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Here are a few simple life hacks to improve your everyday routine

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1) Prioritize Health

Your health is vital for giving your best at work. Prioritize physical and mental well-being through activities like meditation, yoga, or treadmill workouts. Your health fuels your success.

#SelfCare #wellness #WellnessJourney
2) Don't Skip Morning Routine

Entrepreneurs know the value of good health. Dedicate a few minutes each morning to prioritize your well-being. Don't skip it—those minutes can set the tone for a productive day.

#EntrepreneurLife #MorningRoutine #MorningLive #Entrepreneurship
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There is a disturbing “coaching bias” that I see rampant on LinkedIn re workplace wellness

This bias says “the experience and insight I’ve had that helps me will help you”

It’s not necessarily wrong

the certainty of the coach w their personalized, generalized advice #NoGood
The delivery of this advice is always storytelling about their experience, their pain, their learning, their resolution

The stories are well written and compelling

The advice seems reasonable

But their advice, generalized for all as “better ways” is laced w #distortion

Example #wellness leader here explains the fallacy of “I’m not passionate about this job. I need to quit”

Seeking passion in a job creates pathological “seeking” reports the communications and marketing pro turned wellness coach

/3 Image
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Good morning from the Keck Center @theNASEM where I am so pleased to be part of their workshop this morning to support and sustain the workforce to care for people with serious illness! #hapc #pedpc #wellness #wellbeing #suffering Image
The first panel shared experiences from the front lines so vulnerably and beautifully. @MaguirePeggy @PhilRodgersMD @RachelMayAdams ImageImage
Now @CAPCpalliative CEO @BrynnBHealth discussing the current and future workforce we need in #hapc Image
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Hey #medtwitter #meded

Dear #healthcare employers, academic medical centers/institutional structures

#primarycare is the foundation of care in a large system. It is not treated as such

Metrics rating us and attracting scrutiny include

1/? -> …

% A1C > 9

blood pressure <140/90 at last touch across board,
w/o regard to age/context

% mammo (w many outside your system and clicks to result burdensome)

% colon screening

% flu or pnvx

% PHQ screened

average # patients seen / exam room / day

90% RVU target->

These metrics are from CMS menus, or from finance, etc

EMRs don’t always generate panel wide data well, don’t always define or find panels well. #primarycare metric measurement workarounds then have to be created repeatedly

#primarycare docs/teams can be penalized, 😡->
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Managing anxiety is crucial for our mental and physical well-being. Here are some expert tips on identifying and reducing anxiety levels. 🧘‍♀️💪

#anxietymanagement #mentalhealthawareness #selfcaretips #mindfulness #CBT #therapy Image
1/12 Anxiety can harm mental and physical health. The severity of anxiety determines the necessary measures to reduce it. 😟💔

#mentalhealth #anxiety
2/12 Managing anxiety must be tailored to each person's anxiety level to prevent physical and mental harm. Seek professional help if needed. 💆‍♀️🙏

#selfcare #mentalwellness
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Session TH103A Leading for Wellbeing with @KristinMDCT. Let's go! #hapc23 @AAHPM
Point 1: Wellbeing of leaders predicts wellbeing of staff. There are indices that are specific to leaders. #hapc23
Point 2. Psychological safety is critical to team wellness. (@AmyCEdmondson)
Defn: If you speak up, there is not a threat that you will be punished.
When people need help, they ask.
People can process mistakes, dissent, name problems even when hard. #hapc23
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1/ 🧵 Discover the Hidden Gems of ChatGPT-4 💎: A thread on lesser-known but valuable tasks that ChatGPT-4 can perform

Unleash the full potential of this powerful AI! #ChatGPT4 #AI
2/ 💡 Brainstorming Partner: Struggling with creative ideas?

ChatGPT-4 can generate unique concepts for business names, marketing campaigns, product features, or story plots

Turn to this AI for inspiration! #Brainstorming #Creativity
3/ 📚 Summarizing Complexity: Need to grasp key points from lengthy documents quickly?

ChatGPT-4 can condense complex information into concise summaries, saving you time and effort #Summarization #TimeSaver
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Older people are less stressed, according to a recent 20-year analysis of 2845 adults. The study, led by David Almeida from Penn State, has been following a large group of adults since 1995. 👇 1/6
Young people (20s) report being more exposed to stressful events: challenges, as well as upsetting or disruptive events. 2/6
Older people (70s) only report being stressed 20-25% of the time, compared to 40-45% for young people. 3/6
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New Peak Earth

-Power of Rituals
-Manifesting Realities
-Her Natural Health Journey
-Daily Affirmations + Gratitude
-Cycle Tracking vs. Birth Control

+much more 🌞 Image
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what I’m calling #thesystem is a serious risk to #wellness and #organizationaleffectiveness 🧵👇
Theory: in large human endeavors "the system" resists or rejects the dialogic learning; real relating

like having an inescapable gravity of "status quo" & "performing relationships" that dehumanizes

so "good people" & "good organizations" can "get infected by the system"

why? because of an institutional form of "peer pressure"

patterns of action & behavior that "norm" for the individual in the group, including tools for control

so ingroup-outgroup dynamics propel & reinforce these "emotive" patterns

control levers reinforce hierarchies

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Men too in order to prevent incontinentance as you age. Walking good
Pelvic floor exercises aren't those called Kegel exercises?!?

Yes, can prevent or control urinary incontinence.

Tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds. Try it a few times in a row…
•Fit in a set of Kegel exercises every time you do a routine task, such as brushing your teeth.

•Do another set after you urinate, to get rid of the last few drops of urine 💧
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Currently in Uganda, it might not be possible to talk about medical tourism, but we can say something about Wellness Travel taking into account expertise of our dear @drkasenene our own @LifestyleAlt @dorynshapes & others in the wellness
What is Wellness Travel? Wellness travel is a type of travel that focuses on promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It can include activities such as yoga, meditation, fitness classes, spa treatments, and outdoor adventures. Wellness travel #mentalhealth
destinations often offer a range of health and wellness services and facilities, such as gyms, pools, and healthy dining options. The goal of wellness travel is to allow travelers to relax, recharge, and return home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Many people choose to go on
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"5 Steps to a Better and Healthier Life"; these steps have worked for me so far, and I plan to keep them up in 2023.

1. Focus on diet

Diet is critical to your health and well-being. Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it
• Avoid highly processed foods: processed foods are high in sugars, refined carbs, and low on fiber and nutrition, They raise blood glucose levels, causing a spike in insulin, leading to obesity, diabetes and heart disease

• Be very cautious with the food that comes in a box
or packet, such as breakfast cereals, crisps & cookies
Rule of thumb: If you don’t understand the ingredients on a food packet/box, don’t consume it

• Eat real food that comes in its natural form, including but not limited to vegetables, fruits, pulses, whole grains, & eggs
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@sense4fit aims to revolutionise the #Wellness Industry via a #fit2earn project on the @ElrondNetwork #MultiversX⚡️

They are helping their users to discover and maintain an active & healthy lifestyle using #Blockchain technology & their mobile app📱

Prepare for action! 🧵👇
The @sense4fit project is led by @AntonioEnache1 @mindru_ and a great team👇

Incubated via @BHeroLaunchpad by @BlackHatNetwork was a 🧨success. The NFT Legendary Collection sold-out in 7 mins & the $SFIT token oversold to $1.8M ($580k allocation)🤯

Their mobile app, available on Android & iOS, connects to @getMaiar wallet, uses their NFTs, rewards $SFIT token depending on challenges & more🔥

The $SFIT token can be staked to 4 staking pools with different APR rewards and is listed on @BitMartExchange & @MaiarExchange

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A good night of sleep is one of the keys to #productivity and overall #wellness, but it’s not that simple when our minds are full of thoughts and ideas.

Scroll to learn a few tips to improve that!

📚Learn more about Akiflow:

#bettersleep Image
1. Doing a brain dump every day. Image
2. Performing a weekly review. Image
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The three-legged stool metaphor of Compassionate Systems Leadership is accessible via this organizer. Understanding how aspiration, reflection and complexity enable achievable, sustainable progress. #EdCanSummit #ALPlearn Image
My @ALPlearn team and I are committed to growing together to become steady pulse teams. Here is a snapshot of my current thinking through the lens of compassionate systems leadership. @DrJacinta @Katy_ALP #EdCanSummit ImageImage
@ALPlearn @DrJacinta @Katy_ALP Compassionate systems awareness is grounded in four related areas. Here is my reflection on my perceptual. somatic, relational and aspirational awareness as my @ALPlearn team moves toward a steady pulse future state. Image
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I usually ask my clients how they are going to take care of themselves after a therapy session. This week, my client asked me. I shared a few of my spiritual hygiene/cleansing practices with her, so thought I'd talk about them a bit.

#wellness #TherapistTwitter #spirituality
These aren't in any order. 🌱going outside. I go outside after sessions to ground and cleanse. Sometimes I do a few breath exercises 🌬 take my shoes off and plant my feet in the grass🦶🏾I'm an air sign, so I love a warm or cool breeze.

#wellness #TherapistTwitter #spirituality
Rose water spray⚘️ I have a few different sprays but loveee rose water. I spray this around my body, focusing on my crown, heart, and hands area. Sometimes I spray and sweep it up and around, or just spray up and walk through

#wellness #TherapistTwitter #spirituality
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Doing well in our career is very important but feeling well and being happy with what we do is equally important. We should not impulsively give up our current career, which we may not necessarily enjoy but may pay us well … because we have real needs in the real world. 1/4
At the same time, pursuing what we love, what makes us happy, even if it’s small and done on the side, ensures two things 👇🏽 2/4

#passion #purpose #happinessatwork #happyworkplace #lifesamazingsecrets #gaurgopaldas #ThursdayThoughts #wellnessjourney
A) The monotony/stress/frustration of having to do something that doesn’t fulfil us but takes care of our real financial needs is minimised to some extent. 3/4

#ThursdayMotivation #thursdaymorning #MotivationalQuotes #Inspiration #happy #happiness #wellness #Wellbeing
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7 things which really helped me in changing my #life altogether for GOOD!!

A Thread...

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#healthy #HealthForAll #health #HealthyEating #wealth #finance #personalgrowth #investing #Investment #lifestyle

Spending less than u earn..

This is simple but yet a POWERFUL statement to stick in ur mind.
It helps u to stay with no #debt and be in #debtfreecommunity which brings immense peace and can focus on ur #happiness rather than earning mindlessly to clear ur debt.
Thread (2/7)

Investing every month.

Keep #investing a small amount of ur earnings - expenses in a medium which can beat #inflation.

@RichifyMeClub is a great person to promote this a lot.. ❤️
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1/10 The market is in turmoil, $LUNA went to zero and $UST has de-pegged, we hope everyone is okay.

Financial health is important, but so is your mental health.

Here's a checklist of things you should do to keep yourself calm. 🧵👇🏻

#mentalhealth #wellness #selfcare
2/10 Money comes and goes, but you can always earn it back.

What's important is our survival. We just need to survive so that we can fight another day!

Let's take it one step at a time.
3/10 Firstly, you want to assess your financial situation.

Do you have 6 months of cash to survive? This includes rent and debt payments.

If you don't, you should try to achieve this asap for peace of mind, even if it means selling at a loss until you have enough cash. #NFA
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One year, I had a grade 3 student in PE who was outgoing & loved to share her ideas & stories. When she came into grade six she was quiet & hid her face. She always wore her coat & would barely speak. When she did, it was almost inaudible. I was startled by this stark change. 🧵
I started working with mom right away, to figure out what went awry and why this girl was acting so differently. Mom said she became very concerned with her clothes over the summer and would stress about what to wear each day. 🧵
After doctor visits, conversations and repeated messages of love it was discovered that she was “counting calories” and eating less than half of what would be recommended for a child her age. The doctor, a counsellor and mom worked with her and slowly she began eating more. 🧵
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#medtwitter #primarycare

1/4 I like to share my 🎹 on here, trying to brush up mid career for peace/decompression, #wellness. Wrote some lyrics to Imagine and put it out, thought I’d share lyrics &video (see attached at end):

Imagine there’s no covid
And all it forced to see
No white and brown between us
Within reach equity

Imagine all the people
Livin’ for that day

Imagine there’s no despots
And all disparity
Nothin to kill or suppress for
No tribes or chambers be

Imagine all the people
Livin’ lives safely

You may say God’s a dreamer
But dreams need to take some hold
She hopes some day you’ll heed Her
And we will then be as one

Imagine there’s no covid
I wonder if you can
No need for hater leaders
All worldly life adored

Imagine all the people
Breathing our free world

You may say Gods a dreamer
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1. Now, more than ever, is the time you should not fail to plan for #employeeengagement. Why?
2. The #COVID19 impact on the way we work and live continues to linger on. There is no end to job, health and life uncertainties. As one after another #pandemic wave subsides and we look to move closer to what was normal, a new variant and spike hits us with greater force.
3. The combination of job insecurity and financial concerns have added to #Mentalhealth challenges and #stress for employees.
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