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#Joshimath: A Policy Disaster
मी वाचेलेला एक महत्त्वाचा लेख सर्वांपर्यंत पोहोचवा म्हणून केलेला स्वैर अनुवाद आणि काही मुद्दे
#जोशीमठ चे भूस्खलन ही नैसर्गिक आपत्ती नसून धार्मिकतेच्या राक्षसाचा प्रकोप आहे. "चार धाम महामार्ग" प्रकल्पासाठी केलेली पर्यावरण नियमांची मुजोरी पायमल्ली आहे
Hydropower प्रोजेक्टसाठी UPA काळात न्यायायलाने दिलेल्या निर्देशांना मोदी काळात सोयीस्कर रित्या कसं वापरलं गेलं याच हे उदाहरणं. डोंगरी भागात रस्त्यामुळे होणारे पर्यावरणाचे नुकसान हे थेट रस्त्याची रुंदी वर अवलंबून असते असा निष्कर्ष सर्वोच्य न्यायालयाने नेमलेल्या समितीने दिला होता.
असं असतांना आणि केंद्रीय रस्ते वाहतूक मंत्रालयाने २०१८ ला डोंगरी रस्त्यांसाठी केलेली नियमावलीच या चारधाम महामार्ग प्रकल्पासाठी डावलली. नियमावली प्रमाणे ५.५ मी रुंदी असावी पण १२ मी चे रस्ते बनवले गेले ज्यासाठी अनिर्बंध झाडांची कत्तल करत डोंगरांचा नैसर्गिक उतार सुद्धा बदलला गेला.
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Houses being damaged in #Joshimath is a mix of geological & anthropogenic factors. In an article for @the_hindu, I try to simplify the science behind the factors leading to the damage. Article link:…
A🧵on what we don't know about the Joshimath issue, yet:
1. ISRO published data that showed 5.4 cm “subsidence” b/w 27 Dec 2022 & 8 Jan 2023.
2. A recent report uses terms like "gravitational instability" and "displacement", for Joshimath:…
3. @davepetley calls it a “landslide crisis”:
Satellite data can help explain the situation at Joshimath. It’s an important starting point. But, field research is necessary too. Several field researchers are currently in Joshimath & a lot of different info is flowing at this point. It’s too early to seek definitive answers.
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In Feb 2021 flood, 192 people died at dam sites near Joshimath; locals approached Uttarakhand HC. CJ Raghvendra Chauhan & Justice Alok Verma gave a judgment calling petitioners “puppets” & imposing Rs 50,000 fine. My old report in @thewire_in.…
Petition was dismissed in the 1st hearing itself. Judges said that the petitioners “claim” to be social activists without any proof of identity.
Well, 2 petitioners (including @atulsati1) were from Joshimath Bachao Sangharsh Samiti which is leading current protests in Joshimath.
Remaining 3 petitioners from Raini village, near Joshimath, were: Sohan Singh (grandson of Chipko Movement’s leader Gaura Devi), Sangram Singh (former BDC member), and Bhawan Singh (village head, Raini).
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.#Thread: Annual press conference by Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande. Touches upon fallout of Russia-Ukraine war, impact of COVID still being felt, challenges in the immediate neighbourhood…
Northern borders: Situation is stable and under control yet unpredictable,
Five of 7 flashpoints resolved: Gen Pande #LAC #LadakhStandoff
Strategic reorientation undertaken sometime back is complete in every respect: Army Chief #LAC #China #LadakhStandoff
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Let’s not be mistaken - Joshimath has been brought down by ENGINEERS! ‘Brought down’ because there is no scope of repair, no reverse gear, ENGINEERS because they have a schewed understanding of geology & geography, in their education or practice.
Himalaya is one of the youngest mountain ranges, in high seismic zone and to top it all is a proscenium of extreme climate events. And yet, they draw a plan on autoCAD, same perhaps as they made for Sarojini Nagar redevelopment, or copied from Hongkong, and got it ‘passed’.
Our engineering colleges, to begin with, need to start teaching SOIL-TYPE : alluvial, laterite, desert, black cotton, peaty, and more. Not every soil is PLAIN SOIL,to be dug,moved, blasted or tunneled with your engineering prowess, EACH is different with unique carrying capacity.
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Joshimath Sinking: A Himalayan Blunder?
#Joshimath sinking has exposed cracks in our development model. Beyond rehabilitation & emergency measures, we need robust & effective Environmental & Social Safeguards for Development finance.
A thread…
In the run-up to the present disaster repeated appeals by residents of the town were ignored.
From 46 years ago to July 2021, several reports warned of the impending disaster if unbridled development was left unchecked.
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All the coverage on Joshimath will show you visuals of haphazard construction n tilted homes with cracks, n also build a narrative that it is the main reason for the disaster. That’s half the truth and a coverup exercise, to protect the main CULPRIT. ++
No doubt there is unplanned and haphazard construction in the region, and it does impose a ‘heavy’ load on the area, beyond the carrying capacity of the terrain. Ideally, any development and urbanization strategy should consider acceptable levels of risk. #joshimath ++
Main CULPRIT is the devt model pursued in Uttarakhand, in fact in entire Himalayan region, starting from Dharamshala to Arunachal, the large-scale infrastructure projects posing threat to fragile Himalayan ecosystem. #JoshimathIsSinking ++
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Don't wait for other hill towns to undergo the same challenges Joshimath is experiencing right now. Joshimath serves as an example, and we must take note of its lessons. Alternative energy sources can be found , but it is impossible to model a place with with enormous historical
values , a place where we were born and raised can't be remodeled once gone @pushkardhami @Anoopnautiyal1 @PMOIndia @narendramodi #Joshimath #JoshimathIsSinking #Joshimathcrisis
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1/24 #SundayStory A follower drew my attn to another Youtube iview of @ARanganathan72 where he praises me & calls me his "Guru". From 34.00 to 44.00 in the video. Ranga praises me skyhigh & narrates anecdotes about MC & his blog. But theres a larger story
1a. The excerpt of that video is linked in this tweet..
2/24 #SundayStory Between 2010 & 2012 MC had remained anonymous & had never met anyone on SM.. @ARanganathan72 & @chitraSD are the first folks I met on their invitation in Delhi in Sep.2013.. Since then, MC has regularly been talking at many instis like IISC or IIT or even AOL..
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#Joshimath One of the major cause of the destruction of this holy place is the construction of large hotels and the widespread use of cement. Natural sources of water have been diverted, and there are no drainage facilities available. The government wants revenue from our hills
by promotion tourism,but at the very least, they can frame environmentally friendly policies before introducing these large projects that is/will change the entire geography of the Himalayas .It's always about tourist and not locals
It is not a case of development versus destruction; development is necessary, but it must be done in a sustainable manner. Experts have been talking about sustainable development for a long time, now the time has come to put it into practise.
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Har Har Mahadev

Passing by.

#JaiShriKedar ImageImageImage
En route. Only divinity. Nothing else. Vast difference in developing this place even in last 4-5 years. #Rishikesh
#HarHarMahadevॐ #JaiShriKedar ImageImageImage
#Rishikesh is giving Brigade Road a complex!!! ImageImage
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Indian Armed Forces deployed to assist the Government of Uttarakhand. (1/n)

1. Four Columns deployed towards Mallari Axis. 2 x columns on standby.

2. Engineer Task Force with 2 x JCBs deployed.

3. Medical Column with two ambulances deployed.

4. 2 x Cheetah helicopters deployed.

5. Control Room established at #Joshimath. (2/n)

6. 60 persons of #NDRF moved with 5 ton load from Hindon to JollyGrant Airport in IAF C130.

7. One more C130 & one AN 32 ready at #Hindon for NDRF teams.

8. 3 x IAF Mi-17 positioned at JollyGrant to airlift NDRF teams to Joshimath. (3/n)
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Glacier Burst Triggers Massive Flood in #Uttarakhand; 150 Labourers Feared Missing…

(📸: IANS)
A glacier burst at the Reni village of Chamoli district in #Uttarakhand has triggered a massive flood in the #Joshimath area.
The water level in Dhauliganga and Alaknanda rivers have reportedly crossed its regular flow suddenly on Sunday morning followed by an avalanche near a power project.

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What's happening in #Uttarakhand is a result of absolute ignorance from state. The residents of Reni Village in #Chamoli district had filled a PIL in 2019 stating the environmentally disastrous activities by the private power company building the #RishiGangaPowerProject

The company also used explosives in the area which falls within the sensitive Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.
As a result, the wild animals fled the area.
Today, the state is witnessing a natural calamity which is a consequence of neglect.
An avalanche broke in the river Dhauli Ganga and immediately flooded the mountain terrain. This led to destruction of the #RishiGangaPowerProject. High alert has been issued in the lower districts & along the course of river. Rescue work has also started by CRPF and SDRF
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