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The world rises up against police brutality and murder.
Solidarity with Stop Cop City, Atlanta
all the way from from Bucharest, Romania. ❤
🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴 🇷🇴
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Shot 14 times with hands up, autopsy shows.
#StopCopCity Image
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The reform of the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences #GSP, which provides significant tariff reductions to developing countries’ exports to the EU, is a major opportunity to improve the lives and livelihoods of over 2 billion people.🧵
Today the European Parliament’s @EP_Trade committee has sent a clear message that the forthcoming #GSP Regulation must be squarely focused on the core objectives of #PovertyEradication and #SustainableDevelopment.
The position adopted by @EP_Trade calls for enhancing the promotion of International Human Rights, Labour and Environmental Standards in the #GSP Regulation. Beneficiary countries of the GSP Standard scheme must sign up to more than 30 international conventions.
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🔸۔#GSP کیا ہے؟
🔸پاکستان کے #GSP سے نکلنے کی کیا وجوہات اور کیا محرکات ہیں؟
🔸۔#GSP سے نکلنے کے نقصانات کیا ہیں؟
🔸کیا #GSP سے نکلنے کا کسی کو کوئی فائدہ بھی ہے، اگر ہے تو کسے اور کیا فائدہ ہے؟


🔸Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP)
یورپی یونین میں
شامل ممالک اس سکیم یا ٹریڈ پالیسی کےتحت ہم جیسےترقی پذیر اور غریب ممالک کو ڈیوٹی فری تجارت کا موقع دیتےہیں، اس سکیم کےتحت وہ ہم سےہماری مصنوعات پر امپورٹ ڈیوٹی نہیں لیتےجس کی وجہ سےان ممالک میں ہماری مصنوعات کی قیمتیں کم رہتی ہیں اور ہمیں ان کی فروخت میں کوئی دقت نہیں ہوتی
جی ایس پی سے نکلنے کے بعد یہ ہو گا کہ یورپی یونین میں شامل ممالک ہماری مصنوعات پر امپورٹ ڈیوٹی عائد کرنی شروع کر دیں گے اور ہماری مصنوعات کی قیمتیں پہلے والی نہیں رہیں گی جس کی وجہ سے ہمارے شاید وہ تمام سودے یک مشت منسوخ ہو جائیں جو پہلے سے طے تھے اور نئے سودوں کا حصول بھی
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Here is a thread of all handy stuff for your German Shorthaired Pointer we have collected on our site.
Brief information about the German Shorthaired Pointer…
Best Brushes For German Shorthaired Pointer Dogs…
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Over the last 12 months, @isabellasaund and I have had the privilege of working with @socprogress to develop Australia's first Social Progress Index.… @CSIsocialimpact
@isabellasaund @socprogress @CSIsocialimpact Why measure #socialprogress? We live in a country that prioritises economic growth and #GDP over pretty much everything else. The logic goes that if economic progress increases, so should social progress.
@isabellasaund @socprogress @CSIsocialimpact But we know that's not the case - we know that the mining boom, while contributing to 28 years of unprecedented economic growth, has also had ongoing impacts on communities and the environment where mining companies have now left.
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I heard a nice talk from the #AccountAggregator inauguration ceremony – important government officials stated that @RBI 's
Account Aggregator framework was #IncentiveAligned with citizens.
I liked the term #IncentiveAligned. In the context of #AccountAggregators it meant that citizens wanted data privacy but also wanted their data present with the government to do something for them – their data empowering themselves.
This led to the concept of #DEPA or Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture – as an attempt to ensure that all #RegulatoryApplications and #IncentiveAligned with asks of citizens. Now, that is a great thing .....
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The GSP review for India, undertaken by the USTR last year, was primarily motivated by complaints by the US dairy and medical industries of market access. (On a higher-level, part of the Trump crusade against trade deficits.)
This is not out of the blue. The USTR GSP review for India, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan was announced last April. This has been 10 months in the making. #India #GSP
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