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I'm really proud of our latest episode of Sexing History. We explore the belly dancing craze of the 1960s and 1970s. I hope you'll take a listen and share it. #histsex #twitterstorians…
I want to take a moment and shine a bright light on our wonderful senior producer @Saniya1 who did so much research for this episode and did all of the interviews with the belly dancers involved! She does such fabulous and impeccable work for us! She's a rising start in #histsex
Sexing History is a team effort and you can learn more about us here:
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What school board policy on pregnant teachers looked like at midcentury in PA.

Source: Republican and Herald (Pottsville PA) 05 March 1943.

#twitterstorians #histsex #ElizabethWarren #PregnancyDiscrimination
An example of the lengths school boards would go to in order to push out pregnant teachers and teachers seeking maternity leave at midcentury in PA. School boards would describe these women as incompetent and neglectful.

Source: The Express (Lock Haven PA) 27 Feb 1943
The 1943 PA Supreme Court decision created precedent and allowed other school boards to dismiss pregnant teachers on incompetence grounds.
Source: The Tribune (Scranton PA) 28 May 1943
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I'm quoted in this BBC article. I emphasize that historically, when men demand that their voices be heard in the abortion debate, they are actually demanding control over women's rights, women's bodies, and women's futures. #twitterstorians #histsex…
One quote I wish they included from me was: Men have historically been over represented in abortion debates.They have never been silent. Still, we too often assume men fall on one side of the debate and forget the many men who have worked to empower women’s reproductive choices.
As I read the article from these self-named "post abortive" men, I hear refrains of Monty Python's "Every Sperm is Sacred"... except it's not sung with irony.
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I found these fantastic WWII sources the other week as I was thinking about my sexual politics class. This 4 part series in the SF examiner warns about the sexual and moral dangers of women going to bars. #histsex #twitterstorians
To appreciate the work these articles are doing to police sexuality and gender among young women, you can read @AmandaLittauer's essential book, "Bad Girls" from @uncpressblog. Judge this book by the amazing cover!…
The ways in which these articles, authored by a woman, reveals midcentury sexual transformations and conflicting gender and sexual values is absolutely fascinating.
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Scene at a kid's birthday party last night:
Another Dad (AD): My kid really likes Barbies.
Me: Fun fact. Barbie Dolls were inspired by a sexualized German doll made for adults.
AD: <Incredulous Look> Yeah right.
Me: No... really...
AD: I don't believe you.
Me: Ok....
For those who want to read more:…
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My new friend Bruce has some thoughts about #histsex in the 1930s. He believes "the prevailing values of that era" meant "female sex was equated with the desire to make babies" and that lysol ads were about "women wanting sex/pregnancy." Let's dig in.
Let's start with how we talk about the history of sexuality & change over time. Too often we frame #histsex as 1. a narrative of progress or 2. a narrative of decline. 1 = the past was sexually repressed, the present is not. 2 = the past was morally pure, the present is corrupt.
Both models misread the past & present. A better way of thinking about sexual values & ideas about reproduction in the past is to see them as part of a vigorous and changing debate and as part of a complex power struggle. As @RMarieGriffith might put it, #histsex is moral combat.
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Actually Lysol was advertised as a contraceptive. Let's dig in.
The best article on this history is by Andrea Tone. Anything I say will be a retread of her smart research See:…
To understand how Lysol was very much about birth control, let's take a look at just one advertisement and the images used. Look at the woman with the wedding ring on her finger. Note the calendar on the background signifying a fear of a missed period from unwanted pregnancy.
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1/ An archival puzzle (always look at the back page): Accounting for foundlings, "debauched girls" & Colbert's projects for Louis XIV's gloire. Or how little details speak to metanarratives. I see a note in my book mss cites a 1660-1671 register for 1650s material. Hhm
2/ The source is a Hôtel-Dieu register & the catalogue description is "Registre de remises des enfants exposés et abandonès à la Charité 1660-1671." This document is on line w/ a lot of other great material about e-mod foundlings digitized by @ArchivesdeLyon.
3/ I looked at the document and noticed "register" seems a bit formal for a sheaf of paper tied with string and the first page includes only a brief note. Frustrated! Then I looked at the last page ...
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I keep turning Naomi Wolf and Cokie Roberts' history flubs over in my head. What they ran up against is a fundamental idea that historians of sexuality introduce on day 1: language and meaning change over time. Our words are not the same as the words used in the past.
How folks talked about and wrote about sexuality in public and private were shaped by historically specific etiquette, rules and regulations. Historians look at the contexts and power relations in which words & ideas circulated.
My friend and colleague @lmacthompson1 recently took Cokie Roberts to school on the question of abortion. She spotlighted that when studying the past, we have to pay attention to the terms, social codes and concepts used in a given period.
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As we look at the Covington Catholic students and the events that led them to be in DC wearing MAGA hats while representing their school at March for Life, I want to note that the Catholic politics of race and abortion have been intimately tied together for a long time
I've written about the racial politics of anti-abortion activism here & talked about how ideas about race migrated with anti-busing activists to anti-abortion conflicts…

#twitterstorians #histsex #amrel
Here's a classic on Catholic encounters with race:…
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I just hit 40K! Welcome followers, old & new. Over the next few days, I’ll be tweeting 40 FAVOURITE HISTORY OBJECTS, starting with #40: a medieval skull fused with chainmail. The soldier died at the Battle of Visby in 1361 in Gotland, Sweden. He was buried in his armour.
#39 in my 40 FAVOURITE HISTORY OBJECTS: the Beauchêne skull, or exploded skull. It’s a type of anatomical preparation invented by the French anatomist Claude Beauchêne in the 19th century. This stunning example was created by Ryan Matthew Cohn.
#38 of my 40 FAVOURITE HISTORY OBJECTS: the world's oldest complete example of a human with metastatic cancer. Researchers from Durham University & the British Museum discovered evidence of tumors in this 3,000-year-old skeleton found in the Sudan in 2013:…
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J'ai pas envie de corriger des copies, du coup je vais me fendre d'un thread "Histoire de la sexualité : sexualité et catégorisation" #HistSex, en rebondissant sur un thread qui circule et qui déroule une série de catégories vertigineuses pour qualifier les orientations sexuelles
Je vais nécessairement devoir simplifier les choses pour que ce soit transmissible ici. Donc si vous voulez préciser des points en commentaire, aucun problème, je RT. Mais...
En revanche, si vous venez me splainer je vais vous bloquer. Les catégories sexuelles, c'est le coeur de mes travaux de recherche, et les gens condescendants m'irritent. (Je sais que ça va quand même arriver, mais les bloqués pourront pas dire qu'ils n'ont pas été prévenus.)
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