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More about GOP pollsters gaming the polling averages. They want Democrats to think the election is a lost cause and stay home. Don’t let it work. #VoteBlueIn2022
I’m making the full article available as a subscriber’s gift so that anyone who wants to read it can.…
“This simple poll average is like many others you might have seen over the years. It weights the most recent polls more heavily.
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Some people are on the fence on their midterm votes because, while the loss of women’s, workers’, and LGBTQ rights kind of stinks, they are more worried about prices. If that is you, have you heard any actual plan the GOP has to remedy this?
It’s easy enough to yell “Prices! Economy! Very bad things!” But the GOP answer to your economic pain is to let companies do what they want (other than support diversity), cut Social Security and Medicare, and cut taxes for the rich. None of this helps you.
Americans face different battles, different struggles, different challenges. That’s part of why our democracy exists, part of why we depend on it. Democrats want your voice to be heard; republicans want dark money and gerrymandering to ensure their richest donors carry the day.
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STATEMENT from #WhiteHouse PLEASE read!>>Congressional Republicans have laid out their mega MAGA trickle-down economic plan clearly. Their economic plan will raise costs and make inflation worse. Their five part plan includes:
1/24 #BlueIn22 #RepublicansAreHarmfulToAmericans Image
$3 trillion in tax cuts skewed to the wealthy – which would add to the deficit and make inflation worse  2/24 #RepublicansAreHarmfulToAmericans #VoteBlueIn2022 Image
“GOP wants to push to extend Trump tax cuts… Republican lawmakers gear up to push 2017 tax law after midterm elections, despite potential impact on inflation.” Washington Post 10/17/22 #RepublicansAreTheProblem #VoteBlueIn2022 Image
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“I often call this war one of the dumbest and most absurd wars in human history.”…
“Indeed, in all seriousness, the leadership of the world's largest country thought Ukraine would just fall into their hands.
“They lied so much that they believed their lies.
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Let's talk about inflation and why Dems should be messaging it HARD 🧵
Wealthy corporations with monopoly power are jacking up their prices, and their profits are going through the roof. Big oil, food, shipping, health care, and real estate companies have been making record profits over the last two years. R's have no plan.
Drug prices & health insurance premiums are going to go down because of the Inflation Reduction Act. Dems want to do even more to lower costs, but the Republicans want to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, while having no plan of their own.
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This Election is NOT About Democrats vs Republicans 💁‍♀️


🔹Sanity vs Chaos
🔹Democracy vs Fascism
🔹Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life
🔹Social Security vs Zero Retirement Funds
🔹Climate Action vs Climate Denial


#ResistanceUnited @staceyabrams Image

ELECT: Democrat Stacey Abrams for Governor
🔹She has worked for Georgians everyday
🔹Pro-Choice #AbortionIsHealthcare

REMOVE: GOP Brian Kemp
❌Passed Extreme Abortion Ban
❌Talking about Banning Contraception
⬇️Kemp is too Extreme for GA⬇️ Image
GEORGIA👉ELECT Democrat Stacey Abrams for Governor

❌GOP are Spending Big Money to Steal Our Democracy

💥This Election is ABOUT Democracy vs Fascism💥

💥Midterms Could Be Your Last Chance to Protect Your Rights


#ResistanceUnited StaceyAbrams.Com
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The wonderful #PA01 #townhall held by @ashley_ehasz was a great success tonight.

But present outside was #CardboardFitz, a prop from past @FridaysWithFitz events who provided a history of #GOP #MAGAextremist Brian Fitzpatrick's worst votes!

📷 by Steve C.
Thx, Steve!
An oldie but a goodie.

Back in 2017, #PA01 #GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick voted YES on the classic #Trump, Paul Ryan and #McConnell's #GOPTaxScam, which forked benefits over to the ultra rich and corporations.
#PA01 Rep. Fitzpatrick may pretend to be #green, but whenever given the choice, he picks his donors (big banks, #fossilfuel corporations) over the #environment.

De-regulating pipelines, opening the #arctic to drilling, etc. He votes with the money, not with the environment.
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Social Security is financed through a dedicated payroll tax. Employers and employees each pay 6.2 percent of wages up to the taxable maximum of $147,000 (in 2022), while the self-employed pay 12.4 percent.
2/2 “Funding 4 Medicare, which totaled $888 billion in 2021, comes primarily from general revenues, payroll tax revenues, and premiums paid by beneficiaries (Figure 1). Other sources include taxes on Social Security benefits, payments from states, and interest.”

3/3 DEFINITION OF ENTITLEMENT: the fact of having a right to something.



#wtpBLUE Image
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I'm 70 years old. I have been around for ~6 cycles of economic booms & busts, inflation & deflation, recessions & supply chain interruptions. These things are short term & TEMPORARY in our lives.
The things we are facing now are frighteningly PERMANENT.... 1/3
Forced birth, banning books, voter suppression, domestic terrorism & the loss of many freedoms put our lives & our continuing democracy in PERMANENT DANGER! These autocratic policies are spewed by racists & Christo-facists. They are amplified by RWNJs "news" & social media... 2/3
TFG picked the scab off the underlying sore of racism & grievance & the (R) party & magats were happy to ride along in that parade.
It has to be stopped NOW!
I believe that us intelligent, strong women & the men who support us are our only hope. 🙏
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TEXAS #VoteBlue for Rochelle Garza for TX Attorney General

She WON Garza v. Hargan case in TX & DC against Trump,
AG Paxton, Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Teens in immigration custody now given the “Garza Notice,” informing them of their right to access abortion
#ResistanceUnited Image

ELECT: Rochelle Garza👉Give her the Power to Hold Politicians Accountable‼️

REMOVE: Trumps Pick AG Ken Paxton who is criminally indicted,
has removed abortion rights & let’s utility companies price gouge after natural disasters Image
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“My top-level, expert legal analysis of the [Trump Mar-a-Lago FBI search] affidavit is: Why ain’t this dude in jail? What does this man have to do to go to jail?”

@ElieNYC @DrJasonJohnson @CrossConnection
#TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments #TrumpESPIONAGE
“Just the classification markings referred to in this [redacted Mar-a-Lago search warrant] affidavit — made the hair on the back of my neck stand up… Literally human lives can be at stake.” @FrankFigliuzzi1

@NicolleDWallace #TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments
“There is a feeling here that [if] Merrick Garland decides not to prosecute Trump, how do you hold anyone else accountable for violating classification rules going forward in the U.S. government?”@JaxAlemany

@NicolleDWallace #TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments
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“This was not just extreme carelessness with classified material, which is still totally disqualifying. This is calculated, deliberate, premeditated misconduct — a cover-up [with] false statements and lies to Congress and the American people.” #LockTrumpUp
“Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, says that Trump wants the Department of Justice to release the names of the witnesses who helped secure the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago.”@therecount

#TrumpIsANationalSecurityRisk #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
CPAC 2022: “We are all domestic terrorists.”

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#EspionageAct [doesn’t] mention classification at all. It talks about a specific type of information: national defense… The real question is, why would Trump WANT to declassify secrets that could harm the U.S.?”
.@AshaRangappa_ @TiffanyDCross @thereidout
“Trump has still not said a word of explanation as to why he took the documents, why he did not return them all, and what he was doing with them for over 18 months.” @AWeissmann_

🎶: #stilloneblackmansopinion…
“[Donald Trump] has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again… You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What’s right matters even less, and decency matters not at all.” Adam Schiff

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"Here’s what happened just yesterday: Prosecutors told Rudy Giuliani that he’s a target of the Georgia grand jury probe into Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election."…
"Sen. Lindsey Graham was ordered to testify under oath in the same criminal probe.
"Another former Trump White House lawyer [Eric Herschmann] was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury investigating the January 6 insurrection.
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The Guiness Book of World Records states the youngest child ever conceived was 21 weeks and 2 days. Scientifically, the ability 2 breathe on your own is the test of life. Legally same standards. The people interrupt the SCOTUS at dinner and home because they used NEITHER standard
There is no argument that can be made from a legal standpoint to force the elimination of #RoeVsWade. The SCOTUS ignored the science and blindly spoke only of "right to privacy". This right IS of importance and nullifying it for political means goes beyond Abortion. But I digress
Women have effectively been told they do NOT have a say in what happens to their body. Well....technically. They have been told them have no choices ONLY IN RED STATES. You only need to be forced to be an incubator if you CHOOSE it. Your choice comes only by voting Blue. PERIOD
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🧵1/ This #IndependenceDay, let’s talk about how to keep our democracy. This is not hyperbolic—right *NOW* the GOP is enacting an *ongoing* coup 50+ years in the making. #53PickUp #VoteBlue
2/ Odds are you don’t have a strong understanding of US civics because our government didn’t *WANT* you to understand it. The GOP’s most reliable voting block are uneducated whites. They want it easier to dupe voters with diversions & propaganda. 🧵:
3/ It’s also easier to fool people into thinking the Democrats are purposely or incompetently messing things up if your audience doesn’t know how civics works. The GOP & enemy countries have massive & effective propaganda networks to turn public opinion. Image
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Can confirm. Good thing it’s only 107 with the heat index right now. #BetoForTexas #GregAbbottFailedTexasAgain
Our power has thankfully been restored after about 90 minutes. I hate that this is a constant source of worry for Texans.
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🇺🇸 Let's spend a minute honestly talking about President Biden's approval ratings, and the reason they continue to slump: Democrats.

🇺🇸 You heard me right: DEMOCRATS

🇺🇸 Hear me out:
🇺🇸 In poll after poll, the president's approvals have been dropping off because more and more Democrats are disappointed in his performance.

🇺🇸 Lately, about 75% of Democrats approve of the job he's doing, down from 95% at the start of his presidency.
🇺🇸 Republicans' disdain for Biden and our nation have remained predictably static, about 95%, presumably because he really does go to church each Sunday, and actually practices what is being preached ...
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Birthday Thread: Had a great birthday last Friday & thought I'd share highlights - starting out of order w/my Jack LaLanne feat of dad strength at Columbia Law School Sculpture Three-Way Piece: Points by Henry Moore - (okay so it didn’t involve swimming while towing a barge!)
Started the day with a 5:30 am visit to set of @EarlyStart at Hudson Yards w/ awesome duo of @LauraAJarrett & @ChristineRomans!
Afternoon workout at West 57th Street Solidcore with legendary Coach Ashley!
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Scare article from Rolling Stone to make you angry at Manchin and Sinema for "accepting" money from "Republican" donors.

Even taking this at face value, it doesn't mean what Rolling Stone wants you to think it means.

First, Republican candidates are traditionally very well-founded. It makes sense for Democrats to accept campaign money from anyone who'll give it.

Second, any money a "Republican" donor gives to a Democrat is money they didn't give to a Republican, and that's a Good Thing.

Third, assume "Republican" donors give money to politicians who'll support their interests. The only reason to give money to Dems is if they think Republicans aren't going to be in charge. If they thought Republicans would run the Senate in 2024, they wouldn't fund Dems.

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For the past several legislative sessions, @GovernorTomWolf and PA House and Senate Dems have proposed solutions to both phase out the gas tax and fix the allocations, while still funding both PennDOT road and bridge projects and the state police.…
The @PAGOP majority has repeatedly rejected those proposals.

Want change in PA for the firs time in decades? #VoteBlueIn2022
To express your concerns about PA's roads and request that this year’s budget allocates some of our more than $8 billion in surplus funds for road and bridge repairs, write to Rep Tim Hennessey, Chair of the House Transportation Committee…
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Rick Scott and the Republicans are raving lunatics. They want to get rid of social security and Medicare. That will make a huge quantity of elderly people who live in society homeless but just about every single person who lives in a nursing home countrywide lives there due to
Medicare/medicaid and social security. So, if you stop paying for these elderly people, in some cases, don't even get out of bed, what are they planning on doing with them? And then you have every person who works for these nursing homes, from the administrator to the
Housekeepers who will lose their jobs. Yes, there are jobs available but you have some people who have worked as CNAs and nurses all of their lives. Are they now supposed to go work at McDonald's getting paid minimum wage? They are literally about to create a huge majority of
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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and @SenateDems are on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to address the right-wing assault on #RoeVWade

The Democratic Party is fired up and we will win this fight! #VoteBlueIn2022
@PattyMurray slams the right-wing Republicans who have been attacking #RoeVWade for decades. Please watch and share.
@SenatorDurbin from Illinois slamming the radical GOP for attacking #RoeVWade
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🧵What happened to my neighborhood?

Since my retirement from the Military I have struggled to transition to civilian life. With the rise of Trumpism & the Covid19 pandemic the struggle has become more difficult.
As a Veteran, I am saddened, angry & disappointed all at the same time. 24 years active duty Army & 6 years as a Federal Employee, I fear for the future of our Democracy. I question my service & often wonder if the sacrifices over 30 years were all worth it?
I’ve had to deal with neighbors who have latched on to a toxic ideology that doesn’t include respect for others or just common human decency.

Living amongst people who believe the twisted narratives & routinely retaliate against those who don’t.
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