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#SupremeCourt lists petition challenging various Internet Shutdowns in various states to prevent cheating in examinations in July 2023.


#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtOfIndia #InternetShutdown
Counsel: This is concerning internet shutdowns. Most recent one was in Rajasthan.

CJI DY Chandrachud: You can approach the HC for this.

Counsel: It's not only about Rajasthan, it's a pan India issue.

Justice PS Narasimha: But this is not happening at one go.

Counsel: The Ministry of Communication has filed its counter in the issue. There are various states such as Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Uttar Pradesh etc.

#SupremeCourtOfIndia #SupremeCourt #InternetShutdown
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How to access the internet in a complete shutdown (only for educational purposes 🙃)
A 🧵
1/6 Use a VPN: A VPN can help you access the internet by encrypting your internet traffic and routing it through a server outside of your country. Choose a VPN with strong encryption and a no-logging policy to protect your privacy.
2/6 Use a proxy server: A proxy server can act as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. By routing your internet traffic through a proxy server located outside of your country, you can access blocked websites and services.
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How can we talk about governance & internet access where #InternetShutdowns are being used as a tool for genocide?

This year’s @intgovforum is taking place in Ethiopia, a country that continues to weaponize internet shutdowns against the people in #Tigray 🧵 #IGF2022 Protesters hold Tigrayan flags and signs, with a bigger one
For years, the Ethiopian government has relied on its dominance as a telecom & internet provider to cut groups out of the web, and hide war crimes and #HumanRights violations.
Since 2020, it has engineered the longest continuous internet shutdown in the world, keeping Tigrayans isolated in the middle of a war that has cost their livelihood and lives. #KeepItOn
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Gunshots are heard in videos of Zahedan protests, where protesters apparently tried to storm a police station. Local sources say several worshippers have been killed or wounded on Friday noon.

#BREAKING Videos obtained by @IranIntl show the Islamic Republic has violently cracked down on the protests of Zahedan citizens who demanded accountability for a a local police commander accused of raping a 15-year-old girl.

@IranIntl Choppers are flying over the protesters in Zahedan and gunshots are heard in videos sent to @IranIntl on Friday, Sep. 30.

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#Iran has expanded internet censorship in recent days, indicating that regime leaders view ongoing protests following #MahsaAmini's death as a serious threat. Here's what we know so far: 1/6
#IRGC-affiliated Fars News Agency today confirmed that #Iranian authorities blocked domestic access to #Whatsapp and #Instagram in an attempt to suppress nation-wide unrest. 2/6
Fars added that the ban will remain intact for an unspecified period of time. #قطع_اینترنت #فیلترنت #internetshutdown ( 3/6
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Frequent high-speed internet shutdowns, cuts in telephone communication, curfews and the safety of employees are some of the things affecting small businesses in Kashmir.

#Kashmir #LetTheNetWork…
SMEs that focus on e-commerce and rely on online platforms for marketing and advertising face crippling difficulties because of the frequent internet cuts, especially when high-speed internet connections are suspended.

#InternetShutdown #KeepItOn
This leads to a huge decline in sales. Many have even had to change their business model to survive. This has been a problem for the people of Kashmir since 2012 when the first recorded #InternetShutdown happened.
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Internet Services have been suspended in #Patiala district in #Punjab following clashes.
#InternetShutdowns results in huge economic losses, especially for small businesses that depend on digital payment services.
#LetTheNetWork #keepiton…
India remains the #internetShutdowns capital of the world and the biggest offender for the fourth consecutive year.
#keepiton #internet #shutowns #DigitalIndia #HumanRights #PunjabClash
Since 2012 #India has imposed a total of 633 #internetShutdowns which is more than any other nation.
#keepiton #LetTheNetWork
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An RTI filed by,the reply for which came after 5 months reveals that #InternetShutdowns were imposed in Jammu & Kashmir for a period of 2 months.…
#LetTheNetWork #keepiton #internetshutdown #JammuKashmir #BreakingNews
SFLCin had received information that the mobile Internet was being frequently suspended in various regions of Kashmir for nearly 10 hours every day.
The areas facing such suspensions are #Anchar, #Eidgah, #Qamarwari, #Soura, #MRGung, #Nowhatta, #SafaKadal, #Bagyass of #Srinagar district; #Wanpoh of #Kulgam district, #Qaimoh and the #Litter area in the #Pulwama district of #Kashmir.
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Seven years ago, the central government’s Digital India initiative acknowledged that expanded internet access was the key to attain digital inclusion. But India’s tryst with internet shutdowns tells a different story...…
Since 2012, India has witnessed 558 shutdowns with an estimated loss of 582.8 million to the Indian economy in 2021 alone.
#internetshutdowns #keepiton #internetdown
In the absence of any formally announced orders for Internet shutdowns to the public before or after a network disruption, documenting these restrictions is important.
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Over the past few months, @SFLCin has received information that the mobile Internet is frequently suspended in various regions of Kashmir for nearly 10 hours every day. Here's a brief thread on the situation.

#KeepItOn #LetTheNetWork #InternetShutdowns
@SFLCin found that the areas facing such suspensions are Anchar, Eidgah, Qamarwari, Soura, MR Gung, Nowhatta, Safa Kadal, Bagyass of Srinagar district; Wanpoh of Kulgam district, Qaimoh and the Litter area in the Pulwama district of Kashmir.

#InternetShutdowns #KeepItOn
This trend has been going on since August 2021. Apart from a couple of news articles, there hasn’t been any official order published regarding this. @SFLCin filed an application under the RTI Act to obtain orders of shutdown in November 2021 but haven't received a reply so far.
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As India celebrated its 73rd #RepublicDay yesterday, another #internetshutdown was initiated in Kashmir. In Ep. 3 of The Impact with @esyacentre, @mbahree explores how & why #InternetShutdowns take place and their impact on citizens' lives:…
@maknoonwani tells us that businesses in Kashmir are not necessarily moving to internet-based tools because the internet is simply not reliable enough.…
@RanjuDodum explains the difficulty of shutdowns in #ArunachalPradesh. "Because we're reliant on mobile internet, when we go to remote areas to talk to people or officials for a ground reality, it becomes difficult"…
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An #RTI response from the Rajasthan government reveals that a total of 6 shutdowns were imposed during August 2018 in the districts of #Ajmer, #Bhilwara, #Naguar and #Tonk to prevent cheating in exams.…
#keepiton #internetshutdown
The RTI response states that the law under which the suspension was ordered is Order Number F 35(1) Home-9/ 2006 Pt. Dated 02-09-2017 issued by Home (Gr.9) Department of Rajasthan Government.
The order states that in exercise of the powers conferred by Rule 2(1) of the Temporary Suspension Of Telecom Services Rules, 2017, the DCs of the State of Rajasthan are hereby empowered to exercise the powers conferred by the Rules in case of public emergency or public safety.
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REVEALED: The #Rajasthan govt. ordered internet shutdowns for petty reasons like “preventing cheating” in exams! IFF filed RTIs with the state's divisional commissioners (responsible for #internetshutdowns) to investigate compliance with #AnuradhaBhasin directions. #KeepItOn 1/4
IFF received a response from the #Udaipur Divisional Commissioner, stating their office has issued ❗️26 different #internetshutdown orders❗️ since the decision of the Supreme Court of India in #AnuradhaBhasin. 2/4…
According to the #AnuradhaBhasin directions, governments can only issue an order to shutdown the #internet if it is “necessary” and “unavoidable”.

Were these shutdowns necessary and unavoidable? See for yourself! 📲 #KeepItOn 3/4
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Senior Advocate Nakul Dewan mentions matter regarding internet shutdowns before #SupremeCourt: This is an MA in the Anuradha Bhasin Matter. It was filed last year.

CJI Ramana: Already the internet has got.. what remains in this matter?

#internetshutdown #kashmir
Sr. Adv. Dewan: We are seeking further directions for the effective compliance of your Lordships order.
For eg, Meghalaya is not even aware of the order.

#internetshutdown #kashmir
CJI Ramana: Mr. Counsel, this judgment is in the #Kashmir context, we have already.. the govt. immediately has restored internet. What do you want again?

#internetshutdown #SupremeCourt
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Some netizens are having trouble accessing Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Are you having problems with these social media apps, too?

Facebook Chief Technology Officer @schrep apologizes as they continue to experience 'networking issues' #FacebookDown #InstagramDown #InternetShutDown | @chesbuencamino

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The Government of India ordered widespread suspension of internet services in #Kashmir again, without complying with the #AnuradhaBhasin guidelines.

This took place just as the Standing Committee on IT was travelling to J&K, and we wrote to them👇🏽 1/n…
The #AnuradhaBhasin guidelines laid down a constitutional framework where access to information via the internet was recognised as a fundamental right. Restrictions to such access must be: temporary, limited in scope, lawful, necessary & proportionate.

A review is mandatory. 2/n
There have been repeated instances of non-compliance with #AnuradhaBhasin guidelines in 2021 itself. We have the dates:

Sopore, Baramulla District: 4 May, 24 August, 23 July.
Pulwama District: 17 May, 9 July, 14 July.
Shopian District: 6 May, and 19 July. #KeepItOn 3/n
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Workers in Iran today chant against the regime's #internetshutdown:

"They support corrupt people and fear the internet"

@netblocks reported significant internet disruption this week as the regime seeks to muffle #IranProtests

CC @eu_eeas @StateDRL

(via MEK activists in Shush)
Chants of "Khuzestan has no water" in Tehran on Day 17 of #IranProtests.

The regime has been unable to end the protests despite a deadly crackdown and disruptions to the internet. The MEK report numerous similar anti-regime protests today in Shush and other parts of Iran.
There were also chants of "Death to the dictator" in today's protests in Tehran.

This was once a taboo in Iran. Khamenei & Raisi have lost their iron grip on society.

via MEK activists, July 31, Day 17 of #IranProtests
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What’s happening to the people of Iran right now, a thread 🧵

please retweet! 🙏🏼

The economy is in a very bad place with at least over 50% of people being below the poverty line and about 24% homeless population.
They cut off the internet in areas where people are protesting so that videos and evidence of them shooting people in day light won’t get out.
Currently the government of Iran (called the Islamic Republic or IR) is planning to restrict access to global internet and media FOREVER. If this happens we wont be able to access Twitter, Youtube, Google, or any other site. We won’t be able to communicate with the outside world.
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Its time to #LetTheNetWork
Join us for a panel discussion that brings together experts from around the field to discuss the question of whether the use of the #KillSwitch can ever be justified.
#democracy #KeepitOn #internetshutdown
What if we told you that the largest #democracy in the world is also the World's #internetshutdown capital?
It wouldn't be so hard to believe with the stats that show how #India has become infamous for constantly controlling the information highway.
#LetTheNetWork #KeepitOn
A practice that started in 2012 as a measure to curb violence & unrest in conflict-ridden areas has now become the first response from the government for matters ranging from peaceful protests to cheating in exams & even to mitigating tensions during a wrestling match.
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"An apparent glitch at Fastly, a popular Content Delivery Network provider, is thought to be the reason" for the mass online outage this morning.…
"We are continuing to investigate this issue," says Fastly on repeat.
Guys, the issue has been identified!!!!!!!!!!
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News of #Myanmar military junta’s violence and crimes on March 28, 2021

⚠️May contain graphic contents⚠️

Note: ongoing #internetshutdown in Myanmar. The atrocities may be more than what’s recorded here.
⚠️Tw // graphic content
Last night, a civilian was burnt alive by the #Myanmar military SAC in Mandalay. He was just looking outside for the situations of the neighborhood. And he was said to be a father of 4 children.
⚠️Tw // arson
Terrorists set fire on houses at around 1:30AM. When civilians try to extinguish,they shot at people. Thus, 60 houses from Mandalay(25-58)/56 to 117/116 were completely burned.
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News of #Myanmar junta’s violence and crimes on March 27, 2021

⚠️May contain graphic contents⚠️

Note : Ongoing #internetshutdown in Myanmar. The atrocities may be more than what’s recorded here.
📍Kachin State
Today, protest group in MyitKyiNa got cracked down by the #Myanmar military SAC, and at least 50 protesters are reported to be illegally arrested.
⚠️Tw // blood // wound
📍Kachin State
One protester in MyitKyiNa got shot with rubber bullets for 4 times, in close distance, by the #Myanmar military SAC group.

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#Mar26Coup #CrimesAgainstHumanity

News of #Myanmar Junta’s violence and crimes on March 26, 2021


⚠️May contain graphic contents⚠️

Note : #internetshutdown in Myanmar. The atrocities may be more than what’s recorded here. Image
⚠️Tw // blood
In Tamu, When terrorist regime did not succeed the robbing to a gold shop, they violently opened gunfire to the housing estates; two people died and 7 others were injured at midnight.

#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Mar26Coup ImageImage
📍SouthDagon, Yangon
terrorists raided and opened gunfires continually into wards for no apparent reason last night. At least 10 ppl were severly injured & over 15 ppl were being abducted. A civil died on spot due to headshot by Junta.
#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Mar26Coup ImageImageImageImage
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