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#DCCircuit affirms district court, rules against private insurers seeking to crush their competitors by stripping coverage from patients with #PreexistingConditions.… #STLDI #ACAPvTreasury #CatoHealth @CatoInstitute @TheBuckeyeInst @jrovner @StephArmour1
Appellants are @safetynetplans -- i.e., #ACA-participating private insurance companies.

They complain competition from short-term, limited duration health plans--#STLDI, which Congress exempts from #ObamaCare's costly regulations--are hurting their revenues.
These #ACA plans literally asked the court to block their competitors from offering a product because many consumers would like their competitors' products better than #ObamaCare coverage.
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Thread 1/: Every damn day there are stories on the latest polls, who Trump insulted in a tweet, and now we get to read in every outlet about the pardon of DeBartolo. Meanwhile people are making life and death decisions because they can't afford insulin and their deductibles...
2/: ...and co-pays are too high. People are sitting at home with chest pain and stroke symptoms because they do not have insurance (still over 20 million). Seniors are getting screwed by Medicare Advantage plans that are cheap up front, but do not cover them when they need...
3/: Can we stop chasing the shiny object, and for once focus on the single most important issue to voters in the coming election, healthcare? And enough of the Dem primary arguments over M4A vs. Public Option. @realDonaldTrump is trying to eliminate...
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The health care of tens of millions of Americans is on the line. This lawsuit to undermine the #ACA is personal to me. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /1
15 years ago I was #paralyzed by a random bullet. I woke up from an induced coma to learn I had lost my #healthcare & I was now bankrupt, my family as shattered as my spine. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /2
Over the next several years, I struggled. It was a constant fight to get the equipment, medicines and therapies I needed to survive. I lived in poverty, often having to decide which was more important: medicine or food. #CripTheVote #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake /3
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Friends, tomorrow a Federal appeals court will hear arguments on the Administration's lawsuit to throw out the entire #ACA -- including #PreExistingCondition protections.

A thread on what this means. 1/…
The fight to #SavetheACA is why Little Lobbyists exists. #ACA protections allow our kids to survive and thrive: #PreExistingConditions & essential care covered, no arbitrary annual/lifetime caps on care. 2/
So when this Administration and the GOP in Congress began attacking the #ACA over two years ago, families organized together to fight back, to stand up for our kids and millions of others who would be devastated by these attacks. 3/…
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The GOP is still determined to end access to #healthcare for millions of Americans like me with #cancer and other life-threatening #PreExistingConditions.

Trump joins #antivaxxers to attack #Obamacare… via @thinkprogress
Also, before the #ACA (also known as #Obamacare, which is a law not insurance) became law, women paid twice as much as men for health insurance, pregnancy was a #PreExistingCondition, mammograms and PAP tests were out-of-pocket expenses and 60M Americans were uninsured.
The #ACA has expanded #Medicaid in many states, created the healthcare marketplace which shows people a range of options within their states for affordable healthcare & it has saved millions of lives.
ACA will still be law after #M4A because it's essential healthcare protection.
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#Election2020 #Election2019

Info, by state
Voter Id:…

Check your Voter Regn Status. Register to vote, All voting info:

Issues? DNC Hotline: 833-336-VOTE
#WinBlue #DemsWork4USA
🔁#GOTV #GeauxVote #Vota

Report any issue at the polls to:
ACLU's Hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE.
DNC's Hotline: 1-833-336-VOTE.

#YouMatter #ElectionsMatter #SuVotoYQue

#PrimaryElection #PrimaryElections #GeneralElection
#Tuesday #TuesdayThoughts
Save the picture on your cellphone
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🔥Hey Trump - I’ll tell you who can pay for your dаmn wall ... Robert Mercer. He owes $7B to the IRS‼️…
Or better yet, fuck your wall and veterans what you stole from them and help pay for pre existing conditions‼️
🔥#MAGAs who are jumping for joy that ObamaCare was declared unconstitutional by a corrupt Federalist Judge in Texas can get back with me when they learn that they can’t afford health insurance because EVERYTHING is going to be a #PreExistingCondition 🔥
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#PreExistingConditions Are your parents forgetful⁉️ Changes in the brain that lead to Alzheimer’s disease may begin years, or even a decade, before a person has symptoms. Under @GOP plan your parents are #NotCovered
💥Does your wife have a history of breast cancer in her family⁉️If she has her yearly mammogram and the Dr discovers a lump, she’s #NotCovered. Newly approved cancer drugs cost $10K -30K per month. Your wife will die unless you can pay out of pocket💥 #PreExistingConditions
😳Your son is 18 and no longer on your insurance plan. He’s now on his work plan. He is in a car accident and during surgery the Dr discovers stomach cancer w complications that are #PreExistingConditions They save him and remove the tumor but he owes $85K and he’s #NotCovered
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The American people are confronted with a #GOP Congress and Administration that are relentlessly ransacking the futures of American families and seniors, all to further enrich their lobbyist and special interest friends, big corporations and the wealthiest one percent. /1
From health care, to taxes, to good-paying jobs, to critical consumer protections, President Trump and the #Republican Congress are selling out the American people at every turn: /2 #ARawDeal #CultureOfCorruption #RepublicanGreed
#Democrats must be ready to drive home our case to the American people about how a Democratic majority will fight For The People:/3 #ForAll #ForThePeople #ABetterDeal #PrincipledDemocraticLeadership
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RT if you or a family member has a #PreexistingCondition.
RT above ☝️ if you or a family member has any of the following preexisting conditions: Pregnancy, Rape, ADD, Diabetes, Heart disease, Genetic conditions, Injuries, Epilepsy, Cancer, Mental disorders, AIDS/HIV, Alcohol or drug abuse with recent treatment, Alzheimer’s/dementia
Preexisting conditions continued (if you have RT above):

Anorexia, Arthritis, Bulimia
Cerebral palsy, Congestive heart failure, Coronary artery/heart disease, bypass surgery, Crohn’s disease, Hemophilia, Hepatitis, Kidney disease, renal failure, Lupus
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