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@DrSidMukherjee Wild idea: what about rise of oncology patient advocate (individuals, not orgs) -led communities & activities empowered/fueled by the tools of social media, and their effect on clinician/researcher/pt collaborations/research direction?
cf @GRASPtweets at #sabcs19; @COLONTOWN
@DrSidMukherjee @GRASPtweets @COLONTOWN In 1994 at my 1st dx was given H. Benjamin’s “From Victim to Victor” mentioning concept of active patient. Fast fwd thru 2nd & 3rd dxs and I find myself part of the #ePatient mvt. Discover power of twitter hashtags to unite equal multi-stakeholders in convos that (still) lead...
@DrSidMukherjee @GRASPtweets @COLONTOWN ... to collaborations, be they via #bcsm (@GRASPtweets @MBC_Project) #lcsm (@ros1cancer @EGFRResisters), #btsm, #gyncsm, #crcsm, etc. Individual advocates collaborating as equals with cancer scientists & clinicians, giving TRUE meaning to the “pt-centered” buzzword.
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Thread. Been contemplating a lot on this recently. In my researching, it seems like 99% (basically all) of the literature on DOCs or Online Health Communities (OHCs) focuses on how participation benefits health. This has always irked me. 1/x #AcademicTwitter #DOC #dsma #hcsm
I get it. And that makes sense. DOCs and OHCs are important because they DO SOMETHING for folks. It isn’t all good all the time, but overall, people seem to benefit in some way by talking to others like them. By sharing their stories. 2/x
What irks me, is that research has yet to move beyond health implications. And, it isn’t because that’s all that is happening there. It’s because it is what health-researchers care the most about. They're asking the questions, and they're all related to individual health. 3/x
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#TWEETORIAL: What does it mean to be a social media 'influencer'? It's more than a popularity contest. Here are 4 ways to slice the data, using #ATS2019 @symplur analytics

1⃣Here's a list of top influencers across all categories by the proprietary Symplur Rank.
Here's the same list, but limited to doctors tweeting #ATS2019 - which is why it's important for your bio to identify you as a professional if you want to be counted within your #hcsm community
Rank is based on multiple factors, including:
1. Relevance to the hashtag - higher scores go to ATS orgs and docs who are active in the ATS community all the time (not just during #ATS2019).
2. Accounts with many followers, but not just any followers...
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Drop everything right now and

Whether your a millennial yourself or trying to understand them, *this* defines the extreme pressures of our generation. #meded #hcsm #hcldr #WomenInMedicine…
Does this not perfectly describe every millennial doctor you’ve ever worked with? This is exactly the crisis in #MeEd and medicine in general. The recent #USMLEPassFail discussion is the perfect example.
This is bleeding into other generations as well.

The true answer to burnout like this is probably to just say no, to stop doing all these things - but the ramifications will destroy our health and any chance of security, financial or otherwise.

This is the millennial bind.
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1/n #Tweetorial: As an Assistant PD for @OHSUIMRes focused on scholarship, #medtwitter, & #hcsm (health care social media), I’m often guide residents and colleagues on how to best use Twitter for academics, networking, learning, etc...
2/n recently, while welcoming newbies (esp students) and “onboarding” them to #medtwitter & #hcsm, I was asked to put together advice for IM applicants on how to best use social media during application/interview season. I think this advice is applicable beyond IM, too.
3/n First, tell me about yourself:
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1/ Thread: This morning I gave Dept of Medicine #GrandRounds @OHSUSOM @OHSUNews. In #medtwitter’s spirit of sharing & learning, here is my first #Tweetorial summarizing highlights & crediting #hcsm’s incredible contributors & source material
2/ 4 months ago EBM & cardiology expert Dr. Milton Packer published a blog post detailing how he found Twitter uninformative and emotion/opinion driven
Is this the reality of #medtwitter??…
3/ #SoMe is digitally based mediums that helps us
60% of physicians say their most popular activity on #hcsm = Following what colleagues are sharing and discussing
Channel the “look at me” negative stereotype of #SoMe into “look at THIS” learning etc...
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