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THREAD: Today, Georgia House Republicans took yet another step to send voting rights in Georgia back to the days of Jim Crow and forced through #HB531, moving forward on one of the strictest and most anti-democratic pieces of voter suppression legislation in the country. #gapol
#HB531 is a dangerous attempt to roll back voting rights, leading to longer lines and more restrictive rules for absentee ballots while limiting weekend voting and threatening Georgians’ privacy by creating opportunities for identity theft just to request a mail-in ballot. #gapol
These blatantly anti-democratic provisions would add extra hurdles for voters of color and marginalized communities -- along with Republican voters who have relied on voting by mail to win states like Florida and Ohio. #HB531 will harm Georgia voters. #gapol
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Now happening: Debate is beginning at the Georgia House over a GOP proposal to require ID for absentee voting, curb the use of ballot drop boxes and limit weekend early voting hours. #gapol Image
The sponsor, GOP Rep. Barry Fleming, is using phrases like “common-sense” and “restoring confidence” and “security measures” to frame a measure that House Democrats plan to oppose in unison as a sweeping rollback in voting rights. #gapol Image
Rep. Calvin Smyre, Dean of the Georgia House and one of the most respected people in this building: “This is a step in the wrong direction. I strongly believe it’s time that we encourage every citizen to participate in the truest sense of citizenship - and that’s voting.” #gapol Image
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Today #Georgia House Republicans are forcing a vote on HB 531, their voter suppression bill based on the Big Lie about the 2020 election.

You can read the bill here:…
It is undeniable: One party is trying to make voting easier & more accessible; the other is following the darkest impulses of our country's history to restrict voting to their advantage.

*Never* say the two parties are the same. I witness every day how different our values are.
Issue #1: Xerox Poll Tax

Rs want to force voters to include a copy of their ID when requesting a mail-in ballot & returning their ballot. We already require an ID # & signature matching. Requiring more is an undue burden & increases the likelihood of identity theft. #gapol
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Good morning from Legislative Day 25, where voting bills will dominate the discussion!

On the House side, HB 531 is an omnibus that would crack down on early voting+absentee measures.

A Senate committee takes their omnibus, which gives GA one of the worst absentee laws. #gapol Image
As we get underway here in Georgia, listen to this in-depth piece from @NPRinskeep about GOP-led changes after controversy with "no basis in fact."…
@NPRinskeep It's showtime. The House is taking up HB 531, the omnibus elections bill that curbs Georgia's in-person early voting and absentee-by-mail laws. #gapol

Watch live:…
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The Jolt: Georgia Democrats and their allies play hardball to derail GOP voting restrictions as House lawmakers prepare to vote on new limits. A closer look at the multilayered campaign: #gapol…
“Now is the time for action.” Georgia NAACP president @iMajorWish is urging the state’s corporate giants to speak out against GOP voting restriction proposals. #gapol Image
Outnumbered Democrats can’t stop the measure or others, including separate legislation that would end no-excuse absentee voting, if ruling Republicans continue to stay together. But they intend to exact a price. #gapol…
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Good morning!

The Georgia Senate is already hearing the omnibus voting bill SB 241 in committee this morning at 7:30 AM.

It would give GA some of the most restrictive absentee laws in the country. #gapol

The first bill up is SB 62, which would do a number of things with ballots. The first would require precinct info to be more clearly printed, plus security markers. That ballot paper would likely cost more.

It passes committee.…
UP NOW: We're doing a hearing *only* on Senate omnibus SB 241

Majority Leader Dugan is walking through each section.…
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THREAD: Georgia now has TWO of the worst voter suppression bills in the nation moving quickly through our legislature: #SB421 and #HB531. #SB241 would end no-excuse mail voting, implement new ID requirements, and add witness requirements for mail voters. #gapol
Today #HB531 passed out of committee- it would restrict dropbox access, add new ID requirements for mail voting, force counties to choose between offering some Saturday OR Sunday voting, and more. The GOP-led GA legislature is unrelenting in their attacks on voting rights. #gapol
Not only are these ID and witness restrictions suppressive and unnecessary, they are outwardly discriminatory, and would have a disparate impact on Black and other minority voters across our state, as well as older voters and voters in single-person households. #gapol
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Happening now: another day of committee hearings for House elections omnibus HB 531.

Among other things, it would ban Sunday early voting. #gapol

There's yet another committee substitute, but this time I don't have it. Yay transparency!

But we're walking through the changes now.
Republican House Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones has an amendment that would codify drop boxes and require every county to have absentee drop boxes - one per 100k active voters - and would be located at early voting sites or elections board offices.
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NEW: A bill cosponsored by all but 3 GOP state Senators would give Georgia one of the most restrictive absentee voting laws in the country, the latest attempt to make voting harder after Democratic victories. #gapol

More on the *other* omnibus:…
SB 241 would severely limit who is eligible to vote by mail, require applications to be made under oath with additional ID requirements and require some *ballots* to have a witness signature+include a photocopy of ID to be counted.…
Currently, Georgia is one of 34 states that does not require an excuse to vote by mail and one of 19 states that conducts signature verification of absentee applications. Only two states require photo ID to be submitted with the actual ballot.…
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Meanwhile, the Secretary of State kicks off this week's State Election Board meeting - one where the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems is slated to speak. #gapol
John Poulos, CEO of Dominion Voting Systems:

"I find it important these days to specifically talk about what we do as a company and what we don't do as a company..."

Do: provide election technology
Don't: run elections (that's the 159 counties in Georgia)
Poulos is running through the certification process that Dominion systems (and all voting machine vendors) go through, knocking down some of the conspiracies and misinfo spread by Sidney Powell and others.

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When are these GOP Backward Seditious Insurrectionist Going To Stop The Attempts A Voter Suppression and Disenfranchising VOTERS?!

It's the Only Way to OBLITERATE Trumpism.
Georgia Election Chief Refuses to Back 'Reactionary' GOP VOTER Suppression Bills.…
On Tuesday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger — a conservative Republican — criticized the voter suppression bills making their way through the state legislature, refusing to give his seal of approval to any currently being debated.
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NEW: Georgia Senate Republicans have dropped SB 241, their 25 page omnibus election bill that would dramatically restrict absentee voting (ending no-excuse and requiring a witness) and other reactionary measures after Democrats won in Nov+Jan. #gapol…
GA SOS office breaks silence with a dig at many of these bills making their way through the legislature. #gapol

"At the end of the day many of these bills are reactionary to a three month disinformation campaign that could have been prevented.”
Section 1 would establish a hotline for "voter intimidation and illegal election activities" that the AG's office would have to investigate within three business days.

Not discussed: Who's gonna pay for/staff that. (Also the State Election Board handles elections investigations)
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THREAD: Because of citizen engagement, advocates have forced lawmakers to postpone a vote on #HB531 three times since it was introduced by Rep. Barry Fleming. Now, we must keep up the pressure. Here are three actions we need you to take right now:
#gapol (1/5)
1. Call Your County Elections Officials
HB 531 contains provisions that an independent analysis by Voting Rights Lab found that HB 531 could incur over $50 million in total new costs to counties statewide. Find your county elections office:…
#gapol (2/5)
2. Call the following State Representatives and demand that they oppose HB 531:
Barry Fleming: 404-656-5105
Alan Powell: 404-463-3793
Jan Jones: 404-656-5072
Chuck Martin: 404-656-5146
Lynn Smith: 404-656-7149
Bonnie Rich: 404-656-5087
Houston Gaines: 404-656-0298
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Here's the latest version of HB 531, generously obtained about an hour before the committee meeting to discuss it since chair won't share!

Would still ban Sunday voting and adds a couple more sections that were discussed yesterday.

60 pages now. #gapol…
Watch the committee hearing for yourselves at 3:30 here:…
We're underway, with fill-in chairman Alan Powell. We've got about 4-5 people left to testify.
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Tune in to the Georgia Senate today at 10 AM to hear debate on voting bills, including one that would add DL/state ID # to absentee applications, another that would require counties to begin processing absentee ballots earlier. #gapol

Read more about some of these proposals:…
SB 67 is the bill that has largest support of Republican leaders in the House, Senate, SOS and gov's office.

Paper absentee applications would need your DL number or state ID number (same as on the online portal now) OR photocopy of photo ID.…
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Happening now: House Election subcommittee meeting, hearing three bills that would weaken the State Election Board's rulemaking ability, strip the Secretary of State of SEB voting power and allow the SEB to take over local elections, respectively. #gapol…
HB 491 says the SEB "may only adopt emergency rules or regulations in circumstances of imminent peril to public health, safety, or welfare" and would require more notice to more people (they already post rules+emergency rules for consideration tho)…
Rep. Blackmon saying the SEB made emergency rules without any notification or oversight and that's just not true. They've been publicly posted+discussed+reported on.

For example:

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Coming up at 3 p.m. - HB 531, the omnibus elections bill that would nix Sunday early voting+limit early/absentee-by-mail voting among others, gets another hearing. #gapol

Read the committee substitute:…

Watch live:…
Read the current version of the bill, with about 11 more pages and several changes, adding on some smaller bills tackling things like probate judges being sick+candidates dying before the election but winning anyway.…
There will be another substitute with some changes... requiring ballots to be printed on security paper, moving deadline to finalize EV sites, L&A testing times sent to state, poll watcher training tweak, clearer font marking 3rd-party absentee apps.

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THREAD: #HB531 is a dangerous attempt to roll back voting rights, and would have devastating consequences for GA voters. Read Fair Fight Action's written testimony against HB 531, submitted to the House Special Committee on Election Integrity: ➡️ #gapol
#HB531 eliminates Sunday voting.
By rolling back early, absentee, and day-of voting in ways that disproportionately inconvenience voters of color and marginalized groups, this 59 page piece of legislation violates our rights, the Constitution and federal statutes. #gapol
#HB531 would create new ID requirements to vote by mail - ignoring that a full 3% of Georgia voters do not have the proposed ID documents. In Georgia, with more than 7,692,567 registered voters, that means that 230,777 electors do not have the requisite identification. #gapol
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.@KLoeffler, failed Georgia Senator who ran against stronger gun laws, has the nerve to use a @MomsDemand pic to promote her new organization to *rival* Stacey Abrams. She even superimposed her sign over a Moms Demand Action sign. Shameless and gross.

H/t @charlesbethea #gapol
The photo @KLoeffler pilfered is from a @MomsDemand rally one week after the Parkland mass school shooting at the Georgia statehouse. Over 1,500 Georgians attended, and Republican leaders cut the power so no one could hear what was being said:…
And in case you forgot, @KLoeffler was a NRA shill who supported open carry for her white constituents and called open carry by Black Americans mob rule.
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THREAD: Following multiple defeats in the 2020 election, Georgia Republicans are returning to their voter suppression tactics to hold onto waning power. #HB531, presented by voter suppressor Rep. Barry Fleming, includes several rollbacks on voting rights. ⬇️ 1/ #gapol
#HB531 could:

❌Eliminate Sunday Voting
❌Slash 108 Total Available Hrs of Early Vote
❌Remove 1 of 2 Saturday Vote Options
❌Force Counties To Raise Taxes To Pay For Elections
❌Slash Time Counties Can Mail Ballots
❌Prohibit Early Voting on Holidays

2/ #gapol
Slash Mail Ballot Application Window By 113 Days
Require Photocopy of ID for VBM App If No Driver's License
Set Restrictive Ballot Return Deadline of 11 Days Before Election

3/ #gapol
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THREAD: What does voter suppression look like? Here's what Georgia Republicans stuffed inside ONE of the nearly 50 anti-voting bills filed post runoff. #HB531 will:

Eliminate Sunday Voting, Slash 108 Total Available Hrs of Early Vote, Remove 1 of 2 Sat Vote Options, #gapol 1/8
Prohibit Early Voting on Holidays, Force Counties To Raise Taxes To Pay For Elections, Slashes VBM Application Window By 113 Days, Slash Time Counties Can Mail Ballots From 49 to 29 Days, Require Photocopy of ID for VBM App If No Driver's License, 2/8
Set Restrictive Ballot Return Deadline of 11 Days Before Election, Allow Counties To Set Arbitrary Time For Ballot Return On New Fri Deadline, Require Counties To Pay For 24/7 In-Person Drop Box Security Official, Limits Drop Boxes To Only In EV Locations Only During Voting 3/8
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JUST IN: Republicans in the Georgia House have released an omnibus elections bill that proposes tougher restrictions on both absentee and in-person early voting, among other sweeping changes to election laws after a controversial 2020 election. #gapol…
HB 531, filed by Rep. Barry Fleming (R-Harlem) was introduced directly into the Special Committee on Election Integrity Thursday, and the text of the bill was made available about an hour before a 3 p.m. hearing. #gapol…
One section standardizes early voting hours for M-F and a Saturday, BUT would prohibit any other days - including Sunday voting popular in larger metro counties+a high turnout day for Black voters that hold "souls to the polls" events.…
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HAPPENING NOW: Rep. Barry Fleming has just dropped a 48-page voter suppression bill, HB 531 - and it’s scheduled to be heard in HIS committee TODAY at 3pm, within just hours of its release. #gapol
It would have devastating consequences for voting rights in Georgia, and it is absolutely unacceptable that legislators, voting rights advocates, and the people of Georgia have been blindsided by its release. #gapol
HB 531 raises too many concerns to count. Did Rep. Fleming talk to committee members before today’s hearing? Did he have input from Democrats when drafting the bill? Why is Fleming rushing the bill in this way? What has he got to hide? #gapol
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NEW: the Georgia House Special Committee on Election Integrity is meeting at 3 this afternoon and just added HB 531 - a 48 page omnibus elections bill that proposes a *lot* of changes. #gapol

Here's the text:…
First, it would ban county elections offices from receiving outside funding to run elections.

This, after CTCL and Schwarzenegger gave money to both D and R counties in 2020 to help with pandemic.

(although I wonder if the county gov't could take the grant, then disburse?)
Next, it outlines ways that poll workers can serve adjacent counties (currently, you can only work in your county of residence)
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