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1. I’m one of those people who believes in going to the source. This book is a must read for all, irrespective of the political affiliation, ideology, religion or region 1 is from. This is well researched as vouched by its Index of references.
#MyFrozenTurbulance #Kashmir #India Image
2. Recurrent famines, floods, incompetent n lazy rulers from within, exploitative rulers from outside, n the regular changes in the state religion moving b/w #Buddhism, #Hinduism, #Sunni Islam & #Shia Islam make Kashmir a hotbed of unrest over centuries with millions of deaths!
3. Here are few kings who contributed to the glorious periods in Kashmir.
Lalitaditya (724-761) was a great admin n a builder. He reorganised the admin machinery, added new functionaries including chief minister, Sr Chamberlain keeper of treasury. #GoodRulers #KashmirHistory Image
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#Taliban @moiafghanistan's spokesman:
"Today at 11:30 a.m., an explosion occurred at the Shia's Tebyan cultural center in PD2 of Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh province.
One guard of the said cultural center was killed&8 people including 5 journalists&3 children were injured n the blast." Image
@avapress, the media outlet of Tebyan Cultural & Social Center, meanwhile reported that 3 people were killed & 30 more wounded in today's #explosion in #Mazar-e Sharif City.
#ISKP group is the main suspect behind today's explosion that targeted a #Shia center connected to #Iran. Image
The head of Tebyan Center, a pro-Iran Shia Afghan @hosseinimazari, in a statement condemned today's attack in Mazar-e Sharif claiming that the cultural&social center "was attacked by terrorists affiliated with #America& its allies, and nearly 40 people were killed and injured." ImageImage
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Dozens of students were killed& wounded in an #explosion in #Kaaj educational center in #Shia settled Dasht-e Barchi area, in PD13 of #Kabul City, today.
#Taliban's interior ministry confirmed the attack but didn't provide details about the casualties. #ISKP is the main suspect.
"The suicide attacker killed the security guards in the alley& the gate of the Kaaj educational center and injured 2 officials inside the center, with Small Arms Fire, before detonating his suicide vest in a classrooms where the trial University Entrance Exam was taking place...
...Unfortunately, dozens of students have been injured& martyred. Most of the wounded are girls.
Um ul-Banin Asghari, my sister and the sisters of Ustad Mukhtar Modaber& Tahir Rezaei, the security guard of Kaaj Center, are also among the martyrs," a victim's brother posted on FB.
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British captured Delhi in 1803. Islamic clerics were already disturbed by the marauding Sikhs and Marathas. Among Muslim elites and ulama, there was was a certain degree of acceptance of British rule which did not appear detrimental to their interests.… Image
#Deobandi cleric Shah Abdul Hayy and #Shia cleric Didar Ali declared India Darul-Islam but pronounced Calcutta Darul-Harb. Faraizis of Bengal declared India Darul-Harb but Hajji Shariatullah did not preach jihad against the British.… Image
During the Revolt of 1857, many Islamic clerics issued fatwas of jihad and fought against the British even though some of them, including #Barelvi cleric Fazl-i-Haq Khairabadi, had earlier pledged allegiance to the British.… Image
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A basic explanation on why the situation in #Iraq suddenly became so tense — follow this THREAD 🧵

Following the resignation of Ayatollah Haeri from the position of Marja al Taqlid, Moqtada al-Sadr, an Iraqi Shia cleric, announced on Monday that he will leave politics forever.1️⃣
Marja al Taqlid is a title given to the highest ranking #Shia clerics. A person with title would have the authority to make legal decisions within the confines of Islamic law for followers and lower-ranking clerics. 2️⃣
Ayatollah Haeri, today after announcing that he will no longer continuing to be a Marja al Taqlid, he invited Iraqi Shias to follow and obey Ali Khamenei. He described the leader of #Iran as "the most worthy person to lead the Islamic world". 3️⃣
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1. The attack on #Kabul Cricket Stadium is as yet unclaimed, but it’s worth noting that, as of today, #ISKP has been inactive for 13 days in a row.

That’s the longest period since September 2021, when it was gearing up to launch the most intensive campaign in its recent history.
2. This summer’s slump has seen #ISKP become somewhat sidelined as an issue in #Afghanistan.

This graph shows mentions of the keyword “Daesh” on #Taliban social media since mid-2020.

Note how things peaked in Q4 2021 when #ISKP was at its most virulent.
3. We’ve also seen a slump in official #ISKP media releases (as in, those published through #IS’s Central Media Diwan).

Importantly, this lull hasn’t been reflected in the activities of #ISKP’s less globally prominent Pashtu and Dari media offices.
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علامہ طالب جوہری (شیعہ اسکالر)
پٹنہ، بھارت
27 اگست 1929- 22 جون 2020
خانوادہءآیت اللہ مولانامحمدمصطفیٰ کے چشم وچراغ اورفرزندجلیل
عظیم المعتبر خطیبِ دوراں، شاعر
مفکر، مفسرقرآن وحدیث
ماہرعلوم اسلامیہ،ستارہ امتیازکےمالک
اردو، فارسی،عربی زبانوں پردسترس
فقہ جعفریہ
کی نہایت قد آور اور ممتاز شخصیت مولانا طالب جوہری 1929 میں ریاست بہار کے شہر پٹنہ (بھارت) میں پیدا ھوئے۔
ابتدائی تعلیم والد سے حاصل کرکے مذہبی تعلیم کیلئے نجف وعراق کاسفر کیا۔ وھاں آیت اللہ العظمیٰ سید ابوالقاسم الخوئی کے زیرانتظام "حوزہ علمیہ" (Howza Ilmiya) جہاں شیعہ طلباءتعلیم
پاتے تھے، میں داخلہ لیا۔
عراق میں تقریباً دس سال قیام کیا اور نہ صرف عربی و فارسی پر عبور حاصل کیا بلکہ عرب وعجم کی تاریخ پر بھی مکمل گرفت حاصل کی۔
اگر ھم علامہ صاحب کی شخصیت میں غوطہ زن ھوں تو قہوہ اور کھجوروں کے دلدادہ طالب جوہری علوم قرآنی پر ملکہ رکھنے کے باوجودخشک طبیعت ہرگز
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The first topic in the #Taliban Cheif Justice, Abdul Hakim Haqqani's book on the Islamic Emirate& its governance, is the #type_of_government. According to him, there are two main types of governments in the world:
1. A state& government whose Motto is collection of revenue/taxes. Image
2. A state& government whose Motto is Guidance (Propagation of Virtue& Prevention of Vice).
According to the author of the book, there is no need to give examples of Tax Govts, as they nowadays make majority or almost all of the world govts.
But governments of guidance are #rare. Image
According to Sheikh Abdul Hakim Haqqani, the 3 #pillars of the #government_of_guidance are as following:
1. Independent #Judiciary
2. Islamic #Army
3. #Sharia_Law
He also mentioned 7 reasons for rejection of man-made laws, which are based on what the God or his Messenger said. Image
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From 01 January to 31 May 2022, ISKP group has claimed responsibility for 93 attacks in Afghanistan.
111 attacks were claimed by the group in the same period of time in 2021.
After losing all territories in end of 2019, in the first 5 months of 2020, ISKP claimed only 24 attacks.
The number of the #ISKP attacks in the east & capital Kabul still remains high (historical trend).
The increase of attacks by the group in the north of AFG & the expansion of the ISKP activities to some new provinces, e.g. Helmand (though unconfirmed), are new facts in the graph.
IED explosions consisted over 50% of the ISKP attacks in the first 5 months of 2022, followed by the target killings&harrassing attacks against the TB Check Posts.
A deadly explosion in a Shia mosque in Mazar& IDF attacks against Uzbekistan& Tajikistan were the incidents of note.
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A thread 🧵

It is felt in #Iran that Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan have outwitted the Iranian authorities/policy-makers as tensions with the group is rising. After a border incident in late April, now Iranians want to conduct a census of Afghan population in Iran. 1
Remarks by a member of Majlis National Security & Foreign Affairs Cmte: Fada Hussein Maleki are important too.
He predicts #Taliban’s political life is reaching its end. He states: #Iran isn’t silent or ignorant about what Taliban or Takfiri groups do on its eastern borders. 2
According to lawmaker Maleki, Iranian authorities are really worried. He adds: #Iran’s appeasement is not bcz of #Taliban but out of respect for people of #Afghanistan. He blames the Taliban for incidents happening on borders either by Takfiris or by the Taliban forces. 3
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#Explosions reported in #Kabul, #Nangarhar, #Balkh& #Kunduz today.
In Mazar-e Sharif City, a #Shia worship place was targeted. In Kunduz, according to @bsarwary's sources, an aid distribution site was the target. Explosions n other provinces were not as deadly as the 2 mentioned.
According to @aamajnews24, 31 people were killed& 87 more wounded in the #Shia mosque #explosion in #Mazar-e Sharif today.
#Taliban downplaying the threat of ISKP, but the group was behind several deadly attacks in Afghanistan, since the Taliban took over the government in Kabul. Image
Spinghar News meanwhile reported about the explosions in Kunduz& Nangarhar.
In Kunduz, at least 4 people were killed& more than a dozen wounded.
In Khogyani District of #Nangarhar, 4 #Taliban were reportedly killed& one more wounded as a result of explosion against their vehicle. ImageImage
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#Taliban #arrested Yar Mohammad Rahmati, the head of Kabul office for Tebyan Social and Cultural activities center and locked his center.
The #Iran-backed #Shia cultural center in #AFG held a rally in front of Iran’s embassy in Kabul on Wednesday, to show solidarity with Iran ... ImageImageImageImage
...following a violent protest of Afghans against Iran, before Iranian Consulate in #Herat.
The recent anti-Iran protests in AFG started after videos went viral of Afghan refugees being mistreated in Iran.
Some of the Tebyan center activities were labeled as #illegal by former...
...Republic Government of Afghanistan& the center's office in Kabul was also #attacked by the #ISKP in 2017, that resulted in the killing of over 40 AFG Shias, while many more were wounded.
Read reports here:………
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Iraqi #Shia demonstrators burn offices of deviant #Shia cleric Mahmoud al-Sarkhi who denounced fellow Shias as "grave worshippers" and called for demolishing shrines of Shia Imams.…
Iraqi #Shia demonstrators in Al-Qasim city, Babil province, stormed and burned down local office of deviant #Shia cleric Mahmoud al-Sarkhi who called for demolishing shrines of Shia Imams.

Iraqi #Shia demonstrators in Nasiriya (Dhi Qar province) storm local office of deviant #Shia cleric Mahmoud al-Sarkhi and destroy books.

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The Raisi's Minister of #MOIS, claimed: #Israel is behind the #sectarianism [conflicts between Shia & Sunni] and #Takfiri's terrorist attacks in #Iran!

In fact, mullah's #shia religious octopus spreads #radicalism, #sectarianism , #terrorism and chaos in the #MENA

#Iran's new spymaster, #Khatib: Foe to all, friend to none?

@EQfard & @ardavank
⬇️ @IsraelHayomEng…
Meet Esmaeil #Khatib, #Iran’s new spymaster

⬇️ @JNS_org…
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Kuvan alla #ReformiStudio'n LIVE-seuranta @HelsinginHO:sta.

Kyseessä on mielenkiintoinen juttu, jossa kansalaisjournalisti #AnterYasa paljasti @Demarit:en ehdokkaan #lelusalakuljettaja Rami Adhamin kytköksiä mm. terroristijärjestöön ja huumausainerikollisuuteen.
@HelsinginHO @Demarit Syyttäjän asianesittely menossa. Kysymys on #AnterYasa'n blogikirjoituksista, jossa Yasa toi esiin @Demarit:en ehdokkaan epäiltyjä rikoksia Syyrian leluavustusten aikana.

Rami Adham lopulta tuomittiinkin epäselvyyksistä leluavustustoiminnan ympärillä ja joutui pois SDP:stä.
Adhamin AA Koivu kertoo, että #AnterYasa'n väitteet #RamiAdham'ista ovat kunnianloukkaus Adhamia kohtaan.

Yasan AA:n asianesittely: Yasan väitteet olivat riittävällä todennäköisyydellä todenperäisiä, kun Yasa kirjoituksen julkaisi kansalaistoimittajana.
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#Firing & #explosion reported in a #Shia mosque, in #Peshawar, today.
The attack left many civilians killed& wounded.
An unverified video, showing horific situation after the explosion inside the mosque.
#ISKP is the prime suspect.
Islamic State via Amaq News claimed Peshawar attack, saying Jalaybib Kabuli, first killed/wounded the guards&then detonated his explosive vest inside the mosque.
"IS fighters constantly target the Shias in PAK&AFG, despite the intensive security measures taken by TB& PAK police." Image
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مقالتي حول الماريجوانا واخطارها الصحية والاجتماعية والاقتصادية ورأي الدين في الموضوع.

My latest article about Marijuana; its negative impact on health, community, and economy, as well as religion’s stance on the subject.

-Translation in Thread-

1- research shows very limited if any specific advantage for marijuana (THC, CBD, etc) in treating any medical conditions. And to date, the FDA has not approved a marketing application for cannabis for the treatment of any disease or condition.
2- there is some research that shows some applications in adjunct treatment of a rare kinds of epilepsy ( Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome) and also as an appetite stimulant in cancer, AIDS or Alzheimer’s patients.
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Local sources told @Etilaatroz that Imam (prayer leader) of a #Shia mosque and three other people were wounded in a #knife_attack in #Kandahar City.
#Taliban reportedly arrested the man who #stabbed four people including a #Shia mosque's Imam in #Kandahar City, last night.
Kandahar intelligence department released details about the arrested attacker who stabbed a Shia Imam in a mosque in Kandahar City. The attacker is Sayed Abdul Rahman, a Shia Tajik from Adraskan District of Herat who introduced himself as a beggar.
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#Taliban spokesman:
"At least one civilian was killed& two others were injured in a fire that broke out in a minibus& resulted in an #explosion, in Dasht-e-Barchi area of #Kabul's PD18 late today."
Note: Barchi is a Hazara/#Shia settled area of Kabul City.
Photos from the incident scene& a list of casualties received by a nearby hospital showing that the #explosion against a civilian minivan in Hazara-dominated area of #Kabul City today, was a deadly incdent.

Note: The below photos of the incident are copied from the social media. ImageImageImageImage
According to @1TVNewsAF tweet, Hamid Saighani, a former Ariana TV employee& Habib Yousefi, an e-ID Card office employee, were among those killed in yesterday's #explosion in Dasht-e Barchi of #Kabul City. The exact number of casualties is not yet known.
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In the series of their propaganda videos against the #Taliban, #ISKP's Khalid Media released a new clip titled: "The Taliban are supporters of the Shias".
In this 6-minute video, ISKP propagandist trying to introduce Taliban as spostates due to their friendship with Shias& Iran. ImageImageImage
To prove their claim, the #ISKP reasoning that the #Taliban have #Shia commanders in their ranks, provided security for peaceful celebration of the last Mahram event of Shias& the former supreme leader of the TB, Akhtar Mansoor, was killed while he was on his way back from #Iran. ImageImage
#ISKP's Khalid Media released the second propaganda video in the last 24 hours, this time it is titled "The #Taliban, Sharia-changing brokers".
In this video, the group highlighted the scenes of punishment by the Taliban to criminals, criticizing it for not being based on Sharia. ImageImage
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#Shia cleric Allama Arif Kazmi: US dropped bombs from airplanes when it entered Afghanistan, and dropped human when it left. They took their dogs in airplanes but abandoned their Afghan allies. Those who are unfaithful to God are destined to be humiliated in this way.
#Shia cleric Allama Arif Kazmi: US left Afghanistan so that #Taliban capture the country and Iran send Fatemiyoun fighters from Syria to fight Taliban, and pro-Turkey jihadis attack Syria. Supreme Leader foiled this anti-Shia plan, and asked Afghan Shias not to fight Taliban.
#Shia cleric Allama Arif Kazmi: Iran helped both US and #Taliban based on its national interests. Taliban comprise moderate Hanafi-Sufi and extremist Hanafi-Salafi. Taliban never attacked shrines. Mullah Umar's house was next to an Imambargah. Taliban killed 1200 #ISIS fighters.
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#Shia #Hazara leader Mohaqiq @HMMohaqiq: #Taliban executed 14 people, including civilians, with their hands tied to their backs. Mosa Amiri and others had surrendered to Taliban. He was ex-deputy police chief for Khidir district in Daykundi province.…
#Taliban killed 14 #Hazara people, including former soldiers and a little girl, in Khudi village of Khedir district in Daykundi province. Taliban fighters were led by pro-Iran Hazara warlord Mohammad Ali Sadaqat who recently joined Taliban.

#Taliban killed 14 #Hazara people, including former soldiers and a little girl, in Khudi village of Khedir district in Daykundi province. Taliban fighters were led by pro-Iran Hazara warlord Mohammad Ali Sadaqat who recently joined Taliban.

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I am going to share some findings of @NamaKadrie about the history of the Hazaras in this thread. This may help you in understanding the current situation in Afghanistan a bit better.
1. "In analysing the history of #Afghanistan, scholars and historians often assessed the independence and autonomy of a given region based on their ability to resist an imposition of tax. Paying levies was therefore the way power-relations and supremacy was understood.
2. "In this sense, the #Hazarajat as a whole was what scholars often deemed as a “semi-independent” region. By 1891, aside from #Uruzgan, every other region (14 districts) of the #Hazarajat paid taxes to Abdur Rahman Khan.
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