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Reason to choose Technology Sector Fund

➡️ Almost all IT Companies corrected 30-40% .

➡️ It can consolidated for next 2-3 yrs

➡️ One can accumulate Units at lower NAV through SIP.
Reason to choose #SBITechnologyFund

➡️ Combo pack of USA Tech + Indian Tech .

➡️ Country diversify

➡️ Top US holding in this fund

#Alphabet (Google, Google Fiber.....etc)
Befor start must know some Positive & Negative points of Sectorial Fund

➡️ Very High return in a particular time frame upto 25-30% annually.
➡️ Do not invest more than 10%
➡️ It may risky investment in short term
➡️ Minimum investment time frame should be 3 Yrs+
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Here's the conundrum with @Nvidia drivers on Linux, in a thread. I have a Fedora perspective, obviously, but I think it's a shared problem. (🧵 rant which I'm not going to bother to count or number.) #linux #nvidia #opensource #freesoftware
On the one hand, users just want their hardware to work — I've got a laptop, it's got an Nvidia card, make it go!
And I don't have anything against proprietary software. I mean, I find it boring, but, sure, keep your "secrets".
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#Lapsus, el grupo cibercriminal que extorsiona con #ransomware que se la puso a Nvidia y Samsung, ahora hace una encuesta para que voten a su siguiente víctima.

Miren quién aparece en la lista 👀

El leak de #nvidia fue tremendo. El código fuente de DLSS, uno de sus desarrollos más importantes de los últimos años, además de la eliminación del límite para minar a las placas que vienen capeadas por soft.

Y 71 mil credenciales de empleados…

190 GB de información subida en un torrent el viernes pasado. Como prueba del ataque, subieron una captura de los directorios de C/C++

(vía @BleepinComputer)…
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Herkesi konuşup durduğu #Metaverse nedir ?

Hangi evrende, hangi arsaları alabiliriz?

Arsa fiyatlarının durumu nedir ?

Arsa satın almak mantıklı bir yatırım mı ?

#Metaverse'ü ÖteEvren olarak çevirebiliriz.
İnsanların, ekran başında "seyretmeyip" Evrene sanal gözlüklerle interaktif bir şekilde dahil olmaları diyebiliriz kısaca.

@BarisOzcan'ın deyimiyle "Ayna Dünyalar"
Bir bilgisayar oyunundan daha sanal, kendi hayatınızdan daha gerçek bir yaşantınızın olduğu, kendi ekonomisine, kendi siyasetine, kendi eğlencesine en önemlisiyse kendi gerçekliğine sahip öte dünyalar...
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Las 10 mayores acciones del #Metaverso, analizadas 👇

Dentro hilo 🧵
1⃣ Lo más fácil para estar invertidos en el Metaverso es a través del ETF USA:

$META Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF.

A causa de la directiva Mifid II no podemos comprarlo desde Europa pero tenemos algunas opciones🙂
2⃣ Una es a través de opciones financiares, como comentó mi compañero @VictorG_bolsa, te recomiendo su hilo si no lo has visto.

Yo en mi newsletter di otra opción, replicar las 10 mayores posiciones del ETF, con los mismos pesos.

A continuación revisaremos cada una de ellas.
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Memory Efficient Coding in #PyTorch
20 tricks to optimize your PyTorch code

Let's break some of the bad habits while writing PyTorch code 👇

A thread 🧵
1. PyTorch dataloader supports asynchronous data loading in a separate worker subprocess. Set pin_memory=True to instruct the DataLoader to use pinned memory which enables faster and asynchronous memory copy from host to GPU Image
2. Disable gradient calculation for validation or inference. Gradients aren't needed for inference or validation, so perform them within torch.no_grad() context manager. Image
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#Metaverse Thread!

If we look at technology trends (Not only crypto).. one of the biggest buzzword right now is #Metaverse

We will take a deeper look at what it is, its history, usual in a newbie friendly way!

Some great #Crypto picks at the end! 🧵

1/ Background: So why is there so much buzz around #Metaverse right now...Well this hype started in Sep 2021 when #FB announced an investment of $50m to develop their Metaverse

There's also a feeling in the tech industry that finally the tech to support #Metaverse is here!!
2/ With advancements in VR gaming and connectivity like 5G being closer to implementation

But the reality is that the #Metaverse has been there for a long time and many companies have invested billions of dollars in it already

Let's look at a brief history of the #Metaverse!
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The next leap in the internet, I think, will be the expansion of the "metaverse"

Shared virtual 3D worlds that are interactive, immersive, and collaborative

I believe the NVIDIA's Omniverse $NVDA will be a major player in this space

Here is a breakdown⬇️
1) What is NVDIA's omniverse?

It's an interactive, real-time, physically realistic simulation platform that allows live collaboration in digital projects thru a variety of 3D design tools.

Will allow teams to work together in a photo-realistic, shared virtual space
2) Based on #NVIDIA's RTX technology

RTX uses ray tracing technology to render photorealistic images in real-time that react to lighting, shadows, and reflection

Allows for accurate modelling of real word objects in virtual environments. Demo below👇👇

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Two large #antitrust probes in the same screenshot that relate to #Genomics and #Bioinformatics
(1) Possible buyout of #ARM by #NVIDIA does have an effect on the #Bioinformatics field: many applications now are deployable on CPU/GPUs with #ARM and/or #NVIDIA chips on them. Some recent examples are:
(a) the Oxford @nanopore MinION Mk1c device, which originally was specced at Jetson TX2 ARM+Pascal GPU accelerators (ARM processor 6 cores, 256 Core GPU), 8 GB RAM (may have changed since then.
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New evidence suggests #SolarWinds hackers likely compromised the software build infrastructure of Orion platform & added malicious code, which was then eventually delivered within new updates that the company compiled, signed, and delivered.…
SolarWinds attackers mimic the software developers' coding style and naming standards to blend in their malicious code with the rest of the code.
Although first version containing the backdoor was traced to 2019.4.5200.9083, new report says version 2019.4.5200.8890, from October 2019, included an empty .NET class that attackers added to verify if their modifications to the codebase were being delivered into new updates.
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Why #Tesla needs to double/quadruple down in #China now by increasing EV production, FSD dev; starting RoboTaxi & insurance!

#elonmusk, 4X in China will greatly accelerate transition to sustainable energy and cement Tesla’s leadership.
1/10 Quick thoughts & winner/loser prediction after watching #NIO day. Impressive event, nice sedan, wish NIO to be successful, but some concerns:
1. FSD HW from #Nvidia. HW spec does not equal good AI results. #Tesla chip is custom & optimized for Tesla only, super efficient...
Additional thoughts/info on #NIO after #NIODay, & which #EV#Battery companies I think are best bets 2021.

Again I am rooting for NIO's long term success, while I try my best to focus analysis 100% on facts & share my rationale for your own consideration & benefits.
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#EdgeAI for everyone! — @NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit = low-cost #AI computer delivers compute performance to run AI workloads at unprecedented size, power, & cost, plus it connects to a diverse set of sensors:
#MachineLearning #IoT #IoTPL #IIoT
.@NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB — The Ultimate #AI and #Robotics #Edge platform with an entry-level price:
#BigData #DataScience #EdgeAI #IoT #IIoT #IoTPL #EdgeComputing #MachineLearning #DeepLearning @NVIDIAAI #GPU
The #Nvidia Jetson Nano is boosting the growing industrial #IoT revolution:
#abdsc #EdgeAnalytics #EdgeComputing #IIoT #IoTPL #StreamingAnalytics #BigData #DataScience #AI #EdgeAI #MachineLearning #GPU
See it here:
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Jensen Huang, @nvidia CEO just kicked off #GTC2020 with a keynote that covered several groundbreaking announcements and partnerships. The future of #AI and #Nvidia is incredibly exciting. Here's a thread of the (many) key takeaways. Let's get started!🧵👇
The main focus this time was on #AI & high performance computing in the data center & on the edge. This #GTC2020 Nvidia is releasing 80 new and updated SDKs. CUDA, Nvidia's toolkit for GPU powered applications, has been downloaded 20M times, 6M in 2020 alone. Image
#Omniverse, Nvidia's platform for simulation & collaboration is now in open beta. Using Omniverse teams can simultaneously work in Blender, Maya, Unreal etc and view the results rendered in real time in a common interface. Image
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#Huawei is bypassing #US sanctions by leasing #NVIDIA #GPUs and #Dell workstations through third-party companies.
Dear @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @FBI @CIA @CommerceGov, please investigate.
I got the above tip from @zhangtianliang. I'll put his original Chinese message below
Original message from @zhangtianliang:
Translation of @zhangtianliang's message: "Jennifer, someone left a comment under my show about #Huawei:' Chinese companies sanctioned by #US are obtaining US products and services via leasing. My former company is on the U.S. sanctions list, but the company is leasing...
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1/ Thread about the business model of #Nvidia

19th most valuable company worldwide by riding the wave of industry growth, applying a straightforward business model and maintaining clear focus.
2/ Founded in 1993 by Jensen Huang, who is still the CEO, Nvidia saw its share price skyrocketing in the previous 5 years from 20 USD to 400 USD. This made Nvidia by far the most valuable ‘fabless’ chip maker worldwide, followed by competitors like Broadcom, AMD and NXP.
3/ Nvidia’s business model is fairly simple: Fabless. They focus on the R&D of Graphic Processor Units that are used in laptops and data centers. Production is fully outsourced to chip makers such as TSM (Taiwan based), which is the 11th most valuable firm in the world.
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#TWEETSTORM: The #Covid19 pandemic seems to have strengthened the #platform economy further. Multiple issues here:
The obvious include: remote work, food delivery, ecommerce.
The less obvious include: value chain shifts (e.g. movies), public-private partnerships, cartels etc.
Let's start with some of the obvious:
1. Remote work tools
Microsoft Teams hit an all-time high of 75M DAUs in April 2019.
Zoom video calls hit a high of 300M DAU in April.
April 2020 stats: 3x YoY growth in enterprise users and 169% growth in revenue.
Also, less obvious but equally important:
# of PDF documents shared using Adobe’s software grew 50% YoY for Q1.
Adobe Sign grew 175% since the start of Adobe's fiscal year.
Docusign is up as well.
Growth in e-sign + payments augurs well for supplier network digitization
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1/ How should we talk about DP FLOPS for A100? A thread. #HPC #AI #Nvidia
2/ Nvidia announced A100 this morning and you can read about it from any number of outlets, e.g.…
3/ Nvidia, as usual, have themselves published a great set of detailed blogs about the architecture and specs, really diving into the approaches they've taken and how they might impact workloads.…
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Debéis haber recibido el correo electrónico con la contraseña para acceder al artículo

¿Es el #coronavirus una nueva pandemia global desencadenante de bruscos cambios económicos y sociales?…
¡Muchas gracias!

Sí, muy extraño el suceso del destacado epidemiólogo australiano Dr. Peter Salama...

Podría ser el desencadenante y la excusa, no son incompatibles entre sí
Pero estoy de acuerdo en lo demás

Ya están apareciendo noticias al respecto

"Cómo el #coronavirus está comenzando a afectar la economía de China"

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Analysis: #NASDAQ $NVDA

Case 68 #Nvidia Corp

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#NVDA 1/4
Nvidia went on a two and a half year #parabolic run, climbing from approximately $25 to $292 then went on a vicious three month correction taking the price back to 124.46.

NVDA 2/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The correction was halted just ahead of the #Fib 0.618. It is bullish, the #SMA 20 has been reclaimed but losing some upside momentum. The SMA 50 & 200 offer good support. The very long term objective sees it trade above 340 for 425.

NVDA 3/4
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I am independently Ideating the #Reliance Jio GigaFiber Gaming Cafe / Gaming Arcade Experience & Business Model. A platform to cultivate gaming culture with behavioural science. Onboarding folks to the comfort zone of #Gaming Clan. Like first you learn to drink with friends
then comfortably drink alone sometimes. Create a stereotypical differentiator between Teens gaming & Adult gaming experience. The Gaming Cafe will be set up in the middle of Software Tech park & Industrial Areas, not in the city market. Cafe will serve Beer! If this cafe
can't be profitable being in the centre of Tech Park high paying consumers, then doom the future of Adult Gaming Arcade in India. It will also be the experience platform for newly Launched Hardware with the complete environment for immersively experiencing it for long
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0/ Having trouble staying on top of all the latest in the world of #crypto and #blockchain? I've got you covered. Well, at least for the last 24 hours or so 💁‍♂️

Let's get this thread going shall we.
1/ 📝 @DPRating published the September edition of its #GitHub Audit, rating more than 200 #crypto and #blockchain projects.

Teams that ranked disproportionately well included @Raiden_Network [ $RDN ], @NulsService [ $NULS ], @ParticlProject [ $PART ], and @POANetwork [ $POA ].
2/ ♻️ @PowerLedger_io [ $POWR ] introduced Asset Germination Events (AGEs), furthering the utility of its native #crypto token.

AGEs will allow people to invest in and co-own energy assets. More details to come via a Friday AMA.…
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