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I’m so glad to announce that the computational model I developed during my PhD is now a stand-alone software and has recently passed the strict review process of my favorite journal, Journal of #OpenSource Software 🤩…
Let me explain it a bit 👇
BioDeg is an #opensource cross-platform software written in #FreeFEM, C++, and Python for modeling the degradation of metallic #biomaterials and simulating the #biodegradation behavior of medical devices and #implants in #corrosion experiments.
The necessity and the details of the computational model of #biodegradable materials, which does the main simulation behind the scene, are already discussed in this Twitter thread, so make sure to have a look at it if you like to know more 🤓

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We just published the “Ten Simple Rules for Large-scale Data Processing” with @GreeneScientist @seandavis12 @infoecho @localee_compact @datawheeler @jaclyn_taroni based on our experience.…
#Bioinformatics #BigData #CloudComputing
Thank you to all the authors for sharing their thoughts and contributing to writing/editing. I learned several tips in our discussion.
These rules are focusing on the technical planning process and should be considered as a companion to other recommendations that are more focusing on policy, ethical, or compliance aspects.
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Wanna try @nextflowio DSL2?

Our #climbBioinfoskills tutorial is available online! 🧵 Image
#Nextflow is a fantastic language and workflow runtime, which allow us to write clean logic and to separate it to the configuration. The same workflow can transparently run locally, on your #HPC or in the #cloud!

My slides are available on Github:…
And the repository itself shows a simple example of a "de novo" assembly pipeline for bacterial genomes
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#Sähköauto Nissan #Leaf 40kWh matkaa 338km Pohjanmaalle. Pakkasta aamulla Helsingissä -16°C. Matkalla 3 lyhyehköä pikalatausta yht 1h sekä lounaan ajan 3kW AC latausta. Kangasalan kautta ajaessa kokeillaan mahtuuko siskon 2 turvaistuinta ja lastenrattaat tähän tilaihmeeseen.
Auton mittari kertoo -15°C. Kyllä on mukava lähteä lämpimällä autolla ja ikkunat sulana liikkeelle. Akku myös tukevasti pakkasella, mutta varmasti lämpenee ennen ensimmäistä #Chademo pikalatausta, #goldgate nimellä kulkeva kylmän akun hidas lataus ei vaivaa #Leaf’ia.
ABC Tiiriön 50kW 🇪🇸 Efatec #Recharge laturi on erinomaisella paikalla, harmillisesti vain yksinäinen. Oli vapaana mutta 10min latauksen lopulla tuli toinen auto jonottamaan. Latausnopeus odotettu 40kW.
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#SC21 #Top500:

ATIP's More Realistic China Top100?

Better pictures in this thread compared to the photo from Tiffany I tweeted earlier

#HPC #AI via @Cozy57 @glennklockwood
@Cozy57 @glennklockwood 2/

#Exascale in China: 2 EFlops systems today, 3rd delayed

#HPC #AI #SC21 #Top500
@Cozy57 @glennklockwood 3/

#HPC in China: Out of 10 #supercomputing centers planned, 8 are in operation

#AI #SC21
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#SC21 opening ceremony: General chair Bronis de Spinski takes the stage.

#SC21: The @Supercomputing perennials - some are in STL and some are attending remotely this year

@Supercomputing #SC21: Ken Kennedy award goes to Dr. David Abramson

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#Top500 -Still waiting for #Exascale: Japan's #Fugaku outperforms all competition once again

@Azure system called Voyager-EUS2 was the only machine to shake up the top spots, claiming #10…

#Top500: Only one change in the Top10 systems - Voyager-EUS2 @Azure using AMD EPYC CPU and Nvidia A100 GPU

Perlmutter @NERSC improved its performance to 70.9 Pflop/s but remained at #5 on the list

#SC21 #HPC

#Fugaku continues to hold the No. 1 position that it first earned in June 2020

It was co-developed by Riken and Fujitsu and is based on Fujitsu’s ARM A64FX processor

It uses Fujitsu’s Tofu D interconnect

#HPC #SC21
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#SC21: Press briefing starting now

Bronis R. de Supinski @Livermore_Lab mentions SC21 is the first hybrid @Supercomputing conference

@Supercomputing ~3800 in-person attendees, according to Bronis

More than I expected....

#SC21 #HPC
@Supercomputing #SC21: @mark_epcc from @EPCCed covers the finalist papers for the Gordon Bell Prize, which recognizes outstanding achievements in #HPC

Also the finalists for GB for #Covid19
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#SC21: @HPC_Hyperion #HPC Market briefing (without the breakfast this time 😉 )

Despite Covid, #Fugaku single-handedly saved the HPC revenue numbers for 2020 - a billion dollars makes a difference!
@HPC_Hyperion .@HPE is the top #HPC vendor, followed by @DellTech

@Fujitsu_Global jumped due #3 due to #Fugaku - so this is their 15 minutes of fame :-)

@InspurServer & @lenovo make up the Top 5

@HPC_Hyperion The broader on-prem #HPC market

#HPC #storage remains #2 after compute, which is the biggest item as usual

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Incredibly happy that our @RoboStack paper has been accepted to the @ieeeras Robotics & Automation Magazine 🥳. @RoboStack brings together #ROS @rosorg with @condaforge and @ProjectJupyter. Preprint: Find out some key benefits in this 🧵: 1/n
You can now easily use ROS (both ROS1 #Noetic and ROS2 #Galactic) on a wide range of platforms: @linuxfoundation (not just a specific Ubuntu, any Linux!), @Apple #MacOS and @Microsoft @Windows - even on ARM processors including the new M1 (work still in progress, though). 2/n
Thanks to the tight coupling to @condaforge, this enables you to (very easily) install ROS side-by-side with thousands of scientific libraries, including recent #computervision and #machinelearning ones (think @TensorFlow, @opencvlibrary, @PyTorch and more). 3/n
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Ok I feel a rant coming on…
Imagine showing up to the Top500 podium and celebrating #1 when you know Serena Williams didn’t show up to play because she didn’t think your tourney was worth her effort. That’s how foolish it’ll look this Top500 at SC21.
Today is the death of the Top500. I’m calling time of death the moment @NicoleHemsoth hit submit on this article. It’s over. I can’t imagine anyone else submitting future numbers when we know there are better out there.
The US in a way set itself up for this. It spent years dominating Top 10 and irking friends. I don’t know anyone that loves competing in this metric but they got invited to play in a court built especially for Michael Jordan to dunk on others. Then Yao Ming didn’t show up to play
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Are you interested in reaction-diffusion systems? Also want to know more about coupling them with moving interface problems? Especially if it’s related to #HighPerformanceComputing and elaborated on it? Then, don't miss our recent publication😉👇…
Reaction-diffusion systems coupled with moving interface problems (in which the boundary of the domain is part of the solution 🙂) have great importance in various real-world scenarios in chemistry and chemical engineering as well as environmental and life sciences.
As an example of such systems, we developed an #InSilico model of the #biomaterials degradation phenomena, in which the loss of material due to #corrosion (#biodegradation) leads to movement of the material-medium interface.
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A lot of folks have asked about what we used to build out the infrastructure for the hackathon. 1/22
I'm going to lean on @ollyperksHPC and @CQnib and others who worked really closely to look after both the orchestration of the clusters themselves as well as the "insides" of the clusters (packages, compilers, libraries etc). 2/22
Firstly, we extensively used @awscloud #ParallelCluster, which takes spec files that more or less say - "gimme a cluster with, lemme see ... I think I want Slurm today, and up to 16 compute nodes made from Graviton2, I also want EFA for doing fast MPI stuff, oh, and a… 3/22
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Drum-roll, please: @OllyPerksHPC and I just announced the winners of the @awscloud/@arm Summer Cloud HPC #ahugHackathon hosted by @ArmHPCUserGroup. 1/17
The judges were really impressed by the incredible effort from across the community that saw the participants get 31 codes working on Graviton2-based #HPC clusters that previously only built and ran on other, mostly x86-based, lifeforms. 2/17
This lifts the water level for the whole Arm-HPC community. 3/17
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#Fugaku made the difference in getting the 2020 #HPC Market for on-prem compute to show minimal growth over 2019

@HPC_Hyperion Market Update at #ISC21
@HPC_Hyperion The folks at @HPC_Hyperion decided to divide the #Supercomputer segment into 3 categories

Leadership/#Exascale class systems are getting the big $$

@HPC_Hyperion Market forecast - 6.8% CAGR till 2024

#Exascale is the major factor for growth

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Interesting read: @jonmasters uses the return of @PGelsinger to @intel as an excuse to talk about how the semiconductor world has changed with a small number of #cloud vendors calling the shots…

@jonmasters 2/
The future has only 6 or 7 customers driving demand

They are both extremely sophisticated AND more than capable of taking matters into their own hands, in-house

They’re larger than any of the component suppliers from which they source their compute needs today

@jonmasters 3/

The “lock in” of the next decade won’t be literally “your software only runs on my #Cloud but more that it “runs better on my cloud”

Because I coupled a “right sized” design with the right accelerators and made it “just work”!
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✨✨ BIG NEWS: We are hiring!! ✨✨
Amazing Research Software Engineer / Research Data Scientist positions within the @turinghut23 group at the @turinginst, at Standard (permanent) and Junior levels 🤩

👇 Here below a thread on who we are and what we do!…
We are a highly diverse and interdisciplinary group of around 30 research software engineers and data scientists 😎💻 👉… #RSEng
We value expertise across many domains - members of our group have backgrounds in psychology, mathematics, digital humanities, biology, astrophysics and many other areas 🧬📖🧪📈🗺️⚕️🪐…
/ @DavidBeavan @LivingwMachines
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@DukePallCare SUCCESS! Journal Club Time Machine: Speed Dating with the Classics. Format - everyone in attendance (MS2-Attending) teaches a classic article for 4 minutes, it is put in context by someone old for 1-2 min, and we move on. Here's the list! A #HPC thread:
No 1 - SUPPORT Trial: 5 AMCs. Docs don't know pt's CPR preference, many DNRs within 2d of death, lots of ICU time and pain. RN led intervention gives docs data. Centers around communication. NO CHANGE IN KEY METRICS.
No 2 - Prognostication: Docs of pts referred to #hospice asked for assessment of prognosis. Only 20% accurate (+/- 33%) with most over-optimistic. Average miss factor of 5.3! Longer pt/doc relationship = worse prognostication accuracy (#LoveThemTooMuch)
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1/ How should we talk about DP FLOPS for A100? A thread. #HPC #AI #Nvidia
2/ Nvidia announced A100 this morning and you can read about it from any number of outlets, e.g.…
3/ Nvidia, as usual, have themselves published a great set of detailed blogs about the architecture and specs, really diving into the approaches they've taken and how they might impact workloads.…
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#MDSI2019 Day2 Session 2: "Standardization of file format I/O" by @jppiquem.

Straight into problems -- input files are a tougher cookie to crack than output 🍪
Actually, Day 2 Session 3 #hasphdcantcount
#Input: Many problems -- many possible solutions! How to find the right one? #goldilocks

#Output: probably easier to handle and we can learn from other fields, like climate research.
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Holy crap. Gemalto's IDPrime.NET cards - the ones they tout being Windows native compatible - are suscept. to factorization.
1) Researchers have found a process to duplicate a PRIVATE key just from the PUBLIC key. This is big.

And cheap, for a 1024bit key.
2) Gemalto are a large mfgr of smartcards. Their IDPrime.Net cards are popular because they work with Windows w/o extra software
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