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🧵 1/6

We are excited to announce new monthly Clinical Nutrition Webinars on everything related to clinical nutrition & intestinal failure

👉🏻 Aims to cover Gastro & Hep HST #nutrition curriculum

✅ but relevant to all & any HCPs welcome 🤗

🧵 2/6

Hosted by Cambridge, Newcastle & Southampton nutrition support teams

🗓️ Wednesday lunchtime once a month
⏰ 12.30 - 13.30
🔗 MS Teams

For more info & to register for the link 📧


@Emily1Clarke @suziiib
🧵 3/6

First session Weds 24th May
🏥 Newcastle
⏰ 12.30 - 13.30
📖 Nutrition screening tools
🗣️ Colette Kirk, Lead Specialist Dietitian, Newcastle


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おっ WebGLまわりのやつ除外しないとChatdollKitのiOSビルド通らないんかな?
#if UNITY_WEBGLを雑にクラスの中身全部にしたら通りました
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Buenos días ☀️☀️☀️

Hoy os traigo un megahilo con varias herramientas útiles para la inversión.

❗️No tengo trato con ninguna de las plataformas que menciono ni me han pedido publicidad, lo comparto simplemente por si es de utilidad para otros ❗️

#Inversion #bolsa #DGI #IF

Antes de empezar os comento que el hilo está dividido en 2 partes.

1-Foros y blogs (los 6 primeros)
2-Herramientas de consulta de datos, gráficos y similares (del punto 7 hasta el final)
Si queréis un buen blog de análisis de empresas dividenderas, con un apartado MUY TOP con la historia de las mismas, os recomiendo:


Seguidles también en Twitter @DividendStreet

Contenido de calidad, buena gente y guapos, lo tienen todo.
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More or less a year ago the #IOTA Foundation announced two new networks.

#Shimmer a staging network and #Assembly a permissionless Layer2 network building on top of #IOTA.

Let's put together everything we know and speculate about their adoption and price.


Okay so first we need to get a little bit of an overview of everything #IOTA.

We need to separate between networks and technology upgrades. This is necessary to keep a clear picture of everything we will talk about in this Thread

Simplified the #IOTA Foundation is marketing two major updates that are coming to their tech.

1) #Stardust - An update enabling the layer 1 (#DAG) to natively support customs assets (Tokens, NFTs) and be the trust anchor for layer 2 #sc networks.

For more info read 👇

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Hilo para recuperar el exceso retenido en los dividendos alemanes.

#Dividendos #Inversion #Bolsa #DobleImposicion #Hacienda #SomosTodos #IF
DISCLAIMER 1: me posiciono a favor de contratar los servicios de un especialista siempre que tengamos dudas fiscales.

Yo hago mi IRPF, 720… Todo se puede aprender, faltaría más. Pero por favor, contrasten siempre la información leída en Internet (incluido mi Twitter).
DISCLAIMER 2: el hilo de Francia lo subí después de recibir la transferencia. En este caso, subo este hilo antes de conocer el resultado final.

Motivo: me he informado, y al parecer el pago se demora bastantes meses, así que lo subo ya para quien lo necesite antes de fin de año.
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That #reactnative #Fabric & #TurboModules migration was a big pain, especially that I had Kotlin and Swift code to migrate, so it’s a big relief to have it done. And there is lots of completely undocumented stuff I wish I knew that would made it a lot easier to migrate Fabric & TurboModules migra...
If you care about backward compatibility, supporting #Fabric & #TurboModules is realistically doable only from version 0.70+ (Swift support + Kotlin fixes + CMake builds instead of NDK + autolinking for Android available only in rn cli v9 which is available in RN 0.70+)
Android side is easy:
- declare additional newarch nad oldarch sourcesets
- create seperate newarch/oldarch "entry" files for your module/viewmanager
- use existing module/viewmanager files as a "common" implementation
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Unity protip 🧵~ How do u improve performance *effectively* without advanced programming skills?
First of all, before I touch on gfx optimization, most spikes in Unity are not from the gpu, they are from the garbage collector. Check ur profiler to see.
Most ppl blame slowdown on the graphics, but the GC is often much worse in this regard
Often times it's unity's own built-in functionality that is throwing a lot into the GC. The Instantiate and Destroy functions are the most obvious culprits. You can tell an experienced Unity dev bc they will use pools for **literally** everything lol
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Buenos días.

Hoy vamos con una comparativa rápida entre dos empresas icónicas de la industria de los medios. Comparten algunos negocios, aunque cada una con su personalidad propia.

Hoy enfrentamos a #Disney vs #Comcast.


#Bolsa #Inversion #IF #Dividendos Image
La casi centenaria Disney separa sus negocios tal como muestra la siguiente imagen. La compañía no siempre ha dividido sus segmentos de la misma manera. Después de la pandemia reorganizaron la empresa para centrarse en el mundo digital, con el foco en el streaming Image
•Linear Networks: canales nacionales como ABC y canales internacionales como ESPN, Fox o National Geographic. También la participación del 50% en A+E Television Networks que tiene junto a Hearst.
•DTC: tenemos la gran apuesta Disney+, junto con ESPN+ o Hulu, entre otros.
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E agora? Com a saída de José Mauro Coelho, como fica a presidência da Petrobras?

Siga o fio⬇️

#SigaIF #InteligênciaFinanceira #IF #Petrobras…
Antes da demissão de Coelho, o executivo Caio Paes de Andrade foi indicado para o cargo no dia 23 de maio. Mas a substituição precisa seguir um rito definido no estatuto da companhia.
Como Coelho foi eleito junto com outros conselheiros em assembleia de acionistas, na qual os minoritários também votam, Andrade também precisa ser aprovado em uma eleição semelhante – após o comitê de pessoas verificar se o executivo cumpre os requisitos para o cargo.
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Dólar oscila perto da estabilidade em dia de feriado nos EUA

#SigaIF #InteligênciaFinanceira #IF…
Ibovespa amplia perdas com quedas de Petrobras e Vale; bancos destoam e sobem…
Dólar se aproxima de R$ 5,20 após pedido de demissão de presidente da Petrobras…
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AWS AppSync added new $utils to VTL.

Let's look at the new and existing AppSync $utils with 9 code examples!

A thread 🧵👇
VTL, the Velocity Template Language, is used to build JSONs for AppSync Resolvers. VTL allows putting logic in the Resolvers' behavior.

$util provides a set of functions with rich capabilities to enhance this logic without utilizing additional Lambda functions.
Btw, VTL is not the easiest or most developer-friendly language.

But this RFC gives us hope for the JavaScript-based Resolvers in the future:…
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Some AutoHotKey tips:

1. Don't shirk on good practice. Most AHK code in the wild is jank because most AHK coders aren't software developers, they don't know any better. But you do, so use functions, proper data structures, abstractions, etc and the process will be a lot nicer.
2. You can use window groups to restrict a hotkey to just web browsers (via IfWinActive) or make a hotkey that alt-tabs through a specific set of programs (via GroupActivate)…
3. The #If directive takes expressions. I have Numpad- flip a `subscript_mode` flag and two sets of hotkeys that are conditionally activate. That way I can use the same keycombo for ¹ and ₁…
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Hearts On Fire ..

Like I said, John M, VK, Military & everyone else have been SHOWING all of you for YEARS now—Most were asleep still, sleep walking thinking they were awake.. You were once #BLIND now you see.

There is NOTHING anyone can say that changes who I AM.✍️
Ask yourself A SIMPLE Q, #WHAT #IF God is one of you NOT trying to make his way back home but make his way to the woman he loves …

So many have come & gone trying to be me & MANY chose all those who had to pretend over #REAL ..

After so many chose all those who have tried
So hard to be me, then finding out they’ve been mislead over & over again, when #REAL finally came along—little truly cared about anything that was/is being shown.
That is EXACTLY #WHY [they] sent out all the botts & fakes that [they] did, [they] knew how many would fall for
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The Elderly/Middle Age People are Gods people Too, THINK about #WHY [they] are doing what [they] are doing to EVERYONE !!!

The Board On The Right, DAMN AM COASTA MESA .. 4Th Place #BEST TRICK!

Everything created in the world, for God.
All created KNOWING
Where someone would be on specific dates & times. Created everything as it has been just for him KNOWING all that he would do for the world so the woods didn’t fall for all the tricks, destroy themselves or this world!

Remember when Weinstein used that WALKER ?
He could walk, he was putting on A SHOW, HIM & MANY OTHERS #WERE ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS !!
Everyone has been communicating for so long now, all anyone wants is to know they can be forgiven & will do whatever they have to, to be forgiven ..

#ToBe Forgiven
#ToBe Unforgiven
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.@MrDrewENT, I knew you would CATCH the WWE UK Title change Bread crumbs ..
The name though, All planned so everyone knew how to view all the truth that was being hidden in plain sight.
I do believe I posted the ‘Something To Wrestle With Bruce Pritchard’ podcast about this &
So much more ..

Stay the course, it’s all unraveling.
Many who have worked for WWE in the past have talked so much trash about WHY everything is being done as it is.

They’re either playing stupid purposely knowing they can’t spill the beans because of their oaths of silence or they are just as blind as MILLIONS of others around
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#Thaimaa🇹🇭 positiivinen koronatestitulos vie turistit 24/7 #sairaalaeristykseen. #Vakuutus korvaa kuluja tartunnasta, altistuksesta ei

#Matkavakuutus ei korvaa kuluja, jotka syntyvät korona-altistuksen takia määrätystä karanteenista, kertovat Suomen 1/…
suurimpiin vakuutusyhtiöihin lukeutuvat #If, #PohjolaVakuutus ja #LähiTapiola.

– Jos vakuutettu sairastuu myöhemmin karanteenin aikana koronaan, korvaamme hänelle matkan keskeytymisen kuluja sairauden toteamisesta lähtien, kertoo sähköpostitse #LähiTapiola. 2/
#If tulkitsee koronan matkasairaudeksi, kun tauti alkaa matkan aikana. Silloin yhtiö korvaa sairaudesta koituvat hoitokulut ilman euromääräistä ylärajaa, sanoo puhelimitse If.

#PohjolaVakuutus katsoo, että jos vakuutettu saa koronatartunnan matkallaan ja tämä aiheuttaa 3/
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I’ve been almost exclusively using SwiftUI for a year. Here’s what I found:

1) it’s way faster to create than any other framework (including other declarative ones like React) while getting good looking results. Biggest benefit.

2) being able to share code across platforms…
… is great, but I still find myself using #if os(?) more than I would like. I wish all APIs existed on all platforms but didn’t do anything like some APIs on catalyst.

3) Performance isn’t great especially on macOS. I keep trying but no matter what I do, macOS is always laggy
SwiftUI needs more control over performance and rendering like UIKit has.

4) SwiftUI needs more independence from UIKit and AppKit. Why is attributedstring supported on Text but not TextView?! I can make my text editor 100% cross platform SwiftUI if that was the case.
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HTML doesn't have a way of expressing logic, like conditionals and loops. @sveltejs does.

Let's take a look at the 1st logic block in @sveltejs, 👉 {#if} 👈

If you prefer watching video, the following thread is a summary from my @YouTube video
💡{#if} is our 1st logic logic block in @sveltejs
💡it allow us to conditional render content
💡if comes with else, else if, just like you would expect in JavaScript <script>   let value = 42; </script>  {#if value === 42}   <
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⚠️ Recordar dejas vías de acceso libres, no acudir a la zona y seguir indicaciones del personal desplegado.

Imagen de @NuriaGarciaRod8 Image

Imagen de @gtavomm Image
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Hilo recopilatorio de todos los análisis que voy subiendo a Twitter, ordenados cronológicamente.

Deslízate hacia abajo para ir viendo las diferentes empresas.

¡Buenas inversiones! 💰📈

Si te ha gustado, comparte ❤️🔁

#Inversion #DGI #Dividendos #IF #Bolsa #Stocks #Markets Image
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The Visual Basic EE has a similar origin story. From VS 2002 through VS 2008 it was a separate service from the Compiler and IDE. That meant language features had to be implemented three times.
The three services all shared parse trees and a portion of the bound nodes but that was it. The compiler and IDE shared their symbol import code as they read raw IL to produce symbols. The EE though used IDebugSymbolProvider…
The IDebugSymbol provider layer essentially exposed all of the information you needed from IL without exposing the raw IL. This meant though every time we changed IL or found a new piece of info we needed from IL it put pressure on the debugger team to tweak this layer to help us
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I'm finally scratching the surface of how much simpler application code becomes with Svelte. I never expected such a stark difference, yet here we are.

React hook to track an element's height, vs the Svelte equivalent—it's amazing how much simpler things get with a compile step. ImageImage
Usage is equally simple.

Get a "ref" to the element via screenshot #1 (el is just a variable declared with let - lmao this feels like cheating)

Then ... just use it. That's screenshot #2 ImageImage
Oh but you don't want the initial display of the thing you're animating to slide down, right? On initial render it should just be there, fully formed (if open)?

That's easy too, since Svelte uses regular JavaScript, which is way easier than algebraic effects 😏 Image
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Esta es la pirámide de Maslow, q establece la jerarquía de las necesidades humanas.

¿Alguien podría explicarme cómo, jubilado a los 45 y sin hijos, es posible llegar a los 2 escalones superiores e incluso completar el tercero?

HILO 👇 Image
Voy a explicar por qué no veo con buenos ojos la búsqueda activa de la independencia financiera.
Por concretar, me refiero a la gente q busca “jubilarse a los 40” (#FIRE: financial independence retire early) pero no con un gran patrimonio, sino quitándose peqs gastos y un excel.
Las personas q pueden plantearse la #FIRE lo normal es q se trate de profesionales cualificados y con buen sueldo. Es decir, gente a la q se le presume alta competencia y q puede aspirar a tener éxito a nivel profesional y a nivel relacional.

¿Por qué me parece peligroso?:
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