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I had a difficult time articulating just how problematic #LSU President Tate’s statement on Madison Brooks is.

So here are my initial comments/thoughts on just how bad this statement is, a thread:

The rape occurred because of rapists, HARD STOP. Alcohol is a weak excuse to place blame on the victim and not the perpetrators (see also: rape culture).

How dare the head of our flagship university tell the world (yep, it’s in international papers) that the problem is underage drinking without acknowledging LSU’s troubled past with rape culture.

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Reasons why 2019 #LSU is the greatest team of all time.

1. Seven wins over top-10 teams - the most in FBS history.
2. Not once did an apposing team have the ball with a chance to tie the game in the 4th quarter.
3. Joe Burrow had the only 6,000-yard season in FBS history.
4. Joe Burrow is the only player in P5 history to throw 60 TDs.
5. Joe Burrow’s 65 total TD’s is the most in FBS history.
6. Joe Burrow won the Heisman by the largest margin in the history of the award.
7. Beat Kirby Smart, Nick Saban, Lincoln Riley, Jimbo Fisher and Dabo Swiney.
8. Scored the most points in FBS history (726)
9. One of three teams to go 15-0 in the playoff era.
10. Beat 5/7 of the other top-8 teams by an average margin of 19.6 points.
11. Ja’Marr Chase #2 all time SEC receiving yards and Justin Jefferson #6 (largest duo)…
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#LSU is down 7-0 early in the first quarter. Game Over. #FireEverybody #ThanksFauci
It’s now 10-0. #LSU’s season is over. #FireEverybody
#LSU fans are liking what they see with Brian Orgeron! #GeauxTigers #MeltdownAlert
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We are roughly 2 months away from the start of #CFB season! Lets talk expectations. Ill go through each team & give what my model predicts as the % chance each team gets to bowl eligbility, and also the % chance each team gets 10+ Ws given their respective schedules. Lets go!🧵
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws)

#Alabama #RTR 99.9%/89.5%
#Arkansas #WPS 55.3%/11.0%
#Auburn #WarEagle 36.9%/1.8%
#Florida #Gators 81.0%/17.4%
#Georgia #UGA 99.9%/93.3%
#Kentucky #BBN 66.7%/7.3%
#LSU #GeauxTigers 81.8%/29.1%
#HailState 47.8%/2.6%
#SEC (% Chance @ 6+ Ws/% Chance @ 10+ Ws) (cont)
#Mizzou 69.2%/11.6%
#OleMiss 96.9%/41.4%
#SouthCarolina 31.2%/0.8%
#Tennessee #Vols 95.3%/35.6%
#TAMU #GigEm 99.0%/75.1%
#Vanderbilt #AnchorDown 2.3%/ <0.1%
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Ready for the #CFB Analytics Spring Top 40? Here we go. This Power Ranking is derived from a model which utilizes full Coach Staff efficiency metrics, roster talent, & returning production among other metrics. No opinion here, I just regurgitate the numbers. #NoOpinionJustNumbers
40 #Kentucky #BBN #SEC Power Rating: 61.726
Returning Production for the Wildcats may be a problem. At 39.72%, it puts them at 113th in the country. The schedule is manageable tho drawing Ole Miss & Miss State out the West. #CFB
39 #Washington #PurpleReign #Pac12
Power Rating: 62.271
Really like the new coaching staff in Seattle. Should put them in a better position to win. Roster talent purge from the prev regime will have an early effect (last 2 classes were 39th, 86th) but the ship has been righted.
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#LSU is hiring Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly as its next head coach, sources confirm to @SINow, as @PeteThamel reported.
@SInow @PeteThamel Personally, I doubted the day-long buzz, mostly because Notre Dame still has a real chance at making the Playoff.

These are unprecedented times.

In a span of about 36 hours, we've had two of the most high profile college head coaching moves in the modern history of the sport.
@SInow @PeteThamel A week ago today, Brian Kelly said this: "Unless that fairy godmother comes by with that $250M check, my wife would want to take a look at it first. I'd have to run it by her."

I doubt it's $250M, but I'd guess #LSU is making Brian Kelly the highest paid coach in CFB.
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I enjoy #gymnastics at the Olympics because I enjoy watching people do things I literally can't do; I mean, I can run (not fast...), but I certainly can't fling myself from bar to bar.
So, I found myself watching the SEC Championship a few weeks ago. One thing which amused me
.was the #LSU women's team passed around a tiara after each of their athletes finished an event.
They all seemed so happy, but then they'd have to relinquish quickly the tiara to someone else.
I Google-d the team, and I found some of them have amusing social media profiles.
.Take, for example, @livvydunne. She's from New Jersey, but found herself down in Baton Rouge somehow (I still recall how "askance" people looked at me as a New Yorker when I worked in South Carolina one summer).
But I digress...
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Hush Blackwell, the law firm #LSU hired to investigate sexual assault allegations, is revealing its report today in front of the Board of Supervisors.

Scott Schneider, from Hush Blackwell: "The university's Title IX office, up to today, has never been staffed appropriately."
Scott Schneider on #LSU’s Title IX reporting process: “One survivor described it as it was designed to put victims in position to give up because they were worn down by the process.”
Schneider: "The errors that we see in athletic cases, we see them popping up in non-athletic cases as well. The answer to 'Are athletes being treated differently in this process?' The answer is no."

So, this is a sweeping issue across the #LSU campus, per the report.
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Caroline Schroeder, who filed a Title IX complaint in 2017, is making public comment before the meeting begins. She says many will be blamed today and says Tom Galligan is doing his best. But she is also saying the university is only here because USA Today published its stories.
Now Tom Galligan is speaking, calling this "a sad and unfortunate chapter of our university's history." Says today will also move LSU toward a place where sexual misconduct cases and domestic violence is handled properly.
Galligan says LSU is committed to "real change" that will make the university a better institution in the future, saying that they owe it to the survivors that LSU betrayed in its actions and inactions.
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Tips for Survivors that may want to speak out at the #LSU protest tomorrow—a thread. First, you are a bad ass for having the courage to show up and speak out against the way sexual assault is addressed on campus. You should feel empowered right now. 1/
Second, if you are going to speak out and/or talk to journalists, then just keep a few things in mind...1) Your words will likely live forever once you are quoted. 2) You become known to everyone and many people may try to contact you. 2/
It could be journalists, random friendly people, other survivors with disclosures of sexual trauma, creeps, and possibly friends or family members of the person who abused you. Be prepared and make sure you are mentally in a place to handle this possibility. 3/
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I just got done zooming with Brian Broussard of #LSU Ticket Office, allow unpack some of this info:

They've gotten 38% opting in from season ticket holders which equates to about 28-30K fans. They're at 25%, so they'll need to chop some.
Everything is at 25%, seating, suites, band, media, students.

They have enough tickets that every season ticket holder will get at least two, but they won't be able to accommodate everyone.

So if you have 10 tickets, you might get 6, if you have 4 you might get 2, etc.
Season ticket holders have until Friday to make their final opt outs.

There are no ticket packages, you won't have to chose which games you want in your package, you will get all five home games.
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NEWS: At least 30 #LSU football players have been in quarantine, sources tell @SInow.

Some have tested positive; others found to have contacted positives. A portion got infected at Baton Rouge nightclub outbreak.

No hospitalizations or serious illness.
@SInow Wear. A. Mask.
Also: Stay. Out. Of. Tigerland.
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Red sauce, Red Stick & red faced: Bo Pelini is back in the big leagues.

Unfiltered Bo on a perception he says is unfair, a future he believes is bright & a parody Twitter account he calls ridiculous.

“Most people never got to know who I really was" #LSU
#Nebraska with Bo Pelini
Record: 66-27
Losing seasons: 0
1st place division finishes: 4

Nebraska without Pelini:
Record: 28-34
Losing seasons: 4
1st place division finishes: 0

“Hopefully now people have some sense of appreciation for what we did there.”
I will not reply to Nebraska fans.
I will not reply to Nebraska fans.
I will not reply to Nebraska fans.
I will not reply to Nebraska fans.
I will not reply to Nebraska fans.
I will not reply to Nebraska fans.
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How are workaholic coaches faring while quarantined at home?

One describes it as “hell”

Another learned to use the dishwasher

One escapes to Home Depot

A coach working in Texas is stuck in Louisiana

Another is isolating eating stone crabs in Key West
#Baylor’s Dave Aranda visited family, still living in Baton Rouge, 2 wks ago and is now, bc of quarantine laws in Texas, unable to return to Waco w/o isolating for 14 days.

He used to spend 20 hrs a day on defense. Not anymore. “Brand new world,” he says
With its proximity to NOLA, many at #LSU impacted by #coronavirus.

Mickey Joseph’s uncle, Eric, was a victim. At least one player's parent is ill, Orgeron says

Let’s all take a message from Mickey: “I know people want to go out, but stay your ass home.”
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oregon TE Jacob Breeland

Height: 6-4 7/8
Weight: 252
Hand: 9 7/8
Arm: 32 5/8
Wingspan: 78 1/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

3. #FloridaAtlantic TE Harrison Bryant

Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 243
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 30 5/8
Wingspan: 74
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

4. #Washington TE Hunter Bryant

Height: 6-2 2/8
Weight: 248
Hand: 10 right hand (pinky deformation), 10 3/8 left hand
Arm: 32
Wingspan: 76 4/8
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Lane Kiffin is on his fifth head job at age 44.

"I don't know," he laughs, "if that's good or bad."

One (wild ass) way or another, we're all gonna find out together.

On the Lane Train & Ole Miss, where they've gotta new sayin' and hashtag: #AllAboard
For my #LSU followers, Lane Kiffin reveals what I've always heard but never truly believed:

While at #Bama in 2016, with LSU debating whether to hire Ed Orgeron, Lane spoke to AD Joe Alleva promising he'd come to BR to be OC if (1) Joe hired O and (2) he didn't get a head job.
Lane on the Kiffin Factor, the penance he endured, a side bet he may wage with Mike Leach, his "normal guy" approach to Twitter & a circuitous career arc that is rounding into a complete circle.

"I guess my life's backwards."

#HottyToddy #OleMiss
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NEWS: Former #Huskers coach and current Youngstown State coach Bo Pelini is expected to replace Dave Aranda as #LSU's next defensive coordinator, sources tell @SInow.

Pelini's multi-year deal will pay him around $2M a year. He served as DC under Les Miles from 2005-07.
@SInow More specifics on Bo Pelini's deal with #LSU: three-year contract at $2.3M a year, sources tell @SInow.

Should put him inside the top 3 among assistant coach salaries.

Just six years ago, Pelini made $3.075M his final year at Nebraska - as head coach.
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NEWS: #LSU is expected to soon announce a new contract for coach Ed Orgeron, as @BruceFeldmanCFB reported.

It’s a six-year deal with a $6M a year base salary and $5M split-dollar life insurance policy, source tells @SInow.
@BruceFeldmanCFB @SInow Ed Orgeron used to sack oysters & shovel shrimp for quarters. In 1993, after his firing at Miami, Nicholls paid him so poorly that he didn't have "enough to buy a jar of peanut butter," his old boss says.

With his new salary, he could buy about 2 million jars of peanut butter.
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Per multiple outlets, an arrest warrant has been issued for #Browns WR Odell Beckham. He is being charged with simple battery.

He slapped the ass of a cop during #LSU's post-game locker room celebration.

Happy Thursday.
@WBRZ and @wdsu have reported on the arrest warrant
Story from The Advocate on this -…
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Version 3 of the #CFBPlayoff rankings were released last night. What you expected? If youve followed along since early Oct you know the process. You werent surprised. For the rest of you, lets take a look & compare to what was projected using the same process used for 5 yrs.
First off, why does the committee use this process? Think about it. 14 busy guys make up this committee. They have roughly 60 hrs from when the last game ends on Sat to when they need to have this Top 25 created on Tues. If they evaluate only 30 teams to get that 25, how much
time is adequate to evaulate? 1 hr? Thats 30 hrs of evaluation. Half the time is gone & no one has slept. The process of getting a consensus out of 14 people hasnt even started. Thats why this process is kept so simple, & its why they have a defined predictable process.
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Interesting thought here: according to our data, the higher ranked team has won roughly 72% of the time over the last decade in the #SEC. That's down from 80% in a study about 5 years ago.

Since expansion (2012) each team has played 56 conference games, and only 5 are above 500.
That's 392 games over 7 seasons, meaning roughly 110 times a lesser ranked team defeated a "more talented" opponent.

Obviously all 5 of Bama's losses are to "less talented" teams, bc they're a top 2 recruiter. The next highest talent recruiter is #UGA, who has lost just 15 times
In the last 7 seasons. Of those 15, every loss except once to #Alabama is a loss to a "less talented" team. So right away, 17% of the "upset losses" are held by the top two recruiters in SEC, bc nearly everyone they play is "less talented" than they are any given Saturday
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#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

102. #Duke TE Daniel Helm
Height: 6-4 1/8
Weight: 249
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 33 3/8
Wingspan: 79 5/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

103. #Iowa TE TJ Hockenson
Height: 6-4 6/8
Weight: 251
Hand: 9 4/8
Arm: 32 2/8
Wingspan: 77 7/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

104. #Mississippi TE Dawson Knox
Height: 6-4 3/8
Weight: 254
Hand: 9 6/8
Arm: 33 4/8
Wingspan: 80 4/8
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This will be the 2019 #NFLCombine measurements thread. (The league records prospect information in 8ths of an inch and does not reduce the fractions...if you don't like it, tweet management.)
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

1. #Utah K Matt Gay
Height: 6-0
Weight: 232
Hand: 9
Arm: 30 4/8
Wingspan: 73 4/8
#NFLCombine key measurements thread…

2. #Oklahoma K Austin Seibert
Height: 5-9 2/8
Weight: 213
Hand: 8 7/8
Arm: 30 3/8
Wingspan: 70 4/8
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