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With a very good onion crop in the ground.  We must now think of bringing the crop to market.We have already sent out notes on onion storage which some of you did not get.  So herewith notes for those of you who did not get the first edition.
1. Storage begins with reaping - before the rain and at the right time of day.  Rain on a reaped onion crop lying in the lands will greatly reduce the shelf life of bulbs and make it much more difficult to store the crop.  At the start of reaping, harvesting teams must be ready,
2. and tractors and trailers fully operational for a slick, fast moving operation.  
With late planted crops and impending rain some growers have resorted to spraying the crops with gramoxone.  This certainly dries off green leaves quickly and seals the necks, but
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1/4The horticultural farming landscape is dynamic. During my visit in Midlands and Matebeleland Provinces, I saw that a lot of people are getting an interest in horticulture. The major limiting factor in Matebeleland is water, most boreholes are drying out quickly. We are hoping ImageImageImageImage
2/4 for good rains this year, so that it can improve the water table. The farmers in Nyamandlovu are doing quite well because they have enough water. The pictures above is an example of adopting to good agronomic practices. Mr Dhlaminiof Nyamandlovu grew 5 million plants of Onion
3/4 Irati @Charterseeds and Mr Setfree Nkomo of Warringham just planted 18600 plants of tomato Trinity open field. These crops were attributed by high level of concentration. In addition field visits are of utmost importance, they motivate farmers and gives them the zeal to push
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Midlands province is proving to be horticultural Hub , you can see for yourself look at the farmers in Kwekwe and Gweru. l had time to interact with farmers , l like their zeal , passion and they are ready to feed the nation. Next stop Zvishavane and Bulawayo. ImageImageImageImage
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1/6 Charter Seeds/Starke Ayres Sweetcorn, ready for the future. The Starke Ayres sweetcorn breeding program was started in the early 1990's.It has grown from very humble beginnings to the success it is today! The world class varieties produced from the program ImageImageImageImage
2/6 quickly became popular with both local and international producers. The sweetcorn success story continues to the present day and is a long way from finished. Growers generally favour a strong plant with good disease resistance and a high yield potential. Supermarkets and
3/6 Consumers are more focused on quality, taste and shelf life. Commercial varieties that currently excel in the Starke Ayres line up include the following star 7714,7719 are later maturing, typical summer fresh market varieties. Both perform well in difficult summer growing
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1/13The Importance of Good Soil Tilth To The Horticulturist. By creating morden day hybrid vegetable varieties with enormous yield potential.Plant breeders have completely changed the nature of soil science in horticulture. Morden horticultural varieties are bred for many reason
2/13 but are all capable of exceptionally high yields. If the grower gets it right, with the right varieties he can achieve marketable yields of epic proportions. Commensurate with record breaking yields is a very high rate of plant metabolism for much longer periods than in the
3/13 past. This means a much higher rate of nutrient uptake must be maintained for a considerable part of the plant's life span. Soil factors like intensity(immediate available nutrient) and capacity (nutrient available for a period of time - usually the useful life of the crop)
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1/8 Soil requirements for tomatoes. A very high level of soil fertility is required for the profitable production of a successful tomato crop. The quality and quantity of tomato fruits are of crucial importance and are greatly influenced by the fertility and nutrient levels of Image
2/8 the soil. Tomatoes will grow moderately well over a wide range of soil types. However certain criteria have to be satisfied in terms of the soil structure and content to make it commercially viable. These factors include: Nutrient composition, Compaction, Effective soil depth
3/8 pH, Crop rotation, Herbicide residues, Water holding capacity. All these factors can have major influences on the resulting yield. The soil must permit adequate root growth to support the plant and supply water, oxygen and mineral nutrients and must be free of toxic elements.
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1/3 Stem rot fungi Phytophthora infestans also known as Late blight. Ultimately kills the plant by weakening the root system and the plant dies off from the top downwards. Remedy drench the uninfected plants with Kobe 150mls/15 litres of water. repeat again in 7 days.This will ImageImageImage
2/3 help to protect the roots of uninfected plants but will have little effect on the infected plants. Infection is associated with a period of excess water in the soil and the best protection is to have a well drained, highly oxygenated, aggregated soil with strong fast growing
3/3 roots. Standing or surface water weakens the plant incomes the disease.The best defence of stem rot fungi is good drainage, soil preparation and oxygenated soils. # farming #horticulture @corporatefarmg1 @yoAgronomist @mrLethario @shumbamorry @IsabellaMaponga @MoLAWRR_Zim
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1/5 Transplanting seedlings. The farmer should bear in mind the following when transplanting seedlings. Firstly the seedlings must be transplanted and watered as soon as possible after it has been obtained from the nursery. Seedlings should be placed vertically into the ground
2/5 and not side ways.This is to avoid a condition known as "J rooting".This condition results in a J shaped root system that ultimately decreases yield up to 50% or more, the root doesn't develop well, when it survives it doesn't grow well The farmer should ensure that seedlings
3/5 are planted at the correct depth in a little hole that has been formed into the ground prior to planting. If the seedlings are forced into the ground without a hole being prepared for them to be inserted into, the root system will be compromised and the plant will experience
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1/3 Broccoli is considered to be one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world. Broccoli seems to mature faster in Zimbabwe than anywhere else, most publications suggest that +_ 70 days to maturity. Variety star 2204 is bred for absolute uniformity. Adaptable for year round ImageImageImage
2/3 production. Medium to large frame with good disease resistance. Excellent quality with few side shoots. Very high marketable yield potential. Average head mass 500-600g.Firm dome-shaped heads with short to medium florets. Maturity is very uniform with a high first cut
3/3 percentage. Features and benefits, Good heat and cold tolerance for year round production. Plant population 30-40 000/ha. #farming #horticulture @corporatefarmg1 @mrLethario @yoAgronomist
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1/3 The season doesn't wait for everyone. As farmers you need to plan ahead, The summer season is around the corner, you need to prepare for your nursery now for crops like tomato star 9009, 9037,Trinity, make a booking in advance with reputable nurseries to avoid last minute
2/3 disappointment. If you want to plant an early tomato crop now it's the time to do that. The 5Ps are important i.e Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. I have seen a lot of farmers looking for ready to plant seedlings from the nurseries without making a booking.
3/3 Let's get organized and you need at least 5 weeks for seedlings to be ready. If you want to plant in August you need to do your seedlings now. #farming #horticulture @Charterseeds @CdeNMaswerasei @corporatefarmg1 @yoAgronomist @MukuvariKaroi @basera_john @JohnMuchenje4
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1/3 The current very low temperatures and overcast weather can lead to bolting in onions crops. The factors associated with bolting in onions are given below.
Associated with:1.Overcast cool conditions and low temperatures when the bulb is filling. 2.Variety: Select the right Image
2/3 varietal type for the prevailing day length. 3.Critical size of the bulb:The larger the plant the more the rapid is the expansion of the bulb. At 9°C larger plants needs 20 days for bulb filling. At 9°C smaller plants need 80 days for bulb filling. If the bulb is small
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1/3 Onion Irati variety"Game changer" 300 000 plants grown by Mr Chinyadza in his rural home in Murehwa Mash East province.The crop is 75 days old. The crop is coming up very well. @Charter Seeds /Starke Ayres onions are exceptional uniform,they grow at the same pace. Image
2/3 Irati produce highly attractive bulbs and has got good storage capacity. The farmer is very excited with his onion crop.No space is small in Horticulture, utilize the small space of land you have, maximize the small available area.
3/3 Let's feed the nation and the future is bright. #farming #horticulture #Charterseeds
Seeds of success!
@yoAgronomist @corporatefarmg1 @farmbuzz1 @RedSoilFarm
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1/8 Green bean production. Green beans are an important crop for both the fresh and processing markets. For the fresh market segment uniformity, quality and general appearance are among the most important factors. For the processing market harvestability, a concentrated fruit set
2/8 and recovery play the most important roles. Some of these traits can be obtained by variety selection but a lot still depends on management and good farming practice. To achieve the desired result from a bean crop some basic steps must be followed to ensure that best yield
3/8 and quality are obtained. As with any crop the need for soil analysis is of utmost importance. Plant population and spacing, Green beans are planted at a rate of 250-350 000 seeds per ha. Row width, irrigation type and time of sowing will determine the final target population
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HS2 is Britain’s biggest environment project, delivering miles of ecological and landscape investments alongside construction. On #WorldEnvironmentDay, find out more about the huge scale of environment work and the benefits #fornature.
HS2’s already created over 60 new #wildlife habitats. Grassland, ponds, and plantings now support reptiles, badgers, birds, and bats. At Finham Brook in #Warks six new ponds benefit great crested newts amid 6,200 new trees. #WorldEnvironmentDay
HS2’s also planting 7 million #trees and shrubs between #London and #Birmingham alone. Over 40 species are being grown by Crowders Nurseries, a family run #SME in #Lincs. We’ve already planted 350,000 of them. #WorldEnvironmentDay
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1/5 A famous chef once said that you need an entire life just to know tomatoes. This is even more true of those involved in producing the crop as new challenges seem to appear every year. Tuta absoluta has a high reproductive capacity with female moths laying up to 300 eggs at a Image
2/5 time . Generation cycles are short, up to 12 per year are possible. This means the danger of resistance to chemicals developing is increased. A spraying program that rotates chemical groups and modes of action is essential to prevent resistance build up. Tips on control.
3/5 The most effective control will be achieved through integration of chemical, biological and cultural means. All infested material must be destroyed either by burning or by deep burial. Crop rotation must be adhered to and weed control regularly and effectively carried out.
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1/3 That's what we want to see from all Horticultural farmers in Zimbabwe or Africa at large to be successful. Our goal as Agronomists is to impart knowledge to farmers. Nothing is impossible in farming as long you follow the correct Agronomic and technical advice. Yesterday I ImageImageImageImage
2/3 visited some farmers in Arcturus and Ruwa Mash East province who grew tomato star 9009 5000 and 20000 plants respectively from Charter Seeds. That's the formula of success our seed + our techniques, and with Charter Seeds you won't go wrong. As Zimbabwe farmers we can grow
3/3 successful crops and feed the nation without importing vegetables. Farm visits are part of our services to our farmers.
#farming #horticulture #Charterseeds
@corporatefarmg1 @yoAgronomist @marsdee2014 @MatiengaMambo @farmbuzz1
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#REDTalk now live! Is the pandemic an opportunity to review the food system. Live tweets here..
The Shadow Environment Minister @davidzeichner thanks food workers for their support during the pandemic.
Yes, the pandemic is an opportunity to review our food system. But we are unlikely to take it. @DavidZeichner
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1/8 Beware the thrips threat. The onion thrip, Thrips tabaci is considered to be the major insect pest of onions Bulb yield can be reduced up to 30% and the damage is compounded by if thrips infect the crop with Iris yellow spot virus, of which they are the main vector.
2/8 damage caused by thrips can also provide other pathogens with entry points. Thrips species have wide host ranges, feeding on both broadleaf and grass species. Thrips feed on the leaves of onion plants, causing white or silver lesions. High level infestations cause significant
3/8damage that results in reduced photosynthetic area and the plant's ability to produce photosynthates for the developing bulb is compromised. Infestations that develop during the early stages of bulb formation have the largest impact on bulb size and quality. Infestations later
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1/4 Fruit cracks are very common, especially on normal round varieties. Cracking is a serious problem as cracked fruit are unmarketable. Cracking appears in one or two manners - radial cracks(radiating from the stem) and concentric cracks (usually on the shoulders).This ImageImage
2/4 physiological symptom is associated with rapid fruit development and as with BER, fluctuations in water availability to the plant. When dry weather is followed by high temperatures and heavy rains, ripening fruits become very susceptible to fruit cracking. The internal
3/4 expansion is faster than the expansion of the epidermis due to the sudden increase of water availability and subsequent uptake by the plant, which in turn leads to the skin splitting. Cracking can be reduced by avoiding heavy nitrogen applications and fluctuations in water
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1/4 Blossom End Rot(BER) is one of the most commonly seen physiological disorders. It is caused by a calcium deficiency related to fluctuations in availability of water, specifically on developing fruits. It mostly found on the blossom end of the fruits, but can also appear on Image
2/4 the sides of developing fruits. Even though Blossom end rot only causes localised injuries, secondary pathogens invade the lesions and cause complete roting of the fruits. BER can be prevented by maintaining a steady rate of plant growth without stress. This is achieved by
3/4 consistent supply of water which assist in maintaining a constant flow of calcium from soil to roots to leaves and fruit. Under difficult conditions mulching can be considered as an aid to conserving moisture in the soil. BER is an even bigger challenge when an excess of
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1/7 Tomato is known to be a warm season crop. It can survive some cold, but it is not tolerant of very low temperatures. A top class tomato crop requires a stable temperature range with minimums and maximums not being too far apart. Wide temperature variation often results in
2/7 poor fruit quality or reduced yields. The minimum temperature is around 10°C with the maximum being 34°C.Optimum temperature is between 26 and 29°C.For optimal development of the tomato plant, a relative humidity between 65 and 85% is required. Higher relative humidity levels
3/7 negatively influence pollen release and distribution on the stigma. High humidity also creates a favourable environment for the development of various foliar diseases. The incidence of blotchy ripening also increases at high humidity. Conversely, low relative humidity may
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Attention to detail is key to success in horticulture. Our formula for success=@Charter Seeds/Starke Ayres seeds plus our techniques (ROADMAP).Look at this "Beast" Trinity crop (4000 plants)@3 weeks old in Southlea Park surbubs Harare grown by a well seasoned farmer Morris Shumba ImageImage
Hygiene in greenhouse is the number 1 priority. That's what we want to see from all of our farmers.We have the seed that gives the farmer very high yield potential and quality that will make a farmer the most prosperous. The hybrid variety is more pricey, but brings high ROI, it
gives you the potential to double the yield and it will give you what your customers are looking for. Trinity is bred to perform.
#farming #horticulture #Charterseeds #Seedsofsuccess
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Let's develop farming as a business not as a hobby.This tomato crop (1800 plants of star 9009,39 days old)from Murehwa communal area. Let's get rid of the mindset that rural areas are for subsistence farming. Let's use communal lands to do intensive horticulture farming, the
market is there, you can't claim you're a farmer but you're failing to grow vegetables for your community. Agriculture is the future. This is what we want to see across the country. I'm challenging my fellow homeboys and girls in Njanja to do the same like what this Murehwa
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Let's use horticulture to take Zimbabwe to the next level.10 fruits in each measurement taken.1770g is Star 9065 fruit,1702g is Star 9062 fruit, Star 9065 in front,Star 9062 by ladies.These two processing varieties were grown in Bulawayo, with this kind of farming we will retain ImageImageImage
our status as the bread basket of Southern Africa. Star 9062 is a small plant and also very prolific. It does well in adverse conditions with high brix and takes 75 to 80 days to maturity. It doesn't need trellising. Star 9065 can be grown without trellising, however it is highly
recommended to be trellised. These two determinate varieties have good shelf life and deep effective root system.
SeedsofSuccess #horticulture #farming #Zimbabwe
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