isn’t It Amazing How #US #UK MSM Quickly Picks Up & Disseminates Fake Narratives From Illegitimate Media sources in #Turkey In support of this #Khashoggi PsyOp. Yet They Censor & Blackout Bombshell News from a Legitimate (and actually with a Named Source) News Like This??!!!
Please Share This Bombshell #Breaking News in #Khashoggi PsyOp- Because, Despite This Coming (For the First Time) From an Actually “Named” Source- A Source Who Happens To Be A #Turkish General & The Former Head Of the Entire Military Intelligence In #Turkey, #MSM is Censoring It!
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For Those Ignoramus Who’ve Turned #Khashoggi into a #Saint & Been Attacking Me for Exposing “Real” Facts On Who He Was: A Multi-Face Chameleon Who Posed as Liberal-Progressive While Funded by #Soros #ArabSpring & Alcoholic, Posing as Pious #Sharia Muslim When Collecting Women
Just to be clear he was hugging two wife and one self-declared Fiancé simultaneously;-)
Here’s an example of how ignoramus wage jihadi attacks because I list facts & ask questions re:Who was #Khashoggi? Why select coverage?Why conflicting & contradicting info?For doing this, just like #Gulen operative: He calls me #CIA, anti-Islam & Just Like #Gulen Baseless Attacks
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#Breaking #Gulen: Check my reply to This tweet (Coming Up)!—- “Trump administration officials last month asked federal law enforcement agencies to examine legal ways of removing exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen”… via @NBCNews
Target #Trump via #SaudiGate & #Gulen Tied Together!- Check Out the Screenshots From My #Khashoggi Coverage Pinned Thread @sibeledmonds.Weeks ago I concluded that one of the 3 Objectives in a khashoggi narration: To target #Trump, replace now fizzled #RussiaGate with #SaudiGate !
This entire Concoction on #Khashoggi-#Gulen has #CIA M.O. Signature. Again, look at what I reported on the ground, from #Turkey covering Khashoggi Case.
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#Khashoggi Case Thread: I am going to ‘pin’ this post to use it as an ‘Info Thread’ on the #Khashoggi Case. I am in #Turkey. I’ve been following the case closely and with access to sources & experts here. This is a very ‘sensitive’ criminal case due to ‘Diplomatic Booby Traps’!!!
The Evidence Obtained Outside Cameras will not show any evidence of ‘tempering’ but other than license plates of dozens of diplomatic cars (Many with tinted windows-large trunks) with related time stamp, drivers Info, model/year: Nothing.
#Turkish Intel-Investigative Bodies also have the list of all Diplomatic & Private Saudi & “other significant’ Planes in #Turkey for the period of ‘interest.’ Many of the Target airports have their own security cameras & related evidence.
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#Turkey cancelled passports of hundreds of thousands of #Turkish nationals mainly #journalists, teachers, #judges, and academics.
As #Erdogan sent a flood of requests to #InterPol, Interpol not only removed the cases from its database but also suspended the authorization of the #Turkish Interpol section to enter new filings in the system. 😂
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