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More or less a year ago the #IOTA Foundation announced two new networks.

#Shimmer a staging network and #Assembly a permissionless Layer2 network building on top of #IOTA.

Let's put together everything we know and speculate about their adoption and price.


Okay so first we need to get a little bit of an overview of everything #IOTA.

We need to separate between networks and technology upgrades. This is necessary to keep a clear picture of everything we will talk about in this Thread

Simplified the #IOTA Foundation is marketing two major updates that are coming to their tech.

1) #Stardust - An update enabling the layer 1 (#DAG) to natively support customs assets (Tokens, NFTs) and be the trust anchor for layer 2 #sc networks.

For more info read 👇

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#σημερα είναι ημέρα καταγωγής στην #haiti, #berchtoldstag σε #Switzerland και #lichtenstein, ημέρα καρναβαλιού στο #saintKittsAndNevis, #nyinlong στο #bhutan, πρώτη μέρα του καρναβαλιού του μαύρου και του άσπρου στη νότια #colombia,

ημέρα νίκης των ενόπλων δυνάμεων στην #cuba.

#σανΣημερα το 1492 ολοκληρώνεται η #reconquista με την παράδοση της #granada στους Ισπανούς.

To 1818 ιδρύεται ο βρετανικός #institutionOfCivilEngineers.

To 1843 κάνει πρεμιέρα η όπερα #theFlyinDutchman του #RichardWagner στη #dresden.

To 1905 ιδρύεται το αμερικανικό αναρχικό συνδικάτο #industrialWorkersOfTheWorld.

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The #IOTA community has been lately very impatient about the release of the #ShimmerEVM which follows the #Stardust upgrade.

But what is #Stardust? What is #ShimmerEVM? What do they bring to #IOTA / #Shimmer and why are people so excited about it?
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While trying to put a thread together on the different #IOTA ecosystem networks and their respective usecase, i realized we first need to get a in depth understanding of #Stardust and #ShimmerEVM. So let's not waste time and dive right into this 🐰🕳️

#Stardust ⭐ is - like IOTA 2.0 - a technology upgrade coming to the #IOTA baselayer. It is here to enable mainly one thing, it shall
finally empower the community and everyone else, to use the network and build on it.

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United by three powerful networks

The Future of #Shimmer, Assembly, and #IOTA
The beta release of #IOTA Smart Contracts (ISC) in October 2021 marked the beginning of a boom in Web3 application development on IOTA.
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$MIOTA has been one of the best performers in the @COIN360com top 100 list with a 9.2%% daily gain and 21% weekly gain.

What powered such a price surge in a bleeding market? #IOTA 2.0 with @shimmernet, #Stardust, and more @iota developments.

A 🧵 👇

1/ What is @iota?

A distributed ledger built for the "Internet of Everything" for exchanging value and data between humans and machines.

It uses Tangle, a structure where newer txs verify the older ones, for parallel validation of txs without requiring total ordering.
2/ It offers a network that is:

- Secure: the whole system is distributed across many network participants -> no single point of failure or attack

- Feeless: no txs fees charged, but $MIOTA holders can secure prioritized txs if the network reaches capacity limits
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ICYMI: Did you know? We already have a fully functional #smartcontract test chain deployed, since releasing the first #Stardust compatible version of ISC (@iota Smart Contracts) ✨ 🧵 ⬇️…
We need your help testing out ISC - and you won't even have to run your own Smart Contract node. Deploy your own #SmartContracts and interact with others, so we can advance the tech faster and further than ever before 🏗️
To make it accessible, we deployed a test-chain on the #Shimmer Beta network along with helpful tooling ⚒️ . The test-chain consists of several load-balanced #Wasp nodes forming a committee, communicating to the Shimmer beta network via their own local Hornet nodes 🐝 .
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[ICYMI] Stardust, Shimmer Beta Network, Shimmer Network - same, same, but different?

😵‍ We know that keeping up with all the progress happening at @iota can leave your head spinning.

So let’s explore #Shimmer and its other components in a thread.🧵
2/ First up: Shimmer is a L1 network that will be an innovation ground for cutting-edge developments which are battle-tested before they get released on the IOTA mainnet.
3/ #Stardust is the 1st protocol upgrade to go through Shimmer. It turns the ledger into a multi-asset ledger, increasing its utility & enabling
▶️ L1 tokenized assets
▶️ NFTs
▶️ Smart contract anchoring…
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Una storia a lieto fine: Fonte Post IG Oasi felina Pianoro
"Oggi siamo emozionati perché dobbiamo raccontarvi una storia speciale. Alcune settimane fa avevamo pubblicato la storia di Mattia, micio arrivato in Oasi con tanti problemi di salute. Non mangiava e respirava...
molto male. Aveva dolori ovunque, il pelo mancante in molti punti e varie ferite sopratutto nella zona del collo. Avevamo scoperto che aveva il palato fratturato a causa di un calcio, che i dolori alla colonna vertebrale erano causati da colpi simili e che il pelo mancante...
e le ferite che aveva intorno al collo erano dovute al fatto che era stato tenuto incatenato o legato con una corda. Inoltre era cieco da un occhio. Dopo aver pubblicato la sua storia avevamo ricevuto un messaggio da due ragazzi che si erano presentati come Giorgia e Damiano...
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Os recomiendo mucho más el de @loserjorge, pero yo también me animo a esto... Image
#EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce es de las mejores pelis que he visto en mi vida. No voy a poner mi peli favorita de cada año, pero sí la que creo que podéis haberos perdido y merece la pena... Image
#TheSuicideSquad. Nada que ver con la anterior! Buenísima! Image
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Sigue el ciclo temático #DiscosConArte para #TwitterCultural, con portadas de discos de #música creadas por grandes artistas.

¿Os suena esta portada? Seguro que sí: es "Dangerous", uno de los discos más famosos de Michael #Jackson. Hablemos de su arte y otros discos...

Empezaban los 90s y Michael #Jackson, que sabía de música, entendió que el #pop de "Thriller" y "Bad" se estaba pasando de moda, así que quería (necesitaba) renovarse: despidió al legendario Quincy #Jones y contrató a Teddy #Riley.

Y en el 91 salió "#Dangerous".

Sigue ⬇️
"Dangerous" fue un bombazo ecléctico, una evolución de Jackson y una obra maestra revolucionaria. Hay de todo en ese disco: rap, soul, funk, R&B, swing... y todo muy moderno.
Y respecto del arte, también quería algo nuevo, diferente, y contrató al artista Mark #Ryden.

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