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1/11 PEASANTS‼️😊
I saw a #Poll, & the Question was “if HRC, BHO, SOROS, Comey et al don’t go to prison...will you still vote for @realDonaldTrump?”
My answer is YES, but I did see someone comment he’s leaning hard “No”. #MAGA ?
If that’s you then listen...#Think
2/11 ..if @realDonaldTrump
Had the power to lock them up we’d no longer live in a #ConstitutionalRepublic,We’d live in @SpeakerPelosi’s vision...A NANA REPUBLIC!🍌
Hate to burst your bubble but I have to state Phacts, and as hard as it is I live in reality.
3/11 The law & the constitution states @realDonaldTrump is the head of the #Executive Branch.
While he’s in charge of a lot of different things I’m going to skip ahead to the law part.
He is “required“ to enforce and obey all federal laws.
Can he have someone Arrested? YES
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It stands to reason that having more Twitter followers results in one’s tweets receiving more retweets. Does the ratio of retweets to follower count vary between different populations of Twitter accounts?

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote We tested eight different account categories:

- #resistance accounts from lists/FBR
- #MAGA trains
- major liberal accounts
- major #MAGA accounts
- 2020 Dem candidates
- lobsters/tweetdeckers
- spambots
- pornbots
@ZellaQuixote Results, in descending order of average number of RTs per 1000 followers. The tweetdeckers and spambots take first and last place respectively due to the former focusing on getting huge RT counts on a few tweets and the latter prioritizing repetition and volume.
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@JeremyToback @adrielhampton @ryangrim @ewarren Sure, like you buy a good house and tear the entire thing down because you automatically think that razing a good building is the only way, while that's only true sometimes.
@JeremyToback @adrielhampton @ryangrim @ewarren "My way or the highway!" The far left said, as they clung to a guy no further left than a 1970s democrat as their only hope for their worldview.
@JeremyToback @adrielhampton @ryangrim @ewarren "Burn it down or bust," they said and refused to vote, while their landlords, employers, and #MAGAs all around showed up at the polls, because they're smart enough to understand that if abdicating one's vote in the service of a tantrum means generations of not getting "my way"
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📌Federal court moves to unseal Jeffrey Epstein docs #SexTrafficking

📌DOJ announcement in Aiken in am-#MOX

📌Mar-A-Lago at center of Chinese intel & sex trafficking op?

📌Erik Prince did not disclose 2016 TT meeting during testimony

📌Chess pieces moving

What’s up w/ Manafort’s $125k payment to MMSC, owned by m, a longtime Manafort pal & the chief pollster on Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Russian trolls can be surprisingly subtle, and insidious.

The EPA staffers destroyed files under audit

Boeing's 737 MAX back in spotlight after second fatal crash, black box found.

The U.S. has told Germany it would limit intel sharing with Berlin if it allows Huawei to help build Germany’s 5G mobile network

GA’s Stacey Abrams says '2020 is definitely on the table
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The yellow vests are Bannonite fascists, #NeonNazis. Why would they want Trump to resign? More likely, Bannon/Putin will try to get the far left to put on the vests & protest mainstream Democrats, thus strengthening Trump & the GOP. Scary. 1/
2/ I have not fact-checked but it’s what I expect Bannon’s plan is since this is what he claims gleefully to have done in Italy.
3/ Yep, Bannon wants to bring the pro-Russia Berners together with the pro-Russia #MAGAs. And if u think that would be difficult, u haven’t talked with the Berners of late.
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🔥Hey Trump - I’ll tell you who can pay for your dаmn wall ... Robert Mercer. He owes $7B to the IRS‼️…
Or better yet, fuck your wall and veterans what you stole from them and help pay for pre existing conditions‼️
🔥#MAGAs who are jumping for joy that ObamaCare was declared unconstitutional by a corrupt Federalist Judge in Texas can get back with me when they learn that they can’t afford health insurance because EVERYTHING is going to be a #PreExistingCondition 🔥
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So the #Brexit folks (@danarohrabacher's friend, Farage, and Wigmore) were doing the exact same thing that the Trump fam and surrounding #MAGAs were doing. Not surprised one bit. No doubt the real story is much worse. (Murdoch owns The Times.)…
"Arron Banks, the millionaire businessman who helped fund Brexit, had three meetings with the RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR 🇷🇺 to Britain — raising explosive questions about attempts by Moscow to influence the referendum result."
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(1/9/17) Dave Bossie…
(1/9/17) Jack Ma of Alibaba (think China's "Amazon", but BIGGER):
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Swamp Draining 101: The true genius of Trump that every #MAGA needs to understand as events begin to unfold. Spoiler alert: surprises are in store for everyone. THREAD 👇👇
1, The REAL Draining of the Swamp that MOST of America--whether #NeverTrumpers or #MAGAs--do not see coming...

Comey, Mueller, and MANY others, never CHOSE to drown in the swamp. Most of them originally got into politics because they altruistically wanted to serve the public.
2, They had no intention to get sucked into the muck but it happened before they realized what they'd been roped and doped into doing wasn't actually for "national security" or the "protection/defense of the greater good". By then, it was far too late for them.
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