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ANY project can list its tokens on @OneDex_X which is the first fully decentralized dex built on @ElrondNetwork

🛠️Our DEX will show all the information about each project and they will have more exposure and a better chance to expand
⚡️any project can register their token and EGLD-ESDT pair⚡️they can set their own initial price and initial liquidity, minimum price⚡️initial liquidity is one of the big problems for new projects @MaiarExchange requires at least $50,000 EGLD and @JungleDEX only lists the 💲-ESDT
⚡️we can offer low initial liquidity requirements so that more projects can list their tokens during the launch period
⚡️LP farms for LP suppliers (rewards for LP farms will be own tokens)
⚡️License-free staking platform a list of staking pools and the staking pool creation page
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(1/10) I created a 6 Part Video Series discussing #ImpermanentLoss #DivergenceLoss as it relates to $EGLD/ $MEX pair & $EGLD/ $BUSD pair on #MaiarExchange & Video of Farming $EGLD/ $MEX (Walkthrough) #Crypto w/Cheat Sheets @SeverMM @beniaminmincu @iamdanvoicu
Video (1/6) + Bonus
(2/10) Video (2/6) + Bonus*
(3/10) Video (3/6) + Bonus*
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(1/10) Here is a Step by Step Video explaining how to participate in the #MaiarExchange as it pertains to the FARM ( $eGLD/ $MEX ) 🧑‍🌾 for highest APR % even if you have never downloaded the World Class Intuitive @getMaiar APP. Reference Sheet:🖼️ below & other resources #StudyHard
(2/10) Step-By-Step Flow Chart of FARM: $eGLD & $MEX Pair.
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1/ Thank you Zarrin @ineffable500 I wanted to give you some of the resources you had asked about for the #MaiarExchange This will be the steps to participate $MEX visually Then I will list below some additional elements to help: 👇🏼 $eGLD
2/ Here is a deeper discussion on Why & some details of what one can do: $eGLD ⚡️ $MEX #MaiarExchange
3/ Also: A visual of understanding of what type of VALUE portion you are possibly choosing to participate in: $eGLD $MEX
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(1\27) Let’s discuss further about the #MaiarExchange as it nears its Official Launch $MEX $eGLD. The ability earn passive income is due to U the people getting to replace the greedy middleman.Powerful. Traditional Market Exchanges (CEX) have numerous problems #BTC #DeFi #Yield
(2\27)Groundbreaking elements of #DeFi has allowed new income streams to everyday individuals, leveraging #Blockchain.Tech Enthusiasts have experienced it. Thanks to #MaiarExchange & @getMaiar for the first time it will be accessible to the everyday person
(3\27)The ability to make money while U sleep is amplified, many have earned passive income by helping to secure @ElrondNetwork by #Staking The #MaiarExchange $MEX allows U to earn earn money normally reserved for #MarketMakers of Exchanges #PassiveIncome
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(1\63)In the early stages of any Disruptive Technology, narratives or stories dominate the space. Y? Disruption comes from visionaries & the best narratives originate here. Investors who scrutinize, research deeply & don’t get swept into dreamland, succeed.Let’s talk $DOT & $EGLD
(2\63) Prior to discussing further I would like point out an incredible comparison done earlier in the year by my identical twin brother @MichaelGKress who is a software engineer & has been in crypto
(3\63) since 2013. I believe in a multi chain universe & do not see $DOT & $EGLD competing directly particularly because $DOT is more focused on customization, which may be a closer competitor to $AVAX As I have researched deeply into the crypto universe spending over 1,000+
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(1\31) Why @ElrondNetwork is positioned to be the backbone for #DeFi 2.0 & will lift all tides? 🌊 Many have claimed they would do this, problems or limitations with all proposed or current implemented solutions. Let me explain further.. $EGLD $CEL $ETH $MATIC $AVAX $BSC $SOL
(2\31) It has always been evident the limitations of $ETH in its original form. It can’t scale, so when volume (i.e. traffic) substantially increases it becomes unusable for small users due to high fee’s promoting inequitable
(3\31) opportunity, which is against the #ETHOS of #DeFi & #BlockChain limiting Inclusiveness. $ETH also screeched to a halt due to technological limitations, making it unusable at times (i.e. Crypto Kitties). Both of these center around scalability. Introduce a commit
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