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Iran before the mullahs hijacked the country! #FreeIran ImageImageImageImage
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1-Established 40 years ago, the NCRI has led a historical odyssey on the path towards freedom.
During the NCRI’s three-day plenary session, @Maryam_Rajavi addressed core issues and values which have allowed this coalition to surpass the test of time.…
2-What are the foundations and cornerstones laid by the NCRI to prevent Iran’s return to dictatorship, reactionary ideology and dependence after the overthrow of the mullahs?…
3-Over the past century, two major currents have been evolving in parallel in Iran;
the ruling dictatorship—Monarchy or Mullahs— and an alternative developing from the heart of the people’s front, for the sovereignty of freedom and a popular republic.…
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1.What do #Kerry, VJ, Page, HRC, Strzok, #UraniumOne,
Sum Of All Fears, Renegade, #EU, A 🥒 Factory,🤡, [Brennan], + more ALL have in common??

👉If you guessed #Iran you would be correct.

#QAnon #Clowns #DeepState #RedPilledClassics💊
Let’s take a look...THREAD👇
3.64-years-later-cia-finally-releases-details-of-iranian-coup #Iran #Clowns #Qarmy #RedPilled 💊…
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A bipartisan House majority pushes for a resolution condemning Iran for terrorism & supporting the Iranian people's call for regime change.

Regime change in #Iran by the people of Iran & their resistance coalition NCRI (@iran_policy).
The resolution, with 221 lawmakers backing it, supports NCRI President @Maryam_Rajavi’s 10-point plan for a future Iran—including a universal right to vote, market economy & a non-nuclear Iran.

@RepMcClintock wrote to @SecPompeo on the resolution.…
Two dozen Republicans & Democrats spoke in support of the resolution on Wednesday during a virtual event hosted by @OrgIAC.

Republican @RepMcClintock of California is the legislation’s sponsor.
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Capital Hill Press Briefing

June 17—Washington, DC

Bipartisan House Majority Unveils Comprehensive Resolution to Counter #Iran’s Regime and Offer Solution for a #FreeIran by the people of Iran.

via @OrgIAC
-This is the first House resolution for a #FreeIran relying on the Iranian people for a free Iran.
-Sec. Pompeo was informed this week.
-The NCRI (@iran_policy) is steadily gaining momentum & thus become the main target of the regime's terrorism.
Rep. @BradSherman
-America stands in solidarity with brave Iranians for a new chapter. We stand with the Iranian people.
-I stand with the position on extending the UN arms embargo against the mullahs' regime. Our letter was signed by an overwhelming House majority.

(File Photo)
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#FreeIran #FreeIran2020

จริงๆ แล้วมันเป็นเรื่องยากเหมือนกันที่จะพูดสำหรับประเทศนี้ เพราะสำหรับคนในไทยถ้าไม่ตัดสินกันก็คือจะเกลียดไปเลยจากเรื่องวางระเบิดที่เคยเกิด ซึ่งไม่รู้ว่าทำไมถึงต้องเป็นกับเฉพาะประเทศนี้ด้วยที่ถูกเหมารวม
หลายครั้งการศึกษาเรื่องต่างประเทศบ้างมันก็ไม่เสียหายอะ อย่างน้อยๆ เลยนะ ศึกษาว่าต่างประเทศมีอะไรเกิดบ้าง เกิดเหตุประท้วงอะไรบ้าง
เรารู้สึกว่าในไทย กลุ่มคน ignorant เยอะมาก หลายครั้งที่ไปคุยกับใครจะแทบไม่รู้เรื่องทั่วโลกเลยว่ามีอะไรเกิดขึ้น แล้วแบบนี้มันทำให้เราเจอความบ้งตลอดเวลา
บ้งที่ว่าคือ ความคิดหรือตรรกะบางอย่างที่มีหลักฐานแบบเป็นรูปธรรมแย้งได้น่ะนะ แบบเอามากางให้ดูได้เลยว่ามันบ้งยังไง

มาตอนนี้เลยคิดว่าจริงๆ แล้วคนเราไม่ค่อยใส่ใจความรู้รอบตัวความรู้รอบโต๊ะกันเท่าที่ควร ซึ่งเป็นกันมาตลอด เคยได้ยินตั้งแต่เด็กๆ เรื่องนี้ มาปัจจุบันก็ดูจะเหมือนเดิม
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💠Condemnation of the Iranian regime by international figures for launching a new wave of arrests and imprisonment of dissidents in #Iran.
1️⃣ ISJ Urges @UN to Secure Release of Iran’s Political Prisoners.
💠The international condemnation of the #Iran'ian regime for #HumanRightsViolations & the start of a massive wave of arrests of dissidents.

2️⃣ #Nobel Laureates Call for Release of Elite Iranian Students.
💠Internl Condemnation of #Iran'ian Elite Students’ Arrest & Calls 4 @UN to Intervene

3️⃣ The #Romanian Parliamentarian Committee for a #FreeIran condemned the Iranian regime’s arrest & torture of 2 Iranian elite students, #AmirHossainMoradi & #AliYounesi…
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#Qalibaf, will probably be selected as the chair for the mullah's parliament that starts working from tomorrow.
In this thread, you can find some information about his background.

#FreeIran2020 @USAdarFarsi #IRGCTerrorists…
#Qalibaf insisted that at the time of the political infighting of 2003.He was ‘on the streets’ of Tehran trying to subdue the crisis.He who was Commander of Police in 2002, then as Tehran’s mayor& played an active role in the brutal suppression of the popular uprising in 2009. Image
#IRGC Brig.Gen. Mohammad Baqer #Qalibaf, who is poised to become the Parliament Speaker,has always been among the most senior officials involved in suppression, terrorism, warmongering,theft &… #FreeIran2020 @USAdarFarsi
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.@OrgIAC holds a virtual conference on the Iranian people's struggle for a #FreeIran & regime change by the Iranian people.
Aref Alvandi from Maryland
-U.S. should continue the maximum pressure policy & continue targeting the mullahs' regime in Iran.
-Iran's regime should not have access to the world arms market.
-U.S. should activate "snapback" mechanism.
Dr. Afsaneh Maghsoudi
-The regime is using the COVID-19 crisis to extend their rule & continue general crackdown.
-Medical assistance & medicine should go directly to the Iranian people, not the regime.
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NCRI-US Briefing today: Vulnerable Regime Dials Up Domestic Suppression, External Aggression․

@A_Jafarzadeh: Terrified of looming uprisings, the religious fascism finds no option but to resort to intimidation, suppression & increased aggression․ #Iran
NCRI-US Briefing: Vulnerable Regime Dials Up Domestic Suppression, External Aggression

@A_Jafarzadeh welcomed the May 10 statement released by Morgan Ortagus, the State Dept spokesperson, calling for the release of 2 award-winning college students arrested by the regime in #Iran
NCRI-US Briefing, 5/13/20: The #Iran's regime launched a military satellite. It also continues dangerous provocations against international shipping in the Persian Gulf. The #IRGC-affiliated and black-listed Mahan Air continues to fly to Venezuela.
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In the service of #Iran Regime’s #Corona Ayatollahs.
As usual, the ruling mullahs have no way out of the #Coronavirus crisis, other than engaging in a reprehensible campaign of demonization the #MEK,which is an existential threat to their illegitimate…
This new propaganda hit piece targets the #MEK &Resistance Units who are active inside the country through a“friendly journalist”regurgitates 40yrs of threadbare lies &fake news spewed by the Ayatollahs against MEK &its leadership in a“friendly news outlet”(#Intercept).#FreeIran Image
At a time when the Iranian people are chanting that #Khamenei and his president Hassan #Rouhani are worse than the #Coronavirus, these pro-regime proxies seek to deny the existence of a viable democratic alternative to this regime.#Intercept #FreeIran2020 #MEK Image
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🆘 @amnesty⁩ 🆘
#Iran: 3 Prisoners At Risk of Execution
Amirhossein Moradi, Mohammad Rajabi and Saeed Tamjidi have been sentenced to death in
connection with acts of arson that took place during protests in November 2019. #IranProtests…
They were denied access to lawyers during the investigation phase and say they were tortured. Amirhossein Moradi says he was coerced into giving a “confession” that was broadcast on state television and used as evidence to convict them! #Iran #IranProtests
Amir Hossein Moradi is only 25 years old! He has been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment & 74 times flogging. His father a blue color worker is a postmaster carrier motorcyclist. Amir Hossein took refuge in Germany, but did not survive the hardships of being away from family!
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#Iran illegitimate election #MyVoteRegimeChange #BoycottIranShamElections
Iranians are ready to move on from this regime and are looking to a #FreeIran. @vonderleyen
But with this election masquerade, it tries to sort of deny that it is indeed a totalitarian @StateDept state.#MyVoteRegimeChange #BoycottIranShamElections
The policy of maximum pressure seems to be working; the Iranian regime has been denied the resources, most importantly oil revenues, with which it has pursued domestic suppression and regional warmongering and interference #Iran #BoycottIranShamElections
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I detest the #Iran’s terrorist regime’s sham parliamentary election which has been taken place for past 4 decades! This regime has lost its legitimacy since the day IRGC opened fire to innocent people 40 years ago! Enough is enough! My Vote #RegimeChange #OurVoteRegimeChange
Iranian regime’s elections or better said selections have been a sham process which the candidates are determined by “Guardian Council “ just like Presidential Elections! #Iran #OurVoteRegimeChange #FreeIran
Before, establishment of Guardian Council, Khomeini, was terrified of PMOI popularity and changing the course of his fundamental ideologies! Khomeini had said that he wouldn’t intervene in the elections, fearful of defeat of his candidate, intervened and excluded Massoud Rajavi!
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While @JosepBorrellF failed to say a word about #HumanRightsViolations &the criminal crackdown on #IranProtesters, disgusting remarks are reported about the outcome of his trip:
Europe to avoid taking #Iran nuclear dispute to U.N., EU's top...
While #Iran continues2 breach the terms of #JCPOA,@JosepBorrellF of @eu_eeas is offering more concessions to the dictatorship ruling #Iran, to avoid taking the regime's dossier to the @UN. What's the position of @Europarl_EN on this?Haven't we seen enough of appeasement?#FreeIran Image
#EU's @JosepBorrellF said he had agreed W/#Berlin,#London& #Paris to“continuously postpone”the15-day limit.He conditioned this only to maintaining the presence of the UN atomic watchdog,#IAEA,in #Iran to monitor its #nuclear activities.Isn't this shameful 4 #Europe?
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Jan 21- 11:30 GMT Wilson Room, Portcullis House
Conference on #IranProtests
How Should UK Respond?

Panellists:@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp Rt Hon John Spellar MP; Prof Lord Alton of Liverpool; Lord Maginnis of Drumglass; Rep. of NCRI
@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp @foreignoffice @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @UKHouseofLords @HouseofCommons @bySamStevenson @Daily_Express @Telegraph @euronews @TheSun Conference in UK parliament:
Chairman Dr.Matthew Offord said in his opening remarks that shooting of #ukrainianplane showed the truth terrorist nature of Mullahs' regime.
Two reason wave of #IranProtests in #Iran showed Iranians are tired of this regime & want Regime Change.
@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp @foreignoffice @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @UKHouseofLords @HouseofCommons @bySamStevenson @Daily_Express @Telegraph @euronews @TheSun @Offord4Hendon:
After protests against #Soleimani & malign activities of the regime in ME, showed #Iran ppl want democratic change for #FreeIran. Time has come for the @GOVUK & World Leaders to empower Iranian people & their Resistance Movement to achieve this goal.
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A key slogan during recent #IranProtests during the funeral of airplane crash victims, in Sanandaj, west #Iran:"Death to tyrants, be it the Shah or the Leader," signaling that they want neither the overthrown monarchy nor the mullahs.
The same slogan was chanted by #IranProtesters in various locations, on the peek of the #Protests on Tuesday the 14, 2020: "We do not want neither the Shah or the leader (Khamenei). We do not want the bad or the worse"
#IranProtests #FreeIran2020
The University of Tehran (Meli Univ)-#IranProtesters chant: "Death to the tyrants, be it the shah or the leader"
#FreeIran2020 #IranProtests
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#Iran lies about everything. i.e.portraying #QassemSoleimani as a"hero",while the reality of #Iranian people's feeling about the child-killer, war criminal,#Soleimani could well be seen in the next few footages during the recent #IranProtests

@USAdarFarsi This is what the people really think about #IRGC & Basiji thugs who have murdered tens of thousands of #MEK supporters &anyone standing to the mullahs for a #FreeIran. #QassemSoleimani was the chieftain of #IRGCTerrorists
#IranProtestSupport @USAdarFarsi
@USAdarFarsi And here are more "love" for the child-killer #QassemSoleimani. Make sure you will also see minute 1:34. Brave!
Source: #MEK Network inside #Iran
#FreeIran #IranProtests
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Actuellement à Téhéran une grande manifestation a comméncé. "Honte, Honte , honte au Guide " scandent les Iraniens. # IranProtests2020 #IranProtests #IranPlaneCrash #Iran Les protestations se poursuivent en Iran
Une foule immense se dirige Place Azadi à Téhéran en scandant "Nous ne voulons pas de pouvoir de Pasdaran Sepahi" le #IranProtests 1500 mort de la répression n'a pas pu domminer le courage des Iraniens vidéo diffusé par l'OMPI #FreeIran2020 #Iran @Limportant_fr @AFP @afptehran
@Limportant_fr @AFP @afptehran Place Azadi les Manifestants scandent "Sepah (le Corps des Gardiens de la révolution) commet les crimes; le Guide les soutient" et " A bas le dictateur" le peuple iranien est décidé à renverser le régime #IranProtests2020 @brutofficiel
@Cdanslair vidéo de l'OMPI
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🚨 #BREAKING: Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), ie, Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) 🇮🇶 relations director, Muhammad Reda Aljabery with a delegation of 🇮🇷 Iranian Revolutionary Guards in 2 cars on the Baghdad Int'l airport road taken out.
2. Mohammed Ridha head of PMF Protocol office was accompanied by high value guests, their SUVs hit directly inside Baghdad Airport’s main road.

"Mohammad Reza Kazim
Mohammad Reza Al-Jabri
Mohammed Al-Shaybani
Hassan AbdulHadi
Hassan Resistance
Haidar Ali"

3. Reports are that Muhammad Reda was behind the US embassy attack. #Bagdad Airport
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Happy New Year to all of you and I wish you a blessed year of wealth and freedom in Iran. ✌🏻
#comebacktoiran Image
من به عنوان یک ملی گرا علاقه زیادی به جشن های غیر ایرانی ندارم اما این سال میلادی برای من سالی پر از امید و حاوی اتفاقات خوب است و در نهایت امیدوارم آزادی ایران عزیزمان و بازگشت به ایران را به همراه داشته باشد.
زندگی همه شما نازنینان پر از شادی برکت و ثروت باشد.
سرانجام ققنوس از تاریکی بر خواهد خواست و نور بر تاریکی پیروز خواهد شد.
اندکی صبر سحر نزدیک است...
#comebacktoiran Image
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Ppl & activists in #Iran continue 2 provide a variety of reports about Nov. uprising that swept to at least 191 cities throughout #Iran. Over 1500 ppl were killed in #Iranprotests in Nov by Iranian regime & here are names of several athletes & academics!👇👇
Amir Hisein Sadeghi
He got 2 straight shot by security forces and died in Iran Protests. #iranprotests #Internet4Iran #StopIranBloodshed #FreeIran
Saeed Rezai
4 Times provincial champion from Kermanshah
He got shot to his head during November Nationwide Protests in Dolatabad Quarter, Kermanshah #iranprotests #Internet4Iran #StopIranBloodshed #freeiran
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🔶NCRI-US STATEMENT on Passing of H. Res. 752🔶
"NCRI-US Welcomes Unanimous Passing of House Resolution in Support of Iranian People’s Nationwide Uprising for a Free Iran"

#IranProtests #FreeIran…
“This timely bipartisan resolution sends an unequivocal & powerful message to the people of Iran that US Congress fully supports them in their nationwide uprising for a #FreeIran & that it strongly condemns the massacre perpetrated by the regime in Nov,” NCRI-US Rep. S. Samsami.
The Iranian Resistance endorses the H. Res. 752 which "urges the Administration to work to convene emergency sessions of the UN Security Council and the UNHRC to condemn the ongoing human rights violations perpetrated by the Iranian regime and...."
#IranProtests #FreeIran
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Dec 4 - Senate Briefing
Iran Uprising: A Nation Rises for Freedom

"We stand with [the Iranian people] and their fight for freedom."
@SenMcSallyAZ Dec 4 - Senate Briefing
Iran Uprising: A Nation Rises for Freedom

A message from @SenatorCardin delivered by a member of his staff.
@SenMcSallyAZ @SenatorCardin Dec 4 - Senate Briefing
Iran Uprising: A Nation Rises for Freedom

Amb @LBJunior voicing his support for the Iranian people's aspiration for freedom and Iranian opposition MEK.
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