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Here's a list of great Native owned or led businesses / organizations this #SmallBusinessSaturday#BuyNative
@UrbanNativeEra has a 25% off discount happening today for #SmallBusinessSaturday - check out all their new merch that dropped yesterday 🔥
@UrbanNativeEra @Etkie_Official, based in New Mexico, makes some of the most beautiful bracelets you'll ever see and employs / empowers women - I wear mine almost every day
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1. It’s easy to dismiss bills so extreme they won’t pass even in Ohio, but dismissal is the wrong approach. This bill, which prescribed the death penalty for the made up “crime” of “aggravated abortion murder,” has 19 co-sponsors in a state House of 99 members.

2. It also requires doctors to perform a medically impossible procedure. And 1/5 of Ohio’s state representatives are sponsors.

Here’s why it matters that a bill this extreme has this much backing and is generating this much press: it shifts the Overton window.

3. The Overton window is a technical term used by political scientists to refer to what is currently within the realm of political possibility. Things that fall outside it are not part of serious political and social discourse and so have no real possibility of becoming policy.
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SCOOP: Walmart dodged tax on nearly $2 billion, according to a whistleblower filing sent to the IRS and leaked to me.

Happy #BlackFriday!

The world's biggest company had a ton of money sitting in Luxembourg—a tax haven—which it wanted to send home. But bringing it straight back would incur a large tax bill. /2
So, in an elaborate maneuver, @Walmart Walmart sent the money to the UK, and then onwards to the US. Once it got there, it pretended the money had never come from Luxembourg, the whistleblower alleged. /3
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You probably don't know this, but today (Friday, Nov. 29) is the 'official' #NativeAmericanHeritageDay. The fact that our country has insists on honoring Native peoples on #BlackFriday, which in 2019 is also the anniversary of the Sand Creek Massacre (1864)...

Thread: 1/12
is a testimony to the multi-generational & communal manifestation of white America's perpetration induced traumatic stress (PITS). If there is ever a day in the list of civic religious holidays where Americans are most certain to be distracted/sedated, Black Friday is it.
For this reason, I have attemptied to interject into the consumeristic feeding frenzy of our nation a small dose of #UnsettlingTruths.

I love the cover of our new book. Not only does it incorporate the design of an actual Navajo rug, but I had the honor of meeting
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What are the biggest internet players doing for climate change?

I can only see them tangled up in the early aftermath of normalising dehumanisation and misappropriating data and information.

Haven’t seen much investment in promoting best practice from all available sources.
We have used up our carbon budget to stay under +1.5deg ever faster in the past two years.

As more people acquire buying power, we must level out fluctuations in carbon usage. And to do so, we need to start employing best practice now. #BlackFriday

We are completely missing Paris targets, which we just set in 2016. This is unacceptable if we do not want to start preparing for common tragedies triggered by more frequent instability.

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When @JumiaNigeria @Jumia_Group says it's shipped from abroad, don't pay money first until you see the goods ooo. The latest #SCAM is to tell you it's shipped from abroad. When you pay your money is gone.
#Nigeria @fccpcnigeria @csm_ng please beware!
They will say it's not there responsibility after you have paid for item to be delivered, that it is @NIPOSTNG but when asking for payment they won't mention it's not there responsibility. Are you aware @fccpcnigeria @csm_ng
A big #SCAM is what @Jumia_Group @JumiaNigeria has become and they are covering up with #blackfriday promo. Be careful what you purchase during this promo! All scam!!
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Looking for a DNA Test bargain?

In advance of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday I wanted to crowdsource #Privacy #Cybersecurity and other risks to consider before buying and doing a consumer DNA test kit.

Using tag #DNAdont a couple to kick us off:
If results show nasty surprises it can be hard to handle.

If data is compromised every close relation can be impacted.

The firm might respect and protect data, but who are their partners, will they one day work with govt or insurers, and what if they get bought out? #DNAdont
Would love Medical Twitter to offer views on consumer DNA test cost vs benefit with big player move to health focus from basic curiosity about genetic relations and roots?

Is quality / potential gain outweighing alternatives and risks? #DNAdont #DNATestKits
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#BlackFriday is coming up and if #KamalaHarris was POTUS & I would have her $500 #LIFTAct monthly cash out to shop with! Here's how I would spend it ⬇️.

How would you spend your $500 from #Kamala? Tweet your 3 things plus the graphic & hashtags! #KHive #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot
PS- To get #KamalaHarris to the White House so we can get these $500/month #LIFTAct cash outs we gotta chip in! I'd say $5 now for $500/month is a great return on your investment! #Kamala2020 #KHive #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot
Chip in 💰:…
I need 4 new tires but my Black card wouldn't permit me to post a pic of 4 rimless tires 😂🤦🏾‍♀️. The rest of my #KamalaHarris $500 #LIFTAct covers turtlenecks & the digital Friday (I own the DVD of course). #KHive #Kamala #ShoppingIsOnTheBallot #BlackFriday
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#BlackFriday in Zimbabwe 1997: a #thread
1/The late 1990s were a difficult time in the country due to a changing economy, increasing civil unrest and the beginnings of an unsustainably inflationary environment.
@zenzele @Wamagaisa @happ_zenge
2/As a percentage of Gross Domestic Income, the share of wages had dropped from 57% in 1987 to 39% in 1997, while the ratio of profit increased from 47% to 61% during the same period. Inflation increased from 11.6% in 1985 to 32.6% in 1996, falling to 25% by 1997.
3/Real wages had fallen by nearly 25% and employment growth declined from an index of 2.4 to 1.5. Poverty levels had increased from 40.4% in 1990/91 to 63% in 1996. By November 1997, nearly 100 job actions had taken place in the country.
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Are you getting ready for #BlackFriday or #CyberMonday? What are some things you can do to drive sales? Here are some quick hits... #ecommerce #tips 1/6
Tip 1: Compress those images! Use tools like @jetpack @imagify @cloudinary or @KrakenIO to compress your images so that your pages load faster. When pages take longer than 2 seconds to load, sessions length can get cut in half! 2/6
Tip 2: Run load tests! Don't wait for the traffic to tell you if your hosting is ready for tons of sales. Instead, work with your host to run load tests. We can help you if you're hosting your stores at @LiquidWeb or @nexcess. 3/6
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Films by #AnuragKashyap on digital platforms.

A thread..
#LastTrainToMahakali (1999) for #StarBestsellers

Feat. @kaykaymenon02 Nivedita Bhattacharya @urfvijaymaurya Loveleen Mishra and Shri Vallabh Vyas.

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THREAD: As the trade war drags on, there will be two more rounds of tariffs on imports from China, first on September 1, then on December 15. Here are five things you need to know... (1/7)
1. Trump’s latest escalation will drive up the average US tariff on Chinese imports from its current level of 18.3% to 20% on September 1. The December 15 tariffs will ratchet up average US tariffs on imports from China to 21.4%. (2/7)
2. The September 1 tariff round will directly affect many consumer goods for the first time. Footwear, clothing, and textiles constitute more than a third of the value of the new targets. (3/7)
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My latest @OccupyDemocrats

@Fahrenthold's Pulitzer-winning exposé of the Trump Foundation just passed a key legal hurdle that ensures there will be a judgment in the case.

The whole Trump family could be implicated in crimes as a result

*** THREAD ***

This is why the Trump Foundation is an albatross around Trump's neck and probably a centerpiece of the SDNY's criminal investigation into the Trump organization and family.

New York's AG has alleged a major violation of the Federal Elections Campaign Act by the Board - Donald, Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr. - by making a $2.8 million illegal campaign contribution from the Foundation to the Campaign.

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1/ Today is #BlackHoleFriday, an annual science outreach event that, by complete coincidence I’m sure, is done on #BlackFriday. You’ll read lots of cool stuff about black holes on the hashtag. Here’s mine.
2/ Black holes are weird. Duh. People like to think of them as something like incredibly dense nuggets of stuff that sucks other stuff in. But they’re not like that.
3/ If you squeeze enough mass into a small enough volume, the gravity gets so intense that it’s impossible to escape them *if you get too close*. From far away, though, gravitationally they more or less act like anything with that much mass.
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THREAD: Need a break from #BlackFriday, digging @NASA’s #BlackHoleFriday? Perfect, enjoy our Black Hole 101! ☄️
First the basics. A black hole is a region in space where the pulling force of gravity is so strong that light is not able to escape. Because of this, black holes are invisible. Only telescopes with special instruments can help find them.
There are three main types of black holes. The black hole's mass and size determine what kind it is.
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#BlackFriday is upon us, let us zoom in on who we will be giving our money to on Friday.
Massmart Holdings Ltd which is one of the largest retailers in SA is 52,4% owned by Wal-Mart Stores Inc (USA). This is their Executive Committee.
This is Massmart.
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