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H E A L T H.

Medical conditions matter.


Know them. State them. Use them.

@OccHealthSafety #HIPAA…
Required oxygen levels are 19%.

Masks rapidly reduce this making for an unsafe working environment.

Oxygen deprivation =

Oxygen deprivation can cause serious damage to your brain, liver and other organs, just minutes after your symptoms commence.[1]…
Signs of oxygen deprivation.
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It is likely not a coincidence that Verizon #DBIR chose CIS Controls for mapping safeguards associated with breach patterns.…
@CISecurity demonstrates how the controls map to the all important ATT&CK that is as relevant/actionable to security risk management as anything out there.…
(Image recreated)
It is certainly not a coincidence that this letter calling for an overhaul of #HIPAA #Security #regulation and #enforcement recommends CIS Controls as the guidance framework.
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"Privacy should be a basic right for everyone, & we should all demand that our govts support that right in a post-pandemic world." - @Robert_Beens_, Startpage CEO
Read Robert's @Forbes article on longterm dangers to privacy rights.… @ForbesTechCncl
One danger is the collection of health data: Health organizations and governments are looking at applying technology such as contact tracing apps. It's vital to protect your #HIPAA rights and demand your medical providers protect your right to privacy. #PrivacyPlease
Another danger is the threat of surveillance on your internet activity: Very recently, we've seen take the US Senate and House question of whether to allow the #PatriotAct to continue to allow the warrantees surveillance of your browsing history. #PrivacyPlease
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@realDonaldTrump take a page from #HIPAA, around 2012 where they made it mandatory for hospitals to conduct information security assessments apart of meaningful use attestation to receive funds to help fund their EMR/EHR implementations to increase security/privacy & efficiency.
Is it time to assess the police stations for information security, privacy breaches. There is digital evidence, physical, recordings, IoT devices, Recording device, Red light cameras, various vehicles all collecting data. Whether this is through AI or license plates readers..
is a different story. Making sure in the reform bill that there is information security testing, technology implementations, body cameras, vehicle cameras, privacy controls. (Maybe some feeds viewed publicly (open source which we already have with social media)..
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[THREAD] If you missed the #HITAC meeting yesterday, there were several mentions of Audacious Inquiry and The SANER Project.
Debbie Chondrey of the @sequoiaproject tells #HITAC: "We are working with Audacious Inquiry every day to deploy PULSE COVID to several states. It is being piloted in Washington state, and will soon be in Texas, Florida, some of the northeastern states, and others."
Debbie’s materials suggested language to support public health access. #HITAC member Steven Lane (@emrdoc1) notes: Debbie Condrey's presentation included precise and carefully crafted language that has been recommended to OCR to modify the language in their #HIPAA guidance.
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1/ COVID (@UCSanDiego) Chronicles - with support from @UCSDHealth CEO Patty Maysent and @UofCAHealth EVP @carrie_byington, now sharing daily #COVID19 insights: 21 COVID patients in our hospitals, with 5 on vents - reflecting trend since federal emergency declaration on March 13
2/ Now 1209 #COVID patients in @SanDiegoCounty with 228 hospitalizations and 89 patients requiring intensive care - shout out to our colleagues @ScrippsHealth @sharphealthcare @KPSanDiego and elsewhere #HealthcareHeroes…
3/ We are still on the upswing, but it could be much worse - credit to our elected officials who were early to mandate #ShelterInPlace, and all of our @SanDiegoCounty neighbors for #PhysicalDistancing to #FlattenTheCurveTogether…
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Well, @TheCurbsiders, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted here… but it seems like it’s been mere days. #COVID19 has not necessarily overwhelmed our hospital system, but has absorbed our lives.

Resources will be included in this "Tweetorial"
Our colleages at @SCCM has put out some excellent resources for treating #COVID19 patients. I've asked all our staff to review the modules at:…
Furthermore, @SCCM released some guidelines that can be helpful; however, as this information is ridiculously fast moving, these guidelines may be approaching obsolescence as time goes on.…
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#psychologist - what does the CMS
#telehealth waiver means for you, your practice, and #Medicare Patients? An @APAPractice thread...…
Great news = #Medicare patients can now receive telehealth care in their homes or ANY health care facility during the #coronavirus emergency.
#psychologist practice location was not restricted. We expect this means that psychologists can practice telehealth out of their homes, and we have contacted @CMSGov to confirm.
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Thinking about a low cost easy to manufacture home test kit for #Coronavirus. Outline: #Nasal_swab (Q-tip) w/ freeze dried reagents for isothermal #DNA amplification with #COVID19 primers. Colorimetric readout by #iOS or #Android #App w/ #geolocation & #HIPPA compliant reporting.
Read-out would be in minutes - timer in App - read by camera in your smart phone. No other machines. Links to telemedicine groups for positive results. Built in positive control - e.g. no color = improper test, green NEGATIVE, red POSITIVE.
I’ve done my best creating when faced by a challenge. Next gen sequencing when my son went to new born intensive care - #454 @iontorrent. Ultrasound on a chip @ButterflyNetInc when wanted to monitor my daughter’s kidneys.
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Following last week’s #ASC2020 Panel on How to Master the Digital Age from @mkitano7 @LillianErdahlMD @heatheryeomd #SundeepKeswani and myself, I received many requests to share my tips/tricks on Digital Tools to Support Your Research Program.
@mkitano7 @LillianErdahlMD @heatheryeomd @UnivSurg @AcademicSurgery @AsianAcadSurg @SurgeryUTHSC @UTHSCResearch 2/13
Caveats: a) My first tweetorial, be gentle. b) Recognize that this is not comprehensive and only highlights the tools that are currently working for me & my team. If you have suggestions, I’m always looking for ways to improve.
@mkitano7 @LillianErdahlMD @heatheryeomd @UnivSurg @AcademicSurgery @AsianAcadSurg @SurgeryUTHSC @UTHSCResearch 3/13
Centralized task management 1. We are all super-busy and it is east to lose track of things or prioritize incorrectly. Pick a task management system, learn it, use it. I use GTD @gtdguy but others exist (MYN, Kanban, etc.)
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For a Friday, here is my best attempt at a tweet-thread capturing some of the best thinking on where we've come since @chrissyfarr reported on 1/22 about opposition to the new @ONC_HealthIT API & Info Blocking regs (items listed below in no particular order)...
From @mandl @zakkohane "Epic’s call to block a proposed data rule is wrong for many reasons"…
From @hmkyale "An ‘Epic’ pushback as U.S. prepares for new era of empowering patient health data"…
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21 state AGs now have a big ass #HIPAA lawsuit to prosecute
If state AGs have no recourse then you know exactly how and why US privacy law is a garbage fire and we’re all naked in the rain.
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Have you noticed that several months ago, when picking up a prescription at @cvspharmacy you are asked if you want to enroll in the CVS Pharmacy and Health Rewards program?
@cvspharmacy This pops up on a screen informing you that you’ll earn $5 in coupons if you enroll. I can’t imagine how many people click that little “yes” button for the $5 off.
@cvspharmacy Do you know what you’ve sold for that $5 coupon that will probably expire before you use it? I do. Bc the 1st time I was asked to enroll, I read the several page long consent that you have to scroll through on the same display screen that shows your total & takes your payment.
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Butler Woman to Serve a Year in Prison for Maliciously Disclosing Personally Identifiable Health Information…
“United States District Judge Arthur J. Schwab imposed the sentence on Linda Sue Kalina, 62, of Butler, PA. The court further ordered that Kalina have no contact with any of the individuals she victimized during the imposed terms of imprisonment and supervised release.”
“In imposing the maximum sentence called for under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the Court offered that Kalina’s conduct was the most egregious of its kind.”
She accessed health records and disclosed protected health information in order to embarrass/distress people.
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Because I think it is important that those of us working in healthcare remember the practical consequences of the regs we advise clients on, I am going to live tweet my own attempt to obtain a copy of the record of a single clinic visit a few months ago . . . #HIPAA #Really?
Clinic visit happened in January, and now I have a need for a copy of the record. Doctor was at a clinic that isn't convenient to walk into personally, so I called and asked the process. Told that I need to access the patient portal to get the authorization form. So far so good.
Need to set up a patient account to get into the portal. There's another password to remember, of course, but I can deal with that.
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@realDonaldTrump #Tuesdaythoughts on #healthcare (tangent style):

You, President Trump, have clearly made some progress in understanding some of the issues with the ACA (despite your failure to realize it was originally a plan devised by the Federalist Society ie Barr/Kavanaugh types). 1/
@realDonaldTrump Nonetheless, you have correctly identified (a) #premiums (b) #deductibles and (c) coverage for pre existing conditions as key issues to address. Indeed.
@realDonaldTrump Plus, the kicker for me at least is to make #PPO plans available to everyone not just for those who get their health plans through their employer (in sum, #HMO/EPO/POS = 👎; PPO = 👍 ....
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An interesting wrinkle of #CuresAct

Adhering to contractual requirements is *not* one of the 7 exceptions to information blocking.

Tagging the smartest health policy lawyers I know:

@HealthPrivacy @JodiDaniel @SavageLucia

(Joy Pritts has no Twitter handle?)

Historically, when BAA terms or other contractual terms conflicted with rights possible under #HIPAA, BAA terms have been deemed to hold.

E.g., famously, even though a clearinghouse is a HIPAA CE & has all the rights and obligations of a CE...

...Clearinghouses *also* act as BAs and receive data under a BAA.

Other #HealthIT entities are pure BAs but are also deemed #HealthIT by Cures and this NPRM
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OK. So there's a piece (no paywall) on @JAMA_current today by Freddy Abnousi (head of #healthcare @facebook), @hmkyale, +@DrJRums "Social Determinants of Health in the Digital Age: Determining the Source Code for Nurture."… #cyberwoke /1
Before you think this is any kind of good news, remember that @Facebook has successfully incinerated democracy in several places, in the process turning all of us into meat puppet data cash machines (we don't get the cash) and now ... #cyberwoke /2
In addition to knowing where we are, who we're with, what we like, and what we think, they want our health data? How big of a FUCK NO, NO WAY, OMFG HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EVERLOVIN' MIND will we have to raise to kill this? #cyberwoke /3
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