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🔵 F-35 NEWS

1⃣ Gracias a una filtración se ha podido saber que Alemania dará luz verde a la compra del sistema #F-35A como sustituto de los Panavia Tornado alemanes.

Hilo 👇
2⃣ Hay que recordar que, Alemania ya se había decidido por la compra de los Super Hornet (incluso el Growler 📸), pero el cambio de Gobierno, la oposición sel Tte. Gral. Karl Müllner (Luftwaffe) y el hecho de que el Super Hornet no tiene integrada la capacidad de ataque nuclear,
3⃣ ha conseguido que el nuevo Gobierno haya decidido (si finalmente se confirma), que Alemania termine comprando el F-35A para sustituir a los viejos Tornado en las misiones tácticas de ataque nuclear, usando la munición de caída libre B61-12, en proceso de certificación.
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Holy shit. WA people, listen up. There are a bunch of these centers in WA (I'll do locations in this thread) and they're listed on some government sites as legit testing sites. (1/x)
So, first off, USA Today has already done an expose on this company.

"Marchett, who is a developer, said he looked into the website’s code for the link and found it was "hardcoded," meaning the link was not providing unique information to each user."…
So did Newsweek:

"Other state officials are warning people to be wary of illegitimate test sites that could be used to steal people's personal details."…
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Understanding startups (or scaling startups), metrics & valuations
how not to be misled by analog metrics when you run digital scalable ventures.
1st a key clarification: there are many kinds of startups - at one extreme, think of a SaaS venture aimed at getting 1m+ developers to swipe their cards, aiming to be a $1b rev biz in 5+ yrs; at other a local restaurant or a pet salon with no rev goals. In middle varying combos.
VCs invest exclusively in the 1st kind of startups - businesses that grow big very fast (or scale) - typically tech or tech-led (incl software, hardware, biotech) ventures. Tech allows you to serve or acquire next customer at low to zero cost. This is an important criterion.
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Analysis: #NYSE $F

Case 119 #Ford Motor Company

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#F 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Ford is long term #bearish but neutral to mildly #bullish in the short term. We shall allow for upside probes but envisage failure around 11.00 and slightly .....

F 2/4
..... higher up. Upon entering into shorts our main target will be 6.65 and possibly extending to 5.45 to exit in full.

F 3/4
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Eric, I'm going to be straight with you. You are not known as the smart Trump, so I am going to have to do multiple Tweets (a thread) to TRY to educate you. It turned out to be 15 tweets.

Yes, we know that all he cares about is "green".

He proved that with the #TaxScamBill. Got a lot for you guys with that one. #InheritanceTax

You got the "Green Thing" right, so let us talk about the #Racist thing. I know you believe what you say, but your problem is you do not know what #Racism or #Racist means.

Tell me what you think after you learn what it means, ok.




a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
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begin 664 thread.tgz
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F&O stock basket - definitely not a Bull Market's FRIDAY screen. Image
It was #FirstBlood in the morning... now its a #massacre. Image
History repeats.. #Friday 's screen repeated today. Only 10 stocks positive in F&O basket. Image
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#Nifty50 Index chart shows "Step and Stairway pattern" Image
Classic Bullish Reversal #Nifty Image
HangSeng too showing Trend Continuation Bullish reversal pattern.. Image
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