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Washington, DC | Summit to Support a #FreeIran2020 The Imperative to Sanction and Hold the Regime to Account #NoImpunity4mullahs #DisbandIRGC #UNGA
Six days ago, the execution of a courageous young man, a champion wrestler, enraged the people of #Iran and cast a shadow of grief and sorrow over the entire nation. His name was #NavidAfkari, a national hero in the uprising against the religious dictatorship.
His only crime was rising up to overthrow a regime which has devastated #Iran and drenched it in blood while plundering the nation. #StopExecutionsinIran…
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Online Conference | IRAN: Human Rights Betrayed Call on Int Community to Take Urgent Action to Save Lives of Political Prisoners Sentenced to Death in Recent Days #StopExecutionsInIran
.@HoAbedini: Iran's regime violates intl human rights laws. Yet the intl community has failed Iran's people & allowed the regime to enjoy impunity by not holding regime officials to account. #NoImpunity4Mullahs…
.@Offord4Hendon: Iran regime’s resorting to torture & execution is a clear sign of its desperation. It is a great regret that #NavidAfkari has been executed. I would like to see the UK reimpose sanctions on Iran. #StopExecutionsInIran…
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Online Event

British parliament hosts conference focusing on the horrific 1988 massacre in Iran & seeking justice after 32 years

#Iran is planning new charge against Nazani Zaghari-Ratcliffe. From Nazanin’s life to nuclear weapons, we cannot negotiate with this regime. Lifting of sanctions encouraged the mullahs to think we do not care where they buy weapons from.…
Obviously, this must change, and the UK should respectfully reject the EU’s approach on #Iran and join our American ally in exerting maximum pressure on the regime in Iran.
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Photo Exhibit on US Capitol Grounds

Four Decades of Human Rights Violations in Iran

Dr. Rahileh Sadeghpour, sister of a #1988Massacre victim

"The regime severely tortured my brother. They drove nails into his feet... After he endured seven years in prison and torture chambers, he was killed by the regime."

Gholam Torshizi, brother to three #1988Massacre victims

"One day, my father was summoned to the prison. He thought his son was released. But instead, they informed him that Reza was executed and they gave him a bag with his belongings."

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1988 Massacre in Iran
A Call for Justice & Accountability

Short video of an interview with Mr. Mostafa Ahmadi, a survivor of the #1988Massacre in Iran, during which the genocidal mullahs' regime executed over 30,000 political prisoners in the span of a few months.
.@86Ehsan, the son of a #1988Massacre victim, explains his story, the arrest of his parents and his father being executed.

Prison guards literally tortured his mother before the eyes of his sister in prison.

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Ruhollah Hosseinian, a senior political & intel official in #Iran, has died of Covid-19.

He was a staunch advocate of the mullahs' use of executions & the #1988Massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners in just a few months.

His words are quite telling.
Hosseinian had once specifically said:
Believe me & I swear to God, we were murderers ourselves once!

This individual was selected (not elected) as a member of the regime's Majlis (parliament) from the Iranian capital Tehran for two terms in the past.

Very telling credentials. ImageImage
This is a thread containing videos of #1988Massacre survivors & victims’ loved ones sharing their heartbreaking stories.
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#Iran’s genocidal regime executed over 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988. There has been no accountability to this day.

Eyewitnesses & victims’ loved ones share their heartbreaking stories.

Behrooz Maghsoodi, son of former political prisoners

Three of my uncles were executed from 1981-1988.
I’m very proud of my uncles who chose to stand up against the mullahs’ regime despite the heavy price.…
Razieh Parandak, mother of a #1988Massacre victim

In 1982, [my son] Mehran was arrested for participating in a demonstration & sentenced to six months in prison. Authorities even demanded money in return for information about where he was buried.…
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Online event calling for an int'l probe into the summer #1988Massacre in #Iran

The mullahs executed over 30,000 political prisoners in just a few months. There has been no accountability & many of the perpetrators are in power today.

.@DavidJonesMP of the UK

This year’s adopted [UN] resolution on Iran should include a paragraph calling for an independent international investigation into the #1988Massacre of thousands of political prisoners in #Iran.


The international community in its entirety knew and knows [about the #1988Massacre in #Iran].The United Nations, the UN Security Council, the General Assembly, the UN Human Right Council, they all knew.

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History repeated itself
Holocaust in #Iran

#1988Massacre of more than 30,000 political prisoners in Iran in a matter of few months.
32 years later, the perpetrators have not yet been held accountable and brought to justice! Image
Most of the over 30,000 political prisoners executed were members and supporters of the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), AKA the #MEK
@mdubowitz @MessageFromLen @anwarmalek
#1988Massacre of political prisoners in Iran was based on a decree by regime founder Khomeini saying, “It's decreed that those who are in prisons throughout the country & remain steadfast in their support for Monafeqin [MEK]are waging war on God & are condemned to execution" ImageImage
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Former U.N. official calls for investigation into 1988 massacre of Iranian political prisoners

#Iran's regime executed over 30,000 political prisoners in just a few months back in 1988

Beautiful song dedicated to #1988Massacre victims

#Iran's regime executed over 30,000 political prisoners in just a few months back in the summer of 1988
"It is now high time for the international community to demand a fact-finding mission, and bring to justice all perpetrators of the 1988 massacre and all the atrocious human rights violations throughout the past 38 years."
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Indeed, in summer 1988, as many as 30,000 political prisoners-none sentenced to death-were murdered, ordered by "Supreme Leader" Khomeini, in a matter of weeks. Key perpetrators, unpunished, are now Judiciary Chief & Justice Minister. Pursue justice for #1988Massacre victims.
As documented in "Iran: Where Mass Murderers Rule," by @ncrius, Khomeini issue a fatwa (decree) that any political prisoner who refused to denounce the main opposition movement, the MEK, should be killed; that was the key question each political prisoner in Iran was asked.
"If the person at any stage or at any time maintains support for the Hypocrites [the MEK], the sentence is execution. Annihilate the enemies of Islam immediately,” Khomeini responds to then Chief Justice inquiry about his fatwa, clearing all doubts for the massacre.
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Live Stream

Global internet conference calls for accountability regarding Iran's human rights violations & the 1988 massacre of political prisoners

Ms. Homa Jaberi on prison conditions in #Iran during the 1980s

"The few whose sanity did survive the horrific experience said they were forced to walk on all fours, make animal sounds, were deprived of food, and some were raped."

Ms. Damona Taavoni on her childhood in Iran's prisons

"My father was executed by the regime. I went to prison with my mother when I was six years old. I remember the shouts of prisoners in torture chambers."

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Do not compare the situation in Iran with the strategy of the regime in the Corona disaster with other countries.

If we are talking about the Chinese or European and American model, going astray.
#coronavirus #iran #IranRegimeChange #COVID19
On March 4, Khamenei explicitly stated that he intended to create blessings and opportunities from the calamity and threat of #COVID19.
He intends to use #coronavirus against D overthrow of Velayat-e-Faqih regime with great human losses to preserve this regime
"Sending to work" of workers&employees is a continuation of D same strategy Like 8Y war& #1988massacre in #CoronavirusPandemic time.
  If every death is a blessing 4mullahs, Mullahs' time is over.
We call 4 trials of Mullah's regime of Iran
Its a crime against humanity
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On January 27, #HolocaustMemorialDay commemorates genocide that resulted in deaths of 6 million Jews who had been gathered from all over Europe and sent to gas chambers in the German and Polish extermination camps.

The #Holocaust, is known as one of the most outrageous crimes ever committed in history.
Today, on #HolocaustRemembranceDay , we also remember thousands massacred in #Iran in the greatest Crime Against Humanity After World War II…
In greatest crime of the century after WW II, at least 30,000 political prisoners were massacred in mullahs’ medieval prisons in #Iran. As part of this massacre, women & men were found guilty by “Death Committee” & subsequently hanged – simply for defying Khomeini & his doctrine.
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Jan 21- 11:30 GMT Wilson Room, Portcullis House
Conference on #IranProtests
How Should UK Respond?

Panellists:@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp Rt Hon John Spellar MP; Prof Lord Alton of Liverpool; Lord Maginnis of Drumglass; Rep. of NCRI
@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp @foreignoffice @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @UKHouseofLords @HouseofCommons @bySamStevenson @Daily_Express @Telegraph @euronews @TheSun Conference in UK parliament:
Chairman Dr.Matthew Offord said in his opening remarks that shooting of #ukrainianplane showed the truth terrorist nature of Mullahs' regime.
Two reason wave of #IranProtests in #Iran showed Iranians are tired of this regime & want Regime Change.
@Offord4Hendon @BobBlackman @DavidJonesMP @amessd_southend @tobyperkinsmp @foreignoffice @BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet @UKHouseofLords @HouseofCommons @bySamStevenson @Daily_Express @Telegraph @euronews @TheSun @Offord4Hendon:
After protests against #Soleimani & malign activities of the regime in ME, showed #Iran ppl want democratic change for #FreeIran. Time has come for the @GOVUK & World Leaders to empower Iranian people & their Resistance Movement to achieve this goal.
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Do you agree if one government has a massacre on their record, you always should worry about them to repeat it again? #NeverAgain is Now for #iran #1988massacre
#FreeAllProtesters in #IranProtests @UNHumanRights
@bobtorricelli @EvaDuranRamos @ppvallecas
@PPopular @CetimFrance
Mullah regime of Iran had #1988massacre on their record & the perpetrator of that is not send 4justice, they killed 30,000 innocent ppl while waiting to be released or despitefully serving his jail sentence. #FreeAllProtesters #IranProtests in #iran @realDonaldTrump @JF_Legaret
Gholamreza Bozorgan-Fard
Despite all hardships of life, he used to talk kindly with children. On 1988 while waiting to be released after serving his sentence, got executed.
#1988massacre #IranProtests #FreeAllProtesters in #iran
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On January 2, 2020, a U.S.-led airstrike targeted a convoy exiting D Baghdad International Airport, killing Qassem Soleimani, D notorious commander of Iran’s terrorist Quds Force. But Who is Qassem #Soleimani ?
In July 1999, at height of student protests, he signed a letter along with other IRGC commanders, warning then-President Mohammad Khatami that if he did not put down the revolt, D IRGC would intervene.
“Our patience has run out,” Soleimani, along with other IRGC Generals wrote.
Soleimani, carrying the rank of major general, was Khamenei’s hatchet man and a hated figure. During uprisings in Iran in 2018 and 2019, protesters tore up and torched his posters in different cities.#IranProtests
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Thread: Why nationwide #IranProtests will erupt again, more radicalized
1.There have been major nationwide protests around every decade in #Iran, each one more radicalized than the last. The Iranian regime has always had enemies from among the people due to its theocratic nature.
2. As a result, during the 1980’s, known as the dark era in terms of the blatant suppression of dissent, at least 30,000 political opponents of the clerical regime were executed in prisons across #Iran.The regime never announced the number of executed political prisoners.
3. Eleven years later, in 1999, a Tehran University student uprising was violently suppressed by security forces. More than 4 students were killed while hundreds were injured. In the aftermath of these incidents, more than 70 students disappeared. #IranProtests
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1- Protests in Iran did not start in 2019, since the beginning of this theoretical regime, students have shown their criticism in any way possible
#HumanRightsDay2019 #HumanRightsDay
2- During the '80s, known as the dark era in terms of the brutal, blatant, suppression of dissent,at least 30,000 political opponents of the clerical regime were executed in prisons across Iran. Till date,the rgm still has not announced names nor their whereabouts #HumanRightDay
3- 1999
We witnessed the first major uprising at Tehran university during Khatami's time (the so called moderate). 4 students were killed, hundreds injured and 70 disappeared. The fate of many are still unknown till date
#HumanRightDay @UNHumanRights @antonioguterres
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🔴Death Toll reaches 285
🔴#MEK Announces names of 99 martyrs🌹
Rouhani’s Advisor threatens Protesters With Suppression Like #1988Massacre=Mass&Arbitrary Arrests, Firing into Crowd &Mass Public Executions
🌐GOV & @UN must INDICTMENT Khamenei 4 #CrimesAgainstHumanity
@UN @NorwayMFA @erna_solberg @audunlysbakken @FCOHumanRights @foreignoffice @PolandMFA @eu_eeas @BasBelderMEP @RichardGrenell @USAdarFarsi .@UN .@StateDept & .@Europarl_EN must hand down indictment against Khamenei, Rouhani, Mullahs' Criminal Regime for their Crimes against humanity for four decades against Iranian people, especially for their bloodshed in streets in the recent #IranProtests

@UN @NorwayMFA @erna_solberg @audunlysbakken @FCOHumanRights @foreignoffice @PolandMFA @eu_eeas @BasBelderMEP @RichardGrenell @USAdarFarsi @StateDept @Europarl_EN @SecPompeo @unhcr @francediplo_EN @GermanyDiplo @HeikoMaas @10DowningStreet @UKUN_NewYork At least 285 protesters killed by Mullahs' Regime during nationwide #IranProtests
Actual number is much higher &regime is doing its utmost 2 hide the scale of its savagery
Majority of those killed are youth/teenagers, mostly shot in head & chest.
#MEK identified 99 of the victims
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Regime atrocities over the past 3 days are undoubtedly a manifest case of crime against humanity. Those responsible have in the past 4 decades perpetrated crimes against humanity, including 120,000 political executions, and the massacre of 30,000 prisoners in 1988. #1988Massacre
This regime must be banished from the international community and Khamenei, Rouhani, and other regime leaders must face justice for committing crime against humanity. #NoImpunity4Mullahs #IranProtests #Iran
Hail to the martyrs of the uprising. Such unjust shedding of blood only adds to the resolve of the Iranian people to continue their rightful resistance to overthrow the mullahs’ regime. #IranProtests #Iran
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A palpable revival of #UniversalJurisdiction is underway in Europe.
Here are 7 examples of recent important activities (trials, arrests, investigations) that have taken place only in the last few weeks.
There are certainly more that I am unaware of.
And certainly more to come.
1. #Sweden
>> Arrest of an Iranian national allegedly involved in the #1988Massacre of thousands of detainees. First ever #UniversalJurisdiction case on #Iran to go ahead.…
2. #Belgium
>> The trial of a #Rwandan man accused of having participated in the 1994 #genocide of the Tutsi minority is currently underway.…
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Arrest in #Sweden over 1988 prison massacre in #Iran.
This is what we know so far.
1. A man under the name of Hamid Noury was arrested at Stockholm airport on Saturday 9 November.
2. He is a 58-year old Iranian national.
3. He is suspected of having participated from a prison outside Tehran in the infamous massacre of thousands of detainees during the summer of 1988.
4. He was brought before a judge this morning (13 November).
5. He claims the wrong person has been arrested.
6. The judge seems to have ordered his detention for an initial period of 1 month.
7. Sweden has jurisdiction over crimes under international law amounting to #WarCrimes and is entitled to act when a suspect is present on its territory.
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What Explains Latest #BBC's Anti-#MEK Tirade in the Service of #Iran Mullahs…
#FakeNews #BlackListMOIS
#BBC has published an utterly bogus report on the Mujahedin-e Khalq (#MEK).In its entirety,it has rehashed the #Iranian regime’s threadbare,baseless &false allegations through the voices of 2notorious functionaries of #Iran's Ministry of Intelligence(#MOIS)#FakeNews
So outrageous is the scope of lies and distortion in this report that it raises an obvious question: What kind of a deal has the #Iranian regime offered to the #BBC to secure such an inexplicable and vulgar hit-piece? #FakeNews…
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