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These last two years have been immensely interesting, to say the least. Where one claim is that the sitting government isn't performing, the other side is all praise for the leadership.
All in all, the conclusion is one - we're moving forward, despite the situations. (1/n)
2) So, I sat down to do some research to draw a quick summary of what's been happening. Since transparency is @ImranKhanPTI's motto, it didn't take very long.

Following is a quick look at what's to be applauded in the last 2 years and especially the last few months.
3) To start off, PM @ImranKhanPTI's 100-day agenda was defined by 5 shifts and 34 promises. The shifts were focused on the poor, changing government culture, strengthening the federation, re-building Pakistan’s international credibility and setting a direction for progress.
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#Thread #धागा #कोरोना_व्हायरस

जगभरात आज पाच लाखाहून अधिक मानवी जीव कोरोना विषाणूने ग्रस्त आहेत तसेच पंधरा हजार पेक्षा अधिक जणांना आपले प्राण हकनाक गमवावे लागले आहेत.

ह्या विषाणूंचा प्रसार चीन देशाने UN आणि WHO च्या संगमताने कसा कट रचून केला ह्यावर उजेड टाकणारा हा थ्रेड !
ज्यांना माहिती नाही त्यांच्या साठी - पहिल्या ट्विट मधले छायाचित्र आहे WHO चे डायरेक्टोरेट जनरल डाॅ टेड्राॅस घेब्रीयेसूस.
डोळ्यावर चीनी झेंड्याची पट्टी बांधलेला त्यांचा फोटो आज जगभर वायरल झाला आहे.
तर चला आपण हा वायरस चीनने जगभर कसा पसरवला हे जाणून घेऊ.

तर अशी आहे #क्रोनोलाॅजी
कोरोना विषाणूने प्रादूर्भाव झाल्याची पहिली केस चीनच्या #वुहान प्रांतात नोव्हेंबर २०१९ मधे समोर आली. वुहान प्रांत चीनचा एक मोठा प्रसिद्ध Business Hub आहे ज्याची लोकसंख्या एक कोटीच्या आस पास आहे.
दिवसागणिक केसेस वाढत गेल्या आणि ३० डिसेंबर २०२० पर्यंत कित्येक डझनभर केसेस समोर आल्या.
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Justice NV Ramana cites Charles Dickens as he starts his judgment.

Although cherished in our heart as a “Paradise on Earth”, the history of this beautiful land is etched with violence and militancy. While the mountains of Himalayas spell tranquillity, yet blood is shed every day.

Supreme Court Judgment on internet restrictions #Kashmir #KashmirLockdown #KashmirLockdownVerdict #SupremeCourt
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We at @BarHumanRights were glad to put together this powerful panel on #Kashmir yesterday. My closing remarks - the international community must demand an end to the cycle of impunity. Let @UNHumanRights and investigating teams in to document violations to pursue accountability.
In response to a question by @SteveBakerHW y’day, PM @BorisJohnson said whilst Kashmir was a profound concern, nothing had changed in the UK position. But we can and must advocate with @eu_eeas that international and UN teams should be allowed in.
With thanks to @MirzaWaheed for his powerful literary opening, painting modern events against a backdrop of growing up in the Valley. He described growing up in curfew, how it impacted Kashmiris. He questioned whether siege was now stg more permanent.

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#KashmirLockdown: Can there be a prohibition on communication of all sorts on Kashmir?, Sr. Adv. Menaka Guruswamy.
#KashmirLockdown: There is a serious situation there. They might be apprehending law and order, says Mishra J.

Attorney, how long are you going to continue with this? Justice Arun Mishra to AG KK Venugopal.
#KashmirLockdown: AG KK Venugopal says Union govt has taken into consideration all relevant aspects. Says it took 3 months to tackle a similar situation in 2016.

But in this case it might be settled in a few days but it depends on the fact situation, says KK Venugopal

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