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WUT in the ever living (bleep)!?!?!?

So, he supposedly had no healthcare background (though he claims to be CBO at Volta Therapeutics), boasted about how much money he could make, and got Philly to let him vaccinate people.....

His name is Andrei Doroshin
So, this guy is only 22 years old & created a startup & a "non profit" called Philly Fighting Covid to (what sounds like) rip off taxpayers.
That's his "non profit's" website, but there is at least one section missing, which he probably deleted, but the internet is forever.
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Another massive #HealthcareFraud takedown coming up at 11am Eastern

I did not have a chance to watch the announcement, but here's an overview:

OK, I don't think there were new charges today. I think it's more of an overview of all cases of a particular healthcare fraud operation this year.

Here are all the cases:…
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Missouri Psychiatrist Dr. Franco Sicuro & his business parter Carlos Himpler were indicted in another #HealthcareFraud and money laundering conspiracy.
Their companies Genotec DX and Midwest Toxicology Group received over $15 Million for genetic and urine tests that they never actually performed. They paid other labs to do the tests, then marked up their own prices and billed insurers for those same tests.
Good lord. A local UFCW Local #655 (United Food and Commercial Workers Union) paid Genotec over $1 MILLION for urine tests for JUST 7 Union members between Jan and Oct 2015. Talk about overcharging!
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The DEA raided the home & office of former Psychiatrist & TV personality Dr Keith Ablow last week as part of an ongoing investigation.

Also raided was Daniel Lynch Pharmacy.
Ablow lost his license to practice last year after he settled cases brought against him by 4 women who accused him of harassment & sexual misconduct. No idea if the raids were connected to these lawsuits or not.…
Maybe he tried to drug women? I don't know.

Or, maybe he was prescribing meds he shouldn't have or maybe committed healthcare fraud. I guess we'll find out at some point.
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Electronic health records vendor Practice Fusion Inc will pay $145 Million for soliciting and accepting kickbacks from a “major” opioid drug company in exchange for using their software to sway doctors to prescribe opioids.

#HealthcareFraud #OpioidCrisis
Practice Fusion designed their software to include clinical decision support alerts to “alert” doctors when to prescribe those company’s drugs.

Of course #BigPharma sponsored them & they allowed big pharma to help develop & implement those alerts so they could push their drugs.
Practice Fusion solicited one payment from an opioid company for almost $1 million. The opioid co’s marketing dept paid for it also helped to design the alert.
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Rut roh......There's a press conference going on now (though looks like I missed some of it) - FBI and DOJ announced indictments against former #NFL players for defrauding an NFL health care program.

I found an article about it here:

A total of 10 former NFL players were charged in a $3.9 Million scheme to submit false claims to an NFL healthcare program.…
Ahhh, more DME fraud. They claimed reimbursements for expensive DME that was never purchased.
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Sylvia P. Atkinson, who is the Vice President of the Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) Board of Trustees in Texas, was arrested & charged with conspiracy, bribery, and violating the Travel Act.

She is also currently the Executive Director of High School Programs and Community Outreach at Texas Southmost College.
She was arrested last night upon her arrival to a BISD meeting, LOL.
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15 people in South Florida were charged for their roles in a fraud, kickback, and bribery scheme at TWO South Florida #VA Hospitals - in West Palm Beach and Miami.

#ButNothingsHappening #VAFraud
Looks like employees at the VA Hospitals accepted bribes and kickbacks then used governement credit cards to order hospital supplies from corrupt vendors.
Here’s everyone who was charged and charges also included #HealthcareFraud.
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Richard Meleski of Chalfont, PA was indicted for stolen valor, #HealthcareFraud, mail fraud, and lying to the #VA.

He faked serving as Navy SEAL & also faked being a prisoner of war in order to steal over $300K in #Veterans benefits.
This POS also filed for PTSD compensation from the VA while claiming he got PTSD while serving in Beirut & rescuing injured troops. And he also used obituaries of real Navy Seals that died to submit with his applications for money & filed for SSA disability.
In reality, he never served in the military at all.
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Well, this sounds pretty atrocious.

Dr. Javaid Perwaiz of Virginia, was arrested & charged with #HealthcareFraud & lying for "performing unnecessary surgeries, such as hysterectomies & ovary/fallopian tube removals....on UNsuspecting patients."
There aren't too many details, though it says he did these surgeries over an approximate 10 year period. So, did the women NOT know they were having their reproductive organs removed??
Or ....did he lie to his patients and falsely tell them they needed those surgeries when they really didn't?

Imagine being told you need a hysterectomy, only to find out later you did NOT need it and it was only done so the surgeon could make a buck.
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And another hour, another government #HealthcareFraud.

California health system Sutter Health and Sacramento Cardiovascular Surgeons Medical Group Inc will pay over $46 MILLION to resolve False Claims Act violations for violating the Stark Law.
I just tweeted last week about another healthcare fraud/Stark Law case in NY involving Lenox Hill Hospital and Dr. David Samadi.

Here's what the Stark Law is about:

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More #HealthcareFraud

So, Lenox Hill Hospital in New York has to pay $12.3 MILLION to settle False Claims Act violations for submitting fraudulent Medicare claims for hospital services & Urology procedures/surgeries.

Guess what Doctor was involved?
That would be Dr. David Samadi of Fox News/Sunday Housecall fame.

Say "Cheese"
So, Lenox Hill Hospital/Northwell Health, Inc, billed Medicare for services that did NOT comply with Medicare law.

Dr Samadi was Lenox Hill's former Chair of Urology.

While he was there, the hospital encouraged & facilitated surgical practices that violated Medicare rules.
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There's a good, general overview of the DOJ's recent #HealthcareFraud prosecutions.

2018 saw a record number of white collar prosecutions in several categories

2018 saw a 33% increase in prosecutions over 2017 & 40% more convicted at trial

They're currently on track to exceed those numbers for 2019.
15 total opioid-related Strike Forces in 24 districts
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#BigPharma pharmaceutical manufacturer Avanir Pharmaceuticals will pay $108 Million for violating the False Claims Act, paging kickbacks, and targeting the elderly.

4 people who either paid or received kickbacks were also criminally charged.

#HealthcareFraud #ElderlyFraud
Avanir Pharmaceuticals itself was charged for paying kickbacks, but entered into a deferrred prosecution agreement in exchange for ongoing cooperation/turning over receipts, and boy, did they turn them over.

They captured and turned over texts from employee phones and fired multiple employees.
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Another big #HealthcareFraud bust, this one in the Gulf Coast area.

11 people were charged with defrauding Medicare, Medicaid & Tricare & obtaining controlled substances fraudulently, resulting in over $500 Million in fraudulent billing.

Actually, charges were brought against a total of 33 people all together.

Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana and the Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College will pay $531,241.74 in damages and/or civil penalties to resolve Fasle Claims Act violations.

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Looks like another BIG #HealthcareFraud scheme was busted in Texas, though I don't see any details yet.
I found one news snippet about it here. Whew!

Charges against 58 people involving illegal distribution of millions of opioids in Texas.

A bunch more doctors, pharmacists, and pharmacies were charged.

#OpioidCrisis #HealthcareFraud…
Here's one with more info.

A total of 21 cases of healthcare fraud involving pills mills and Medicare fraud. Also sales reps, accountants, runners, and chiropractors charged.

This is BIGLY.…
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The US Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia will hold a press conference Wednesday, Sept 18, at 3PM to announce the results of a “long term” investigation.

No details as to what sort of investigation.…
I think this may be it. Another big takedown of a drug network in West Virginia, which was part of a larger bust across many states. Looks like there were 2 indictments that charged 17 people in West Virginia.

I think this may also be part of the operation. Yesterday there were a bunch of similar busts across Texas and today 25 people in California were charged with more #HealthcareFraud and unnecessary prescriptions.

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Lester Stockett of Medellin, Colombia, owner & CEO of Video Doctor USA, Telemed Health Group LLC, & Telemed Health Group LLC, pled guilty for his role in a $400 MILLION+ government #HealthcareFraud scheme.

I wonder if it came out of the #ProstheticMafia investigations in Brazil.
It was definitely a global scheme, but I'm not sure if any of the people involved link back to the Brazil investigations (some of which are also being investigated here)
Nonetheless, if you're not familiar with the #ProstheticMafia, you can read about it here.

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Here’s yet another patient recruiter that was charged and found guilty for paying and receiving kickbacks related to more government #HealthcareFraud.
There have been several cases related to patient recruiters, though this probably isn’t all of them.

This guy paid kickbacks to a patient recruiter.

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The FBI raided Texas Federal Wellness Center in Edinburg, #Texas on Thursday.

It was reported that the OIG, USPS, Dept of Labor, and DHS were also involved in the FBI investigation and looks like they provide medical services for Federal Government.…
The center's website advertises services for Federal employees, such as for Border Patrol, Customs, Military, and Postal Service employees.

Just a guess, but I bet it involves more government #HealthcareFraud.…
Here is their website.
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South Carolina's US Attorney, along with the FBI and various SC law enforcement reps will hold a press conference tomorrow (Wednesday), June 10, 2019 at 3:00 PM Eastern.

Interesting, too, since AG Barr just visited them on Monday. 😉
Here's the DOJ announcement about AG Barr's visit on Monday. While at the SC Attorney's office, Barr was also briefed on "Operation Brace Yourself," which is the BIGGEST federal #HealthcareFraud investigation in FBI history.…
There have already been charges in Operation Brace Yourself, but I think the investigation is ongoing, so it's possible tomorrow's announcement *could" involve more indictment related to it.
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Heritage Pharmaceuticals was fined over $7 Million and entered into a deferred prosecution agreement over a price fixing scheme between them and other drug manufacturers between 2012 and 2015.

#HealthcareFraud #BigPharma #ButNothingsHappening
The fine was levied to settle a civil False Claims Act settlement.

Heritage paid money to & received money from other drug manufacturers to fix prices on certain generic medications.

That must mean there's more coming - additional drug mfrs that will be fined and/or charged.
The company was charged criminally, but it's been deferred for 3 years. They will avoid prosecution as long as they comply with all of the terms and conditions of the agreement.
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Hmmm, yet another separate global scandal involving medical equipment sales and Brazil #HealthcareFraud.

They said more than 20 orgs may have been part of a bribery "cartel," Looks like they've been known as the #ProstheticMafia.

Have you tracked this one @DawsonSField?
Here's a 2017 article from an orthopedic website. Ohhh, lordy, it looks like there are tapes! Undercover tapes of bribery participants offering secret commissions to a reporter posing as a surgeon.…
There were also accusations that device distributors were paying commissions to surgeons who used their products and "and often performed unnecessary replacement surgeries."

Looks like a few companies settled w US DOJ & SEC in 2017 for violating the FCPA.

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A Nigerian man pleaded guilty in another big government #HealthcareFraud case of fraudulent prescriptions for DMEs (Durable Medical Equipment) and #MoneyLaundering.

He was originally indicted in May 2013, but was only extradited from Nigeria to the US in October 2018.
Ayodeji Temitayo Fatunmbi admitted that he, along with others, paid kickbacks to doctors and patient recruiters.... HOLD UP....

WTF is a "patient recruiter?" That alone sounds corrupt.

Anyway, he paid kickbacks for DME that #Medicare users did NOT need.
I found this little blurb about "patient recruiters."

It looks like they work to recruit people into clinical trials.

Hmm, probably another YUGE, swamp filled with fraud and corruption.
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