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Do #HealthWarnings on #cigarette sticks dissuade #smokers and #NonSmokers? A focus group and interview study of #Australian university students.
@AaronDrovandi, Teague PA, Glass B, Malau-Aduli B.
Being a former #smoker from #Australia I found it rather odd the researchers asking questions about #GraphicWarnings and their effect, of a group that included NON #smokers.
As time has gone by (not necessarily in this order):
- #Tobacco advertising was banned long ago.
- #Smoking bans put #smokers outside, where they were more obvious to people walking past the #SmokeFree buildings.
- #GraphicWarnings were included on cigarette packs.
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As a doctor and scientist, I have treated patients with chemical-induced lung injury, and I’ve developed inhaled medications. These #vaping illnesses—which appear to be relatively acute—are extremely concerning.

Inhaling ANY foreign substance has risks.…
For those who argue that #vaping is “safer” than smoking, the jury is still out. There aren’t long-term data for vaping products, and the short-term data show some potentially alarming adverse effects. Another concern is that vaped products attract younger users.
#Fact: ANY inhaled foreign substance poses some risk. The issues for inquiry on #vaping include 1) the relative risks compared to “traditional” inhaled products, such as tobacco and marijuana, and 2) the uptake of potentially addictive products among younger people.
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@OregonGovBrown logic: ppl are getting sick from vaping #THC oil (black market, mostly). So we're going to ban nicotine vape & send nicotine & THC vapers to the black mkt - which is what's been killing people ... Are they trying to kill off all smokers? #VapeBan #vaping
ALL cases where they've found a cause have been THC oil ... and the symptoms of vaping oil (esp. Vitamin E oil) are identical to the symptoms being reported #vaping #VapeBan #vapingsaveslives @OregonGovBrown
Nicotine e-cigs have been around for about a decade.  These illnesses just started this summer.  Ergo, it's something new, not the e-cigs people have been using all this time #VapeBan #vaping #vapingsaveslives
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So hey @GovInslee - you’re destroying an industry that I feel passionate about because not only did I get to quit smoking cigarettes from #vaping, but it saved my life. Thread:
I was in a mentally abusive relationship for years. The guy cheated on me for a long while with a minor. My coping mechanism during and after that relationship was Camel Crush Menthols. Pack a day. It was a bad bad habit. Until one day, I learned about something new.
I met someone new after the other guy and I split. Nicest guy ever. He was outside of work and pulled out a #vaping device as I reached for my cigarettes. He educated me about everything, how it was safer, how the nicotine intake could be controlled, everything.
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Look I’m not saying the blame is on @US_FDA. But it absolutely is. Coincidence that @JUULvapor appeared on the market in 2017. This could have been regulated like in the UK ( Nicotine caps, marketing standards, age verification ) but they drug their feet and did nothing.
And @US_FDA has STILL done nothing but cater to and eliminate the competition of, THE EXACT PRODUCT that “youths” are initiating with. Yet support the elimination of products that ADULTS purchase from ADULT vape shops.
The information from both @US_FDA and @CDCgov is vague and confusing. Neither organization has clearly communicated to the public the actual health risks of less harmful #Vapor products. They are gambling with our health in order to protect ( FDA APPROVED ) cigarettes.
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The legislative efforts against #vaping are misdirected. Lawmakers seeking to reign in #JUUL are not aware of the non-big tobacco small biz that will be put out by the broad brush #flavorban legislation being promoted. We need regulations but the following needs mention.. /1
The small biz segment of the #vaping industry is largely comprised of ex-smokers who found an effective form of tobacco harm reduction and feel compelled to guide others to the same results. These are Mom & Pop retailers providing a beneficial service to their communities. /2
This segment controlled the entire American market for the better half of 8 years without any measurable amounts of youth access to warrant the "epidemic" proportions we are addressing. The teen issue wasn't largely perpetuated until #JUUL began marketing heavy in 2016. /3
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THREAD: @NYGovCuomo (D-NY) has BANNED flavored #vaping #ecig products & our thousands of NY jobs on 90 day notice via emergency orders to combat the teen use issues at the expense of smokers & public health.

Here is his direct quote: /1
So what?

New York State has a smoking rate of 14.1%. That’s 2.75M residents who currently use a product that is guaranteed to kill them. E-cigarettes present a harm reduction avenue to mitigate the risk of smoking. /2
So what?

E-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes. Those are your words. You added in “technically” but should have substituted “scientifically” as these aren’t egregious claims but medical research conclusions. /3
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Amidst the hysteria about #vaping some key points to remember. #publuchealth 1. The American deaths and hospitalisations are due to people vaping oil in illicit products. Thenoul causes lipoid pneumonia, not vaping by itself....1/.
2. We haven’t seen the same phenomenon in the U.K. .../2
3. The regulation of product in EU and buying from reputable suppliers not street dealers is a key way of ensuring you get good product not illicit product adulterated with oil...3
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Dear @realDonaldTrump , @POTUS @FLOTUS @WhiteHouse @SecAzar
Looks like I am not the only one that no longer wants to vote for #Trump in 2020 if he goes through with the #EjuiceBan.…
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @FLOTUS @WhiteHouse @SecAzar Also- It's important to note that the deaths and most likely ALL of the illness related to #vaping were from blackmarket #THC juice, not commercially sold juice. I have smokers bronchitis (still) if anyone were to get sick from this stuff, it would be me. Not a young person.
@realDonaldTrump @POTUS @FLOTUS @WhiteHouse @SecAzar Here is a screen shot from one of the most popular #ejuice sellers online. It is the flavor profiles offered. Do you see #Tobacco flavor?
Nope, it is in there under #menthol flavors but only 6% of #vapers in a survey liked Tobacco flavor compared to #dessert and fruit flavors.
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Why is Trump banning flavored #ecigs when other developed first world countries are embracing them and even placing #vape shops inside hospitals (UK)?

What motive does the USA have to not embrace #vaping despite the fact that #vapingsaveslives ? /1
In this country there is a profit motive in healthcare. Those profits are largely made in the insurance & pharmaceutical sector. All current available and FDA approved smoking cessation products are pharmaceuticals manufactured. 2/
When #vaping showed up. It was a small business grass roots industry with a single mission to provide tobacco harm reduction solutions to smokers and to disrupt the scourge that #BigTobacco has left on our country. 3/
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The 'many faces' of @DavidHammondPhD.
A tweet thread. 1/6
"[@DavidHammondPhD] has shown the research to [@GovCanHealth], but it has not yet been published. He is cautious about the finding and is waiting to see if the same result is found in other studies." 2/6…
⬆️In which David is whispering in the ears of officials over data from a small sample of #vapers/#smokers suggesting a gateway. Information later contradicted by a larger, more robust study - I've yet to hear David make comment on the larger study, bet he won't retract. 3/6
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A fisking of the opinion piece by Michelle Jongenelis (from the doghouse of @DrOliviaDoll1) in Fairfax media. No public link known (it appeared in a variety of regional newspapers around #Australia).
"THE recent death of a US man who contracted a serious lung disease after taking up #vaping comes as no surprise to many #PublicHealth advocates."
No mention of #BlackMarket, unregulated #cannabinoids, despite 6 US regions involved, explicitly mentioning it.
"Contrary to the messages being disseminated by the vaping industry (an industry now largely owned by #BigTobacco), .."
Wrong! Neither the majority of companies, nor vape sales, involve products ownership by the #TobaccoIndustry.
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@SarahWhisar says about #vaping 'The 95% factoid was a consensus OPINION reached by a small panel, some of whom had conflicts of interest - it is not at all evidence-based'

My response in the thread below
1/8 With respect Sarah, that is a misleading response which omits the full story. The 95% figure was first developed by leading experts based on the best available evidence at the time in a validated MCDA process. @ProfDavidNutt replied to the criticism
2/8 It was then independently confirmed by @PHE_uk in 2015 and 2018 based on
The toxins in smoke
1. are most absent from vapour
2. Those present are mostly <1% of smoke
The main chemicals that are in #ecigs-only are not associated with any serious risk
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This opinion piece by a few Ozzies is so full of contorted thinking & debunked logic it is worthy of a @Clive_Bates 13K word smack-down, but I expect he's busy on other things so I'll post some brief points.
@KielanMcalinden, S. Sohal, @sharmalabonline…
"Maternal smoking and intrauterine exposure to tobacco smoke and nicotine have been linked.."
Nicely snuck #nicotine in there. Onya!
If U don't understand that CO and tar are largest source of harm from #tobacco #SMOKE then perhaps U should stay in the shallow end of the pool.
"These devices still deliver nicotine .."
You say that like it's a bad thing.
The evidence to support that needs to be balanced by evidence of healthful effects re Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, Dementia, ADHD, Schizophrenia..
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#Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use among #Young People in #England 2018 [NS]
(Also looks at #vaping.)
Following is a 10 part summary / overview courtesy of .@SwitchFinder…
1) #Smoking rates are down.
2) #Vaping rates are flat.
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Genial @luisrosalesARG ayer apuntando al lobby de las tabacaleras en la prohibición del vaping, y q otra prohibición solo generará más mercado negro y corrupción. Con toda la mesa en contra y con Feinmann ridiculizándolo. En breve subo video.
Es nocivo paralasalú
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Dear Rep. Rose:
13 million US adults vape. Almost all are ex-smokers. Recent survey of 750 vapers found that <10% write their representatives. I'm writing now. FDA declared a teen vaping "epidemic" in 2018 based on data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey...
Raw data from that 2018 NYTS survey were just released. 2.3% of under-age non-smoking teens vaped more than 20 days/month in 2018 (so may plausibly OWN an e-cigarette). No under-age person should vape, but this "public health crisis" has been blown out of proportion...
...And anti-vaping alarums continue, sounding increasingly shrill. e.g., The FDA recently issued a press release claiming 3-4 seizures per year may-or-may-not be associated with vaping. 3-4 out of 13 million? The highest health authority in the land sounding alarms...
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@MauriceGSwanson @ATHRA_AU @MailOnline @PHE_uk 1/... Hello Maurice. I’m always interested in the basis and motivation for disputing ‘at least 95% less harmful’ as a basis for communicating relative risks of vaping Vs smoking. Let’s start with the basis.
@MauriceGSwanson @ATHRA_AU @MailOnline @PHE_uk 2/ The figure is (expressed as at likely to be less than 5% of the harm) was also the funding of @RCPLondon in #NicotineWithoutSmoke
@MauriceGSwanson @ATHRA_AU @MailOnline @PHE_uk @RCPLondon 3/ @theNASEM declined to put a number on it but found, on the available evidence (what else is there?) likely to be far less harmful, although more research is needed (when isn’t there?)
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Re: #FDA Compliance Policy Mod for Certain #Tobacco products.

The real timeline here starts with 2010 when @FDATobacco was denied authority to regulate #vaping as a drug/device. That's we knew for certain that these products would be regulated. . .
. . . under the TCA. But now, after YEARS of failing to provide meaningful guidance to industry regarding PMTA and/or streamlining the process for low-risk tobacco and #nicotine products, @FDATobacco is claiming . . .
. . .that a sudden spike in youth trying #vaping in 2017-2018 is responsible for derailing their efforts to ensure access to safer tobacco/nicotine products.

Moreover. . .
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To offset "lost" #tobacco tax profits, the US govt wants to impose a tax on people who quit #smoking. The #Vape industry must stop trying to appease our fundamentalist enemy and join consumers in fighting this atrocity…
I want to make one thing crystal clear: I will not pay the government a fine for quitting #smoking. If this predatory tax is enacted I expect the US #vaping industry to help consumers circumvent the theft and supply the tax-free extralegal free market by any means available
#BigTobacco stocks spiked against a sluggish market because of the announcement that the US government will impose punitive taxation against people who quit or never start #smoking thanks to the #harmless and effective #vaping alternative:
$PM +2.1% 📈
$MO +1.2% 📈
DJI +0.7% 📉
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Unacceptable on what ethical basis? @fdatobacco surely recognises the reality-based world of youth doing risky things, whatever FDA wants? When kids who would otherwise have smoked take to #vaping instead, there is a clear public health benefit. Preventing that causes harm. 1/7
There is something disturbing about this argument, beyond the obvious indifference to the health and wellbeing of young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s an attempt to simplify the world by declaring a moral posture rather than deal with the world as it is. 2/7
And why do this? Because @FDATobacco’s favoured #vaping policies - e.g. banning e-liquid flavors and bullying @JUULvapor - are impossible to justify if #ecigs are reducing youth smoking. So that potential benefit can’t be recognised. 3/7
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