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On Wednesday I intend to be arrested at #ExtinctionRebellion. These are my reasons:
1. History shows that when people are prepared to jeopardise their own liberty, other people realise that they mean what they say, and take their campaigns more seriously.
2. I have urged other people to join @ExtinctionR, and many of them have been arrested. It would be wrong to encourage other people to do something I am not prepared to do.
3. As a white, middle class man with an established career, I am less vulnerable than the great majority of other people. I feel I have a moral duty to use this privilege for the sake of those without such liberty and without my voice.
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I would dearly love the chance to debate #ClimateBreakdown with @afneil, or the presenters of the other big BBC programmes. But it seems they prefer to discuss it only with less experienced people. I wonder why?
I'm told by a senior BBC figure that the reason I'm rarely invited to speak by @BBCNews and Current Affairs is that "you're seen as an extremist".
I think this says more about the BBC than it says about me.
Real extremism has been normalised by the BBC: extreme neoliberals and extreme nationalists are all over its airwaves.
But those urging respect for other people and the rest of life on Earth are shut out.
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What's that? Just me, sitting weeping of relief in my kitchen, because the NHS gave me 2 months worth of cancer meds rather than 1. My cancer meds are at risk from Brexit. I didn't even know how worried I was until I opened the bag and realised I'm safe until mid December.
Fuck Johnson, fuck Farage, fuck all their enablers and travel companions. How dare you do this to all of us - all of us who want to be in this country, work, learn, live, be with our families, be safe from basic harm and deprivation. HOW DARE YOU.
Whoops sometimes I forget twitter is out loud. I did have cancer back in 2016, the 😍NHS got rid of it, but the drugs are necessary to tilt the odds to keep it from coming back. And crazy old socialist me - I think I deserve a govt who will at a basic level try to keep me alive.
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If you're interested in #traffic, Amazon deliveries, logistics, #congestion, #environmental issues, and #ClimateBreakdown then grab a cup of tea,.

Settle in for a long thread on same-day delivery, it comes with 14 parts and some additional commentary👇
Let's start with a fun challenge.

Pick 30 random addresses in the town in which you live. Then pick 30 randomly sized items available on Amazon, one for each address. Your task is to plan a journey that minimises the driving time and gets them delivered in a day. 1/14
Now let's make it harder, select 1000 random addresses, and 1000 randomly sized packages.

You've got five days to fulfil all the orders this time, and ten vans with which to work. You've got an hour to get the journeys planned. 2/14
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Did you catch @BillMcKibben’s article in the @NewYorker last week?

TL;DR? No worries, we summed it up for you. [IN THREAD]

Hint: It’s about the ONE thing we can do to hit the fossil fuel industry where it hurts 🤑… #fossilfinance
@billmckibben @NewYorker "This spring, we set another high mark for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: 415 parts per million, higher than it has been in many millions of years."
"The summer began with the hottest June ever recorded, and then July became the hottest month ever recorded."
@billmckibben @NewYorker But there’s good news, too: as more and more people are joining in the fight. (See @GretaThunberg, @ExtinctionR and more!)

“The question is, what levers can we pull that might possibly create change within the time that we need it to happen?” Hint: it’s 💰💰💰

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A society that perpetuates violence (passive & physical) makes violent people of us all. Hence it’s important to reject it in all its form and turn to love. Love is a verb rather than a feeling. And practicing and grounding oneself in love an act of resistance. #LoveAsResistance
Some may think it naive but I’ll explain. Systems of oppression like colonialism, white supremacy, patriarchy, cis-heteronormativity (with come together neatly under capitalism) survive through violence.
It’s through violent means (extractive economics, state brutality, militarisation etc) that it stakes it’s power and controls everyone within the system. It perpetuates notions of manhood, power, success, entitlement that are all tied to violence.
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There is a desire for governments and media to bluntly explain the consequences of an unchecked #ClimateChange.

Well, then you should take a look at this.👇Accessible and easy to understand.

Part 1/4: What happens to Earth at 2°C of warming?

[THREAD 1/5]

Copyright by @SkyNews
"If global temperatures rise by 2°C, the chances of avoiding a 3°C increase are slim — and here’s why."

The creators of the film have not yet considered that permafrost is already thawing.

Part 2/4: What happens to Earth at 3°C of warming?

[THREAD 2/5]

Copyright by @SkyNews
Watch this video very carefully because we are currently heading straight for this scenario. 👇

In view of this, who can still put economic interests ahead of #ClimateProtection?

Part 3/4: What happens to Earth at 4°C of warming?

[THREAD 3/5]

Copyright by @SkyNews
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UK bridges carry big messages about one of the biggest contributors of environmental destruction and no... it isn’t the industry you think it may be.

#banner4change #bannerforchange
You can’t have failed to hear about climate activist Greta Thunberg, a 16‐year‐old school girl making her voice heard for climate justice amongst our most powerful leaders and politicians.

#bannerforchange #EarthOvershootDay
Despite the awareness she’s created, many feel the response is too slow, ‘criminal’ even, given the emergency of the situation, with groups such as Extinction Rebellion blasting the inaction of those in charge..

#banner4change #climatechange
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I used to be afraid of horror movies. I watched some with my brother last night, and now I understand. How very quaint and soothing they were - an escape from the relentless horror of seeing #ClimateBreakdown, present and future, all around.…
I'd much rather see conventionally-attractive white teenagers eaten by monsters or whatever than imagine the anguish of millions of city dwellers without water, for months, despite the city still sending waters to those who bottle and sell it. #Harare #Zimbabwe
I used to use that example as hyperbole of how markets cannot be expected to deal with environmental degradation: that the last glass of drinkable water on earth would go to some rich dude's swimming pool, rather than to a poor person suffering from thirst. Fear not, fiction.
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George Osborne for head of the IMF: because the Grim Reaper really needs an extra fucking hand at killing off the 99% worldwide.…
I mean seriously, can't we just let #ClimateBreakdown and #Ecocide take care of humanity? Do we have to bring a fucking hereditary psychopathic British upper class twit Baronet into it?…
Nono, literally aristocratic fucking capitalists are like, no, the cataclysm is *not* accelerating fast enough for us, all these poor people are not going to just die off by themselves, we need *worse* financial policies please and thank you.
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Two weeks ago, on Sat 15th of June, Geneva was hit by a monster storm, with high winds, huge hail and bucketing fall of lashing rain. I was caught outside in it. I sheltered with terrified families & kids in a bus shelter. Kids stood on the bench, adults tried to stay in shelter.
Then the bus shelter started flooding from all the rain, with swirling dark water. We were pushed outward towards the hail. I had an umbrella and was trying to keep it open to stop the hailstones from hitting us, but the hail hit my legs. It left bruises. Finally a bus came.
I got on with two kids who were on their way home (guess 10-11-12 years old?). They were terrified out of their wits. I told them I would help them home. But it was not straightforward. We had to change from bus to tram, and we had to cross 3 streets. The kids were so scared ...
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I had an epiphany today (which means someone probably thought of this and said it better a couples of decades ago at least - but hear me out). When we talk about the burden of reconsidering our ways of production and consumption because of #ClimateBreakdown & #Ecocide ... 1/
we're really talking about moving away from the worldview of consumerism, of "homo economicus", of our only purpose being consumption. When we are demanding of our societies to enable us to live without damaging our life support systems, we are blowing consumerism sky high. 2/
Because being alive, as a sentient life form, doesn't mean being force-fed whatever some megacorp needs to stay afloat. It means being a knowing part of our world, not an ignorant funnel for consumption. 3/
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Hi everyone! 👋 A few weeks ago, I went into my son's classroom, and taught a bunch of 4-7 year olds about the causes, effects, impacts and actions they could take on #ClimateBreakdown
This blog tells that story.…
I encourage you to do the same: the props are simple, the time is minimal, the reward is immense. You'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll help the next generation manage their way into the Anthropocene. What could be more important?
Backstory for fun: this was my son's first reaction when I raised the topic 😂.
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No words. #WaterCrisis
“40% of India’s population will have no access to drinking water by 2030, the report said.”
Good evening everyone. Some replies are mentioning climate refugees as a threat, or as something to motivate right-wing people to care about #ClimateBreakdown. I have [strong] thoughts about that 👇. Have a read first?
Good morning. Except to the people who are answering "birth control" and other such ecofascist anti-human hatefulness in replies. They can fuck right the fuck off to fuck and then fuck off some more.
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Woke up with the climate horrors again. Thinking of the millions in India facing the heat and lack of water. Heat at this level kills, it harms, people, animals (wild & domestic), crops. This is what true horror looks like, and we are only at 1 degree of warming, heading for 4.
But 1 degree is already enough to mean we have left the Holocene behind. The Holocene is the pink zone in this figure from the IPCC SR1.5. The Holocene started after the last ice age, 12'000 years ago. Agriculture, cities and civilizations all happened during the Holocene. 2/
We have moved Earth into a climate with no previous analog in terms of speed of change, and no previous analog in terms of the experience of our species. Homo genus is 2 million years old: the last time there were 400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere was 3 million years ago. 3/
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Tired, on a delayed train crawling through Europe. Story time!
Yesterday I was walking my son to school. I noticed he was holding his breath every time a car drove by.
- What are you doing?
- I don't want to breathe the pollution in.
- Uh ok, I understand.
Note that this doesn't come from me: they have sustainability exposure sessions at his school where some lovely dude talks to the kiddies about sustainable mobility and all that. I don't talk to him about air pollution, just #ClimateBreakdown. Back to the story.
I don't want him to freak out, so I try to reassure him.
- You can still breathe. It's not so bad right here. [Meanwhile I'm thinking of the sick children of Leeds & London.]
- You know? It would be he helpful if people could SEE the pollution. That way they would know.
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We're committing to ourselves to #DecarbonisingResearch. Join the conversation, share your practices, and let's commit together to thinking and doing research differently @ahrcpress @SOAS @GCRF @Changing_Story_ @NahreinNetwork @rftdnetwork @AKNetwork1 @KeyTravel
Since 2017 the #GRNPP team has worked with partners in Myanmar and Ethiopia to discuss and imagine what democratic politics might look like in a more engaged and inclusive political world.
Our approach is based on the creation and maintenance of strong and enduring networks. Skype is nice but nothing beats meeting face-to-face. But we recognise that travel comes at a cost.
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This is a remarkable post by @ewarren. The US military is the #1 polluter on this planet, hence making the connection to #ClimateBreakdown is hugely important. Yet, her framing of the issue remains strictly confined to questions of efficacy and readiness.…
It's a smart approach, when talking to those who accept US imperialism as a given. but there's also a paradox embedded here: The main role of the US military is to secure access to and control over fossil fuel, which will lose its strategic value in a world powered by renewables.
The empire depends on the world economy's dependence on fossil fuels and oil in particular. Once energy production is decentralized all over the planet, the petrodollar will fall. And with the petrodollar gone, the USD will be but one out of many currencies.
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1/ A thought on #climatebreakdown. A lot of people seem to be in denial it's happening, so I'm going to give an explanation for what is actually going on. That way when one hears a denial hopefully you can all understand how unreasonable the denials actually are.
2/ To start with, all fossil fuels are basically hydrocarbons (CnH2n+2) for example, Methane, the primary component of natural gas is CH4, Ethane is C2H6, Propane C3H8, Butane C4H10, etc.
3/ When we burn hydrocarbons we are reacting them with O2 (molecular oxygen) this reaction takes the form: (CnH2n+2) + XO2 --> (n+1)H2O + nCO2 + energy. (Wikipeida says X is (3n+1)/2 but I cannot get it to balance if the n is even, for example n = 4, X is ultimately 13.)
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Last night’s #ClimateChangeTheFacts was, on the whole, excellent. Finally, after a mere 30 years of asking, a strong, unflinching BBC film on our existential crisis. The science was laid out clearly and remorselessly. The footage was harrowing and astonishing.
Mirabile dictu, there was even a sequence about a political aspect: the denial industry, funded by fossil fuel companies to prevent action from being taken. I had given up hope of ever seeing that on a BBC documentary.
And it was brilliant to see @GretaThunberg laying out the case for protest so beautifully and inspiringly.
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I'll watch the BBC's climate film tonight with interest. I just hope it's better than the last one.…
In either case, isn't it extraordinary that the BBC making a film about #climatebreakdown is billed as a Big Event? In the midst of a climate emergency, films about the subject should be common and regular. But years go by in silence.
We have been starved of information about our existential crisis. And it's not for want of people desperate to make such films. Many of us have tried over and again, only to be rejected out of hand. It makes you wonder what the hell has been going on.
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Between these 2 clips, 1m people have watched this argument that ending #climatebreakdown means overthrowing capitalism. Will current affairs programmes now allow us to hear such things? Or will they remain confined to comedy shows?

The BBC and other broadcasters have systematically excluded such perspectives from both current affairs programmes and documentaries. In any other country we would know what to call it. Censorship.
The broadcasters tell us they seek balance. But they seek balance only within a remarkably narrow spectrum of thought. Any views that challenge the system as a whole are excluded. And not passively. In my experience, they are rejected with a string of angry expletives.
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On @frankieboyle's New World Order last night, I argued that preventing #climatebreakdown means overthrowing capitalism. I don't think there's any other BBC programme that would allow this.
The only way in which you are now permitted to speak truth to power, by the BBC or any other major broadcaster, is to disguise it as comedy.
As TV comedy and drama have become ever more daring, factual and current affairs programmes have become ever more timid. Truth now has to be smuggled under the guise of entertainment. This is how TV works in authoritarian regimes - and in the UK.
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