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While GLP1 therapies primarily exert their weight loss effect through a reduction in food intake, I’m increasingly convinced the most important mechanism behind the decrease in Ein is an attenuation of motivation-reward. I suspect homeostatic modulation plays a smaller role LT.
Mind you that this is speculative, but as my friend, @DavidMacklinMD often says, all roads lead to hedonic hunger. Do you WANT to eat? Are you compelled? Most people describe having better control, less interest, and a lack of compulsion while on GLP1s. It’s hedonics!
@MichaelMossC does a brilliant job describing the history behind the modern food environment and how it hijacks our biology in #Hooked. GLP1 therapies seem to turn off the feedback systems that drive a lot of the conditioned wanting & eating. Anticipatory drive improves as well.
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In 2016, I went down a rabbit hole to understand the recipe for successful apps.

• Developed a quantified framework
• Ran it through 100+ apps
• Supercharged dozens of clients' apps for 🚀📈

Here is the entire framework broken down for your #indiehacker app:
It all started on a long-haul flight when I was #hooked by @nireyal's book.

It made sense, but I thought there must be a way to quantify this user engagement thing.

So we developed a framework and put it to test on over 100 apps.

An experiment with surprising results!
While the framework has solely qualitative input, the quantified output was significantly correlated to the measured KPIs.

An increase of 5 points on the framework's 0-100 scale resulted on avg. in:
• 51% more reviews / download
• 48% more daily sessions
• 62% longer sessions
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The Toxic #Narcissist Cycle of Abuse: 5 Stages Thread
Stage 1:
Love Bombing & Lying:
Your #abuser lies to you from the start, convincing them-self/selves & YOU that you are liked, included, adored, loved & respected. Your #boundaries are respected & you are overly welcomed
In this phase, you will put on their ‘glasses’, be overmedicated on their empty promises, #future faking, deception & lies 👉🏻 all leading to fake #hopeism. They make you wear their glasses whereby you ‘view’ them as from #heaven & ‘saving you’, being ‘right’ or on the right side
You will #believe what they are selling you as they are now your ‘real family’, your #soulmate your ‘twin flame’,
your ‘neurokin’, your ‘transautlet’ your ‘otherkin’ (insert any propaganda) #family You become the centre of their life/group, organisation initially 🚩You find
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@CDCgov 1) My Mom had #BeenSmokingCigarettes for 30 #Years when she had gotten #pneumonia 2x's during the Winter of 1989-1990. Her doctor told her if she didn't #QuitSMOKING , she would #VeryLikely get #pneumonia again. Then, he Highly recommended that she #GiveNicotinePatchesATry . She
@CDCgov 2) decided to try them; for #ThreeEntireMonths , as the amount of #Nicotine in the patches is reduced each month; even though they caused her to get a small amount of hives! 😃 By that time, she was down to #Smoking 1 or 2 #Cigarettes a day; instead of her usual #PackADay Habit!
@CDCgov 3) And, back then, packs had 30 #Cigarettes in them! BUT, she had to keep a #PenInHerMouth every day; & leave the #SmokingLunchroom at work, too. And, for some odd reason, she used #CinnamonCandies to help herself, too. So, she was #TryingVeryHard to quit; using psychological
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1/ Feedback loops have been used to suggest various tools and frameworks by various authors for varied purposes. But the way @nireyal managed to explain Product Design using Feedback Loop gave me lot of clarity.
2/ Behavioral science behind keeping a person hooked onto a platform is complicated as it needs a fine balance between the emotional need ur platform is capturing nd other customer emotions like anticipation, autonomy, anonymity, boredom, Sense of achievement, etc.
3/ Yet @nireyal simplifies it with utmost ease.

In his chapter on Variable Rewards, he draws a comparison between most of the top platforms that keep their platforms supremely loyal and engaged through variability in reward. Sharing my learnings on the same.

A Thread:
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#Antisemitic Incident !!!

#Belgium #Aalst

The #Belgian city of #Aalst returns the #award of its #carnival as a #Worldheritage Site.
Background are allegations of #racism and #antisemitism.
Mayor Christoph D'Haese said that one has had enough of the "grotesque #complaints" and let the #carnival be #deleted from the list. He thus came before a decision of @UNESCO before.
he had already considered removing the #Aalst #Carnival from World Heritage at the upcoming mid-month meeting.
The controversy has been going on since #spring. At that time D'Haese defended a float of the procession,
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