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Amb. @LBJunior, debunking false narratives by governments, media & analysts about the #MEK.

U.S. Senate Briefing, in support of uprising in #Iran for a secular, democratic, non-nuclear republic, hosted by @OrgIAC…
Amb. @LBJunior, debunking false narratives by governments, media & analysts about the #MEK.
U.S. Senate Briefing, hosted by @OrgIAC

Did MEK Kill Americans in 1970’s?…
Amb. @LBJunior, debunking false narratives by governments, media & analysts about the #MEK.
U.S. Senate Briefing, hosted by @OrgIAC

Did MEK have any role in “Hostage Crisis”:…
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1) The Iranian regime, since February 8, 2023 has become unhinged as a result of a key congressional legislation in support of the uprising in #Iran and a pathway to a democratic, secular Republic Iran. #HRes100
@RepMcClintock @BradSherman
2) #HRes100 “Expressing support for the Iranian people's desire for a democratic secular & nonnuclear Republic of Iran, & condemning violations of human rights and state-sponsored terrorism by the Iranian Government,” was submitted with an impressive 165 original co-sponsors.
3) That was enough to draw the ire of the #Iran'ian regime. Immediately, all state-run media, & senior officials started attacking Members of the U.S. Congress for this bi-partisan and extremely popular resolution.

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Die iranische Politsekte (#MEK/NWRI/Volksmudschahedin), die über ein Jahr lang juristisch gegen einen meiner Artikel vorgegangen ist, ist erfolglos geblieben. Das @ZEITmagazin hat gewonnen.…
Der Artikel darf nun wieder im Original verbreitet werden.

Wir haben zur Feier des Tages die Paywall entfernt:…
Die zentralen Behauptungen befand das Landgericht HH bereits im Jan '22 für rechtmäßig. So dürfe "zulässig davon gesprochen werden, dass @AminGolmaryami" als Minderjähriger "zu einem Soldaten der Volksmudschahedin geworden sei und eine militärische Ausbildung absolviert habe".
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@isjcommittee: There are hundreds of reports and witness accounts by Western personalities who the regime’s covert agents have approached under the guise of opposition activists, experts, journalists and ordinary Iranians who have parroted the regime’s narrative about the #MEK
@isjcommittee @steve_mccabe in a letter to colleagues 2011: You might be contacted by people purporting to be ordinary Iranians living in the UK and warning you not to support the PMOI. You might also receive a barrage of emails as well as an expensive booklet produced by the Iranian Embassy.
@isjcommittee @steve_mccabe Lord Corbett 2008: Whenever an MP or Peer expresses support for the goals of the Resistance, they are bombarded with misinformation about it, either by the Iranian Embassy in London or front organisations and individuals who pose as disaffected former members of the PMOI.
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#Iran, le proteste di piazza, le ingerenze americane, il contesto internazionale

L’immagine fornita dai media occidentali nasconde la complessità della partita iraniana.

Il mio ultimo articolo per #IntelligenceForThePeople

#IranProtests2022… Image
Da metà settembre, l’#Iran è alle prese con ondate di protesta di varia intensità, sullo sfondo di un malcontento diffuso e di una difficile situazione economica nel paese, enormemente inasprita dalle sanzioni internazionali che ne soffocano lo sviluppo.
#IranProtests2022 Image
Ciò avviene mentre Teheran è ancora impegnata in un estenuante negoziato con gli USA per ripristinare l’accordo nucleare (#JCPOA), e si appresta ad aderire all’Organizzazione per la Cooperazione di Shanghai (#SCO) entro il 2023.
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Tehran designates 61 prominent Americans including 30 bi-partisan sitting Members of U.S.
Congress for their opposition to the prior designation of the main Iranian opposition movement, the MEK, and to #Iran regime’s killing of its members.…
A large number of those designated by the Iranian regime, are would be targets of the regime’s terror plot by convicted diplomat Asadollah Assadi, in the 2018 Free #Iran World Summit in Paris.
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NCRI FAC member Farzin Hashemi: “The #Brussels-#Tehran deal is cloaked with the benign intention of justice and humanity but this treaty has only one objective: facilitating the release of the notorious terror master, Assadollah Assadi.” 1/…
“The investigation established that this was a state work, decided at the highest levels in #Tehran. Assadi stressed that the bomb should be placed as close as possible to Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI President-elect who was the primary target of the plot.” 2/
"It is very telling that one of the key issues of discussion between Ms. Sophie Wilmes, the former #Belgian Foreign Minister and her #Iranian counterpart on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Feb 19 was the case of Assadi." 3/
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Muchos de los fracasos de la vida son personas que no se dieron cuenta de lo cerca que estaban del éxito cuando se dieron por vencidas.✌️

#Ukraine sigue defendiendo la libertad de la ocupación!
¡Y la lucha iraní por la libertad continúa durante más de 43años! #Iran🫶
Hola a todos😊
¡Que tengas un buen viernes!😍
#FelizViernes #fridaymorning ImageImage
🚨El 48° vicepresidente de #EEUU,Mike Pence, se reúne con Maryam Rajavi del NCRI y visita Ashraf 3 en Albania

◾️@Mike_Pence Gracias a todos por defender la #FreeIran del pueblo iraní.
◾️@Maryam_Rajavi La sociedad iraní está lista para el cambio
Leer 👉…
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Strong support from bipartisan figures and senior #US policymakers for the Iranian resistance (#NCRI-#MEK) led by Mrs. @Maryam_Rajavi.
@Miyiva @AnisiobiDavid @Pedrinellimass1 @FinderGrail @dawnegray3 @bombonbox @WillKnocker @AndreRo51498847
Read more:… Image
@Maryam_Rajavi @Miyiva @AnisiobiDavid @Pedrinellimass1 @FinderGrail @dawnegray3 @bombonbox @WillKnocker @AndreRo51498847 @pjpaton @MaatVillacian @TTrapczynski @BWelleweerd @JoansVox @Alan_McCright @Jorge59Berlin @SherbourneHarp @zegeh @Quietchikk " Iran's Resurgent Resistance",
By @ProfSheehan, a counterterrorism scholar and leading authority on U.S. policy toward Iran.
Sheehan reveals the case that #Iran's dissident community is best positioned to bring about democratic change.
@human20039 @SofiaGerard Image
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Thread: 9 June 2022: Day 106 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Poland's President bluntly criticising #Germany ("doesn't give a damn about what's happening in Ukraine. They want ... cheap gas and oil") and #France. Rejects #Russia's nuclear blackmail as a good excuse for this behaviour.
At every single stage we have had this:
> "We can't supply x because training takes months"
> "We are now supplying x, and training that could have been completed by now is instead just beginning"
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IAEA DG Rafael Grossi said #Iran’s regime had failed to reduce concerns about violations of its nonproliferation safeguards agreement, will eventually cross the uranium enrichment threshold. #IAEA’s Board of Governors is to decide on decades of denial, deception & duplicity.
The IAEA report is perhaps the most damning since its Nov 2011 report, which highlights clear activities related to the Possible Military Dimensions (PMD) of Iran's nuclear program, i.e., uranium particles of anthropogenic origin at three undeclared locations in Iran. 2/
These 3 locations are, Turquzabad (2019), Varamin (2020) and ‘Marivan’ (2020). Despite "numerous opportunities, in different formats," IAEA report states, "Iran has not provided explanations that are technically credible in relation to the Agency’s findings at those locations."3/
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Someone needs to teach some of the #Ukrainian young politicians how to properly behave! Kira Rudik, an #Ukrainian parliament member gave speech during propaganda event of #MEK/#NCRI Islamic terror group which is responsible for assassination of #US cirizens in #Iran in 1970s.
#MEK/#NCRI is a Islamis-Marxist terrorist cult which forces its female members to wear Islamic Hijab in their camp. Majorities of their members are over 60 years old & most of them don't have children as their reproduction organs were surgically removed in #Iraq in 1980s!
Here they are now in their military camp in #Tirana, #Albania. They pay usually to world's politicians to give speech in their propaganda events helping to raise morale of their elderly members who have been kept Isolated from world for four decades!
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Interesting revelation today from the @NCRI_SCT in regards to the Iranian regime's money laundering to serve Press TV and the demonizing campaign against the Iranian resistance and #MEK
Exhibit A
in a letter dated July3,2021 Ahmad Norouzi,PressTV Deputy Content Editor to Peyman Jebeli,Deputy Director of IRIB foreign offices, Norouzi asks for approval to provide Iran's MFA with content created against MEK including documentaries,programs,clips
Exhibit B
a typed letter from Seyyed Mehdi Mirtaleb (Press TV London Chair) to Jebeli asking for a non-Iranian intermediary to circumvent sanctions for a 5% fee, and deposit cash in the bank accounts of the regime’s employees and agents
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A man who was recruited, basically abducted into, the Mojahedeen-e-Khalq (#MEK) as a child explains how they illegally transferred kids to Europe, keeping them imprisoned in the cult, and then moved them back to Saddam's Iraq in the 1990s, sometimes using them as child soldiers.
#pt: When the man (امین گل مریم) was transferred to the #MEK camp in Saddam's Iraq in March 2001, at 15-years-old, he was informed that even friendships with women were banned. His mother, whom he saw once per year, was cold with him. MEK asked everyone to spy on everyone else.
#pt: At the #MEK camp in Saddam's Iraq, daily self-criticism/struggle sessions were held. Any signs of criticism of the leader, Masud Rajavi, were picked up on and shamed. Members had to confess any sexual thoughts they had or if they masturbated publicly.
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in Washington DC, @HiltonHotels , it was #MEK conference, 2021 Free Iran Summit. amazingly @Mike_Pence and @JoeLieberman were there.

let me tell you, whoever you are, this notorious group with Islamic platitudes is whistling in the dark. they can whistle for power in #Iran.
let's get down to the nitty-gritty; most of the guests & no-account audience were over 60 years old. jolly good!

in all modesty, that nitwit who is a so-called elected president with a klaxon, is against #democracy. lamentably, The Mob cann't be an alternative for future of Iran
this's shame that 1 American prominent diplomat claims: MEK has an international support with clear democratic background! ( Naff off! )

Its a mercy that THE USA designed this group as a foreign terrorist organization @BillClinton

copyright of picture: thanks to @ElhamSataki
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Gen. #JamesConway: #Iran now has a criminal for a president.Raisi has the blood of 30,000 of your countrymen on his hands. If we or a European nations start to deal with this person,all we will do is strengthen that regime.
Wathe Live: 👉…
@StateDept @USABehFarsi @eu_eeas @francediplo_EN @GOVUK @CanadaFP @AlMissionUNGen Sen.@bobtorricelli: I have never seen a bipartisan coalition in America with the depth of support that the MEK (#MEK, #PMOI People's Mojahedin Organization of #Iran, the main Iranian opposition group) has.
Wathe Live: 👉…
Sen. @bobtorricelli: There's one organization that has the means, the leadership, the focus, the int'l support to rejoin the intl community. That organization is the #MEK & Mrs. Rajavi as its leader & we are the answer.
#ProsecuteRaisiNOW #WeSupportMEK…
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The 34th session of the trial of Hamid Noury continued today.
Freedom-loving Iranians & supporters of the #Iran opposition #PMOI/#MEK call for the prosecution and accountability of Iranian regime officials involved in the summer #1988Massacre.
#ProsecuteRaisiNOW @eu_eeas
The rally of freedom-loving Iranians at the 34th session of Hamid Noury's trial in #Stockholm court began with a speech by Ms. Sima Mirzaei.
She read the news of the transfer of the Stockholm court to #Albania to hear testimony from mmbrs of #Iran's resistance based in #Ashraf3.
"We are the complainant of the #1988massacre in #Iran, & we are at all times in solidarity with the #IranUprising."
Freedom-loving Iranians chant for the trial of Iranian regime leaders in Stockholm court during the 34th trial of Hamid Noury for genocide.
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Khadijeh Borhani, one of the hundreds of women members of the #PMOI whose six relatives were executed by #Iran's regime, is testifying today in a #Stockholm court against Hamid Noury, 4his involvement in the #1988Massacre.
#ProsecuteRaisiNOW @USABehFarsi…
Today, Iranian Resistance member Ms. Khadijeh Borhani, from Ashraf 3, the Iranian #Resistance's headquarters (#PMOI) in Albania, testified online in a court in Stockholm, #Sweden against the leaders of the #Iran'ian regime & demanded their trial.
#ProsecuteRaisiNOW @JavaidRehman
In the 10th week of Hamid Noury's trial for participation in the genocide during #1988Massacre, Ms. Khadijeh Borhani, a member of the Iranian Resistance, call for justice & the trial of the leaders of #Iran's regime for crimes against humanity.
#ProsecuteRaisiNOW @mbachelet
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💠Press Conference: Live Stream
🔸Legal complaints in #Scotland & Britain against the #Iran|ian Regime’s President Ebrahim Raisi for Crimes of Universal Jurisdiction

🔸Date and time:
13 October 2021, 12:00 CEST

🔸𝗣𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲
🔸Legal complaints in #Scotland & Britain against the #Iran|ian Regime’s President Ebrahim Raisi for Crimes of Universal Jurisdiction
🔸Date and time:
13 October 2021, 12:00 CEST
🔸Live Stream: 👉…
The press conference of the office of the @iran_policy began with the speech of Hossein Abedini.
The conference is sponsored by Struan Stevenson & Taher Bomedra.
Call for the arrest and trial of #Iran'ian President Ebrahim Raisi.
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The reporting parts of this @thetimes article about the Mojahedeen-e-Khalq (#MEK) are interesting, but ultimately it is very disappointing and misleading about the nature of a truly sinister organisation that helped enthrone #Iran's Islamist Republic:…
The Times piece asks about #MEK's money, noting the allegations of Saudi finance, but pretty much takes the Mojahedeen at their word that "Our funding comes from the Iranian diaspora". This is the least problematic aspect, however.
"'I can't be married and have children and also dedicate myself to the cause,' she replies. I get the same response from the sisters Shiva and Azedeh Mamabani."

Should this bizarre answer and the repetition of it not tip-off the Times that #MEK is, in fact, a cult?
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#Iran: Press Briefing: Mullahs’ Sham Presidential Election | NCRI FAC Chair Mohammad Mohaddessin to brief journalists on the election prospects, its consequences, and the nationwide activities of Resistance #BoycottIranShamElections #MyVoteRegimeChange…
1) In a news briefing on May 26, 2021, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the #NCRI, spoke about the most recent developments regarding the Iranian regime’s sham Presidential election.
#BoycottIranShamElections #Iran…
2) @Mohaddessin: Elections in Iran are a travesty, a selection process, by a supreme leader who is himself unelected. Khamenei controls an unelected vetting body charged with filtering candidates.
#MyVoteRegimeChange #BoycottIranShamElections #Iran…
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1⃣That Facebook has removed accounts tied to #MEK, #NCIR #Iran
This claim was first made by Javad Zarif and Hamid Baeidinejad, the mullahs’ Ambassador to the United Kingdom, in 2018.
16 Sep, 2018
ISNA Ambassador #Iran to London, Saeed Baeidinejad: #MEK, “produces millions of messages in form of subversive # every day, using most advanced technologies.” He called on Twitter to “follow official request of Dr. Zarif to close fake accounts # against Iran.”
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📢To all my friends and followers
Do you like to know New Information About the Iranian Regime’s Abadeh Nuclear Site? #IAEA #Iran
@IAEAOrg @RafaelMGrossi @JosepBorrellF @HelgaSchmid_EU @eu_eeas @ForeignOffice @GermanyDiplo @francediplo_EN @USAbehFarsi…
According to the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on February 23, 2021, the nuclear watchdog has found anthropogenic uranium particles at two sites in Iran. @IAEAOrg @RafaelMGrossi @JosepBorrellF @HelgaSchmid_EU @USAbehFarsi…
The Iranian regime had blocked access to these sites to #IAEA inspectors for months.
A question from Europe and America Do you still think you should trust this regime ???
The only solution is to cut off negotiations with them.
@jrpsaki @stateDept…
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