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Worüber man bisher im Zusammenhang mit der #IranRevoIution nicht geredet hat, u.a. die Verbindungen der #AfD in den Iran zum Terrorstaat. Gab und gibt es die? Ja, in dem Leute wie Manuel #Ochsenreiter beste Kontakte zum Terrorstaat unterhielt. Recherche Teil 1/x #NoAfD Bild zeigt: Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein and Manuel Ochsenreite
Gab oder gibt es gleichzeitig die Achse Iran/Russland/Deutschland? Ja, auch hier gibt es mehr als einen Beleg für die Zusammenarbeit der #AfD mit dem iranischen Terrorstaat. Aber auch mit dem Faschisten #Dugin. #NoAfD #IranRevolution Die 5. oder 6. Ausgabe der New Horizon Konferenz fand vom 12
Noch als Mitarbeiter der #AfD nahm #Ochsenreiter an der Holocaustleugner-Konferenz im Iran teil. Und irgendjemand in der AfD wird also von der Reise gewusst haben @ennolenze @LarsWienand. #NoAfD #IranRevoIution Alexander Dugin auf der 6. New Horizons Konferenz in TeheranAnkündigung der Redner auf der 6. New Horizon Konferenz im Konferenz Neue Horizonte 2019 –
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The regime's usual playbook is failing!

Iranians have protested the regime many times over the years. And each time, the regime follows the same playbook: shut off the internet, kill people, wait for the movement to die1/4 #Iran #IranRevoIution2022 #MahsaAmini @ForeignAffairs
But this movement has been different.
The persistence of the people has totally confounded the regime 2/4 #Iran
The elites are divided, bad news for Khamenei!

Lariani (former speaker of the parliament), Khatami (former president), and even the Khamenei-founded newspaper Islamic Republic have all made statements that put blame on Khamenei.
The cockroaches are trying to save themselves 3/4
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@AdrianCalamel @SecBlinken Iran revolution sparked following the death of Mahsa Amini who was brutally killed in morality police detention.
People started the initial protests on September 16th, 2022 in Tehran, Hijab Street.
In the past 105 days, thousands of crimes against humanity have happened in Iran/
@AdrianCalamel @SecBlinken Each of them is a tragic story itself.
Who should I talk about?
Kian, a 9 years old genius kid, who was an inventor already.
The night that he was shot, her mother didn't give up his body to the morgue, only because she was afraid that the regime steal his baby's body /
@AdrianCalamel @SecBlinken Instead she requested ice packs from neighbors to keep his beloved baby cold at home until the funeral.
Hadis Najafi, a 22 years old girl, who was killed by shotgun bullets from a very close range. Her family testified that they saw the bullets in her face, neck and abdomen /
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"Mohsen Shekari, 23 anni.
Tre fratelli, Omar, Nader e Noushirava.
Majid Reza Rahnavard, 23 anni.
Erano ragazzi iraniani, tutti giustiziati, anzi assassinati, visto che non c'è nessuna giustizia nella loro esecuzione. Morti impiccati. Sono già state condannate a morte
decine di persone, tra cui almeno tre minorenni. Tra gli altri, Mohammad Broghani, un ragazzo di appena 19 anni, accusato di "aver mosso guerra contro Dio". Farimeh Karimi, allenatrice di pallavolo, madre di tre bambini. Mohammad Ghobadlou 22 anni, affetto da
disturbo bipolare, recluso da settimane senza farmaci. Ali Moazzami Goudarzi, studente di vent’anni, accusato di “corruzione sulla terra”. Hamid Ghareh Hassanlou, medico, e sua moglie, Farzaneh Ghareh Hassanlou. Hossein Mohammadi, attore di 26 anni. Mehdi Kerami, campione di
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روزنامه نیویورک تایمز به نقل از هادی قائمی، مدیر کمپین حقوق بشر ایران، نوشت که ماموران یک دختر ۱۴ ساله در تهران را به دلیل برداشتن حجاب در مدرسه از طریق دوربین‌ها شناسایی و بازداشت کرده و او پس از بازداشت با پارگی شدید واژن(تجاوز) به بیمارستان منتقل شده و در آنجا جان باخته است
IR Uses Rape to Enforce Women’s Modesty
Dec. 17, 2022

#IranRevoIution #IranRevoIution2022
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I was not executed, but I experienced suffocation

True story by Masoud Alizadeh, former detainee in the notorious Kahrizak Prison in Iran

I was chosen by an unfortunate coincidence to be tortured that night, thirteen years ago, in the hell otherwise known as Kahrizak,...
... the abyss where our yells couldn’t even reach the Lord himself. My sin was offering my sleeping place to someone else. I got up to have a sip of that malodorous water from the toilet cesspit.
Unlucky to me, the ward advocate Mohammad Karami – otherwise known as ...
... Mohammad Tifil – came into the quarantine section. He picked me for torture to teach others a lesson. Guard officer Khamsabadi and others beat me with pipes, fastened my feet, and hanged me upside down. Officer Ganjbakhs also came to help Khamsabadi beat me with pipes...
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1/“Don’t tell mom I will be executed.”

These were the words of Mohammad Mahdi Karami, a young Iranian arrested protestor, to his dad last week.
#mahsaAmini #IranRevoIution2022 Image
2/His dad told the Etemad newspaper, “He called me on Wednesday and said, they gave us our sentences. Mine is execution. My son was crying.” His one request was that his dad not tell his mom.
3/Mohammad is one of 5 people who have been sentenced to death over the killing of a security force member on November 4. But he denies the charges against him and his trial was bereft of due process.
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1/While at least 31 more are at risk of imminent execution, others are being sentenced to long prison sentences.

This all occurs at sham trials where the defendants cannot properly defend themselves and that only last a few weeks.
#IranRevoIution2022 #MahsaAmini
2/Four people have been sentenced to 25 years in prison over the killing of a security force member on November 4 in the city of Karaj. Five others face the death penalty in this case.

But there has been no due process at their trials.
3/A 53-year-old doctor, Hamid Ghara Hassanlou, has been sentenced to death over this case. He was beaten while arrested, hospitalized due to his injuries, and wasn’t allowed to pick his own lawyer. He denies all the charges against him.
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Maryam Sadrnia was arrested on December 8 when security units raided her home in the Ekbatan district of Tehran, the capital of #Iran.

Her life is in grave danger. Please be her voice.

#IranRevoIution Image
Sepehr Azami, 23, was injured when security forces opened fire on protesters in the city of Karaj, west of Tehran, #Iran on November 3. He died of his severe wounds three days later.
Authorities only allowed 10 family members at his funeral.

Be his voice.
Mostafa Mobasher, 34, from Shiraz, was killed by #Iran's security forces under torture after being arrested in mid September.
His family, under threats from the Shiraz Intel Dept, never went public about his arrest. They were informed of his death under torture after 80 days. Image
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This is #ArmitaAbbasi. She took part in an anti-regime protest in #Iran. Today, nobody knows where she is. We just know: She was (TW!) brutally raped.

As German MP, I declare myself as sponsor to her & will campaign at every level for her immediate release!

#ArmitaAbbasi took part in an anti-regime protest in Karaj, Iran. On October 18th she was taken to a hospital by a team of Security forces. The hospital staff discovered that she had been arrested 8 days before.
Her body was full of signs of repeated and brutal rape. Her head had been shaved. She had anal bleeding and vaginal scars. She was constantly shaking and crying. She had been arrested and brutally tortured.
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The world stood by the people of South Africa in their struggle by sanctioning and isolating the apartheid regime. Now the international community should take up the same methods in supporting the people of #Iran.

The regime in #Iran is killing people in the streets.
This is no time for the international community to be talking about diplomacy with the murderous mullahs.
"Are nuclear negotiations with #Iran still on going?"

Blinken: Yes

This is while Iran's regime is killing innocent people in the streets and executing them in its prisons for seeking freedom and democracy.
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Majid Reza Rahnavard has been sentenced to death by #Iran's regime under the charges of "waging war against God".

Please raise your voice to prevent yet another after #MohsenShekari. Image
Karaj, west of Tehran, #Iran
Amir Mohammad Jafari has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for participating in #IranRevolution.
Authorities tortured him with electricity in order to obtain a coerced confession.

His grandfather had a heard attack & died after hearing the news. Image
Mohammad Mehdi Karami
Hossein Mohammadi
Reza Aria
Hamid Qare-Hassanlu

These four are sentenced to death by #Iran's judiciary for taking part in #IranRevoIution2022.

Be their voice. Image
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1. «گار دین»:
دیپلمات ارشد اروپایی: رژیم در #ایران به «نقطه بی‌بازگشت» رسیده است
درون رژیم ناهماهنگی زیادی پیرامون چگونگی برخورد با اعتراضات ضدحکومتی و پذیرش مسئولیت مقابله با این اعتراضات وجود دارد🧵
2. برخی دیپلمات‌های ارشد اروپایی اخیرا به این باور دست پیدا کرده‌اند که خیزش انقلابی مردم ایران وضعیت این کشور را نسبت به سابق تغییری بنیادی داده است، به‌طوری که جمهوری اسلامی را به «نقطه بی‌بازگشت» رسانده است.
3. به گزارش روزنامه بریتانیایی«گاردین»، در جریان یک کنفرانس بین‌المللی در شهر رم پایتخت ایتالیا که روز یکشنبه 4 دسامبر برگزار شد، یک «دیپلمات ارشد اروپایی» که این روزنامه از بردن نام وی خودداری کرد، گفت: «وضعیت کاملا مشخص است. ج.ا بعد از 43 سال ارتباطش با مردم ایران قطع شده است.»
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1. دبیرکل حزب اتحاد «ملت ایران» (نظام) می‌گوید که با علی شمخانی، دبیر شورای عالی امنیت (نظام) «ملی»، دیدار کرده و راهکارهای مختلف از آزادی معترضان تا اصلاح قانون اساسی و تشکیل مجلس موسسان و ... را برای عبور از بحران کنونی و «اصلاح حکمرانی» با او در میان گذاشته‌است.
2. این دیدار صبح یکشنبه ۱۳ آذر به‌همراه جمعی از فعالان سیاسی داخل کشور و به دعوت دفتر دبیر شورای عالی امنیت (نظام) «ملی» صورت گرفت.

آذر منصوری درباره جزییات این نشست نوشته که او سه راهکار «کوتاه‌مدت، میان‌مدت و بلندمدت» را با هدف پر کردن شکاف‌ها میان حاکمیت و مردم ارائه کرده است
3. ، از جمله پذیرش خطاها از سوی حکومت و گفت‌وگو🔫 با مردم به عنوان نخستین قدم در روند بهبود اوضاع حاکم.
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This thread focuses on #Iran’s PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) utilised by the regime dictator to control #IranRevoIution.

Bear with me. This may be long.
First, let us look at the PSYOPS used by #Iran's regime to control and slow down #IranRevolution2022 comprises different methods and strategies used in different scenarios in different periods.
#MahsaAmini Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) used by #Iran's regime to
Let us give an example according to "Priority Number 6." (Sacrificing own agent), which indicates that promoting the sacrificed agent was a famous and vital person from the regime's body.
#Iran Let us give an example according to "Priority Number 6.
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1. IR’s Revolutionary Guard is listed terrorist group ‘by association,’ Canadian court rules - National |
Updated November 28, 2022…
2. A judge has ruled that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is a “terrorist entity” under Canadian law, adding fuel to the debate over how to deal with the branch of Tehran’s armed forces.
3. The Ontario Superior Court found the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was “a listed entity” because one of its branches, the Qods Force, was already designated as such by Canada.
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Reza Kazemi, 16, shot in the chest by members of the regime's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), on Nov 22, has died.
Kazemi was from the village of Muchesh near the city of Kamyaran, Kurdistan Province, western #Iran.
#IranRevoIution2022 Image
Shuresh Niknam, from Mahabad, NW #Iran, injured last week as security forces opened fire on civilians, died of his wounds on November 27.
#Mahsa_Amini Image
Mohammad Asefi was arrested around ten days ago in Semirom, central #Iran, and transferred to Isfahan's Dastgerd Prison. A few days later he called his family and said authorities have broken both of his legs and are not allowing his transfer to a hospital.
#Mahsa_Amini Image
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Izeh, SW #Iran
Vehicles of a regime-associated building were set ablaze by locals protesting the mullahs' rule.
Saqqez, W #Iran
Protesters in #MahsaAmini's home town set on fire a building used by the regime's local agents/spies, according to activists.
Nov 26—Qods City (Ghale Hassan Khan), Tehran Province, #Iran
Protesters torched the entrance of an IRGC paramilitary Basij base on the 73rd night of the nationwide anti-regime uprising.
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یوسی منشاروف:
🧵بیایید کمی به این موضوع حساس، تعمیق روابط بین قطر، جمهوری اسلامی و حزب الله بپردازیم:⬇️

2. در ژوئیه 2021، ایالات متحده اعلام کرد که قطر را به دلیل ادعاهای اسرائیل مبنی بر تامین مالی این کشور به سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی، بررسی کرده است. این امر اندکی پس از آن صورت گرفت که ریولین، رئیس جمهور وقت، اطلاعاتی را در خصوص «کمک مالی اخیر قطر به سپاه پاسداران» ارائه کرد.
3. در سپتامبر 2021، ایالات متحده و قطر اقدامات هماهنگی را علیه تأمین کنندگان مالی حزب الله انجام دادند، زیرا ایالات متحده الدار مستقر در قطر را تحریم کرده بود.

املاک به این دلیل تحریم شده بود که به طور مستقیم یا غیرمستقیم توسط سلیمان البنایی، سرمایه‌دار حزب‌الله، تحت مالکیت،..
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Today Khamenei for the first time in a while spoke about #Iran JCPOA to Basij, saying “Negotiation will not solve our problems w. America. Only one thing would solve our problem with America & that is paying ransom...but not just one ransom, they would always ask for ransom." 1/5
Khamenei has uttered this line before--including in lead-up to the inking of the JCPOA in 2015. But the context here is different--it shows Khamenei unlikely to conclude a deal, especially in light of the situation regarding the #IranRevoIution2022. 2/5
This underscores one of Khamenei's core beliefs: that compromise begets expectations for more compromise. He repudiates those in Iran like reformist voices who argue that the system must solve its problems with America to make the protests go away. 3/5…
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دکتر محسن رنانی، عضو هیئت علمی دانشگاه اصفهان و از فعالین در زمینه اقتصاد، نوشت:
«حکومت چند دهه به‌جای ساختن و کاشتن و سبز کردن و امید دادن و افق گشودن و غنی‌سازی خاک ایران و جامعهٔ ایران، آن را شخم زد و تخلیه کرد؛
و هر آدم و حیوان و کوه و معدن و دریاچه و گیاهِ ارزشمند و آرام‌کننده و امیدبخش و استحکام‌دهنده‌ای که بود را قطع کرد و  بُرد و خورد و گزینش کرد و تحقیر کرد و تخریب کرد و فراری داد. اکنون که افق را ابر سیاه فراگرفته و بارش شروع شده و سیل راه افتاده است، چه می‌شود کرد با سیل؟ 👇
حکومت جلوی سیل ایستاده است و به آن شلیک می‌کند. بیچاره گمان می‌کند سیل را می‌شود با شلیک متوقف کرد. روشنفکران هم پشت سر سیل ایستاده‌‌اند و فریاد می‌زنند «آآی سیل از این طرف برو، آآی سیل از آن طرف نرو.» زهی خیال باطل!
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1/ We have already reached the Iranian diaspora to get involved in protest rallies in support of #IranRevoIution2022. Now we need to expand our reach and create easy to follow actionable toolkits for various stakeholders in G7 countries so they can come out in even bigger numbers
2/ This includes reaching out to women’s rights groups, universities, Bar associations, medical associations, animal activists, environmentalists, LGBTq2 orgs, PEN and other literary organizations that promote freedom of expression, Kurdish groups, Ukrainians,
3/ citizens under other dictatorial regimes, churches, mosques, synagogues, Baha’i houses of worship and secular societies. Each kit would explain how they are being persecuted or oppressed or affected by the regime. It will encourage them to get their members to:
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1) Thread
Ich will hier eins der schönsten Liedern dieser #IranRevoIution mit euch Teilen:

"Im Namen der Mädchen des Sonnenlandes
Im Namen der Kämpfer*innen für das Recht der Revolution
Im Lob des roten Blutes
Mit der Wahl des Lebens
Im nahmen der unterdrückten Weiblichkeit
2) Geh durch all die schläfrigen Tage
Geh durch alle Momente der Angst
Vom Halsband der Sklaverei bis zur Leidenschaft des Lebens
Raus aus der kalten und bitteren Welt der Sklaverei

Hand in Hand werden wir zum Meer
Wir werden stürmisch, wir werden brüllen

3) Hand in Hand sind wir starke Fäuste
Wir schreien: Freiheit!

Für die Haare der "Töchter der Revolutionsstrasse"
Für meine Bevölkerungen in der Tradition der Wahl
Habe keine Angst und sprich für Frauenrechte
Lasst uns die unterdrückende Flagge des Feindes unterbringen!
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